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when on earth an application is released, it always arrives on iOS platform first and then latter on Android and windows. It’s the perfection of iOS which gives developers a craze to give first preference to iOS for building applications. Last year has seen some great advancement in application development of iOS and all other platforms like up gradation to iOS 7, WP 8.1, etc. This rocking entry of 2014 also provided us with some brilliant stuff and as usual we have got some latest applications unleashed on this third week of May 2014. The top 5 best applications of 3rd week of May 2014 are glimpsed below:

Top 5 New Apple iPhone Apps Of The Third Week - May 2014

1. Notability: It’s the most fully featured and unique note taking app ever discovered on any platform. Instead of just taking text notes you can take audio recordings and images also. It has also got sketch pad by which you can drew new images, and other web clips, etc that you take from other sites. It houses loads of new fonts and line marking stuff like bullets, numberings, etc. It’s the most useful application highly recommended for students.

2. Snapchat: It’s a next generation, highly advanced chatting application which lets you take snapshots and videos, add a caption and send it to any friend you want. After they will react to your stuff those sent messages of yours will automatically disappear. It also enables you to do face to face video chatting if both of you are available simultaneously on snap chat. Snap chat servers rapidly delete your items after expiration but they cant prevent usage of image capturing features which might save your snapshots, etc.

3. Beats Music: It’s a new innovative music streaming application. Beats Music lets you always listen to the quality music with their best music experts hunting down every hit tracks and albums. It has got directory of over 20 million songs from all genres which you can listen by simply clicking on play or save it in your device for listening offline. If you are wandering what’s right music to listen our experts provide you with their tested music to make you feel good. It has also got face book, twitter integration and many more features.

4. Google sheets: After successful launch of Google docs its now turn for Google sheets to roll the iTunes. This application simply lets you create, open and edit spread sheets much more effectively than ever before. It has got an amazing feature which lets you work with your other mates on the same spreadsheet at the same time. It doesn’t need internet connection to get started and you can use it offline with ease. Its saves frequently every word you type.

5. Yik Yak: It is your local community application which lets know what your neighbour users are posting. It lets you connect with anyone in your area without any confirmation or sign up process. You can share news articles, jokes and any stuff you like with your community. The best content published in your community can be given up votes and updates by the other members. It’s a acts like a knot interwoven between community members.

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Pebble had already pointed in December 2013 that they are going to open Marketplace in 2014. Now, Pebble has announced that smart-watch’s app-store has launched on iOS. Pebble shipped their new smart-watch earlier this week and now they declared app store update for iOS companion software will be available from Monday. So wait for Pebble’s smart-watch app store finally comes to end and you can get it from 3rd Feb.

pebble smartphone

The app store will be having support for iOS and Android both but Pebble will launch it for iOS first. Android version in beta will follow soon after. If we check the report released in December then it was mentioned that store will have seven categories and they are watch-faces, daily, remotes, games, notifications, tools and utilities and sports and fitness. You can access store with your original plastic version of watch and also with their recently introduced Pebble Steel. Earlier, users have to search on third party sites in order to download application. Now you just need to have a pebble account and you can get new software from your tablet or phone.

We all know that there is limit for number of apps that watch can have in it. We cannot have more than eight apps loaded at the same time and it is to avoid crowded screen. To overcome this limitation, Pebble is coming with a new system where user can keep app in separate file without installing and then they can swap the app with existing app whenever required. There are many apps that store will bring to us like Foursquare, ESPN, Pandora and classic Mario watch-face.

