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Android phones are very unique and powerful phones filled with unique and amazing features. One of the amazing feature that we are going to look at is the feature that allows you to hide your private files, photos and documents. If you have had unfavourable encounters with annoying snoopers then it’s a high time this has come to an end. There are some of your photos that are so intimate and private so there is a high need for you to hide them so as to save yourself from embarrassment. In our tutorial today we are going to give you the simple ways you can hide your private photos. Here are the top ways you can hide your private photos.

Android marshmallow

how to hide your photos on Android phones

Password Protect Your Photos.
Using password protection is one of the common ways you can protect your photos .All you have to is to download the vault app in the Google store and install it .After the installation process is done run the app where you will be required to set your Pin. After this open the location of your files in the phone and tap on the ones that you need to hide. Any snooper trying to access the protected files will be prompted to provide a password and this will keep him/her off.

Using the Folder to hide your Photos.
This is one of the simple ways to hide your photos with no app required. All you have to do is open the file manager and create a new folder. Rename the folder as .nomedia then press OK and save it. This will hide all your files including the photos in any of your phone interface. Your files can only be accessible when you delete the folder. Though this is not the better option to hide your files because any tech geek can still access your photos by deleting the nomedia folder in the file manager section.

Creating a Hidden Folder.
This is another perfect way of hiding your photos all you need to use is a file explorer. Open the file explore and create a new folder which you will name it hidden folder. In here you will transfer your private photos. After you have done this your photos will be automatically hidden and the android system will not be able to read them.

Use of Gallery Lock Lite App.
This is an amazing app that provides maximum protection to your private photos. All you have to do is to download this app in the goggle store for only $ 4.99. After which you will install it and transfer your photos in the app. This app uses password protection as its main feature of protection. It will also capture the image of the snooper who attempts to enter the password 3 times with vain.

When you put the above methods into use your photos will be totally safe and you don’t need to get worried when someone comes close to your photos .They are simple and easy to use.

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The online wallet system is the current latest technological advancement that is really trending in the technological market .Android pay is an online system that allows you to upload your cash into the mobile phone on the Android device. Android pay Is compatible with Android devices while on the other hand Apple pay is compatible with Apple devices. Despite the fact that all of this are mobile payments options they have got a great difference in terms of the features .Here are the top difference between Apple pay and Android pay.

Android Pay logo

Difference between Android Pay and Apple Pay

Android pay requires you to have a pattern password or even PIN so as to carry out transactions with it this ensures maximum security to your cash .On the other hand the other Apple pay uses the fingerprint which is a biometric security system to safe guard your cash. This is one of the top security system to secure your cash online .This is one of the major difference between this 2 mobile payment form.

Android pay supports numerous cards from various banks in the world making it used universally .It also supports the gifts and loyalty cards that allows you to earn the loyalty gifts and rewards whenever you are using your Android as a means of payment. On the other hand Apple pay does not support loyalty and gift cards hence you cannot earn any rewards whenever you are using it.
You have to note that not all devices from this companies are compatible with the online wallet system. Apple pay is only compatible with this devices: IPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6, IPhone 6 plus, Apple watch, iPad pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 3.On the other side the Android pay is compatible with all Android devices with Android 4.4 version and above .This makes it not compatible with all the devices for Android.

apple pay

Android pay allows you to keep track of your purchases thus ensuring maximum security of your cash .Apple pay is one of the safety ways but does not have a feature that allows you to keep track of your purchases. It also has got its other secure ways of keeping track of your purchases especially from the online stores.

Apple pay has got a limited use where it’s conveniently meant to pay for online apps in the stores .It has got a limited number of stores in the world to pay from. Android pay is highly accessible to various stores universally .This makes it very convenient to be used in any part of the world.

Apple pay allows you to set up your business and connecting with it so as to allow your customers to pay for their bought commodities with it .You will earn loyalty points when you do this. On the other side Apple pay also allows you to set up your business by connecting to it but there is no loyalty points you will earn from it.

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Nexus 6P is now available at the Google store, but you have to pre-order it. For people in the US, you can also buy it on Huawei’s own online storefront. Huawei is selling the phone directly with a shipping date of late Oct, although the price is the same as Google but before taking that as an alternative, you might want to consider its pros and cons.

Google Play

Would like to buy it from Google Store or Huwaei Store

Here Are the Reasons:-

Huawei is not charging tax in most states, its distribution centre is in California, although there is some news that they have charged in Illinois so it might be that they charge for some selective states. Yet, it is better than Google because Google charges sales tax in 45 states in the US. Since both manufacturers are drawing from different stocks chances are if you are a lower order number on Huawei then you might get your phone a bit sooner. Huawei also has a payment plan where it gives you credit check and its interest rates are about 10 to 20 %. Google, on the other hand, will only provide you with a payment plan if you sign up for Fi.

