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Pangu jailbreak is out for IOS 8 or 8.1, this makes it easy for users to go ahead jailbreak their IOS devices as it supports all devices from Iphone 6, Iphone 6 plus to Ipad Air 2 and Ipad Air 3. Developed by a chinese team of developers the exploit has a nice and intuitive English interface. Earlier the exploit was only available for Windows Operating System, recently the team launched their first IOS version.

iOS 8 Logo Pangu Jailbreak

Pangu Jailbreak for IOS 8 or 8.1 on Mac too

Since it allows you to jailbreak almost all of Apple devices, it is pretty evident that Apple Inc will patch up this in their next release. To download the exploit just click on the link given below. Their are various tutorial available on the internet that show you how to get the exploit running. The basics are the same ensure that you back up all your data and charge your phone.Given the way exploits are been delivered this year, we can expect more jailbreak iteration to be out sooner.

Those interested in downloading please ensure that your IOS is not running on beta version as it would not work.
Download Pangu Jailbreak for IOS 8 or 8.1 Windows OS
Download Pangu Jailbreak for IOS 8 or 8.1 for MaC OS

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On Wednesday, Apple had released the new 8.0.1 upgrade to their iPhone’s for further correction of existing bugs but the problem has unfortunately worsened. The 8.0.1 upgrade from Apple has proven fatal to a number of iPhone users and they have complained regarding this matter. According to the affected users, after updating their Smartphone’s, they were facing problems in making calls, sending messages and touch user interface has also gone bugged. Besides creating problem for already existing users, this bug is said to might affect the current sales of iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus because of this threat. To prevent further contamination, Apple has disabled the 8.0.1 update from this source but for the already contaminated Smartphone’s, they will need to restore their iPhone’s back to v8.0 and here is how.

iOS 8 Logo downgrade iOS 8.0.1

Steps to downgrade from ios 8.1 to ios 8.0

  1. First of all download the iOS 8 file with the extension of IPSW from any third party source.
  2. After downloading, connect your Smartphone with your PC and back up all your valuable data present in it via iTunes.
  3. Then tap on restore option and click on the already downloaded iOS 8 file.
  4. After sometime, this file will get extracted on your iPhone. For precautionary measures disable the Find My Iphone feature present in iCloud settings. Then your iPhone will get downgraded to iOS 8 but you will lose all the data present in your Smartphone. That’s why you had already backed up all your data which you can easily restore in ITunes.

Congratulations, your iPhone has successfully got restored to the previous version. Please wait for Apple to release next stable version for bug fixes.