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Now-a-days, where more and more Smartphone manufacturers are planning to come with bigger and bigger screens and ignoring compact screen, it is nice to see, HTC is releasing compact and sufficient version. But the unfortunate part is, such compact versions are not highly loaded with high-end features and specifications. Now, HTC is breaking such myth and have launched a compact Smartphone but loaded with high-end features. HTC has created an image of launching stylish, elegant and quality of product in any size!

HTC One Remix

HTC One Remix is a brilliant Smartphone with 4.5 inches of screen integrated with LCD technology. It offers 720 X 1280 pixel resolution with 326ppi. It runs on Android 4.4 KitKat version with Sense 6 User Interface. The Smartphone is available in one Silver colour with 0.42 thickness and 5.41-inch of height. It comes with Qualcomm 400 Snapdragon with 1.2GHz of clock speed and 3015 Adreno. The memory part is not week, with 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of Internal memory which can be further expanded to 128GB with MicroSD card. The Compact HTC One Remix gains high specifications in camera section too with 13MP as rear camera and 5MP as front facing camera.

A Smartphone with such good features needs PC Suite and USB driver. PC Suite acts as a bridge to transfer all data between system and device and vice versa. PC Suite also helps us to manage all data easily by taking backup, restoring, transferring or syncing with cloud service. Installing USB drivers too is very essential, without which you cannot connect your device, or share your Smartphone internet with your PC. Hence installing PC Suite and USB drivers become quite essential.

HTC One Remix Download Links:

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Presently, during the weekend HTC has published an official page for the new E9+, the new Smartphone E9+ seems to be in-between the models from One M # series and the Desire devices. The device comes into plastic body, in three distinctive colours like Meteor Grey, Classic Rose Gold and Gold Sepia.As per the official page of HTC the One E 9+ has 5.5 inch LCD display, for a change HTC has changed to Quad HD display with 2560 X 1440 pixels with a pixel density of 534 ppi. There will be Octa core chip from MediaTek, a 64-bit chip with 4-A53 and 4-A57 cores from Cortex. The device has 3GB RAM. The internal memory storage is 16 GB with the capacity for expansion of memory through the insertion of micro SD card. The E 9+ from HTC varies with it 2800mAh battery for better performance. The latest operating system Lollipop with Sense 7 is installed in this new Smartphone E9+.

HTC one e9 plus

HTC One E9 plus exclusive to Asian markets

However, there is still confusion looming over certain specifications, while some believe that the rear camera is of 20 MP calibre along with the front camera of 4MP strength, the sheet highlighting the specifications of the Smartphone E 9+ speaks other story.

The sheet lists lower configuration, while it is yet to be confirmed that One E9 would have 16 MP camera, and screen resolution at lower 1080 p and with 2 GB RAM. Though there is no clarification on the price tag for the new devices, it is quite sure that both these phones E9 and the E9+ will target the East Asian market.

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The surprise release of HTC One M9 was recently announced by HTC in the month of March 2015. According to the reports, this LTE enabled premium Smartphone will be getting released much sooner than expected. Being a monstrously priced Smartphone, it essential to check that whether this Smartphone is worth the price or not? You don’t need to worry about it because it’s our duty. We have gone underneath the skin of this esteeming Smartphone and the results are categorized in detailed fashion below.

HTC One M9

1. Design: From the available data, it can be deduced that this Smartphone aka HTC One M9 will be sporting Aluminum Silicon Carbide body which is expected to be water proof, however it’s not confirmed yet. On the front side of the Smartphone, HTC One M9 will be flaunting two stereos speakers above besides front shooter and other one at the lower brim. The body on backside will be brushed horizontally with shinier and attractive finish. The overall designing is typical HTC one and HTC fans would definitely love to see it.

2. Display: HTC One M9 will be housing a 5.0 inches LCD3 HD display with resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and pixel density of 441 ppi. This awesomely configured display will be protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 technology. This size of this screen is quite compact and perfectly fitting in the shell, thus will provide firm grip and the durability of this Smartphone is also good.

3. Performance: Being a premium configured Smartphone, its Android v5.0.x OS skinned with HTC Sense UI 7.0 operates on a Quad core Snapdragon 810 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz while as 2.0 GHz variant is also present, both accompanied by 3 GB RAM and Adreno 430 GPU. The processor configuration is good, vast amount of RAM being the best ingredient. The blend is pretty awesome but the core could have been much better touching 2.3 GHz or 2.5 GHz, for the price we are providing.

4. Camera: HTC One M9 is provided with a 20.7 MP rear camera with some exciting features and amazing capturing quality. Its front shooter is 4 MP which is also good for video calling and selfie’s. However, here it can be said that camera lovers have got a chance to grab their companion and enjoy HD photography.