Also Consider these points:-

  1. Unfortunately, Huawei does not give you the white colour model and the 128GB model is not available in any colour.
  2. If you choose Huawei as your alternative you won’t get the free $50 Google play credit or 90-day play music voucher, it may be sent to your email id when you activate your phone.
  3. Huawei does not give the Nexus protect insurance plan, so you have to only manage with Huawei’s hardware warranty.
  4. Even though Huawei is having a shipping free option that will take 5 to 7 business days but the company may charge a restocking fee if there is a return policy.

Yes so that’s the whole news about Nexus 6P, do tell us which manufacturer did you prefer?

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There’s some guaranteeing news, assuming that you’ve been holding up for the leader Sony Xperia Z1 to land on T-Mobile USA, as leaked picture claims to show a T-Mobile US form. This infers that a discharge on the bearer may not be too far away. The Sony Xperia Z1 is a great Android cell phone, and only a couple of days back it got accessible on provincial bearer Cincinnati Bell, soon after any of the real US bearers.

The new leaked pictures absolutely indicate T-Mobile offers the Xperia Z1 within a brief period of time, in spite of the fact that there are a few parts of them that are a small amount of bewildering. The front and back of the Xperia Z1 marked with the T-Mobile logo is demonstrated, with a 4G symbol seen on the front plus the Android 4.2 Sony-modified client interface. On the other hand, there are a few varieties from the Xperia Z1 that we recently know.

Sony Xperia Z1 Black

Firstly the front-confronting Camera is on an alternate side of the Sony logo to the ordinary variant and besides the sound jack has changed position. And also MIC opening seems, by all accounts, to be demonstrated on the back. This may lead some to think this could be the quite supposed Xperia Z1s rather, however the Camera and jack positions don’t tie in with the released pictures of phone that have become visible as such. While this could well be the Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile US, we’ll hold over on our judgement at the minute and hold up to see what further confirm develops. You could make certain that we’ll give you more data as we hear it. Have you trusted that the Sony Xperia Z1 will come to T-Mobile US? Expecting the news is correct, we’re for the most part left pondering when the Z1 may achieve T-Mobile, and the extent to which it’ll cost. Gave us a chance to have your remarks on.

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Android 4.4 Kitkat redesign is presently accessible for individuals who utilize the Google Play releases of Samsung Galaxy S4. They accompany Motorola’s Moto X, which first got access to Android 4.4 Kitkat on Nov. 19 not exactly one month after Google uncovered it.Kitkat is intended to achieve the following billion Android clients in advancing markets, which implies that Google needed to resolve how to make an OS that can carry more advanced in years and easier specked apparatuses progressive,additionally helping alternate party engineers offer their substance to all Android clients, not only those with top-level handsets. Android 4.4 Kitkat’s new characteristics incorporate another launcher, another dialer that fuses look, Hangouts with united content, film and Mms, new Hdr+ programming for Polaroids and profound application joining in Google search.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Anyhow the adaptation of Kitkat on the Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t have the Google Experience Launcher accessible on the Nexus 5, which was divulged at the end of October. The Google Experience Launcher, implied as a Nexus 5 elite, gives you a chance to swipe left for Google Now, trigger Google Search through an “Ok Google” hot watchword and has other alternatives for modifying the look of your working system

The Google Play releases Samsung Galaxy S4 contrast from the ones sold via bearers in that they are offered unsubsidized without an agreement and work on “immaculate” Android instead of the organization’s altered. One of the explanations behind getting these Google Play release units was the guarantee of getting Android redesigns on time, on top of the Nexus mechanisms thus far they have been pretty near keeping that guarantee. Indeed, this time around these telephones have gotten the redesign even after a percentage of the Nexus clients, who are as of now sitting tight for their Kitkat upgrade.

The Google Play version phones, plus the Nexus phones and the Moto X are currently the handful of units to have the exact most recent form of Android instated. Provided that you haven’t appropriated the notice yet, check the Settings application to check whether it is accessible.

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With the word Wallet it more sounds something that can be used to store money. If you are thinking this, then you are not completely wrong. Google has come up with very different idea this time. Google Wallet a free digital wallet. This wallet will be more secure to store your credit cards, debit cards and so. With this wallet you can buy or sell. Making online purchases, selling online or making online transaction will be easier with this Google wallet.

The Google wallet can also be used to spend on purchases in Google stores or you can also withdraw cash from ATM. This Wallet seems to be more advanced than our usual wallet. Just to make this work, all you need to do is start with Google Wallet app. This app will allow getting discounts, loyalty program and one can also send money through email address. Sounds more interesting now!

Google Wallet

The benefits of Google wallet are seriously huge. With this you can not only used this for loyalty card system, but you can make this swipe also in chain of other outlets. All that is required in this is your phone just to make payment. Isn’t this a fabulous idea? Now you must be wondering how Google wallet works? Let me give you rough idea on this. Just by tapping on reader at payment point on retailer’s side on your phone you can make transaction. But this needs special hardware with retailer to make this work. This technology is known as Near Field Communication or (NFC).

Google is all up to introduce a new change in market. The only change will be, unlike card in your wallet, your phone will protect your plastic money cards with pin numbers. Isn’t that great! I am seriously waiting when this will be available to us.