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Although Pokémon go wasn’t able to run its magic on the small screen due to lack of some serious features at first but Niantic later on released the updated version of Pokémon go where you could find all the major features present in the original version of the game. Although it made the gameplay more fun but meanwhile Pokémon go became tougher too which resulted in the quitting of this game by their own fan base. If you don’t want be among that portion of the fan base, you better start following our teachings here.

Getting free PokéCoins:
The players of Pokémon go worldwide are ready to pay for the main currency of Pokémon go .i.e. PokéCoins, Having enough PokéCoins lets you buy different items like you can get incubators to help you hatch multiple eggs, get more lure modules, potions, storage space, incense and much more.

People usually don’t get the good feeling about paying in these micro transactions for gaming purposes but the case is different when we are talking about Pokémon go, Niantic still reportedly makes 2 million each day from Pokémon go. But we are aware of the people like ourselves around us who want the best things for free because of the tight budget, let us tell you the way you can be at the top of this game without having to pay anything at all. You also wont need to worry about getting banned and stuff because it is legal., what we are doing here.

The only fair means to get unlimited free PokéCoins is to make use of rewarding apps like FreeMyApps These rewarding applications send free gifts certificates to the servers of Playstore / App store thus making it possible for you to get your hands on the micro transactions within any game or get any paid app for free.

These apps make you try the apps they are showing on screen for 30 seconds and you are getting free PokéCoins. This procedure is totally legal so you wont have to worry about getting banned and besides that you don’t need to do jail breaking or rooting stuff.

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There are too many games out there made for smartphones. Now, for Asus ZenFone Max, we a picking few of the best games we can find. What are categories for judging?  One is to take advantage of the processing speed and graphics capability of the phone but that all as we also consider the plot and game play. So here are our top 5 games for Asus ZenFone Max.

Top 5 games download for Asus Zenfone Max

1. This War of Mine

This War of Mine

Let’s start with a thrilling survival game. This War of Mine is an android game based on the same award winning game on PC. Play as a group of survivors living in a war driven country. Rebuild your base that was destroyed before as you manage your supplies and the physical and mental state of your group. Lead one survivor to scavenge at night as the others stay home to rest and guard it from looters. Gather food, water and materials and avoid getting detected by enemies and get home safely before dawn.

2. Unkilled


Now, let’s go with a zombie shooter. Also from MADFINGER Games which is the developers of the well-known Dead Trigger 1 and 2 comes the latest and best zombie shooter right now on android. Fight off hordes of zombies in over 300 missions in the game. Fight terrifying bosses as you unlock various weapons.  Also get into online PVP mode and compete with other players worldwide.

3. Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures

Next is console-level platforming. Play as Barbara or Rayman in the quest to save all the tweenies in various difficult levels of speed running and jumping. Find secrets with your pets and fight enemies that block your way. Jump over platforms and try not to fall to the unseen depths and lava pools. Run over walls and solve various puzzles. It is a truly fun game to play.

4. Prune


Jumping into puzzle games, Prune makes it to our list. This award-winning puzzle game described as “Love Letter to trees” in the Play Store is about tree cultivation. Grow a tree and to let it grow to its full height, you need to trim the branches out. Let the tree received as much sunlight and let flowers grow on them. After reaching a certain number of flowers, that is where you defeat the level. Various obstacles get in your way as you progress in this meditative puzzle game.

5. Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed No Limits

Let’s head to racing.  Show your hunger for speed in this world wide known game franchise. Race across the city and beat your opponents while shaking the police off your tail. Forge your driving and drifting skills. Trash you opponents and emerge as the winner. Speed? There are no limits.

Now that is our list of Games for Asus ZenFone Max . They might or might not be to your liking but who knows? After all, they are all fun to play so why not try them out yourself?

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As the month begins one ought to have full brain energy and zeal so as to pursue his work .Its also healthy to have your mind relaxed and keep it off from the daily chores and duties .In order to achieve you need to have the best games to be played in your phone. That is why the game developers have gone a notch a head to come up with strong and powerful; games for your smartphone .Here are the top 5 games that will blow up your mind in this 1st week of November.

android games

Top 5 Android Games to Download this week

1. Trick Shot.
On top of our list is Trick Shot .This is a puzzle game that you are required to throw a ball into the box. This game has got over 60 playing levels making it very addictive to play. The more levels you archive the harder the game becomes. This game has got an average rating of 4.1 and over 700 reviews making it amazing to play. This is one of the highly rates paid games in the Google play store with a price tag of only $2.11.

