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Fix iPhone unable to download Email

Sometimes iPhone or a iPad refuses to download an important email. And if you want to fix it quickly then try these methods which can provide you an easy solution.If you are an iOS user you might have seen an error massage like “This message has not been downloaded from the server”. It’s a very common massage generally seen by iOS users which means when you are trying to download your mail from the mail server, it’s been interrupted.

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

Fix an iphone Email problem

The reason behind these problem can be many such as

  • Download has been interrupted
  • Can be the result of connection problem
  • There could be a problem in mail setting too

If download has been interrupted because of connection problem:

The most common error sometimes can be the connection problem. To fix it you can at first go to setting. Then check if AirPlane Mode is off. On it once and off it once again.

This will provide you a better signal and reset your connectivity. Apart from that try to move to a location where you can get good mobile data connectivity such as a Wi-Fi zone. If you move towards a Wi-Fi zone make sure that it’s a known connection and not a public network.

You can exit mail and reopen it:
If the download has been interrupted you can simply quit the mail. For that at first you need to open the mail then go to Home button. Double-tap on it. Now move the Mail window up and off the tip of the screen. After that click on the Home button. Now just press the Mail icon to reopen it.

You can reset your mail and update it once again:
To reset your mail you need to click on the “slide to power off” message which you can get by holding the home button. Wait until it’s fully switched off. After that just click on sleep/wake button to update it.

You can simply delete your account and reinstall it

To delete your account you need to go to the setting first. After that click on mail, contacts, calendars respectively. Choose the account with which you are facing trouble and delete it. After that press add account and select the account from the list and fill up the required details.

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The apple company is an amazing company that creates high quality products .If you are still new in using the apple products there are some settings that you are not familiar with them. That’s when we come in handy to offer our services on some of the settings. In the ITunes there are various apps and games .Some of this apps are being paid for though you are given a free trial version while some of them are free. Therefore you have note this when downloading this apps in your phone. Most of the games and apps in ITunes are always paid for.

Apple music

Stop Auto Renewal of Apple Music

In the ITunes we have got the Apple music app. This app always comes with the iPhone, mac and even iPod already installed. The installed version is always a trial version and therefore at the end of the trial period it will automatically renew itself at a fee. There are so many free music apps in the iTunes store and therefore you can download them in the ITunes and avoid this extra additional charges .Despite the fact that you can download this free music apps in the iTunes but when you do not stop the automatic renewal of the Apple music app it will still renew itself. The apple music app will renew itself even if you are using it or not

Here are the basic steps to follow when cancelling Automatic Renewal of the Apple Music app after the end of the trial period.

  1. All you have to do is to go to the setting icon of your iPhone if you are using the iPhone series and then to the iTunes and App store .At the iTunes and app store there is the Apple ID tap it and select view Apple id.
  2. This is where you will enter your password and login.After logging in under the subscription option tap the manage option.
  3. Here you will toggle off the automatic Renewal for apple music app. In case you are using a mac, go to the iTunes icon and click the account icon.Here select the Account info.
  4. You will have to log in to your account and select manage. Here you will click the off part which is next to automatic renewal. The first procedure on iPhone can also be best applied on the iPod.

This steps are very simple and obvious but if you are still new on the apple product it’s quite cumbersome to determine which way to take. This will help you save some cash. There are thousands of free music app in the iTunes why waste cash on renewing the Apple music app. Just follow the above simple steps and you will be through in cancelling the automatic renewal process in you iPhone, iPod and Mac. If you really wish to continue using it then you just have to pay for it for you to gain the pleasure but there are several alternatives for you to consider. Some of this alternative include the Amazon prime music

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Apple has unveiled its latest toy which they call the iPad Pro at the San Francisco event. This iPad is the biggest traditional tablet out there in the market with a massive display of 12.9- inch screen having 5.6 million pixels and resolution of 2732 x 2048. With everything bigger this iPad has also a bigger battery (10-hour battery life according to Apple). It also has four speakers in each corner of the iPad for quality stereo. A peek into its high-end specs, we can see Apple iPad Pro has an A9X chip (a 64- bit chip) which is a beast, you can edit a 4K video pretty fast, and it also makes apps run faster with that processor speed. The software used is iOS9. It weighs 1.57 pounds and is 6.9 mm thick.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad pro is the first Apple product that has a smart connector at the side which connects to a smart keyboard that is foldable and made from unwoven fabric for $169. The other new accessory Apple has introduced with this iPad is the Apple PENCIL for $99, it is pressure and tilt sensitive, this pencil has a battery which is charged by plugging it into the iPad Pro. It also has a Touch ID sensor built in the home button and on the back it has an 8MP iSight camera.