5. Storage: Often most of the Smartphone’s even premium ones are lacking SD card compatibility which becomes a big bang reason of disappointment for buyer in the end. HTC has not performed this mistaken act and made this Smartphone with 32 GB internal storage as well as 128 GB SD card compatibility. It’s a nice move from HTC and deserves to be appreciated.

6. Battery: This Smartphone comes packed with a non removable Li-Po 2840 mAh battery providing 25h 20m on 2G network and 21h 50m on 3G. What else could we get from a premium Smartphone will this good battery endurance? As far as numbers speak, battery backup is up to the mark.

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Are you planning to transfer your contacts from HTC One, M8 to the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? If, yes, then all you need to do is to follow few basic steps and your work will be done. Though both smart phones are nice but Apple’s iPhone 6 is being sold in large number as compared to HTC One or M8. Here are those steps explained in detail for your help.

transfer contacts from htc to apple iphone

HTC Sync Manager is one of the best options available

  • One of the best applications to use in this case is called as HTC Sync Manager. You need to connect your iPhone and HTC smart phone to your computer.
  • Next step is to click on the HTC Sync Manager and go to the option called as “Transfer and Backup”
  • You will see an option called as get started. Click on this button and you can easily move your HTC smart phone’s content into your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

Third party applications can also be downloaded

You can also download third party data transfer apps from Google Play Store. But you should make sure that trusted and genuine apps are downloaded. Before starting with the downloading procedure, you can read reviews and feedback about the apps and then finally choose the one, which you think is the best option. Apart from contacts and messages transfer, you can also transfer other forms of data such as music, pictures, videos and in facts apps.

Transfer your contacts from phone to SIM

This is also one of the better options as all you need to do is to transfer all your contacts from HTC smart phone to your SIM card and then swap this swim with iPhone 6. After the SIM card is swapped and put inside the iPhone 6, you need to go to the settings and import SIM contacts. It will be automatically done in a very simple and easy manner. This procedure is only applicable for transferring contacts and if you wish to transfer any other form of data then consider using the above mentioned procedures for better results.

There is one more option that can be tried and that is possible by transferring the data to a cloud backup server such as Google Drive or Dropbox. In order to avail this service, you need to create a login id with Gmail or Dropbox.

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Going by the launches that are happening from HTC it seems that the company is planning to capture more and more market share. The latest smart phone to be released by the company is called as HTC One Mini 2 and comes with large number of latest features. Let us try to find more about HTC One Mini 2 and its important specifications.

HTC One Mini 2

HTC ONE Mini 2 review : Quality build

Body, display and data specifications

  • HTC One Mini 2 has got only 137 g body weight and comes with a 4.5 inch screen. The best part is that this screen is a super LCD2 capacitive touch screen that has got 16M colors. The screen comes with a Corning Gorilla glass protection.
  • If we talk about the internal memory, then this smart phone comes with 16 GB internal memory that can be easily expanded up to 128 GB with the help of external micro SD Card. The only drawback is that this smart phone has got only 1 GB RAM.

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Camera and operating system specifications

  • HTC One Mini 2 comes with a 13 mega pixel rear camera and 5 mega pixel front camera. Hence, these features make this smart phone perfect for clicking some amazing pictures. The rear camera comes with a flash and face detection features.
  • This smart phone comes with a Android’s latest mobile operating system that is v4.4.2 also called as Kitkat.
  • This smart phone from HTC is based on a quad core processor that has got a speed of 1.2 GHz and the chipset is based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 400.
  • It supports HTML 5 browser and has got multiple sensors such as compass, proximity and accelerometer attached to it.
  • As far as battery is concerned this smart phone comes with a non removable Li Po 2110 mAh battery which is capable of delivering excellent backup and can easily last for the entire day.
  • This smart phone has been rated as 3.5 stars out of 5 which make it a decent buy. However one can search for more options as there are many more smart phones that are being launched these days.

Overall it is a very nice smart phone and is available at a decent price. But the only negative point is the availability of the less RAM which can be fastened up by rooting your smart phone. The rooting tutorials are readily available on the internet. Otherwise it is a power packed smart phone with all the latest features and is a well built smart phone.
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HTC’s upcoming smartphone HTC Next One also known as HTC M8 has been revealed in parts in the last few months. HTC M8 is going to have Duo Camera but it was still not clear that why it is used.

Mystery seems to be resolved now. There is an ad leaked on GSM Arena from Australian carrier Telstra which tells all story behind Duo Camera in HTC M8. Lets us discuss reasons for HTC next One (M8) to have Duo Camera.

