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Hover camera drone is definitely the need of an hour because everyday we see around us people doing a lot of crazy stuff just to take a one good photograph and some are even getting killed for it which is totally not cool. The people for whom a perfect photograph makes their day, Zero Zero robotics hover camera also known as Passport has come to their rescue. Let us give you the five reasons that wont make you buy it but will make you crave for it.

Hover Camera is Unique

1. Zero Zero Robotics Hover drone camera is hardly as big as an average hardcover book when it is folded thus making it very convenient for travel purposes. It’s an easily portable device which you can even forget that you are having it in your backpack. This saves your space as well as does not make you look like some tech freak.

2.  Hover camera flies with the help of four propellers and motors which can be seen encased within carbon fiber casing making this drone light and durable. It has been designed in such a manner that it self cools its essential components. All you need to do is unfold its wings, turn it on and watch it hover over you.

3. The secret behind its precisely designed detectors is its possession of sonar as well as optical sensors. It works on Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor which is the reason behind its artificial intelligence allowing it to detect and track bodies and faces combined with advanced proprietary computer vision.

4. Zero Zero robotics hover drone camera comprises of a 13MP camera attached to a tiny gimbal, which accounts for stabilization and the power to tilt up and down. It also features electronic stabilization which lets you take videos of up to 4k resolution.

5. You can control its flight, movement with the help of its iOS or Android app which also gibes you the control to shoot panorama videos along with 90 and 60 degree orbits too. You can immediately transfer the media from your drone into your Smartphone for sharing and stuff. One more thing you need to know is that this drone is capable of flying as high as 164 feet or 50 meters at its best.

Zero Zero robotics is all set to sell this drone camera this holiday season at the price of somewhat around $600 (approximately AU$775 or £415). If you are excited to try it now, you can go to the website of this Beijing based start up company and sign up to be a beta tester.

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Now that we all know Apple’s latest iPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus are devoid of 3.5mm headphone jack, its just the right time to look for some affordable as well as worth the money lightning headphones before they fade away. Apples native lightning port makes it possible to deliver hi-fi audio. Unlike the ordinary headphones, lightning compatible headphones possess their own DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and amplifier for rich sound quality. Here is the exclusive compilation of some affordable lightning headphones available in the market.

lighthning headphone

Lightning Headphones Under 200$


  1. Philips Fidelio M2L/27: These headphones are often regarded as the first commercially available lightning headphones. It houses a leather stitched headband which makes it comfortable to be worn by people of all head sizes. With this headphone over the ear, you can pause/play tracks, skips songs, and answer calls but the only unpleasant thing about is the lack of inline microphone which means you cannot take calls. However from the music point of view these headphones are awesome.
    Price: $199.99
  2. Brightech MFi Pure Lightning Headphones: This is a recommended option for on the go music listeners as well as for the people who want their ears to be hit by a good sound at the cheapest ever rate. It cant be said that these headphones have a premium build quality but we are positive enough to say that these headphones produce rich sound with highs, mids, and lows all solid and in balance with one another.
    Price: $39.99
  3. JBL Reflect Aware: JBL isn’t in need of any special shout outs so heading straight towards its big list of features. These headphones are first of its kind specially designed for sports and gym workout practices because of its sweat-proof coating. The inbuilt controls include controls for volume and play/pause, plus an inline microphone for taking phone calls besides that you can also see a button which is meant for adaptive noise control feature to be toggled on or off.
    Price: $199.95
  4. Sharkk Lightning Headphones: These abstract pair of headphones might feel similar to Brightech Lightning earbuds because they are basically the same but this version contributes a newly formulated color schema. Both these products are OEM which means they are made inside same factory but for sale to different companies thus being able to provide us good quality sound at an exceptionally cheaper price tag.
    Price: $42.99
  5. Libratone Q Adapt In-Ear: These powerful headphones from Libratone wont be available in market for iPhone 7 users until October this year. But you better keep track of these noise cancellation beasts because they are famed for CityMix active noise cancellation feature present in them. It is one of the best noise cancellation and these headphones boast good deal of build quality and digital signal processing.
    Price: $180

