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The holy grail of the smartphones,the Apple iPhone 6S is one of the best devices you can carry in your pocket today. One of the first things that many iPhone aficionados do is jailbreak their iPhones.Jail-breaking is the process of eliminating limitations put by Apple on your iPhone. It lets you gain access to a plethora of applications, tweaks and lets you use your phone to its full potential. One major advantage of jail-breaking is that it is risk-free, the process is completely legal, and does not void your warranty.

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

Guide to iPhone 6S Jailbreak

This short tutorial shows you how to jailbreak your iPhone 6S running iOS 9.0.2 from a Windows PC.

NOTE: Please back up your data using iCloud or iTunes before jail-breaking in case something goes wrong.

  • Download Pangu 9. Extract the file and run it with Administrator rights.
  • On your iPhone 6S, go to Settings > Touch ID and Passcode
  • Disable iPhone Unlock and iTunes & App Store Options
  • Go back to the Settings menu, tap on iCloud
  • Disable Find My iPhone and Send Last Location
  • Plug the phone to the PC using the Lightning Cable
  • The Pangu 9 program detects the iOS device.
  • Click on Start button on the Pangu 9 program. This is where the software is jail-breaking. Do not touch the device when not instructed by the program
  • The program may ask you to put your phone in Airplane mode multiple times during the process.
  • Your iPhone 6S will finally restart after the process has completed.
  • A new app called Cydia is installed on your phone.
  • Congratulations! Your iPhone 6S is finally jail-broken.

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The main purpose of a phone is to ensure proper connectivity, a phone with no connectivity is actually useless .We have had rampant complains about the connectivity issue of the IOS 9 which is an apple company product. The main complain was on the connectivity issues due to the major debug in the cellular data. These actually leads to internet connectivity problems ,mobile data connectivity problems and even internal connectivity problems .Here are the perfect steps to ensure that this issue is solved but also you must ensure that your device is running the latest version of iOS .This is the iOS 9.0.2 which has got the bug-fixes. If your device is not running on this new iOS then you have to update it in the software update located under the setting menu in your device. You can also update your iOS in the iOS firmware in the iTunes. Updating your iOS also helps in resolving this problem. Here are the ways to solve this if the problem still persists

ios 9

Connectivity issues in Apple iOS 9.0.2

Factory reset your device and restore from back up.
You must restore from back before you factory rest your device. This ensures that your files can be recovered after the whole process is done. This step is very vital so as to save your important files. Here is how you can factory reset your device.
1. Back up your data
You will have to launch the iTunes and then connect your iOS device to computer using a USB cable. Select back up from the menu after right clicking on the phone icon in iTunes. Create the encrypted back-up so as to store all your passwords and data.

2. Reset the Factory Settings.
After the backup is completed go to General then reset then tap the reset all content and Setting. This process only applies for the non-jailbroken devices. If your iOS is jail broken then you will have to restore using the iTunes .This process might take quite some good time of around 15 minutes.

3. Restore from back up.
After the device has rebooted from connect it to the iTunes then select restore rom back up. This will restore the latest backed up files to your phone.

4. Confirmation that the problem is resolved.
In your cellular data or mobile data you will have to check if the connectivity problem is solved.

5. Reset the network setting.
The other way of solving this problem is by resetting the network setting of your device. This is done by opening the setting icon on the screen then go to the general section and select the reset button. Under the reset section tap on the reset network settings. Here you will be require to enter the code, enter the code to erase all the network setting. After this the network settings will be rest and your device will boot from home screen. You will then restart your device by holding the power button. Lastly you will then enable the cellular or 3G/LTE data option to verify if the phone can establish some connections.