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There is not scarcity of reasons to transfer your Pokémon go to a new Android Phone. While most of the people do it because of the rapid Bartlett drain that this game causes but some people also have to change the phone because what could be left of the phone which gets thrown into rivers, lakes and ponds.Anyways the good news is that you can transfer your Pokémon go account any other new Android Smartphone no matter if your old phone was an iPhone or an Android phone. The easiest way to do it is the steps given below.

pokemon-go-androidTransfer Pokemon Go to Android Phone

Every Pokémon go account is either associated with Google or Pokémon trainer club account. You only need to log in into either of these accounts in order to continue playing your game.
If your Pokémon go account is associated with Google account, follow these simple steps:
1. Open Pokémon go on your new Smartphone.
2. Under “sign up with” tap on the Google option.
3. Enjoy your Pokémon Go with your existing google ID.

In case you’ve used Pokémon trainer club to create your Pokémon account, you need to follow these simple steps:
1. Open Pokémon go on your Android device.
2. Under” sign up with” tap on the Pokémon trainers club.
3. Enter your username and password you used on your old Smartphone when signing up.
4. Enjoy the game from where you left it.

Sometimes while logging in to your older account you accidentally create a new account on a new Google ID. If that is the matter here, it can be solved via following steps:
1. Tap on the Poké Ball present at the bottom center.
2. Click on Settings.
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Sign Out.
4. Insert the correct login information under Sign up with.

Niantic has made it easy to transfer Pokémon Go account from one Smartphone to another. So that people can always stay connect d with their Poké monsters. They probably knew what was coming!

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The recent rise in the technological levels has led to most of the app developers to come up with amazing apps. This has also been attributed to the recent increase in competition because apps are being developed day and night. The Tilt app is one of the highly rated apps in the iTunes store that has really got the attention of several users. It also one of the highly downloaded apps that one can ever imagine to own at the moment. This is an app that allows you to collect money from a group with no charges at all. The money that you earn is from inviting various people to join the apps forum and you will be awarded. This is an app that most university student are using to earn. It’s a very straightforward and perfect way to earn especially if you have got a lot of friends on the social media platform. This app is not only available on the iTunes store but also in the Google play store. Here is a perfect guide on how to use this Tilt app.

tilt app
A Guide to use Tilt App

Download the app from iTunes or Google play store.

Tilt app is found on the iTunes or Google play store, so you can log in to your store and download this app. After downloading it you install it and when the installation is done you can then launch the app using the app icon on the home screen of your phone.

Set the Minimum amount to be earned.

At this stage is when you are going to decide on the type of currency you want to earn. You also be required to set the minimum amount to earn.

Share out the information on the social media platform.

Using the sharing tools that are found in the app you will share out the information on your timelines on the various social media platforms that you have accounts with. Immediately you share out the information on the platform a reminder will be sent to your fiends so that they can also chip in.

Monitor those who have paid and those who haven’t.

After the invited friends have chipped in they will have to pay some fee. You can also monitor those who have paid and those who haven’t by sending them a reminder.

Collect the money you have earned.

This option allows all of those whom you have invited to pay money safely using their credit and debit cards. The security details of the transaction are done in the safest way possible.

Withdraw your funds.

After the invited members have chipped in and paid you will then receive your payments. Funds can only be withdrawn after reaching the minimum amount that you had set earlier on. Withdrawal of the funds usually takes 1-2 business days.

This is one of the legitimate methods through which college students are earning without the need of hustling for some extra cash. Try it out for you to feel the real essence of earning without hustle the more friends you invite and they chip in the more you earn.

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OnePlus 2 is the successor of OnePlus One, a Chinese brand from Oppo Smartphone Company. OnePlus 2 has a 3300 mAh battery which is not replaceable. In order to increase battery life in OnePlus 2 follow these:

OnePlus 2Increase Battery Life in One Plus 2

1. Control Screen Brightness:
Screen brightness consumes a lot of battery power, by decreasing/dim the brightness of screen you are able to increase the power of the battery. You can also adaptive display because in the adaptive display the screen automatically adopts the surrounding. Decreasing the sleep time of phone as low as possible and using static wallpaper instead of live wallpaper will also help you increase your battery life.