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Apple’s latest sensation iPhone 7 can do a lot to make your life more productive and easier if you are well aware of the latest trending apps for iPhone 7 which are highly productive. These newly released apps can ease your burdens by making it easy for you to do your daily life activities as well as help you with different projects whether you are a student or a professional. In fact an iPhone is incomplete without a bunch of freshly costumed apps installed in it. Let us give you an insight of the top 5 productive apps which can do wonders in iPhone 7.

iphone productive appsIphone 7 productive Apps Must Have

1. Any.Do : With just an installment of 2.99$ per month for its premium version, this apps lets you manage tasks efficiently and lets you handle tasks with its amazing geo location reminders, leading you to a hassle free daily life.

2. Awesome Note (+To Do): This app is a combo of note taking app alongside with inbuilt task manager. You can purchase this app for just 3.99$ from iTunes store, It is not just an ordinary note taking app but instead it lets users choose custom fonts, backgrounds, icons, colors and houses a highly productive graphical calendar.

3. DO Note by IFTTT: Unlike other apps DO Note is available in iTunes store for free and you can download it on your iPhone7 anytime you wish to.. This simple app simplifies your daily tasks and instead of going through each app to do different functions, it provides you a unified platform to do it for free.

4. EasilyDo: This free of cost app acts as your personal assistant and you will definitely not regret installing this app on your iPhone 7. You will no longer need to save an unknown individuals contact details manually, remember someone’s birthday and other daily life tasks like that. All you got to do is sign in with your different social networks through this app and you are all set.

5. Evernote Scannable: We have already heard so much of Evernote so far that this app doesn’t require any new preaching when it comes to productivity. Its even better than the classic Evernote app when it comes to scanning whether it is about business cards or notes from a meeting or lecture.

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After the release of much awaited iPhone7, here we are finally comparing face-to-face Apple’s handset. The two latest released iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus is bigger with interesting features like dual-lens camera. At first glance the iPhone7 looks more like iPhone 6S Plus. Let’s dive in comparison of features and specifications of official available iPhones in India.