We all know that HTC M8 is going to come as successor for HTC One and so it should have some features which can make it different and advance as compared to HTC One. As HTC M8 has Duo Camera, it will lead to provide enhanced low light capabilities. You will be able to select focus of a shot once its been taken. While clicking any shot, you can highlight significant portion in frame, background can be soften and 3D effect can be added as well.

HTC One duo camera

Apart from Duo Camera, it is also revealed that HTC M8 will come with 5 inch, scratch resistant, full HD display screen which is again improved as compared to 4.7 inch screen in its predecessor. There are dual “BoomSound” speakers to give you better sound quality. It also has Sense 6.0 which is latest version. With Sense 6.0, you can double tap your phone screen to turn it on and then simply swipe to open applications and social info. Though ad seems real one but still all these information are rumored and we cannotbe 100% sure about it. We would like to hear from you people about your thinking about HTC M8 features. Please post the same in comment below.


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@evleaks has again leaked a press image for HTC’s upcoming smartphone. It is rolling over internet via Twitter. This leaked image clearing shows that smartphone is covered with a nicely-looking flip cover case that gives it a special look. They have designed Flip cover so nicely that you can see some relevant information very clearly on it like time whether information. All these information is visible even if your phone is locked. It is based on same concept that we have seen in LG and Alcatel.

HTC ONE Cover Leaked Photo

There are some more leaked press images for HTC One official flip cover. A few weeks back, @evleaks has leaked a photo for HTC All New One official flip cover. According to tipster, the new HTC M8 will come with Google Play Edition. It is not socking to have Google Play Edition as original HTC one was one of the first devices to have Google Play Edition.

HTC will reveal All new HTC One in this month only and it is expected to be on 25th March. HTC M8 is one of the devices that has shown many unscheduled appearance on different sites. There are many people waiting for HTC M8 to be released. We hope that HTC All New One will stand on our expectations.


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Recently, HTC One KitKat OTA update started rolling in UK but soon there were many users who started reporting some undesirable behavior after Android 4.4 KitKat update for HTC One. Company concluded that there is some fault with update and so they have suspended their OTA update temporarily. HTC One KitKat update was out on 24th February and soon after that they started getting issues. It is quite strange that problem comes into highlight now or company takes a long time to react on this issue.

Android kitkat Logo

Here is the statement by HTC. “We are aware that a limited number of HTC users are experiencing difficulties with the KitKat update. As a result, all FOTA updates have been temporarily suspended. HTC is committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience and we are working hard to resolve the issue quickly.”

This issue seems to be limited in US region as they have not cancelled OTS updates on other areas. HTC is now aware of the issue and they have responded on same. So we can consider that they are working on it and will release some solution for it soon. By that time, please post your experience after the update and what problems do you faced with it.


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HTC’s upcoming smartphone (HTC One successor) is again in news as it has got new leak on Twitter. We have previously seen some unscheduled appearance for HTC One Successors with images and specifications. @evleaks again published a press image of upcoming HTC smartphone and this time with AT&T branding. According to recently leaked images, it is clear that HTC One successor will come with an aluminium finish. Earlier HTC One appeared in gold, Black and gray as well.

HTC One M8

There is no fix date for HTC M8 release but we can expect HTC’s new smartphone to release on 25th March 2014. We are keeping track of each news for HTC One successor. Any new information for it will be update over here. Again we are repeating, all these news are just rumored news and so we cannot be 100% sure. Actual specification and pricing details will be confirmed only after official announcement.

Here are some rumored specifications for HTC M8. HTC M8 will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC supported with 2 GB RAM. There is 5 inch display screen. In the back , it has a 5 megapixel camera and running Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system. We wish that there will be no further delay for HTC M8 release. By that time, please come up with your views regarding HTC M8.


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HTC One users, who are with Verizon and the Sprint models have already received latest Android 4.4 KitKat update a few days ago. HTC One users who are on T-Mobile US were waiting for kitkat update for their device. Finally their wait comes to an end. HTC is now rolling out Android 4.4 KitKat update for their HTC One users who are on T-Mobile US. So you can go to to settings > about from your smartphone and check for update. There are a very sew on screen instructions that you need to follow and it will be updated.

Android kitkat Logo

The newest firmware also has Sense 5.5 user interface which is same as update for Verizon and Sprint. With the help of Sense 5.5 user interface, you can customize Blinkfeed homescreen pane. Sense 5.5 user interface is one of the highlight features of update. Other than sense UI, there are many tweaks and improvements which helps to boost overall performance of your device.

HTC’s executive director of product management said that update will be also available for AT&T HTC One consumers soon. So all T-Mobile HTC One users are requested to do update and comment with your experience with kitkat update. We wish that update will be available for rest of the users soon.