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iOS phones are always equipped with a powerful processor making the app developers to come up with an amazing design of the most powerful apps to use. It might be quite hectic to choose the best app for your iOS phone since it requires through research. That is why we have come up with our marvellous list of the best apps to install in your phone. Apps are the most essential components for your phone because without the apps your phones are rendered useless. In this 2nd week of November you must keep your phone up to date by downloading the top amazing apps .Here are the top 5 apps for your iOS phone in this 2nd week of November.

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

1. Step Counter and Calorie Tracker.
This is one of the top health apps for you to download .This apps enable you to determine the walking steps you have made and also tracking the level of your calorie in the blood system. This will just ensure that your body remains fit at all times .This is one of the power effective phones since it does not consume a lot of your power though it is running on a background mode. This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes store of your iPhone device.

2. Fujistu Forum.
If you love the participating in mobile building forums then here is the best app for you to have .This app allows you to get answers to the most bothering questions concerning your phone by posting in the forums .This is a top app that you must own in your phone .This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.

3. Bookappisodes.
This an amazing app that allows you to read the most engaging and interactive eBooks for free .This app also gives you an opportunity to share your favourite eBooks on the social media platforms such as :twitter, Instagram ,Pinterest, Facebook etc. This is one of the highly rated apps that is downloaded for free in the iTunes.

4. Place It.
This app allows you to have a view of the most luxurious cities and sceneries to visit as the festive season approaches. This is one of the top apps equips with the GPS navigation and direction to those places .This app also allows you to share the places with your friends over the social media platform such as: Facebook, twitter and even Pinterest. This one of the highly rated apps that is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.

5. River City Massage.
This is an amazing app that is linked to your Facebook account so as to allow you to view your latest updates and even the photos of the latest massage service near you. It also gives out the direction to the nearest spar where you can be given quality services. This is one of the latest apps that is highly rated in the iTunes store. It’s downloaded for free.

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This is one of the amazing months that you need to keep yourself comfortable and make work easier with an amazing apps. The iPhone series has got a strong processor that can launch and run apps smoothly. Software and apps developers develop apps daily some of them are even malware so you must be cautious about those. Therefore you have to take care when downloading an app. It’s quite cumbersome to determine the best app for yourself and even to know which app is a malware and which one is not. That’s why we come in handy to give you an amazing list that is well researched.

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

1. SnapChat
This is a messenger app that allows you to send message very fast giving you a lot of fun .When you send a video or photo to a friend after they view it they disappear unless they take a snapshot for feature viewing. Conversation only take place when both friends are available online to chat. This is the latest app for you for chatting .This is among the top free app for you in iTunes this month. Open this month with an amazing style and way of chat.

2. Pandora
This is an amazing app designed for iPhone and iPad and its compatible with iOS 9.This is its latest version with a amazing and new features. If you are a music and video fanatic then this is the app for you to own .This app is purchased in the ITunes .It allows you to watch and hear music in it. The ads are removed making it awesome for you. You can also stream live channels using this app

3. Spotify
If you are a music fanatic then this is the app to have .This app gives you a new way and style of listening to music this month .It has got amazing features that allows you to listen your music from and evn watch your favorite music clips. This features are like playing any music you want, listening to music offline and a good sound quality. It has got a monthly subscription charged depending on the country you are from .You can turn on and off your subscription in the iTunes account settings any time you want. This app is purchased and downloaded in the iTunes store.

4. Snapdeal Online
This is the top purchased app in the iTunes store so far with amazing features for you .This apps helps you socialize with friends all over the world. If you like making new friends then this is the app to own .This app is purchased in the iTunes .You can send messages to your friends using this app through the live chat

5. Uber
This is a latest app developed by the uber technologies. This is a travelling app that allows you to request to be driven around or picked up at any place. This app is currently in 50 countries. This app has got several updates with awesome designs and localization updates to allow you be picked in any place at the fastest time possible .Don’t get stuck anywhere just download this app and it will help you whenever you are stuck.