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

Current Offical Price List of Iphone in India
  iPhone7 Plus  iPhone7  iPhone6S Plus  iPhone 6S  iPhone SE 
Available in Colors  Available in Jet Black, Silver, Black , Rose Gold and Gold  Available in Jet Black, Silver, Black, Rose Gold and Gold  Available in Silver, Rose gold, Gold and Space Grey  Available in Silver, Rose gold, Gold and Space Grey  Available in Silver, Rose gold, Gold and Space Grey 
Resistance From  It offers splash, dust and water resistance  It offers splash, dust and water resistance  NA  NA  NA 
Chipset  It is powered with A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit Architecture with M10 processor  It is powered with A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit Architecture with M10 processor  It is powered with A9 -64bit architecture chip with M9 processor  It is powered with A9 -64bit architecture chip with M9 processor  It is powered with A9 -64bit architecture chip with M9 processor 
Screen   5.5-inch of display screen with LED backlight with Multi-Touch display with IPS technology with New Taptic Engine   4.7-inch of display screen with LED backlight with Multi-Touch display with IPS technology with New Taptic Engine  5.5-inch of display screen with LED backlight with Multi-Touch display with IPS technology with Taptic Engine  4.7-inch of display screen with LED backlight with Multi-Touch display with IPS technology with Taptic Engine  4-inch of display screen with LED backlight with Multi-Touch display with IPS technology. 
Screen Resolution  It offers 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution with 401 ppi  It offers 1334 X 750 pixel resolution with 326 ppi  It offers 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution with 401 ppi  It offers 1334 X 750 pixel resolution with 326 ppi  It offers 1136 X 640 pixel resolution with 326 ppi 
Contrast Ratio  1300:1  1400:1  1300:1  1400:1  800:1 
Color Display  It offers wide color display -P3  It offers wide color display – P3  RGB standard  RGB standard  RGB standard 
Height of the handset  6.23-inches  5.44-inches  6.23-inches  5.44-inches  4.87-inches 
Width of handset  3.07-inches  2.64-inches  3.07-inches  2.64-inches  58.6-inches 
Weight  188-grams  138-grams  192-grams  143-grams  113-grams 
Camera   12MP with wide-angle f/1.8 aperture, f/2.8 aperture, Optical Image Stabilization, Body & face detection, optical zoom 2x while digital zoom up to 10x  12MP with wide-angle f/1.8 aperture, Optical Image Stabilization, Body & face detection, digital zoom up to 5x  12MP with wide-angle f/2.2 aperture, Optical Image Stabilization, face detection, digital zoom up to 5x  12MP with wide-angle f/2.2 aperture,  face detection, digital zoom up to 5x  12MP with wide-angle f/2.2 aperture, face detection, digital zoom up to 5x 
FaceTime HD Camera   7MP Photos  5MP Photos  5MP Photos  5MP Photos  1.2MP 
Connectivity  GSM, UMTS, LTE, 802.11 Wifi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, GLONASS and NFC  GSM, UMTS, LTE, 802.11 Wifi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, GLONASS and NFC  GSM, UMTS, LTE, 802.11 Wifi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, GLONASS and NFC  GSM, UMTS, LTE, 802.11 Wifi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, GLONASS and NFC  GSM, UMTS, LTE, 802.11 Wifi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, GLONASS and NFC 
SIM type  Nano SIM  Nano SIM  Nano SIM  Nano SIM  Nano SIM 
Price & Variant (capacity)  32GB – 72,000INR
128GB – 82,000INR
256GB- 92,000INR 
256GB- 80,000INR 
32GB – 46,000INR
128GB – 68,000INR 
32GB – 40,000
128GB – 65,000 
16GB – 36,000INR
64GB – 41,000INR 


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When it comes to Apple, it has to be huge! Apple has always maintained high standards in terms of features, specifications and also price tag. We all are aware of the recent launch of Apple iPhone7; the Smartphone has already created a huge buzz in the town with its features and a heavy price tag, while, some folks are waiting to grab the Apple Watch Series 2. Some people who have pre-ordered Apple Watch Series are a bit disappointed with the news of Apple watch will be delayed almost 2-week due to a few reasons. Yes! The Customers who had pre-ordered the latest Apple Watch from Best Buy are notified through email.

Apple Watch

Shipment delay hit Apple Watch Series 2

According to the mail, the Apple Watch will be delayed until or around 28th September, depending on the respective locations. Yet, no reasons have been mentioned for the delay. Best buy have mentioned in the mail ‘We learned from Apple’, by which we can note that they are escaping from the blame part. In spite of who to be blamed for the delay, the retailers are giving $50 promotional code toward the purchase with Best Buy.

Few retailers have received new watch series, but with limited watches in stock. The Apple Watch Series 2 was expected to be launched on the same day with iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus, but will make a public appearance by 28th September.

Let’s wait and watch how latest Apple Watch make’s its entry in the competitive tech market!

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Pregnancy is a very delicate phase in a woman’s life more than that, it may be experience more than once depending on the person herself. Ages before, pregnancy is even more regarded as a dangerous circumstance because of lack of knowledge and doctors and a slight mistake might cause loss of not only one but two people which are the pregnant mother and child she bears.

5 Best Pregnancy Apps for iPhone and Android

Fortunately, in the age today, unless there are unexpected circumstances, the fatality of pregnancy is almost next to zero. Still, checkups and getting tips to doctors every now and then is really time and money consuming, even though, it is for the well-being of the child right? But what if the knowledge and things you need are just a few centimeters away from your fingertips?