To control the screen brightness follow:
Apps> Settings > Display Settings > Brightness level.
Adaptive display option is below the screen brightness.

2. Enable Power Saving Mood:
In most of the smartphones, the power saving mood is available. In the power saving mood all the extra and backgrounds Apps stops. The screen brightness is adjusted automatically. This will slow down your phone but will save the power and increase the battery life.

3. Remove Bloatware:
The OnePlus 2 will not have too much Bloatware but if you have bought your phone from online sources like amazon then this phone will have an amazon App. If you are not using amazon then disable the App or uninstall it. Similarly, uninstall all the Bloatware which will save power and increase your battery life.

4. Disable Dual SIM:
OnePlus 2 is a dual SIM standby phone. If you are only using one SIM and the other is not in use, it is better to disable it which is also helpful in increasing battery power.

The dual SIM can be disabled by:
Apps > Settings > Wireless and Network Section.

5. Uninstall Extra Apps:
Sometimes too much Apps and games are downloaded and is not used often. Uninstall it from your phone it will save your phone memory as well as battery power because all these Apps are running in the background and consume battery power.

6. Disable Mobile Data And GPS:
When your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi service, there is no need to enable mobile data because it is only consuming battery power. Also, disable the GPS as it consumes the battery power continuously by checking GPS location instantly.

To disable mobile data:
Apps > Settings > Wireless and Network > Data Usage > Toggle the button to OFF for both the SIM cards.

7. Disable Vibration And Notification:
Most of the people keep their mobile phone on vibration mood throughout the day due to their professional duties and requirements but still they are unable to respond the calls and messages on time due to meetings or other activities. The vibration mood also consumes battery just like with the ringtone option so it is better to keep the mobile phone at completely silent option rather than vibration. Also, disable the extra notifications for different Apps which will help in saving battery power.

It can be adjusted in the following steps:
Apps > Settings > Sound and Notifications.

By implementing these strategies, you can increase the battery life OnePlus 2 smartphone.

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Vine is one of the top apps that you are not supposed to miss out installing it in your Apple watch. This is an amazing entertainment apps that will keep you updated with the latest and trending news and videos all over the world. The recent rise in the technological levels has led to the introduction of Apple watches which really steer forwarded the development of the vine app for the Apple watch. This app has got over 30 languages making it to be used universally. This makes it one of the highly rated apps in the iTunes. This app is very simple with very easy navigation that make it at ease to use. Its navigation is equipped with 2 feeds i.e. The featured feeds and the favorite feeds. Here is a simple guideline on how to use vine in the Apple watch.


Vine on Apple Watch

Addition of the number of loops in your account.

Despite the small size of the Apple watch you can add number of loops in your account in a very simple way. This will enable you to view your tweet counts and Face-book likes. This also allows you to see the total number of loops in your account.

Viewing new and latest vines that are trending.

Navigating the latest vines is very simple with a swipe only to the left on the app is what is required for you to view the new vines that are highly recommended for viewing. The new and latest apps can be viewed in the featured feed of the app.
Creating an excellent music loop.

Creating a list of endless latest music in your watch vine app is very simple. All you have to do is to add your favorite list of songs to the app and tap on the snap feature to create your list of endless songs in your Apple watch. This also allows you to create audio mixes to your Apple watch by tapping on the vine app to launch it and tap create audio mixes.

Posting features.

This app allows you to create new posts directly from your Apple watch and also view the latest posts from your favorite followers. This actually increases the value of your Apple watch making it even more useful.

Viewing video clips in vine.

This app allows you to get access to the best comedy clips, sports news and clips and even latest video news clips directly from your watch.

