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When it comes to connecting your smart phone to your PC one of the best options is to have a PC suite. For that you need to install the PC suite on your PC or root your smart phone. The same holds true for HTC One M8 which is one of the latest smart phones introduced by HTC Company. Here are some important and useful points in this regard and knowledge of these points can prove to be of great help.

HTC One M8

HTC One M8 PC Suite

Important precautions to take

  • The first and the foremost important instruction are to make sure that every piece of important data is backed up so that in the case of emergency you can retrieve the data.
  • You also need to make sure that your smart phone is at least charged to 80% capacity.

Important downloads that are required

  • You need to download the TWRP recovery file from the internet.
  • You also need to download the ADB/ Fast booth files.
  • Finally make sure that file is downloaded. The best part is that everything is readily available on the internet.

The installation procedure explained in detail

  • First step is to go to the command prompt of your computer and locate that folder where all the downloaded files have been kept.
  • Next step is to hard reboot your HTC One M8 smart phone and for that you should press the volume up and power button for few seconds. The smart phone will restart after few seconds and the hard reboot gets complete.
  • Now you need to connect your smart phone with the PC with the help of USB data cable.
  • Next step is to flash the TWRP file on your smart phone from the extracted folder. Now, again reboot your smart phone.
  • Above mentioned step will ensure installation of TWRP recovery files and now you need to extract the Super SU zip. File. The Super SU file will automatically run and then again restart your smart phone.

Hence by following these above mentioned features you can easily install the PC suite and root your HTC one M8 smart phone. These steps will also ensure fast as well as smooth transfer of data. However, make sure everything is done in a systematic manner and do not miss any of the step. Chances are that you will be able to complete the procedure, however, you can contact a technical person also if you are not confident of doing all this by yourself.

HTC One M8 PC Suite download

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HTC’s upcoming smartphone HTC Next One also known as HTC M8 has been revealed in parts in the last few months. HTC M8 is going to have Duo Camera but it was still not clear that why it is used.

Mystery seems to be resolved now. There is an ad leaked on GSM Arena from Australian carrier Telstra which tells all story behind Duo Camera in HTC M8. Lets us discuss reasons for HTC next One (M8) to have Duo Camera.

We all know that HTC M8 is going to come as successor for HTC One and so it should have some features which can make it different and advance as compared to HTC One. As HTC M8 has Duo Camera, it will lead to provide enhanced low light capabilities. You will be able to select focus of a shot once its been taken. While clicking any shot, you can highlight significant portion in frame, background can be soften and 3D effect can be added as well.

HTC One duo camera

Apart from Duo Camera, it is also revealed that HTC M8 will come with 5 inch, scratch resistant, full HD display screen which is again improved as compared to 4.7 inch screen in its predecessor. There are dual “BoomSound” speakers to give you better sound quality. It also has Sense 6.0 which is latest version. With Sense 6.0, you can double tap your phone screen to turn it on and then simply swipe to open applications and social info. Though ad seems real one but still all these information are rumored and we cannotbe 100% sure about it. We would like to hear from you people about your thinking about HTC M8 features. Please post the same in comment below.


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@evleaks has again leaked a press image for HTC’s upcoming smartphone. It is rolling over internet via Twitter. This leaked image clearing shows that smartphone is covered with a nicely-looking flip cover case that gives it a special look. They have designed Flip cover so nicely that you can see some relevant information very clearly on it like time whether information. All these information is visible even if your phone is locked. It is based on same concept that we have seen in LG and Alcatel.

HTC ONE Cover Leaked Photo

There are some more leaked press images for HTC One official flip cover. A few weeks back, @evleaks has leaked a photo for HTC All New One official flip cover. According to tipster, the new HTC M8 will come with Google Play Edition. It is not socking to have Google Play Edition as original HTC one was one of the first devices to have Google Play Edition.

HTC will reveal All new HTC One in this month only and it is expected to be on 25th March. HTC M8 is one of the devices that has shown many unscheduled appearance on different sites. There are many people waiting for HTC M8 to be released. We hope that HTC All New One will stand on our expectations.


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HTC M8, upcoming Smartphone from HTC is already having some leaks for its design and specifications and now @evleaks has posted a new press image for HTC M8. Another press image for HTC M8 is spread via Twitter. It shows clear view for HTC M8’s dual camera setup. It was already leaked that HTC M8 will come with Dual tone LED Flash and this leaked image by @evleaks confirms it. Dual tone LED Flash in HTC M8 seems very similar as iPhone 5s.

HTC ONE M8 Leaked Photo

HTC M8 which is said to be HTC One’s successor has made many appearance but still we are not clear that how M8’s main camera will function. It can be only cleared when HTC will reveal more information about M8. HTC M8, new Android flagship will be revealed in this month only.

Lets take a look at HTC m8’s specifications. HTC M8 will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC supported by 2 GB RAM. It will be having 5 inch display. At back side, it has a 5 megapixel camera and running Android 4.4.2 KitKat. There is no further information available for HTC M8. It is expected that HTC M8 will be officially unveiled on 25th March 2014. There are not many days left for its release. We hope that HTC will put some light on its detailed specifications before actual release.


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HTC M8 had already many leaked images and now there is a new alleged live photo for the upcoming HTC M8. New photo leak for HTC M8 made its first appearance on Twitter. It shows that HTC M8 will come with a protective flip case. If we compare HTC M8 cover with flip cove that comes with HTC one then they both look alike. Photo leaked on Twitter cannot be trusted for 100% as there are no official words about it. We are still waiting for official confirmation for M8 from HTC.

As we already know that there are already a few photos leaked for HTC 8. If we compare latest leak with previous one, we will find that they both are different from each other. According to latest leak for HTC M8 on Twitter, smartphone will come with an LED notification light that lies between front-facing camera and earpiece. Other than LED notification, HTC M8 also has on-screen Android navigation buttons of the flagship which is same as earlier leaks.

HTC One [M8] 2 front

HTC One [M8] 2 back

HTC has not given any confirmed release date for HTC M8 but we are expecting that it will appear by the end of March. There is also some rumored specification for HTC M8 and according to that, it will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC with 2 GB RAM support. There will be a 5 inch (1000p) display. At rear side, it has a 5 megapixel camera and running Android 4.4.2 KitKat. There is no further information available for HTC M8. We hope that HTC will give some official information about M8 soon.