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How to Transfer Pokémon Go Account to New Android Phone

There is not scarcity of reasons to transfer your Pokémon go to a new Android Phone. While most of the people do it because...
tilt app

What is Tilt App | How to use Tilt App

The recent rise in the technological levels has led to most of the app developers to come up with amazing apps. This has also...
OnePlus 2

How to increase battery life in OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 is the successor of OnePlus One, a Chinese brand from Oppo Smartphone Company. OnePlus 2 has a 3300 mAh battery which is not...

How to Use Vine on Apple Watch

Vine is one of the top apps that you are not supposed to miss out installing it in your Apple watch. This is an...
Motorola Moto X Style 3rd Gen 2015

How to ROOT or Unroot Moto X Style: Step by Step...

Rooting one of the risky process required be performed in order to get access to the administrative rights on your Android device. You can...
Android marshmallow

Want to Hide your Photos on Android phone: Easy How to

Android phones are very unique and powerful phones filled with unique and amazing features. One of the amazing feature that we are going to...
samsung galaxy J7

How to Root Samsung Galaxy J7 : In Easy Steps

Rooting is actually another word for jailbreaking, a simple procedure that enables your phone get access to other services that were never before .On...
xmbc app

How to Download and Use Xmbc App on Android Smartphone

XBMC currently known as the KODI software is one of the current amazing software that you won’t miss out this October. This is a...
ios 9

How To Fix Connectivity Issue in Apple iOS 9.0.2

The main purpose of a phone is to ensure proper connectivity, a phone with no connectivity is actually useless .We have had rampant complains...

How to Setup Kodi Media Center on Android Phones

Kodi is a media player software that has been around since 2002. Everyone wants fast and easy streaming on their device and Kodi lets...