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Apple has come up with an amazing product namely the iPhone 5C which is a cheaper version of the latest iPhone 5 and the 5S and it has some shortcomings in terms of the specifications but it still is an amazing device that performs smoothly. The main thing Apple brought with this product is the bright colours and introduced this device in a myriad of colours which are bright and pleasing to the eyes. But that beauty needs to be protected and for that you need some good phone covers for that. So for that we are compiling a list of 10 best covers for the iPhone 5C.

Marware Azteka Case:

Marware Azteka Case

This is a great silicon cover for the phone with some amazing colours as well, giving your 5C a great new look. And the silicon adds to some great shock absorbing as well as gripping properties. But as for the looks of the cover, it has some amazing texture on the back and that gives the phone a nice chic as well as the masculine feel to it, so giving it a kind of unisex property, so you don’t need to think twice that your phone might seem girly.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case:

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

This is maybe the best cover for the iPhone 5C in the complete roundup because it has an amazing design with the best form fitting design and shape. So your iPhone won’t even feel like having a cover over it. Also the controls buttons are provided with a metal-like appearance thus giving it a premium feel like the iPhone 5S unlike the 5C’s ceramic ones.

Luvvitt Clearview Slim Clear Back Case with Bumper:

Luvvitt Clearview Slim Clear Back Case with Bumper

This cover is a really good one for those who want to show off the real beauty of the device. This cover is completely clear and hence it is 100% transparent for you to show off the amazing colours of the iPhone 5C. But again the cover is very robust and protects the phone pretty well against bumps and scratches and also dust.

Belkin Grip Sheer Matte Case:

Belkin Grip Sheer Matte Case

Belkin is a very popular name and why not, it makes some amazing products, and even this, the iPhone 5C cover. It is a translucent matte finish cover made of plastic and hence it is not shiny and dulls out the colour of the phone a bit, but its protection for the device is amazing and the semi-flexible construction makes sure that the fitting is perfect. It is not the best looking cover out there, but it is completely practical.

PureGear Retro Game Cases:

PureGear Retro Game Cases

This is a line-up of flexible covers with good old-fashioned games on the back. The games are not so much, but the cover overall is an amazing one. It comes in two colours, mustard yellow and red and this is at a ribbon on its side. And then if your phone runs out of juice, then you always have the good-old fashioned games which work on gravity, no battery or Wi-Fi required.

Cygnett Crystal case for iPhone 5c:

Cygnett Crystal case

This is another nice and clear cover which covers your phone completely and efficiently. It gives overall protection from bumps and scratches, and also protects the device from catching dust. But other than that, it is a clear cover which means it flaunts the complete beauty of the iPhone 5C and its amazing colours that it comes in.

Griffin Survivor Clear for iPhone 5c:

Griffin Survivor Clear

If you just can’t live without bumping or tripping somewhere, then this is the perfect cover for your phone. It does come with a clear body which allows you to flaunt your phone’s beauty and yet comes with a great rubber border that covers up the borders of the phones which protects it from scratches and bruises so that it stays safe all the time even if you keep tripping and bumping everywhere.

Incipio Watson folio case for iPhone 5c:

Incipio Watson folio case

This is a great cover with a front flip as well which protects the phone from the back as well as the screen from front thus giving complete protection to the phone. One amazing this about this cover is that it has a nice Plextonium inner case which you can attach to the cover and your cover will now act as a wallet as well where you can store your cash and cards. And when you don’t need it, you can always remove it again.

Proporta iPhone 5c Splatter Paint case:

Proporta iPhone 5c Splatter Paint case

This is a very unique and amazing looking cover that comes with splatter paint pattern over its clear case so when you snap it on your device, then that will show off your device’s colour with the splatter pattern giving it a more beautiful feel and look to it that you will keep staring at your phone for hours without end.

Official Apple iPhone 5C Case:

Official Apple iPhone 5C Case

Finally let’s finish off the list with the official offering from Apple itself. They have made a complete white coloured silicon cover with exact 35 holes on the back for showing off the real colour of your iPhone 5C which is actually completely illogical and ugly. If it is left uncovered then it will get damaged, simple. Guess Apple is really growing old. But still the cover is pretty decent and provides protection to at least the corners and the silicon gives a good grip to handle the device.

So after rounding up the 10 best iPhone 5C covers, we can see there are some really good offerings depending on which ones you might be interested in. Many different styles and patterns are available to choose from so you can get the one that you like the best. Feel free to comment down below on what you think about the list and if there is some other cover that you find is better.

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NBC News Digital, LLC have developed the TODAY show which is a entertainment application. With this application, you can browse the stories, stream the videos. If you like any of the story then you can also be saved. You can also share the stories with your loved ones. This application get you the latest news and those are also from the TODAY anchors like Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie and many more.

today show

To have a good start of morning, you can take a cup of coffee and open the Today Show application in your iPhone. This application has got many categories like “Food and Wine,” “Relationships,” “Health,” and “Tech & Money” and this is something common in other available news or entertainment application. One thing that makes this app different from other is the way that they present the category. They have not provided the vertical list instead this application provides visually appealing boxes which shows photo along with the top story headlines. Its very easy to scroll the boxes from left to right which are stagnated horizontally on the screen. If you are busy in doing some other thing then you can also listen the audio of “The Today Show.”. This comes in the top apps and one of the most downloaded applications for iPhone. If you are having iphone and want to have some really good applications in your device then this application is for you. Below is the download link fro the application from where you can download the app in your device.

Download for IOS
Download for Android

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Pocket application also formerly known as Read It Later,this application is an offline reading app and with this application you can simply save the text version of the page so that you can read that later. With this application, it is very simple to download long article and read that later without any internet connection. This become more important when you are stuck in some no-service area. There are two views that this application is providing. One way is to save the text and image only and second is the saved version of original website source. If you are saving very long article then it will be better for you to use text and image only view.


Depending on the device that you are using, this app will rescale the content so that it can fit on the screen with the support of the portrait and landscape views. The article that you have saved can be sync with your account so that when you open the app from any other device, you can have access to those articles. It is easy to pocket almost every thing with this application like articles, news, video and photos and view them anywhere you want. There is always some pros and cons with any of the app and same applies for Pocket as well. We have listed some pros and cons below and at the end there is download link for the app.


  • Great usability
  • Easy to use after setup
  • Lots of options
  • Access account over multiple devices


  • Initial setup takes time

Download for Iphone

Download for Android Phone

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Are you looking for something better than the default note taking application on your phone  This app comes with everything that you can think of for a note making application like organizing notebook information, share that with others. There is also automated transcription service with the help of which you can use speech into text feature.


It is very simple to make note with this app. Just click on the plus button and it will create new note for you. You can start typing there and finally save it. Other than the text information, you can also add photos, audio recordings, tags, and locations in your notes. Now they have also added the rich-text formatting in their note. With the help of this, you can format the text in word processor and add bulleted and numbered lists, include links etc. Down side of this is that, you cannot turn the rich text formatting and make a simple text note. Whenever you start a new paragraph, it inserts a line space in that. it is also not possible with the application to make a multi level list.

One of the highlights  of evernote is its syncing system. Whenever you make a new note or you do any changes to the existing note then it sync the same with your evernote account. So if you make any note with your phone and later you start the app on your computer then you will be having access to all your previously created notes.


  • We can add text, photo, audio and other kinds of notes
  • Automatic syncing
  • Available for Mac/PC, iPhone, iPad,Android,Windows Phone,Blackberry


  • Its sometime irritates to use Rich text editor

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