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ZTE NUBIA Z9 mini is an amazing 4G LTE mobile phone with exciting features, is pleasing customers all over. Imagine if you get more features and experience with the same handset by installing Custom ROM in it. It is a worthy offer to opt for any user. We provide detail information in the article about Custom ROM and how to install it in your device.

ZTE Nubia Z9 mini

How to Install Custom ROM in ZTE NUBIA Z9 Mini 

ROM stands for read only memory. A Custom ROM replaces your device current Android operating system with new version of Android operating system. It offers the possibility of new unrealized version of Android on your device which was not available due to restrictions from manufacturers and providers. It bestows new themes, tweaks and additional features on consumer.

It benefits user in multiple ways. Some of them are provided here for your information. It aids in improving the power consumption and heating problems. It optimizes network stability and cracks the issues with call reception. Custom ROM keeps applications updated such as Camera, Security etc.  It acknowledges issues of third party compatibility issues and solves the problem of Fastboot or Recovery Mode when flashing of phone flops. It supports multi languages to provide versatility to users and much more.

Recovery tool mode offers you the possibility to perform system level tasks like formatting, defragmenting etc., backing up a device or install Custom ROM. It is a must to download to install Custom ROM.

The best is to compare their features or test it for some time. We have provided below the best version of Custom ROM and recovery tool for your device ZTE NUBIA Z9 mini.

The process below is only applicable to ZTE NUBIA Z9 mini Chinese version and not Indian version.  Few perquisites include backing up all the important data before proceeding. It is must to install ADB drivers in your windows PC to turn the process successful.

Process to install Custom ROM in ZTE NUBIA Z9 Mini Chinese Version

  1. The first step is to download the required zipped Custom ROM and copy it to root directory of External SD card or internal SD card.

The user can head to Google Drive folder to download the Custom ROM and recovery tool for ZTE NUBIA Z9 mini.  The link to download ROM and recovery tool for your device

  1. Now download Recovery tool zip file from the link above and make sure to download files entirely. Then copy the zipped files to the root directory of C:/ or any place you preferand then unzip the downloaded file.
  1. Enable USB debugging mode. It can be done through Menu > Settings > About Phone (On the Phone) > Tap 6 times on Build Number > Back button > More > Developers Option and finally enable USB debugging.
  1. Plug your device with PC.
  1. Go to the folder where you have unzipped the Recovery tool file and then execute the batch file “run.bat”.
  1. In PC new window will open. Input your choice of Custom Recovery accordingly. You can use any TWRP option as both of is English but different author.
  1. Follow the steps on screen until all completes.
  1. If the Custom Recovery was flashed successfully, you will have TWRP recovery menu.
  1. Perform wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition.
  1. To flash the firmware: Select Install ZIP > Choose zip from sdcard0 or sdcard1, based on which SD card you have copied the ROM, external or internal > Select Custom ROM > Click yes to flash selected ROM.
  1. Wait until you get confirmation of successful flashing.
  1. Reboot the phone by clicking reboot system now.

You have successfully installed Custom ROM and recovery tool in your device ZTE NUBIA Z9 mini Chinese version.

If there would have been no experiments in world, it would be tough for all of us to avail the facilities we are enjoying now. Experiments bring a thrill in your mundane life and make it more interesting. It is your turn to experiment and make your life better by installing Custom ROM in ZTE NUBIA Z9 mini. Do it today.

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LG G pro 2 is a Smartphone beast with every feature crafted with hands of perfection. It’s an ideal example of a dream Smartphone for Android lovers, crazy gaming addicts, and lightning speed chasers and for huge screen show off guys. It has got 2G, 3G and 4G compatibility which is worth admiring. Its 2.26 GHZ processing speed is touching the skies. Its full HD LCD + IPS 5.9 inch display is just the best for watching high quality videos and playing heavy games. It also takes HD quality photos and videos with its 13 MP primary camera. Moreover you don’t have to stick to your charger with its 3200mAh high power battery. Let’s make your LG G Pro 2 better.

Congratulations to you all! Your LG G pro 2 is going to get better because here we are presenting before you its new custom rom which will enhance its features much effectively. We are going to guide you step by step to unlock bootloader, root your device and install a custom rom. We will do it much more easily than it looks. Let’s get started.

lg g pro 2


Before you start rooting your device please make sure your Smartphone battery is charged above 80% and also make sure that you backup all your data before getting started because it’s going to wipe out everything you have in your phone. Check your PC and ensure that all the LG drivers are installed up to date.

1. Download LG G pro 2 root.rar from any source you like and extract it in any folder you wish to.

2. Click on Settings>Development>Security>enable USB debugging.

3. Plug in your original USB cable in your device and insert into USB slot of your windows PC.

4. Go to your already extracted folder and look up for Root.bat. You will definitely find it in there. Double click on this file and a screen will open up before you. Just agree few steps the screen prompts before you and you are done.

To check if your phone is rooted successfully download SuperSU app and make sure your LG G Pro 2 rooted successfully.

Installing custom rom:

1. Download and extract it in any folder as done above.

2. Once again connect your Smartphone into your windows PC and transfer the extracted lte2jbrecovery.apk into your Smartphone’s memory card.

3. using any of the installed explorers find lte2jbrecovery.apk and install it.

4. After installing this application open it and click on 2nd-int recovery and after that click Reboot Recovery.

Now your Smartphone will reboot automatically and you will find yourself in ClockWorkMod recovery. Now you are the emperor of your Smartphone and you will be able to do anything you want. The custom ROM is successfully installed on your device.

Unlocking bootloader:

Frankly speaking, unlocking a bootloader is not a piece of cake. You will need to go through some programming codes and you will need to be cautious. Before we proceed further you must remember that doing this will void the warranty of your LG G pro 2 and you yourself will be responsible for any damage.

1. Download Android SDK and install it. It is easily available on internet from any source, install all Google USB drivers.

2. Enable USB debugging as shown in the steps while rooting your device.

3. Plug in the USB cable into your Smartphone and connect it with your PC.

4. Type adb devices > adb reboot bootloader > fastboot devices > fastboot oem unlock.

You have to insert all the commands shown above in the same sequence. Let me make you understand the meaning of these commands.

adb devices: This command will check and navigate whether your device is plugged in and revealed in SDK.

adb reboot bootloader: This command reboots your Smartphone into bootloader.

fastboot devices: This command double checks that your LG G pro 2 is connected.

fastboot oem unlock: This is the final command which will make your device to unlock bootloader.

After typing this command, on you Smartphone a confirmation screen will be shown. You just have to press Volume Up button for yes and Power off button to confirm.

Now you have to just restart your device and your bootloader will be unlocked. Kindly use these tricks with extra care and don’t worry all these tricks are safe and already experimented.