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GearBest Summer Sale

GearBest is largest shopping site in today’s world. It is an amazing shopping store, where we can look for many items and product reviews. It is a super online shop. It is much useful for gadget lovers and it is best time killing store. Here you will explore some new stuff and much number of collections available in this store. There are many online shopping sites on INTERNET people are confuse where to buy, which shopping site he/she chooses or where he/she will get best priced products. Some people access many shopping sites to get best priced products.

summer_bannerSummer Sale at

Here we have good news for you. You need not to go for other shopping sites, not look here and there. This will not let you waste your time. GearBest is the largest online shopping as already known. This site has the biggest sale ever. You wouldn’t believe the price of devices yeah it’s very much low and best selling priced. Here are some deals that will blow your mind:

Deals on GearBest Mobile: This is the best ever sale on mobile devices. It is up to 5% discount on every mobile phone you sold. Start you mobile journey with best android phones. It also includes a gift pack free on every member who buys a product.

flash deals

Ultimate flash deals: Go get it! It is a strict deal here in a limited period of time which includes various products like:

  1. UMI Super 4G Phablet at the rate of $199.99 0nly.
  2. Verne thor 4G smart phone at the rate of $99.99 only.
  3. CHUWI Hi 12 Tablet pc at the rate of only $224.99.

There are many more products like that that will blow you mind and much more discount also. This sale is limited and ends soon. Be fast to grab those offers because this will never come again in cheaper and best rates.

FREE GIFTS: After buying some product you will get a lucky ticket use that to get a chance of free gift. Gifts inside contain much more exciting prices. Try your luck with this and get best of best. A free gift list is given below:

  1. VKworld VK800x
  2. vernethor 4G
  3. Bluboo Picasso
  4. Elephone P9000

These are the names of some latest android phones. It also contains other products also. There are three rounds in Gift management round1, round2, round3 and it also contains three lists called winner list that displays winners, lucky ticket and rules for that.

intelIntel Brand War: In this category there are many pc’s on sale. Exciting offers on pc’s and great looking laptops on sale in a limited period of time. Grab it until it’s too late. This is the only opportunity to grab those offers and save lot of money. There are various laptops on sale some are given below:

  1. Teclast TBOOK 16 at the rate of $229.99 only with windows 10.
  2. Onda oBOOK at the rate of $144.99 brand new look and smooth finish.
  3. Teclast X3 Pro at the rate of $429.99 with new featured operating system and good looking.
  4. Jumper Ezbook price $189.99 white colour.
  5. You can check GearBest as possible because time is running out only 150 customers should be able to buy this.

category deals

Category Deals: It consists of phones and mobile accessories sale, covers and gear comes into it. It consists of all electronic parts like electrical tools, automotive gear, LED lights and flashlights. It also includes watches and jewellery, outdoors and sports, Home and Garden. It introduces top electronics and accessories for your ride.

If you want to save money, a lot of money this is your chance to grab those high quality products at lower prices. You can win prizes with this. You did see like this sale on other shopping sites ever. This is the best summer sale ever on GearBest online shopping site. This is 100% true you can also check on site there is all you want with exciting free gifts. This sale is limited for some time june-14 to 16. You don’t have much time to look for other shopping sites go fast and save much more and buy also a good quality product.

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2nd Anniversary Sales at Gearbest

Its that time again were we bring you best deals from They website that delivers worldwide are celebrating their 2nd Anniversary. As part of the celebration Gearbest has some amazing sale and promotional offers for viewers. Time is limited and picks are large. We will try to give you an insight into this amazing celebration that Gearbest is having. From discounts to Flash Sale happening everyday from March 21-March 23 various products are up for grabs. Making it as exciting as the holiday sales.

gearbest promotion

Anniversary Celebration at

Some of the best gadgets are available during these Anniversary Celebration, Go ahead pick and choose there would never be a better time for buying gadgets.

intel gearbest

Intel has joined in the celebration for the website and offering some amazing discounts for their products. From Mini Pc to Tablets to Ultra-book all are up for grabs during this amazing sale period.

flash sale

There are Flash sales going across all categories of website. Apart from  amazing offers they are calling as  Treats and Each represents a different Treat having different products or benefits for the Users.


