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6 2039

People who been on the internet have one way or another come across the grumpy cat, with some hilarious comment following it. A new app is available on the iPhone store that brings to your own iPhone’s. The app is designed to be your companion for weather forecast which means the cats grumpiness changes throughout the day. The app is aptly named as Weather Kitty and some of the images are really adorable, the app developers have also given an option for cat lovers to upload pics of their own cats giving it a touch of personalization. The app owners had previously created an app called as weather puppy, but cats rule when comes to the inter web.

weather app

The app can be download from the apple app store, its called as Weather Kitty, for easier access we are posting the link for the website via which you download some kitten love.

Go to the website to download the Weather Kitty app. Android users will have to wait for some time as the app developers have provided an email notification when it launches.

Go on download it !!!! Purr Along 🙂