The amazing and huge display makes this iPad a perfect one for media consumption like reading news, playing games or watching a video. You can get this iPad in the colours gold, silver and space grey by November. We yet cannot comment on the target audience for this device here since Apple iPad Pro cost $799, $949 and $1079 for 64 GB, 128 GB and 128 GB LTE respectively.

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Some time back Microsoft had released Skype 5.6 for Android phones. The company promised the users of the app a better pleasing experience. Now the company Microsoft has unveiled a newer version of Skype that gives the users new experience not only on Android but also on iOS also. This new version is Skype 6.0 Skype 6.0 comes in a new look for Android phones while keeping the trend of the Material Design visual language from Google. It is simply elegant and delightful for the Android phones. The floating action button in this makes it extremely easy to start a fresh conversation or beginning video calling. The floating action button also enables the users to send video, message or indulge in chatting. The app enhances search so that the users can get to their contacts quickly and much faster. It would also be easier to handle the messages, quick enough to see unread messages and segregate the read and unread messages in the phone.

Skype logo

Microsoft Update Skype for Android, iPhone, iPad

Skype 6.0 for iOS also gets new look with refreshed interface, the redesigned Skype is easier to use in both the phones iPhones and iPads. It is simpler to navigate and the users can get to the conversations faster. It is easier to share the photos with the app so also users will find it easy to make calls and exchange messages. The enhanced search can enable the users to reach the contacts and groups faster and swifter. All the features of Skype for iPhone will be available on the iPad also.

Microsoft has not clarified the details for Skype on its new Windows 10 Mobile, as the new smartphone OS is still in development stage.

Download Skype 6.0 for Android | iPhone | iPad

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The report from Business Insider mentions that the Apple has worked for years on the project where the team has reportedly developed many different versions of stylus for their iPad device. Though the market has not seen Apple branded tablet stylus the company has tried on three to four types of stylus in the last four years of the project. The anonymous source is expectedly very close to the people working on this project, it is also mentioned that the team was not sure why the project has not succeeded yet.

Apple iPad Mini 3

The latest rumour in line was that Apple is making a stylus to make their iPad device handier. Analyst from KG Securities who has a good track record of predicting the moves of the company, has mentioned that Apple would deliver stylus for the larger screen iPad.

There are many projects going on in the company Apple, and many of them may not see positive results also, but the release of the stylus would express a different face for the company. Steve Jobs, Late CEO of Apple, was of the opinion that stylus were clunky and could be easily lost. He therefore disliked the concept of stylus.

But people have shown immense interest in using the iPad device with stylus shows that there is a good market for stylus for the iPad. Some of the leading competitors already are using stylus foe their device. Microsoft has a pen for its tablet computers meant for drawing and annotating documents. While Samsung has stylus in their Galaxy Note series of smartphones for this function.

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Chess is not a game for smart people, but it is a game that makes people smart. This brain-thinking game gives a good study and continuous practice to its player. A good game of chess not only encourages creativity, but also induces logical deduction; it allows a player to calculate the several variability and narrow analysis, which in turn offer an unusual resolution. This educational game is a must for all deep- innovative thinkers. Hence, chess is one of the most loved, downloaded, and played games on both iPads and iPhones. The following are the five best chess games for iPad and iPhone 2015:

Apple iPad Mini 3

Tall Chess by Friends of the Web LLC

If you are looking for one of the finest chess games for your iPad and iPhone, then the Tall Chess is a must. The chess app offers a fresh and clean iOS 7 UI (User Interface). The elegantly designed chess boards and pieces are very attractive and allows you to verify your last move flawlessly with a swipe. Invite friends to play along and achieve the best scores. Apart from great animations, and graphics, this game allows players to export their games into an algebraic data.