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We all like to live in an own childhood in that magical time. This application does the same it helps in reviving our past digitally on our IOS and ANDROID phones, tablets and on the web and helps us to live in our past. The author’s goal was to collect everyone’s childhood memories and keeping them, well, forever. Keepy is an intergenerational platform that redefines the way families share and save memories by allowing them to create a private playlist filled with photos, artwork, schoolwork, and mementos enhanced with audio and video commentary. Keepy has created a platform for uploading and tagging those items, putting it all in what Keepy calls a Memory Playlist. This application helps us to upload our childhood in the form of pictures, artworks, videos, schoolwork, mementos, kids games, games for kids and more. This app provides opportunities to tag images, add personalize message and mails these to all the relatives and loved ones via email for their likes and comments. Keepy solves the problem that most of our family faces by storing their comment images, tags on cloud for future access. The thought of this app itself makes it a must download application. The product launched a little more than a month ago, but Keepy has already attracted more than 50,000 parents and family members to the platform. Those users are not just uploading and sharing photos, videos, and other mementos — they are also responding to the items that are added. It is an interactive scrapbook of our child’s past.

Keepy Kids Art Photos Love

About the application:

The application looks are kept simple for use. The interface is good attracts everyone to it. The application provides different tools used for enhancing the images, also comments and video interface is good. To store the personalize memory playlist it uses a drop box, thus making accesses simple and fast. The application helps to add recorded voice of parents or kids to tell the story behind that memory and records the reaction, which adds the emotional element to it making this application a fun to use. This app is connected to Facebook so that you can share it as your post.


This application is available on both iOS and Android stores. In iOS it requires 7.0 or later versions of OS and works smoothly on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and has a very good customer rating. The size of this application is 17Mb. On Android stores it requires 2.2 and above software versions and rating on Android is good as well. The size of this application is 11Mb.The software is free on both iOS and Android stores for 31 data’ per month on the timeline then there are nominal charges. The product launched a little more than a month ago, but Keepy has already attracted more than 50,000 parents and family members to the platform and count is still growing.

Download Keepy: Kids’ Art, Photos, Love for Android
Download Keepy: Kids’ Art, Photos, Love for iOS

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An application name VOXY is available on both IOS and ANDROID market, a new way to learn English. There are large numbers of application that teach English, but not in a fashion, VOXY does, they use the scientific method to improve English. VOXY is an innovative method to learn English (this is what VOXY believes). Everything learnt with Voxy relates to our day-to-day tasks, so you can put your knowledge to use immediately. Using VOXY you will “learning English” to a new level. This application is useful to those who lack the good and perfect ways to learn English. VOXY itself is self-contained application that guides you to improve your English in an effective way. VOXY is personalizing English course that helps you achieve your goal. VOXY is the only language-learning program or application that is based on dynamic real life examples and activities. The application creates gaming fun like activities. VOXY brings language out of the classroom and into real life for a contextual and personalize experience. VOXY focuses on improving your language in a logical layer method in which language learning is divided into different stages and every stage difficulty level differs with different examples. VOXY has an added cutting-edge technique to teach English using image, speech recognition, music library also for advance assistance from certified teachers are recruited.

Learn English Voxy

How is VOXY different?

VOXY course changes as per your goals (i.e. For TOFEL, to advance your career, or to understand English media, etc.), as per that it lines-up the course with the favorite topic that you have decided and your present English level. VOXY lines-up all the required data and helps you understand the language, then it accesses your performance that can see in your profile. The application is an integrated platform, i.e. course can be accessed on mobile, tablets and on the web which helps you pick the lessons from wherever you have left. The course is synched and up to date across these devices. It uses real-life activities like world news, reading celebrity gossip, listening to popular music. Native tutors are available to speak with you 1:1 whenever you want, to help you learn faster and improve key areas like pronunciation

Application performance:

VOXY has a good response and the application supports tablets in a good way. The graphic provided for assistance is very good and must use application for graphics. The application does not hang at all and works well on both mobile and on the web. The profile is maintained well and perfect record of accomplishment is being recorded. The chat with tutor’ is a fun and hangs up sometimes (it depends on the connection.)


The application is developed for both IOS and ANDROID in IOS it is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. The app requires 5.0 or later Operating System. The size of this app is 16Mb on iTunes is completely free, but its further services are chargeable. This application has received good ratings on iTunes. The app requires 2.2 or later System for Android devices. The size of this app is 8.2MB on the market is completely free, but its further services are chargeable, the rating given to it is quite good.

Download for Android
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