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The best competition is brought out at the end of each month and August was no exception. None of the best apps form the previous weeks maintained their momentum to feature in the list of the best apps of August. It’s interesting to note that the apps that made the list have been around for a while but are only now getting the recognition they deserve.Here are Top 5 iOS apps for 4th week of August 2015

Tudia Bumper Case iPhone 6

Top 5 iOS apps for 4th week of August 2015

1. FailPop
If you consider those little faux pas you make when globe-trotting all part of the fun of escaping your normal routine, but if you are not the type, FailPop wants to stop your gaffs with GIFs.All you have to do is tell the app where you’re planning on going and it will give you pointers on how to greet people when you meet them, how to dress and your mannerism during diners. The instructions are inform of GIFs which saves you the time of having to read text on similar subjects.To honest, it needs more content but it’s not a bad start. After all it’s free.

2. SayWhat
If the lexicon of the Web confuses you, and you don’t want to keep UrbanDictionary open all the time, then SayWhat will keep you dialed in to the language of the Web.Administered through the use of 10-second video clips, the meanings of words and their explanations available through the app can be looked up by recently uploaded.Voting for definitions is also possible, so that the most favorite is displayed at the top of the list for that word or phrase.

3. Periscope
Twitter’s Periscope live-streaming app for ios was updated with one not so minor improvement– the ability to block people silently.You could block people before, but then it blocked them in the whole stream, so then they knew they had been blocked and could use a different account to start viewing again.The trolls only see that comments are blocked and you can carry on with your podcasts in peace without worrying about mean comments.

4. Send
This is an app made by the people of Microsoft but is only available to ios.It makes emailing simpler by adopting instant messaging techniques. So with this app emails can be sent and received like an instant message. I don’t see it getting simpler than that.It’s kind of having SMS with someone without needing to know their phone number. Thus you can get straight to the point without having to specify the subject like normal emails demand every time.The android and windows phone versions are yet to be released.

5. Dashlane
Dashlane allows you to change the password of multiple sites at the same time.It also works on the apple watch allowing you to change password with a few swipes of the finger.Android and windows users will have to wait a bit longer for the feature. But the company says the android version of Dashlane it will be available before end year.

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With all the developers out there, it’s hard for an app to make the list for two weeks in a row but not entirely impossible. Scanner Pro 6 did it coming in at number 5. Here are the best of the week that we think qualify to be Top 5 iOS Apps for 3rd week of August 2015

Apple iPhone 6 Plus leather case

Top 5 iOS Apps for 3rd week of August 2015

1. Pixcall
Offered up as an alternative to FaceTime or making a video call by any other means, Pixcall is a new app that lets groups of friends that are geographically separated take a group photo. And that sounds really awesomeEvery participant gets a notification timed at 30 minutes, 1 minute and then 10 seconds when the setting for the photo is chosen before the chosen time. During this point, everyone in the group’s camera will take a photo and create an overall collage. Each person can view and download the picture individually.Photos are however deleted from Pixcall servers after 24 hours so be careful.

2. AccuWeather AccUcast
AccuWeather’s new crowd sourced weather service AccUcast was earlier on described as a sort of ‘Wiz for weather alerts, and the reason for this was very good – you report your weather just like Wazers would report traffic jams to help others avoid them.Icons are used on the maps to show weather conditions and when you zoom out, the pins become a color-coded area to make the weather very easy to identify.You can also report the effects of weather too, like flooding, hailstones, thick snow or slippery roads, via the app.

3. TVibes
If you usually find yourself recording videos on your iPhone, then you’d probably find this app useful to be able to organize those videos into channels.While there are plenty of video sharing apps, this one’s charm lies in the fact that you have complete control of people who can see each bit of content. Not only does it let you choose your audience but also enables you to assign a level of access to your videos.If you so wish you could also make video clips public so that anyone on TVibes can view them if you don’t care much for their privacy or you just want anyone to see.It’s currently free to download, and there’s an Android version on the way too.