Treat One has some amazing products right from Ulefone Paris 4g at 69 Dollars( sale price) to Vidon X6s Smartwatch Dial for 17 dollars(sale price)


Treat Two is all about Intel products since they are the partners in this amazing celebration for Gearbest. All products have Intel Inside from Windows 10 mobile phones to a BeeLink Intel Nuc PC. A wide variety of products to delight all your senses

cakegame gearbest
Treat Three A picking game for viewers that only is playful but also earns them point which translate to Money A Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is up for grabs on Any one whos is able to score 20,000 point or more. Around 400 USD worth of phone is up for grabs here. Definitely worth a short I would say


Treat Four First 30 Thousand orders get special Paypal Discounts get upto 5% off for orders over 150 Dollars. Simply by using paypal or using your credit card via Paypal one can avail of this wonderful Treat

treat5_01Treat Five Last but not the least Gearbest has ensured that last day of their second anniversary celebration ends with a bang. Hottest brands with amazing discounts are available. From Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, Oukitel to JRC Teclast all of these brands are available on Gearbest website celebration link with some unbelievable discounts

2ndanniversary pc accessories

Since Gearbest caters to a wide array of masses, they have made sure sales are available in every category so that viewers can get full benefits of it.Computers Networking, Top PC peripherals and Accessories have some of the best deals as part of Gearbest Second anniversary sales.


The deals in these various categories make it easier to pick and choose your favorite electronic gadget along with a brand of your choice. The choices are endless and time limited, without further wasting your time. Here are the direct links for Gearbest 2nd anniversary celebration.

Gearbest Second Anniversary Sales
Gearbest Computers and Networking

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Presently Android runs mainly on the devices operating on the ARM based CPU. This ARM CPU is a special chip with high performance but low power that are meant to run in phones and similar devices but not on the desktop computer.Android can also run on other type of device centric chips i.e. MIPS and also on the Intel x86 chips that are fitted in PCs. Though Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was available from last year, it has taken longer to port this to the Intel x86 platform. The Android x86 project announced only a few days back the release, the software comes in the form of iso files and can be used to boot a PC from CD/DVD or by using USB.

Android Logo

The Android 4.0 can be tested for Intel by booting up an Asus PC netbook or to run in the Virtual Machine using the VirtualBox software. The users can download the .iso from Android x86 site. The file size being 190 MB it is likely to take adequate time depending on the broadband speed.

Let’s try with first step to create a bootable USB disk, for which you need to use Unebootin. Then boot the laptop from USB.

  • Once the boot menu gets displayed, select – Live CD- Run Android X86- without installation. And then press enter, with this Android 4.0 will start booting. Once it is booted, ICS screen will welcome you.
  • Then click on start- this will complete configuration step. Once you, complete with these steps, you will finish with the configuration steps and will land on the ICS home screen.
  • You can use mouse to navigate, note tap is click & swipe is click or hold and drag.
  • On clicking application menu, you will get more pre-installed applications.

But note, few apps like Skype are not available at present.

On disconnecting, some of the app might run on portrait mode or will flip to 90-degree, which will make your head twist. But the best way to avoid these issues is, avoid such apps and get the screen back to landscape mode.

One of the interesting fact is you will have a direct access to the Linux OS system. With ALT + F1, you will be logged in to terminal window as root. Key combination ALT + F7 will get back to the user interface.

Final Note:

The Screen rotation issue and the lack of Ethernet will disappoint at the beginning. But, Android 4.0 with Intel X86 offers great hard foundation for Android ARM. This might work with limited hardware support, but alternative options might allow the system on a Metro interface with Windows 8 too.

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The brain of any computer , Smartphone and tablet is a microprocessor. It controls the logic of almost all digital systems or electronic devices. When working together , the multiple microprocessors are the hearts of super-computers, communications products, data centers and other digital devices. We cannot imagine a life without microprocessor as they have become so much integrated in our daily life. Microprocessors have become more powerful and faster increasingly smaller and affordable. Modern microprocessors can perform extremely complex or sophisticated operations in every field taking less space and delivering superior performance. The first microprocessor was the Intel 4004 introduced in 1971 which was not very powerful. The primary use was to perform simple mathematical operations in calculator.

Novathor processor

Now with the advancement in technology the traditional chips from Intel and AMD, found in servers and desktop PCs as well as mobile System-on-a-Chip (SoC) found in Smartphone and tablets. The big names include Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung, NVIDIA. The sales of microprocessor used in Smartphones and tablets are increasing . Based on a report for Q2 2012 and 2013 there is 38 percent growth in Smartphone processor from 147.9 million to 204.2 million units while that of tablet rose to 53.5 million from 38.3 million which is 40 percent growth. The overall CPU market is so healthy because of Smartphones and tablets. The new mobile platforms have picked up share in market which is the driving force of the microprocessor industry rather than traditional growth. The vendors like Allwinner and Rockchip of Chinese processor benefited from tablet shipments. The rise of low cost devices boosted the shipment. They played a significant role in the tablet market of which Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo are key customers.


The Atom processor of Intel in other very low power and new SoCs to take the company to the next level . Atom chips will be used in tablets, PCs, and Smartphones – virtually all the main force in the processor market. With the latest technology chip-maker is focusing on computing and graphics processing performance as well as power efficient . Over the next five years shipments of tablets and Smartphones will grow enormously. This growth can even prove historic in the long run.