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Your Android can become the world’s most complex Swiss Army knife with all the millions of applications to choose from today, but what is the use of having dozens of apps on your Android if you aren’t equip with the best? Whether you are searching for practical apps or fun apps, this list will be useful if you do not have the time to sort through hundreds of listings and prefer things short and sweet.

Android 5 Lollipop

5.) Whatsapp

If you need a versatile communication app and are fond of clever puns , Whatsapp is right up your alley. This app can quickly communicate through instant messaging and audio, and it expands on the capabilities of a regular phone by also sending video and photos. Even though you have to buy a subscription to use this app, that did not stop it from growing into one of the most popular communication apps in the world. Using this app is more practical and direct than having to use social networking sites, especially for business-related communication.

4.) Uber

This application is extremely useful to have, whether for everyday use or just in case of emergencies. Uber is used to immediately contact a taxi, and you don’t need to know your current address. This is very beneficial for people who dislike the slow speed and hassle of public transportation, or people who happen to be nowhere near a bus stop, or for whatever other reason to call a taxi quick. You won’t need cash either, if you have a credit card, Google Wallet or Paypal; the cost of your ride is transferred directly to the company. Considering this app’s sheer practicality, I would call that a fare price!

3.) Facebook

If you know what is, it should not be surprising that the mobile app version is so widely used, and was probably invented the first chance the programmers got. With the Facebook app, you can keep in constant touch with your family and friends, even if you don’t have access to a computer, and do all the things you could do on Facebook’s regular website. This is very practical when you are on vacation, can’t afford a computer, or prefer to keep things pocket-sized. The Facebook app has an undeniable effect in defining this age as the most closely-connected generation in history.

2.) Paytm

This is an application that is starting to make even physical credit cards look slightly obsolete. It handles a variety of money transactions, including pay day deposits to your bank account, paying utility bills, and shopping online. The makers also stress how each transaction is completely secure. They also take advantage of the app’s versatility with its own online shopping system, which can be used to bargain, use discounts, and make quick refunds. It really pays to keep up with the newest technological ways to make money matters simpler!

1.) Instagram

Instagram is an insanely popular application that is used simply for taking photos in a square format, applying interesting filters and effects if desired, and instantly sharing them on any social networking site. There is no shortage of filters and editing tools either, and they are all far easier to use than complicated photo editing software. You can also take short videos, but the app is known mostly for its picture-taking function. The app does not cost anything, which may also be a contributing factor in its popularity (compared again to expensive photo editing software)!

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In today’s world having a smart phone is just not enough application used are valued more. Application like whatsapp, instagram have a status and it lets other know how well are you connected to the outside world. One of the most widespread application is whatsapp. You can’t imagine your life without whatsapp and this article will show various methods to download on your Samsung Galaxy S5 or for that matter of fact any smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Dual Sim

Method 1:

Download whatsapp or any other application from a third party app store like Mobogeine, Mobango Amazon app store, etc.

Step1: Visit above mentioned app store via internet.

Step 2: search for the application you want in this case “whatsapp”.

Step 3: Download button will appear on the screen with direct download option to your phone or PC.

Step 4: for direct download you need to register or in case of mobogeine just connect your phone to its PC based GUI and done you good to go you will notice whatsapp on your application list.

Step 5: if you download it on PC, you have to transfer the application to your mobile via cable & then just click on the application that you have transferred on your mobile.

Step 6: enjoy chatting with your buddies.

Method 2:

Download whatsapp from its application site.

Step 1: visit the site

Step 2: click on the download whatsapp button to download it on the PC.

Step 3: check for the compatible device list to verify your device.

Step 4: once download is complete on PC transfer it to your phone via cable.

Step 5: click on the application you have transferred on your mobile & once the installation is done

Step 6: enjoy chatting with your buddies.

Method 3:

You can transfer this application from your friend’s device.

Step 1: select a device having whatsapp installed and running.

Step 2: install application like Es File explorer, Astro file manager.

Step 3: click on app manager in menu option.

Step 4: Select the application you want on your device “whatsapp”.

Step 5: share it via Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth.

Step 6: click on application on your device & enjoy.


Thus by various methods you can download an application on your device and enjoy. All these methods are safe and can cause no harm to your device. Method 2 is one of the quickest and best method to download whatsapp with all compatibility list but to download various apps use first method on the list.

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Who don’t know Instagram? Well, Instagram has earned deserved fame.Instagram is back in the news, that too for very great news. Facebook Inc. Instagram Private Messaging added for users. Instagram is very first online photo sharing application. This time, Instagram will let user to share photos and video directly to their friends through Instagram private messaging section. Instagram has entered into serious competition against Snapchat Inc. This new feature is called Direct Instagram, through this feature people can send photos and videos to a number of friends; they can also comment or like the photos. This feature was announced by official in recent event which took place at New York. This new service will be available to all users from today itself.

Instagram Private Messaging makes it easier to maintain privacy

Instagram Logo

It will be more like gathering friends on one photo, for discussion or to have a conversation. Instagram is totally charged to get into competition; it is not only giving a tough fight against Snapchat but also to Twitter and also other Messaging applications. This new feature is more about, Snapchat without snaps, or direct messages but within a particular group only.

Facebook, a popular social networking site has more than 1 billion users, it purchased Instagram for about $700 million last year. After the deal, Instagram reached to number of other users on Tablet and Smartphone’s. In October, Instagram started getting advertiser to reach out a large number of audience for about 150 million users.

Instagram, are all in force to keep introducing new features to get the number of users. Facebook is dominating social networking zone, all age group finds it user friendly to operate on.