This is one of the latest app that is updated to make it compatible with the Apple watches. Despite the small size of the Apple watch display this app has been equipped with simple controls to master when using it. It is very simple to acquire this app. All you need is just to go to the iTunes store and download this app for free after which you will install it in your Apple watch. It is one of the highly rated apps with a very small size that might not alter the performance of your Apple watch.

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Rooting one of the risky process required be performed in order to get access to the administrative rights on your Android device. You can make changes to your android device immediately it is rooted with no limits on customizations. Rooting of your Moto X style phone has got off limits such as un-installation of your previous permanently installed apps by the manufactures, you can also customize your phone with the latest apps that were not installed before and also update your android OS version to the latest one .Rooting and unrooting of your phone is always done of the PC and you are required to connect to your phone to your PC using a USB cable. Those are the main prerequisite for you to root and unroot your device.

Motorola Moto X Style 3rd Gen 2015Easy Steps to Root or Unroot Moto X Style

Guidelines on rooting your Moto x style
1. The first step you are required to do is to download the necessary files in your PC such as Fast boot, TWRP recovery, SuperSU .After which you will install them in your PC.

2. Extract the files from the fast boot and use them to unlock the boot loader in your PC .You will then reboot your device on boot loader mode and plug it back using the USB cable. In your desk top you will have to open the command prompt and type the following commands “fast boot OEM” then “Get unlock data” then press enter.

3. The above procedure will prompt you to look for a key .You will therefore visit Motorola Bootloader Unlock website and sign-in using your account or create an account if you have none. If you don’t already have an account there, create one now. Follow the on-screen instructions for unlocking the bootloader on your device. Paste the text string that you copied earlier into the given box and submit it. You will receive the unlock key to your email address now copy it to the clip board.

4. Now, come back to the Command Prompt Window and enter the following command “fast boot Oem unlock KEY” Make sure to replace KEY with the actual unlock key that you received from Motorola. When it is through you will then reboot your device using the following command: “fast boot reboot” and your device should reboot.

5. Now you need to flash a custom recovery. Turn off your device and turn it back on in bootloader mode and Connect your device to your PC via a USB cable.

6. Open a Command Prompt Window on your desktop and type in the following command into the Command Prompt “fastboot flash recovery. Img” and then press the Enter key. Replace recovery.img with the actual name of the recovery image that you have downloaded. When it’s done flashing a recovery, reboot your device by issuing the following command: fastboot reboot. Now your device is rocking a custom recovery.

7. Finally now you can start rooting your device. Connect your device to your PC using a USB cable. Copy SuperSU .zip from your desktop over to the internal storage on your device. Disconnect your device from your PC when SuperSU is copied.

8. Turn off your device. Turn it back on in recovery mode. To do that, hold down Volume DOWN and Power buttons together. Select Recovery from the options available on your screen. Tap on Install in the recovery menu.

9. Choose SuperSU .zip to be installed on your device. Confirm the prompt by tapping Swipe to Confirm Flash. Wait for TWRP to install SuperSU on your device.

10. When it’s done installing SuperSU, reboot your device by choosing Reboot followed by System from the recovery menu.

11. Your device should reboot. And now it’s all set.

12. You have it finally .You can do whatever you wanted to!!!Now you can flash custom ROMs to open up a new world of customizations.

Motorola Moto X Play 3rd Gen 2015

Step By Step Guide On How to Unroot Moto X Style
Download Restore to Stock Tool and save it to your desktop.
1. Extract files from Restore to Stock Tool over to your desktop by right-clicking on it and selecting Extract here.

2. Head to about phone which is located in the settings under the menu on your device and tap on Build number for 7-8 times and it’ll say you’re a developer.

3. Head to Developer options which is under the menu located in the settings and turn on the option that says USB debugging.

4. Plug in your device to your PC using a USB cable.

5. Right-click on FLASH-ALL.bat available on your desktop and select Run as administrator to launch the tool.

6. The tool should automatically start flashing stock ROM on your device.

7. Wait for the tool to finish its job. And there you are set to go.

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Android phones are very unique and powerful phones filled with unique and amazing features. One of the amazing feature that we are going to look at is the feature that allows you to hide your private files, photos and documents. If you have had unfavourable encounters with annoying snoopers then it’s a high time this has come to an end. There are some of your photos that are so intimate and private so there is a high need for you to hide them so as to save yourself from embarrassment. In our tutorial today we are going to give you the simple ways you can hide your private photos. Here are the top ways you can hide your private photos.

