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Apple’s world famous iPad series got recently added with new Apple Ipad Air 2 introduced in the market with some serious upgrades like better processing performance and better camera clarity. Besides enhanced hardware configuration, Ipad Air 2 has been completely redesigned for better grip and adorable looks. The new Ipad Air 2 is just 6.1mm thick giving a better hold in hands and a slight reduction has also been seen in its weight. However the durability of this iPad Air 2 is the main area of concern, it’s highly recommended to use the best quality covers for the added protection of your charming iPad Air 2. No matter Apple has worked out in enhancing its durability but the main fight lies in the everyday common life full of accidental falls and strokes, so you need to keep your iPad Air 2 ready for facing them. For that purpose we have enlisted the 5 world class covers best suited for Apple iPad Air 2.

Apple iPad Air 2

1. Apple Smart Case: This is the most suggested choice because of its direct origin from Apple Inc manufactured for iPad Air 2. It is designed from a premium leathery material provided with precisely crafted slots for plug-ins and buttons. A small microfiber lining on its back side allows you to view stuff in landscape mode. It’s magnetic property makes it able to wake up and sleep on putting it in and out respectively. This high class leather case for iPad Air 2 is available in variety of colours which include blue, pink, red, etc.

2. Griffin Survivor slim case: It is the ultimate hard case for your iPad Air 2 when it comes to durability. Its polycarbonate and silicone protection combination formula has been working since ages now and is still the best at protection to keep your iPad Air 2 safe even if dropped from 6.6 feet. A kick stand is also present at its back.

3. Incipio Tuxen Folio Case: This polycarbonate shelling is specially designed to provide both stylish looks and protection. It’s leathery looks make it look like a real leather case. Just like official case from Apple, it also features magnetic auto wake up and sleep on placing in and out of the cover.

4. X-Doria Smart Style Case: It’s all about its stylish outer designed patterns giving it an attractive looks. It has got precisely positioned cut outs for buttons and slots and landscape viewing is also available. It is also present with auto wake up and sleep function due to presence of magnetic closure.

5. Targus 3D protection Case: This is a grey and red colour pattern designed 3D cover claiming to protect your iPad Air 2 from accidental drops up to 4 feet. Its speciality includes the water and dust repellent surface technology and a rubber band for firm holding of your iPad Air 2.

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The newly energised and redesigned Ipad Air 2 has finally arrived on the platform. This device is seen with a lot of improved spicy features along with the increase in its processing speed as well as camera clarity. This Ipad Air 2 somehow has been intermingled with the processing genes of formerly launched flagship Iphone 6 making its functioning capability rejuvenate. Some considerable weight reduction and accessibility is also seen. There is a lot of stuff in this beast to be explored, so we have summed up the complete list of the best things you are about to discover in Ipad Air 2.

ipad air 2

1. Bigger, Slimmer, better: Apple Ipad Air 2 design has been totally rejuvenated. Its thickness has been reduced to just 6.1mm making it easier to hold. 1.4mm thickness reduction within a year of time is awesome. The overall weigh has also been reduced. However rotations lock/ mute button has been totally eliminated from the design. The space management has successfully worked and holding an Ipad Air 2 in hand is much more accessible than its older variant.

2. Renovated processor: The processing speed of Ipad Air 2 has been tremendously upgraded with the use of triple core 1.5GHz Apple A8X processor providing the smooth functioning of applications. It is preinstalled with latest iOS8.1 operating system making this Ipad most upgraded and renovated in features.

3. Good camera features: This improvised Ipad comes with 8MP primary camera with resolution of 3264*2448pixels which is enough to be housed in Ipad. This camera is capable of recording 1080p @30 fps videos. Along with this camera, a 1.2MP front shooter is also present with face detection and HDR features.

4. Reliable display: Apple Ipad 2 has been implanted with a 9.7 inches LED backlit IPS LCD display providing display resolution of 1536*2048pixels and pixel density of 264ppi. This huge screen with a good amount of pixel clarity is really adorable and besides this clarity the Ipad Air 2 display comes shielded by oleo phobic glass, scratch resistant glass as well as anti reflective coating. These coatings make the display durable as well as you can easily use your Ipad Air 2 under sunshine without any light reflection problems.

5. Touch ID: Unlike the previous variant of Ipad Air, Ipad Air 2 is seen with highly impressive Touch ID, i.e., fingerprint scanning authentication. This authentication method allows you to unlock your device securely as well as make secure logins and payments. This noble productive feature was introduced by Apple recently in their Iphone 6 and 6 Plus and due to it’s appreciation all over the world, it is seen in this device also.

6. Great storage relaxations: Apple has been providing storage capacity options always and likewise seen here. Ipad Air 2 is available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage variants. So, it’s the choice of user to choose the needed storage space with their Ipad Air 2. Choosing a better storage variant is recommended because the expandability of storage is not the option here.

7. Better application compatibility: Known since ages, Apple has already ruled the Smartphone world with their 1GB Ram introduction and can do a lot with1GB because of their high stable and respected operating system. But Apple has this time introduced 2GB RAM to increase the application running compatibility and efficiency of Ipad Air 2. It will be a great please to see this 2GB Ram from Apple put to work.

8. Good network and connectivity modes: All the high end network and connectivity modes are available in Ipad Air 2 which includes 2G, 3G and 4G network compatibility and Bluetooth v4.0, NFC, Wi-Fi and GPS are present. So, all the essential and available modes are seen in this Ipad.

9. Good battery backup: Apart from the features and design, battery backup plays an important role in judging an Ipad. Since running a 9.7inches display for a good period of time isn’t a joke. For that purpose Ipad Air 2 is packed with a non removable 27.3Wh Li-Po battery providing 10 hours of talk time on multimedia stuff. So, you can enjoy non stoppable use of your Ipad Air 2 with either games or any other stuff.

10. Essential features: Apple Ipad Air 2 is seen with some essential accessorial features you need to know. Those are Siri natural language commands, active noise cancellation technology to ensure noise free voice calls, iCloud storage service, inbuilt Maps, etc.