4. Beet
Want a Snapchat-stroke-Vine competitor? Then Beet is just that.In a nutshell, it allows users to take a six-second video that can then be shared as a ‘Story’Though you might be restricted to six seconds per clip, there is no limit to the number of clips you could create. There is a downside though, there are no video editing tools.

5. Scanner Pro 6
Yes this app also features in this week’s top 5. Let’s face it, a document scanning app does not sound very exciting – and you certainly don’t need it if you don’t have documents to scan – but finding one that works so well is worth calling to your attention.This is an update to Readdle’s scanning app which brings a re-edit mode for adjusting scans later, margin controls, spacing and the option to switch into black and white from color.It also seamlessly integrates with One Note and One Drive.This previously came at a promotional price of $2.99 for a while, but it’s now gone back up to the regular price of $6.99.

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It seems that August started only yesterday and already we are in the middle, how time flies. With newer Apps been added daily we bring you some of the classic and well known apps this week, in case you have completely forgotten about them. These classic apps are updated are will work flawlessly with iOS 8, hence a revisit to good old oldies Well, here’s Top 5 iOS apps for 2nd week of August 2015

iOS 8 Logo

1. Google Maps
Google Maps is likely already on your phone, but since it’s the best free mapping app around it’s well worth highlighting.Transit routes, live traffic condition updates, voice-guided Global Positioning System navigation, googles famous Street View and many more options are all included, making the most feature-packed app than even most paid options. It’s really important that a mapping software to be accurate and detailed and Google Maps offers exactly that, so you’ll never get lost again.Listed for app of the year at the TechRadar Phone Awards.

2. Scanner Pro 6
Let’s face it, a document scanning app does not sound very exciting – and you certainly don’t need it if you don’t have documents to scan – but finding one that works so well is worth calling to your attention.This is an update to Readdle’s scanning app which brings a re-edit mode for adjusting scans later, margin controls, spacing and the option to switch into black and white from color.It also seamlessly integrates with One Note and One Drive.This previously came at a promotional price of $2.99 for a while, but it’s now gone back up to the regular price of $6.99.

3. Citymapper – Bus, Tube, Rail
Travelling to a brand new city is always exciting but it can also be very little daunting, especially if you need public transportation to get around. Citymapper – Bus, Tube, Rail is a great app that brings you real-time information on public transport for cities around the world.You can easily plan your route using your preferred mode of transport and you can be kept current with any disruptions or cancellations that may occur. This is an essential app for any city-bound traveller.You can also now share your journey with others, so they know when to expect you.

4. YouTube
YouTube for iOS got two great updates this month. The first one is that it’s got got a three-tab face lift that makes getting around the app much easier, which is available to Android platform users too.These tabs are Home, subscription and account.Alongside the new tab display, YouTube for iOS was also updated this month to allow users to watch vertical videos in full screen which means you no longer have to tilt your iPhone.

5. Lrn
Lrn is an app that helps you learn to code. It was launched this month – and it’s already well worth checking out.As usual, you don’t get everything for free – you have the option of unlocking it all for $2.99, or buy individually at $0.99 per module – but given that the lessons manage to stay entertaining it’s really worth considering if you are interested in learning to code. There are a couple of free tutorials to get you started available.You get to recap at the end of each module to help you remember what you learn. You can say goodbye to boring programming lectures.It’s a lot like Swifty for iPhone. Obviously.Lrn is iOS-only for now, but the company says an Android version is on the way.

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iOS Apps are the main stay of iPhone. iOS apps are highly valued by the Apple Inc. as well iPhone users. One of the main reasons that people prefer iOS over Android is the quality of Apps that are given to them, Apple goes to great lengths to make sure that consumers get only the best. With a few apps been added daily to ever growing App store. We have gone through, found some for our viewers. Here are the Top 5 iOS Apps for the 1st week of August.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Top 5 iOS Apps for the 1st week of August 2015

1. Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds was one of the biggest runaway hit mobile games of all time, and successfully launched across a whole range of platforms. Years later, its sequel has arrived for iOS and Android devices.It works pretty much the same as the first version, but now has improved graphics, multi-stage levels and you get to battle bosses – and of course in-app purchases for upgrades.
There are a lot of new birds, and you can actually select which best suites you to use for each level.