Chess by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions

This difficult to beat, easy to play chess game offers players various chess sets, boards, and levels with a notable chess engine that offers an ever-increasing challenge at each stage. Chess by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions is a full-fledged free app that offers players, stunning high-resolution 3D chess sets that are motivated by Brian Whitby’s designs. Players can move forward/backward at any time during the game. The game also offers a hint facility for beginners.

Chess Premium by Optime Software LLC

Great sound effects and stunning graphics are the foremost features of this chess app. Apart from that, Chess Premium by Optime Software LLC includes “undo a move” function and supports two players – player one and player two gameplay. The reciprocal layout makes it even more interesting when playing this game on iPad or iPhone. Test your chess skills against friends or the computer itself with the Chess Premium game.

Chess Professional by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions

This chess app is designed for all types of players – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The Chess Professional by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions is the sophisticated version of Game Center’s Chess Free. It includes a neat and clean view of pieces and boards, and most importantly allows users to play uninterruptedly without any pop-ups or free ads that irritate when playing. If you are on the lookout for a chess game that allows you to grow from novice level to an advanced player, then the Chess Professional is what you need.

iChess 3D by Synergy- IT Sp. z o.o. Spolka komandytowa

The iChess 3D by Synergy- IT Sp. z o.o. Spolka komandytowa offers players, both 2D and 3D view. The game features high-resolution, fluid animations, Kevin MacLeod’s fantastic music, and excellent visual appeal. This game is a must for any passionate chess player. Simple, beautifully made , and usability are what the iChess 3D by Synergy- IT Sp. z o.o. Spolka komandytowa offers its players.

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Good news for all Cut the Rope fans. The sequel to blockbuster physics-based puzzle game CUT THE ROPE made its way to the App Store with a new version and challenges named CUT THE ROPE 2. CUT THE ROPE 2 by Zeptolab a UK-based company has a lot to offer in this game with new challenges, new characters, Customize OM NOM, completely new graphics, sound and gameplay elements, including the ability to move Om Nom. The game offers new experiences and game mechanics, but preserves the “foundation” of the original game where the game looks, themes, settings are changed and made better by the author’s the lead character OM NOM still exits. The sequel casts many new characters, latest gameplay elements, complicated missions, and, of course, Om Nom, candy collecting has never been so fun! The game has Om Nom as the lead character, and you still have cut the ropes to feed him, but helper characters (cute names, the little green monster, etc.), and a more dynamic game play. This 85Mb game is loaded with unexpected adventure, but lust for the candy remains the same for OM NOM but instead in the game OM NOM breaks out of the box and travels through junkyards, busy cities, forest and underground tunnels. Familiar to play, yet challenging to master, Cut the Rope 2 brings fresh new 120 challenges and unanticipated obstacles to collect the candy.

Cut The Rope 2


The author has worked a lot with this game’s new version, with over million downloads of the earlier version. The enhanced game graphics, story, sounds, etc. give you a better feel. You can feel the experience while after the adventurous journey of OM NOM. The addition of new characters, customizable OM NOM characteristic, and other exiting features the game is fun to play with. The new cast and challenges keep this game concept from going stale, and it is a blast to play. There will be times when you are stuck on a level, and if you must have the answer without going through the puzzle again, you can use a guide as a solution. Other power-ups include extra balloons to give Om Nom or the candy a lift if you pop one, and extra candies to make sure you clear the level. The author provides you with a free number of solutions and balloons—but after that, you have to buy them. For solutions, balloons and candy showers you need to empty your pockets, but the game is worth spending.



There has been more than 100 million download for the original version and this version anticipated to cross its limit. On iTunes, this app has very high ratings. The game requires iOS 4.3 or later & is Compatible with latest apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). This app is most effective on iPhone 5. This 85Mb game comes with a small charge to pay, but the game is worth playing. To all the ANDROID USERS the game is about to launch for Android devices in early 2014

Cut the Rope 2 for iOS download