Android marshmallow

how to hide your photos on Android phones

Password Protect Your Photos.
Using password protection is one of the common ways you can protect your photos .All you have to is to download the vault app in the Google store and install it .After the installation process is done run the app where you will be required to set your Pin. After this open the location of your files in the phone and tap on the ones that you need to hide. Any snooper trying to access the protected files will be prompted to provide a password and this will keep him/her off.

Using the Folder to hide your Photos.
This is one of the simple ways to hide your photos with no app required. All you have to do is open the file manager and create a new folder. Rename the folder as .nomedia then press OK and save it. This will hide all your files including the photos in any of your phone interface. Your files can only be accessible when you delete the folder. Though this is not the better option to hide your files because any tech geek can still access your photos by deleting the nomedia folder in the file manager section.

Creating a Hidden Folder.
This is another perfect way of hiding your photos all you need to use is a file explorer. Open the file explore and create a new folder which you will name it hidden folder. In here you will transfer your private photos. After you have done this your photos will be automatically hidden and the android system will not be able to read them.

Use of Gallery Lock Lite App.
This is an amazing app that provides maximum protection to your private photos. All you have to do is to download this app in the goggle store for only $ 4.99. After which you will install it and transfer your photos in the app. This app uses password protection as its main feature of protection. It will also capture the image of the snooper who attempts to enter the password 3 times with vain.

When you put the above methods into use your photos will be totally safe and you don’t need to get worried when someone comes close to your photos .They are simple and easy to use.

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Rooting is actually another word for jailbreaking, a simple procedure that enables your phone get access to other services that were never before .On the other side unrooting your phone is actually setting your phone to the previous manufactures conditions and this has got some restrictions on the usage .You actually don’t need to be a computer freak for you to unroot and root the Samsung galaxy J7.This procedures of unrooting and unrooting of Samsung galaxy J7 devices has been made simple. Rooting Samsung Galaxy J7 is very simple and recommended when you want to increase the version of your phone .Rooting sometimes can be dangerous to your phone so you must be carefully on the methods and software files that you use when rooting your phone .Here are the simple steps on How to root Samsung Galaxy J7.

samsung galaxy J7

Root Samsung Galaxy J7

1. The first step to consider is to download and install the TWRP recovery on your Samsung Galaxy J7 phone and backup all your important files since phone rooting clears all of the stored data in your phone. The other file required to be downloaded so as to perform this task is Samsung-kies
2. Then download the root exploit to your computer. This file might be destroyed by your antivirus since the antivirus detects it as a malware. Therefore you need to turn off your computer antivirus .This is also one of the major cautions you will have to undertake.
3. Also in your computer download the UPDATE-SuperSU –v2.46 zip file. Do not unzip this file because it’s not going to be used in your computer.
4. Using the USB cable connect your computer to the phone, transfer the UPDATE-superSU-v2.46 file to your phone.
5. Switch your phone off using the power button then go to the recovery mode.
6. This will direct you to the TWRP recovery mode where you will tap on install. This automatically commands the SuperSU zip file to flash your phone.
7. After this you will have to reboot your phone by going back to the TWRP recovery interface. This is our second last procedure. The TWRP recovery interface provides a platform to reboot your device by just tapping on reboot.
8. Your phone is already rooted now you can access a wide variety of services with a more improved performance and stable ROM. You also have less restriction on what app and latest software to update.
The above procedure will wipe your cache partitions and data factory reset. This is how simple the steps and procedures are and you do not need to be a computer geek to perform the above steps.One of the major precautions you have to undertake is to ensure that your phone is fully charged before you begin the task. However, despite the fact that the procedures and steps are easy it has also its limitations.Rooting of your phone is somehow risky since you can’t gain access to free technical services offered by the Samsung manufacturing company.
See AlsoSamsung Galaxy Pc Suite | Kies direct download for all galaxy devices