2. Pio

If you often use your smartphone as a Dictaphone, but hate trawling back through the recordings to find the bit you really need, then you’ll probably love Pio. What it does is, it makes it easy to find the exact part of the recording you need, by letting you to touch the screen while you record to mark a particular point. It’s free to use.But there is a but, if you want to be able to export your files, you’ll need to pay a one-time $1 fee.


This app lets you keep track of articles that you don’t have time for reading for whatever reason for later use. The ios version goes a notch higher and actually reads these articles for you. All you have to do is listen, it doesn’t get any simpler than that.Having said that, it’s worth to note that the android version has had this feature for some years now and it’s about time it was made available for iOS.

4. Feeday

If you spend more time at work using Instagram that doing some actual work, then this is the app for you.Available for iPhone and iPad, the app lets you get an at-a-glance look at the latest Instagram posts directly from your notifications.You can choose to view either three, six or nine tiles of posts, but if you want to opt for either six or 9 tiles choice, you’ll need to spend $0.99 as an in-app purchase. If you really love your Instagram then that’s a small price to pay.

5. Convo

July saw the introduction of a new version of the team collaboration tool Convo for the desktop, but it also heralded in the new iOS and Android apps for the platform.The new apps support third-party integration, with better mobile search and context based commenting. The iOS version also has Share Sheet support, which finally allowing you to share to Convo from other apps, as you had been able to do in the Android version for a while already…I know, about time right?

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IOS is one of the most efficient and quick operating systems in mobile world today that is why i phones have such a good reputation in the market.iOS is considered as choice of the classy people who prefers quality and looks over the features. We have tried to collect the latest iOS app which not only are unique and classy but also contains wonderful features which separates them from nth apps available in  iPhone store. List created here is based on our team’s personal experience and reviews. Persons may have better experience with some others app too. We welcome any suggestions.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Horizon is a camera app for the IOS which helps to shoot pictures and videos in the horizontal mode with the inbuilt gyroscope of the mobile. You can change default resolutions according to your convenience and choice. There are 8 inbuilt filters within the app which helps to create some good videos and pictures. Slow motion mode and levelling mode is also added to the app which makes it a nice app. Free tier includes water mark .Some feature are locked in the free version of app which can be purchased.

This app is designed for the health conscious people. This app offers a mix of high energy and high tempo of music which pushes you during running and exercise. There is a whole range of collection of music which includes hip hop, rock, classical and so on. If you like oldie or 90s, it is available in the app. One of the mind blowing features which come with the app is my beat. This feature helps to increase the pace of the music according to your heart beat, your steps or according to your personal adjustment. This app can be adjusted with other running apps.

U messenger
Messaging apps are one the most popular apps on any platform. There are so many apps out there. So what is special in the U messenger? U messenger can be used for sending messages, pictures, videos and stickers. It can be used in group chat mode too. But the special one is the recall feature. With help of this feature user can recall all messages sent to a specific person. Another feature called Break up is available with the app. if a person is troubling you or you don’t want to continue to chat with that person anymore, with the help of this feature you can take back all content sent to that person at the same time deleting his contact details from your mobile.

File this
This app reduces your burden of storing your documents. This app collects your receipts, bills, expenditure statements and other documents from credit cards, banks and converts them in a pdf format and stores them in the cloud storage of your choice. This app also covers insurance and utility companies. It helps you to get rid of hard copies of your documents which you need to carry with you.

Dark sky
Dark sky is a weather app which predicts about weather conditions at your place. You can see if it is going to rain or there will be snowing with the help of this app. One of the striking features is the beautiful visualizations which are shown in the app.