Here are 5 of the best pregnancy apps for iPhone and Android.

1. My Pregnancy and Baby Today | BabyCenter

My Pregnancy & Baby Today

Are you expecting a baby? Then this app would be best pregnancy apps out there. Learn about pregnancy and how your body is changing every day. Know what is coming and how to cope with them. Along with fetal development images, see how your child is growing each week. Get access to thousands of informative BabyCenter articles about you and your baby.

iOS | Android 

2. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

A comprehensive pregnancy app is what BabyBump Pregnancy Pro is. Become informed about your pregnancy progress and track and share the experience with family and friends.

BabyBump features a fast customizable forums that connects parents around the world, don’t be afraid to ask. A countdown widget that allows you to monitor how much time is remaining until delivery date that can be calculated from your Last Menstrual Period. BabyBump also feature Daily and Weekly info and images, journal and weight tracking, graphical charts and more all in the tips of your fingers.

iOS | Android

3. Prenatal Pilates by Blue Sparrow

Prenatal Pilates by Blue Sparrow

Even under pregnancy, moms can stay in shape with this app made for pregnant iPhone users. An app easy to use and follow as you move through your workout. Keep your back healthy as you gain addition weight upfront. One of the Best pregnancy Apps that offer more than information for expecting mothers.

See multiple free workouts from fitness experts and experience workout handcrafted and made for pregnant women. So stay fit and healthy every day.


4. Pregnancy +

Pregnancy +

Pregnancy + was created with help of  leading industry experts from health-care, childbirth and parenting experts to create on the most complete and informative App. With daily information to beautiful images Pregnancy + offers a wide variety of options for expecting mothers. It even has a Doctor Appointment log and baby kick counter. List of options are endless, makes it companion app for those crucial nine months. Pregnancy + is one the best pregnancy app currently available on iOS and Android stores. Download via the link below

iOS | Android

5. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Calendar

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Build by Ovuline a womans health company. With over 3.1 million users Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is always improving and provides immense information for expecting mothers. One can track various stages of pregnancy with this app. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is build by taking help from Harvard scientists, specialists and you. One can connect Ovia app with your WiFi sleep tracker and track sleep patterns covering aspects of your preganancy throughtout. One can download Ovia pregnancy App via the Link below

iOS | Android

There are many other apps that can help and aid pregnant women during this delicate time but these apps are no doubt 5 of the best.


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Share your documents via WhatsApp now

Whatsapp is the most common App in todays world. It has become a social network or sharing App. With this we can share anything send pictures and send every moments to others also we can make groups and share some information once to all others in group. It is a leading App in todays time. For time to time new updates are coming with new features and bug fixes. A big update comes into existence on whatsapp on IOs it introduces a brand new feature a pinch to videos it is a zoom for videos. It can be shared from third party apps. A new side update is there rolling out for both IOS and Android devices updated to latest versions from app stores. The new update will rise and allow users to share any type of documents with any one or in groups.

WhatsApp Messenger

Whatsapp Allows to share documents

The new versions are 2.12.453 for Android and 2.12.14 for IOS for users who upgrade these versions. They will see soon another option of sharing it allows all users who upgrade these versions will be able to share documents. There is one tiny issue regarding sharing documents that is the receiver who receives documents should have the same version of whatsapp then he is able to receive or see that document.On Android devices there is a attach icons the same icon appear when you click. The only difference is instead of video icon there is a document icon namely share document. You can tap on that icon and can share documents on whatsapp which are stored in your device memory. You can send multiple documents also in groups same documents again and again.

On IOS devices there is an icon it consists of icon namely ‘’upload’’. The version consists of a little bit change here instead of upload icon there is a “share document” option it allows users to share document from other third party apps. It comes with the online storage. It is similar to the last update of whatsapp for sharing pictures and videos.