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XBMC currently known as the KODI software is one of the current amazing software that you won’t miss out this October. This is a free-open source media player software that is now installed in the android OS mobile phones .XBMC actually stands for Xbox Media Center which has got its own Linux distribution. This is on of the easiest software to install in your android Smartphone. Due to the current trends and development in the technological levels it’s therefore essential for you to own it in your phone.This software application is very easy to install in your smart phone. All you have to do is to follow the below steps keenly. At first you must have a package installer after which you will select the XBMC App file to be installed.

xmbc app

Download and Use Xmbc App on Android Smartphone

After this you will get a confirmation on the screen onto which you will have to select install. Just be patient for some time to wait for the installation to complete .This might take 2 to 3 minute then it will be done. The installation will therefore be complete. As you can see this steps are easy to follow. There are no complications when it comes to the installation of this software. You can therefore run your XBMC, but this may take quite longer to launch because you are running it for the fast time. After this the XBMC menu will show up.
The main advantages of using the XBMC include:

1. Eye Catching Themes
This app has got amazing and stunning graphics incorporated in the theme making it very appealing to the eye. The themes can be changed and tweaked to depending on your desire. These custom themes are also being installed in the XBMC.

2. Plug-in
This app has got tons of fantastic plug-in to be used in contents lie music videos and movies and even watch your favorite TV shows. All the plug-in are always compatible with your device. This plug-in are the one essentials for it to run other inbuilt apps like you tube, Pandora, Hulu etc

3. Social Fun
This app will tremendously give you a lot of fun .It has got various plug-in that work and are compatible with Hulu,Pandora and even You tube .It therefore creates an amazing centered media player for your phone.

4. Amazing Features
This app has got other amazing features such as voice recognition, launching other apps and location awareness..This make it be one of the amazing apps with amazing skins and graphics to download and use in this century.

Xmbc App uns in Android OS without any caveats .It is a highly recommended app for your android phone downloaded free of charge in the Google play. This app makes your phone be of great value because of it amazing functionality. Make your phone be more live and fantastic with XBMC app. This app is compatible with any android device that is android Smart phones and tablets.
Download Xmbc App

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The main purpose of a phone is to ensure proper connectivity, a phone with no connectivity is actually useless .We have had rampant complains about the connectivity issue of the IOS 9 which is an apple company product. The main complain was on the connectivity issues due to the major debug in the cellular data. These actually leads to internet connectivity problems ,mobile data connectivity problems and even internal connectivity problems .Here are the perfect steps to ensure that this issue is solved but also you must ensure that your device is running the latest version of iOS .This is the iOS 9.0.2 which has got the bug-fixes. If your device is not running on this new iOS then you have to update it in the software update located under the setting menu in your device. You can also update your iOS in the iOS firmware in the iTunes. Updating your iOS also helps in resolving this problem. Here are the ways to solve this if the problem still persists

ios 9

Connectivity issues in Apple iOS 9.0.2

Factory reset your device and restore from back up.
You must restore from back before you factory rest your device. This ensures that your files can be recovered after the whole process is done. This step is very vital so as to save your important files. Here is how you can factory reset your device.
1. Back up your data
You will have to launch the iTunes and then connect your iOS device to computer using a USB cable. Select back up from the menu after right clicking on the phone icon in iTunes. Create the encrypted back-up so as to store all your passwords and data.

2. Reset the Factory Settings.
After the backup is completed go to General then reset then tap the reset all content and Setting. This process only applies for the non-jailbroken devices. If your iOS is jail broken then you will have to restore using the iTunes .This process might take quite some good time of around 15 minutes.

3. Restore from back up.
After the device has rebooted from connect it to the iTunes then select restore rom back up. This will restore the latest backed up files to your phone.

