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Do you really regret the time you installed iOS 10.1? If yes, then you are at the right place at the right time, we are selling free the method by which you can downgrade iOS 10.1 back to iOS 9. It is not too much complicated to go back to the former version of iOS unless you do it within few days of release. When Apple releases a new version of iOS, there a brief time gap during which Apple authorizes previous versions.

downgrade-ios10.1Downgrade Apple iOS 10.1 using a computer

You can easily downgrade to iOS now within few days by following our procedure pointed out below.

Hurry and backup all your data present in the Smartphone because reverting back will wipe all the data from your Apple device. You should be knowing that this backup wont be compatible with iOS 9 because it is from the new world so for that purpose we’ll have to use the previous archived backup of iOS. Its advised to backup iOS 9 to iCloud in order to avoid overwriting.

Now to install iOS 9, you need to get iOS 9 IPSW file (or any other variant of iOS 9).If you are lucky enough and iOS 9 is still stored in your hard drive, then simply follow the given path and hunt it there. youruserfolder/Library/iTunes/. There you will find it in an iPad software updates folder.

Don’t worry if your Mac has already cleaned that up, you can still get this file from any of the websites as there are lot of websites on the web carrying this file.
Once you got the file, open this .ipsw file. (Here we are considering ourselves lucky enough the Apple is still signing iOS 9 files which is a limited time process).
Lets follow these little steps to get your Apple device suited up with iOS 9.
1. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your Mac / PC.
2. Launch iTunes.
3. Click on your device in the iTunes interface and select Summary.
4. Now hold down the Alt/Option (or Shift on a PC) key, and click the Restore button.
5. You’ll need to disable the Find My feature on the Apple device if you’ve enabled it.


Now simply navigate to the already downloaded .ipsw file and click on open. It will install iOS 9 on your Apple device.
In case your iTunes says that you are already running the latest version of iOS, you will need to put your Apple device into recovery mode. For that, turn off your iPhone / iPad, connect the cable with the Mac / PC and press the home button on your iPhone for a while you are connecting the cable on the other end to your device.

When your iPhone / iPad will connect to the iTunes and you will be notified that your device is in the recovery mode, release the home button. Tap on the options / Alt button and click restore. Now Simply navigate to the. Ipsw file and tap the install button on-screen.

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IOS 10 has finally landed its official spacecraft in your iPhone’s notification bar making you aware that you are ready to switch your iPhone into the new breeze. Some of us, the curious ones have already upgraded to IOS 10 while as the patient ones like us are still waiting to see if its safe to install /upgrade IOS 10 on our iPhones.

ios 10Iphone 6/6s/5s can be upgraded to iOS 10

The formerly released IOS 10 by Apple was having a pretty serious issue of bricking an iPhone, making it inoperable. However the newly released version is free of this problem and Apple has quickly firmed its grip over the air.

Apple has tweaked its classy lock screen bringing in some new features like upcoming calendar events, frequent contacts, weather, news stories, app suggestions, etc. that will be seen on your lock screen. Also you will no longer be swiping your screen in order to unlock it.

Apple Music app has underwent through a minor renovation allowing it to show us some helpful suggestions instead of a mess. But don’t be expecting some voodoo in this update to make it more helpful.

You will be noticing a big improvement in maps. Apple has made this app more useful by trimming its new search bar, adding few more features making it a lot less messier and user friendly. Most of all you need to know Apple is doing pretty good as compared to Google Maps.

Some might call it a bog turn off while it might not matter for some of us but it has been observed that IOS 10 is making iPhone’s battery drain too fast as compared to precious version. It is obviously due to a huge load of background tasks that Apple has started in IOS. IOS 10 has a lot to do on internet that too in background.

One of the best things about IOS 10 is the security patches that you will be getting regularly. It will make your iPhone more secure and risk free. This is the lone worth the upgrade feature while as you can still live without the rest of them.

You’ll have noticed now that IOS 10 has got something new to serve to the world which is more concerned towards productivity and security instead of self promoting useless features. You can freely switch to this newly released IOS version and explore the new world but the users who are already suffering from battery draining should definitely give a second thought to it because IOS 10 is a hungry battery sucking beast.