This very new update has changed the whatsapp performance one should not go to email addresses for sharing documents because it is now inbuilt in whatsApp. It also becomes a time consuming and great performance app as it comes also with backups that are connected to email address of user. Set the backup schedule at any time. Now after the update come the most of the users reporting that only pdf documents are able to send with it no other document file like word file isn’t sending. Since there is a new server slide update. so it may take some time to fix it and you will be able to send any type of document file on your smart phones. Whenever new versions come new features are available little update removes only bugs and improves performances. But big update changes app and built extra features. The users feel comfort and become interesting.

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KODI app is one of the essential app that you must have in this latest technological world. This is a media player which can be installed in various plugins such as YouTube plug-in, Pandora etc. for it to function. This is one of the simplest applications to install in your iOS. This app will make you use your iPhone more than you ever did. The iOS is a very powerful operating system and therefore it is compatible with this application. All you have to do is to follow the below steps carefully for you to install this application .Kodi was previously known as the XBMC app. This steps only apply when you Ios is jail broken. Here is the guideline in installing KODI in your IOS.


Kodi App for all your Entertainment needs
  1.  Step 1: Jailbreak your IPhone, iPad or iPod.
    This is where you remove the apple restrictions on the IOS device. As the term sounds this process violates the terms and conditions of the apples company. If your iOS still has the some restrictions then you have to jail break it .This is actually the first step .Check whether the iOS is jail-broken and if not then jail break it.
  2. Launch the Cyndia App.
    In the screen of your iOS you will tap the Cyndia Icon to launch it and run.
  3. Tap On the sources.
    ON the tab bar you will have to tap on the sources icon.
  4. Tap Edit.
    After tapping the Sources you will then go directly to edit thane tap ADD.
  5. Type the URL in the add section.
    In the add section you will have to type the URL link to the Kodi app. i.e. http// These will allow the Cyndia to start downloading the packages of the Kodi From the sources of the URL. After this you will have to return directly to the Cyndia.
  6. Tap Team Kodi.
    In the sources tap you will have to tap on the team Kodi .This ensure that your files is completely downloaded.
  7. Go to the Multimedia.
    The multimedia section is where you’re the downloaded files on the KODI IOS is stored. Therefore you will have to tap the Kodi-IOS then install. After this go back to Cyndia by pressing the Return to Cyndia button. You need to give it sometime for the installation to be complete.
  8.  Launch the Kodi App.
    Go to the screen menu where you will find the Kodi app icon. Tap on the icon in order to launch it. N/B the first launching of the Icon might take quite some time so give it time to launch. Your installation is now complete and ready for use.

That is how simple it is to install the Kodi app which comes with a lot of benefits including making your phone be very interactive and more useful. You can now install various plugins such as you tube, Hulu Pandora etc. that will enable you watch various movies, Tv series and listen to your favorite songs.

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Smartwatch is the current and latest technological development worldwide .I do know that some of my readers already own or are yet to own a smartwatch.I also know that some of them are still wondering of what use is a smarwatch.Don’t be too anxious about that here is the perfect answer for your questions.The app smartwatch is one of the best smartwatches in the universe with numerous apps that are very useful.Its quite tiresome to determine the best app this October for your smartwatch.That is why we come in handy to give you the best app which are malware free.This apps are what makes the smartwatch be of a greater purpose in your life.Here is our Top 5 apps for Apple smartwatch.

apple watch

Top 5 Apps for Apple Smartwatch

1. The Dark Sky
This is one of the most useful weather apps that you must have in your smartwatch.Its not only about determining time in our smartwatch but also determining the current weather situations in your region so as to plan your schedule correctly.This app is simple to use and also gives out a very accurate information to you o weather issues.This is why it is being top rated her in our list.This app is a little bit expensive but worth to own it.It goes for only $ 4.00 in the app store.This app will enable you to plan for your schedule accurately.