4. Confirmation that the problem is resolved.
In your cellular data or mobile data you will have to check if the connectivity problem is solved.

5. Reset the network setting.
The other way of solving this problem is by resetting the network setting of your device. This is done by opening the setting icon on the screen then go to the general section and select the reset button. Under the reset section tap on the reset network settings. Here you will be require to enter the code, enter the code to erase all the network setting. After this the network settings will be rest and your device will boot from home screen. You will then restart your device by holding the power button. Lastly you will then enable the cellular or 3G/LTE data option to verify if the phone can establish some connections.

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Kodi is a media player software that has been around since 2002. Everyone wants fast and easy streaming on their device and Kodi lets you do just that. It allows users to play audio, video content like podcasts from the Internet and digital media files from local storage media. While Kodi’s interface has been designed keeping in mind the ‘home theatre’, so it works best on a large screen. But that doesn’t mean it is completely useless on mobile devices. In this article we’ll give a simple and easy tutorial on how to install and configure Kodi on your Android device and use it without any glitches.


Installing Kodi:
To begin with you need to have Kodi installed on your device. Go to and select the android version. Note that you’ll have to select ARM or x86 based on your hardware (Intel core works on x86). The link will lead you to Google Play from where you can install Kodi on your device.

Adding Videos to Kodi:
After you have successfully installed Kodi on you device you can start adding videos and music to it.

  1. Follow these steps to add videos to your Kodi
  2. Press ‘Videos’ on your Home Screen. Next click on ‘Files’ and then select ‘Add Videos’.
  3. Once you’ve selected ‘Add Videos’ a new window ‘Add Video Source’ will open. Here you’ll insert the link to the video/movie you want to add to your playlist. In the same window click on ‘Browse’ to select a directory to keep your videos in. Before you press ‘Ok’ enter a name for this video.
  4. Next a ‘Set Content’ window will pop up. Here you select the correct data type for the content you saved in the folder i.e. music, movie etc. Once you’re sure about your choice press ‘Ok’ to save changes.

Adding Music Files to Kodi:

  1. Kodi allows you to search and manage your music efficiently, which is why all music stored in Kodi is scanned first and all the required information (Artist, Album, Genre) is stored in a database. In order to scan your music so that it is playable on Kodi follow these steps:
  2. Go to the location of your music collection and select an item. It can be a music file or even a folder.
  3. Once you’ve selected an item press ‘Scan Item to Library’. Kodi will then scan the selected items into the database.
  4. By going to ‘Settings’ and then the ‘Library’ option in ‘Music’, you can check ‘Update Library on Startup’ which will automatically scan your music.
  5. Do remember that it is very important for your music to be tagged. There are several softwares that let you add tags to your music files.

Watching Live TV with Kodi:

Perhaps the most interesting feature of Kodi is that it allows you to watch Live Television on your device.

Follow these steps and you’re good to go:

  1. On the ‘Home Screen’ select ‘System’ and then select ‘File Manager’.
  2. Once the ‘File Manager’ window opens click on Add Source > Add Files source. Here add this URL: and rename it to SuperRepo before you click ‘Ok’.
  3. Once you’ve done this and you’re back at the ‘Home Screen’, click on System. The ‘Settings’ window will open, here click on Add-ons > Install from zip file > SuperRepo > helix > video.
  4. Once you’re in video click on the last link in the folder. Wait till a notification informs you that this add-on is enabled.
  5. Once the add-on is enabled click on Systems > Add-ons > Get Add-ons > SuperRepo Video[helix] > Video Add-ons > Playlist Loader. Select Playlist Loader and install it. Once it is installed you’ll get a notification that it is enabled.
  6. Once this is done go to Videos > Add-ons and find Playlist Loader and click on it.
  7. Here you can add a new list or your favourites. Click on ‘Add a new list’ and add this URL:
  8. Once you’ve added this link you’ll see various channels and you can explore them to see which ones you like and them to your favourites for viewing later.

So this is pretty much how Kodi works. We hope this tutorial proves helpful!