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What might be the cause of the so much popularity of the iPhone? The first answer is the company that makes the phone and the second thought will be the most amazing apps collection they have for a smooth functioning of the phone. The IOS apps are always making something special and in 2015 we have a lot of apps which not merely call for the attention of the iPhone users, but also the android developer who already develops some of the best IOS applications for the Android based smart-phone. But the IOS apps always make it possible to get the necessary appreciation from the apple users. In 2015 there are a lot of apps those make their own face value to the users. But in between all of them some apps get the highest number of downloading and review. And those are

Apple iPhone 6

AIR Video HD

Air video HD actually an application which facilitates the user to utilize their PC or MacBook to become a kind of server. In reality the application helps to watch a movie to your iPhone and best part is that you don’t require the space for all those pictures. You just connect with WiFi and your phone will run the video form the PC or MAC book. The best part is that the apps going to convert some video to the preferable video format.


By-word is a simple text editor which gives some very cool option like word count. And the uses is very easy going. You can preserve your document to I-cloud or any other Dropbox if you wish. Also give the chance to present the document in different format like PDF, HTML etc.


IMovie is the video editor of the IOS version. This is actually working as a simple video editor. This app will make the total choice of having different effects, themes and soundtrack, which gets your phone just like a virtual studio.

Weather Pro

I can bet you that all those who utilize this app will agree with me that this is the best weather apps that apple user ever have. This app delivers the best visual effect. The result showed by the apps gets most accuracy in between all others weather apps. The apps has its own radar system by which you can easily generate the necessary weather forecast of some situation. This app becomes one of the greatest hits.

Vivid HDR

Vivid HDR is a photography app which working as a normal photographic tool. It helps to capture stunning photos with proper details in both highlight and in shadows. Also provide different types of photo mode, which make your picture more attractive. Besides all of this the Vivid HDR includes speed and presets which makes the tone of the photo more gorgeous and picture quality get more perfection. Besides, it will afford you the probability to decide by yourself which picture quality is better by its before and after comparison options.

So in between all those cool apps these apps make their mark to the user’s mind because of their features.

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iOS Apps

After long awaited releases, the 4th week of April comes with something exclusive. The month of April is coming to an end with some interesting apps in the App Store. Our Phonelane Editors have brought you the latest apps of this week, from Periscope to Layout app the App Store is full with some interesting apps. Phonelane editors have put their best efforts in sorting the apps that come handy in use.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Download Top 5 Apps for ios


Everyone must be thinking why there is no such video app from Twitter, but here it is. Periscope has hit the App Store and has created a great first impression. The other alternate Vine app is capable of sharing 6 second looping video clips, whereas Periscope is lets you broadcast videos live from your smart phone to whichever Twitter followers who have interest to tune in. It comes for free in the App Store.


If you have ever wished to get out during night and stare at the beautiful sky, Star Walk 2 is a fantastic app to have with you. This stargazing app helps you identify planets, constellations and satellites by simply pointing your tablet or smart phone at them. It is a wonderful app to gaze at the night sky and break the boredom. It is priced at £1.96 in the App Store.


Many of you who tune into dance music might know of BeatPort music downloads store already as an alternate for iTunes. Now it’s upgraded to a new level and ventures into fast streaming which is a very good plus point. BeatPort offers you a exclusive introduction- or an opportunity to explore deep into all kinds of electronic music from its wide class collections. It comes for free in the App Store for Android devices.

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Nuzzel is one such app that is going to take a turn to help you combine or bring together all your social network feeds. Bringing in updates from Facebook and Twitter friends or followers hence you can browse it all together in a single app. Hopefully this app is going to make few changes soon and is expected to take over the other alternatives in a matter of time just like the Whatsapp revolution. Nuzzel can be put into your phone for free from the App Store.


Instagram, Facebook’s video and photo sharing service alongside has a standalone app. Layout lets you create beautiful collages from multiple selfies and other photos and allows you to share it on both its parents. Layout has an innovative design and is very easy to use. All you got to do is choose your snapshots and then select on a layout from different choices. You can make changes to the images accordingly with special effects. It’s surely a simple but creative app that comes at use for an instant use.Layout is at the store for free.

Well, make sure that you have a look at these listed apps from Phonelane before your try out an app from the App Store.