This is another app that makes your apple smartwatch very useful in this world.The calcbot app enables you to carry out very useful calculations in your smartwatch with a lot of ease.This calculator app is not a scientific or a graphing one but it just does simple calculations such as addition subtraction and averaging.This renders it very useful in you life since no one can do without simple mathematics in life.In addition to this it can also prom unit conversions.This is a free app downloaded from the app store in your smartwatch.

3.The New York Times.
If you really love quick news update which are large all over the world then here is the best app for you in your smartwatch .This app can hold about 6 stories at a time just for you to read the one that you are interested in.The stories have got photos and even some have got video clip for you to watch .This is one of the amazing app that allows you get access to the latest information and news at any time and anywhere.This the best responsive app so far making it very fast to use.This app is acquired for free in the Apple itunes.Having high ratings with a large reviews is what makes it appear among our top 5 list for you this October.

You want to be physically fit then ths is the app to own in your smartwatch.This is one of the latest and most trending app in the apple industry.This is an apple app for fitness and its loved because of its amazing graphics.This app provides all that you need when accessing workouts and even to monitor your fitness progress by just swiping and tapping on your apple smartwatch.This app is downloaded for free in the itunes app store.In addition to this if you want to have other features such as runtastic six pack you have to pay around $ 5 to access it.This is the top best app for you this October

5.The Score.
Are you a sport fanatic then here is an opportunity to get he latest scores and game results straight away from your wrist.The score app allows you to get the latest result score of any game and team of our choice from your smartwatch directly.Most sports men always have smartwatch and the main reason for this is the score app .This allows them get latest results of any game and match in their watches.All you have to do is to select your best teams in the iphone app only and you will always receive the latest score on the teams.This is also a free app downloaded in the itunes store

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This is a very powerful phone with amazing graphics that you won’t never miss out on playing any game in it. If you are a hardcore gamer then this is the phone to own. Games are being developed day and night by the game developers therefore it quite difficult to determine the best game of the week for yourself .That’s why we come in handy to give this amazing list. If you are a hardcore gamer then here are the best games for you to play this First week of October. Just go through the list and choose the best game for yourself depending on the various genre that you like.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

1. Turbo Fast
This is an amazing racing game with a lot of reviews and ratings. It has got amazing graphics which makes it very engaging and addictive. This game basically involves racing using the creatures like snails which are given a turbo boast. It’s quite an ironical games since with the speed of a snail how can you race but with the turbo boast it will surely give you a reason to race. This is a free games which you are required just to download it in the ITunes store. This game is an update of its previous version making it be 2.1.6.This game is compatible with IOS 7.0 or later and also the iPhone ,iPad and iPod touch .It also allows you to challenge your friends in the social media platform and come to the top to get the delicious tomato prizes.

2. CSR Racing Game
If you are a fun of racing games then this is the ultimate racing game for you. It’s equipped with exclusive cars for you to race with. Its graphics are amazing making it very addictive since you can’t remove your eyes on the screen when playing it. It has got amazing new challenges for you to play. This is a free game downloaded in the iTunes store and it’s compatible with IOS 7.0 or later.
3. Flow Free
This is also one of the amazing puzzle games for you developed by the big duck gamers LLC. This game entails matching of various colors so as to create a flow. This is a new version of 2.4 in which the rainbow pack is free and has got a 14 x 14 mania for purchase. This is among the top purchased game for you this week for October.
4. Street Fighter X Tekken Gauntlet
If you are a hardcore gamer then this is the perfect game for you ever. This is an updated game with and amazing features for you this last week of September. This is an action game that is very addictive and engaging because if its eye catching graphics. Having a high rating and reviews it’s absolutely the best game for you to play.
5. Dead Trigger 2
This is absolutely the best game for you this summer period. This is an updated version with new and amazing features including an improved performance .You can unlock new regions and it also has an improved message relevancy. This game is purchased in the ITunes store. Having a high rating and reviews it’s absolutely the best game for you this summer.