2. Horse Racing.
If you love racing games then here is a perfect racing game with horses for you. This is a horse racing game where you are required to race your stallion to defeat other challengers while you jump over the obstacles. Its equipped with an immersive environment with over 60 challenging levels that makes it very addictive to play. The controls are also easier making it perfect to play.

3. Haunted Hotel: Death.
This is an action adventure game where you are required to solve all kinds of supernatural mysteries in an abandoned hotel. It has got amazing graphics that are eye catching and pleasant. This is one of the top paid games in the Google play store having a price tag of $ 4.15.Having a high average rating of 4.1 and over 700 reviews makes it an awesome game to play in this week of November.

4. Hmmsim 2- Train Simulator.
If you are a great fun of simulation games then this is a game that you won’t miss out in this 1st week of November. It’s equipped with advanced graphics and dynamic trains whose performance can be improved during the game play thus making it awesome to play. This game has got an average rating of 4.7 and over 800 reviews so far making it amazing to play.

5. Sniper Duty: Prison Yard.
This is a perfect action game where you are required to guard the prison from prisoners escaping. This game has got over 30 missions for you to accomplish making it the addictive game of the month .Having advanced weaponry and eye catching 3D graphics will surely be the best game to keep you busy. If you are a hardcore gamer then this is the game not to miss. This is one of the top paid games in the Google play store.
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Unrooting is actually the process of returning your Samsung galaxy J7 to its original state by reinstalling it original stock firmware and removing the root. The main disadvantage about unrooting your phone is that it will never grant you the warrant of your phone that is why it’s very risky when you root your Samsung Galaxy J7.Unrooting of your Samsung Galaxy J7 is mainly done because of the following reasons. You can’t update the OS on of your rooted device hence you must unroot it in order to update. Here are the basic steps and procedures on how to unroot Samsung Galaxy J7.Unrooting your device also unbricks it if it was earlier on bricked.

samsung galaxy J7

Unroot Samsung Galaxy J7

1. You have to ensure that your device is fully charged .After this back up all of your documents since the procedures on unrooting your device will erase all of your important files in the device. Backing up of your document can be done using the TWRP software which you must download if you don’t have it.
2. Then you will have to install and download the USB drivers in your PC so as to enable it to recognize your Samsung device. The drivers supposed to be installed are the fast boot Drivers and a setup of ADB.
3. You will then enable the USB debugging mode in your phone by going to the setting and tap the build number 7 times which located in the about phone section. This will take you to the Go to developer section where you will enable the debugging mode.
4. You will have to download the ODIN flash tool which is required to flash you device. You will then install this tool in your PC and reboot your PC to ensure that the tool components are fully installed.
5. You will the turn off your Samsung J7 device and boot it in download mode by holding the volume down key +power button +home button.
6. Using the USB cable you will have to connect your Samsung device to the PC and Execute the ODIN.exe file in your PC.
7. In the ODIN screen you will have to select the AP option then the firmware file which you had extracted .After this you will start the flashing process by hitting on the Start screen button.
8. Your phone will then reboot automatically and you will therefore disconnect it to your PC. After this you device will be automatically unrooted.
Your phone is now completely unrooted and its now running on a stock ROM. If the above procedure fails then you can redo the procedure by restarting your phone in recovery mode first. The above procedure will not earn your phone warrant back. The above tutorial is highly recommend for your unrooting procedure. It can also apply when you want to unbrick your phone. Rooting of your phone is equally a dangerous process that can damage your phone to the extent that unrooting procedures can’t restore it.
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XBMC currently known as the KODI software is one of the current amazing software that you won’t miss out this October. This is a free-open source media player software that is now installed in the android OS mobile phones .XBMC actually stands for Xbox Media Center which has got its own Linux distribution. This is on of the easiest software to install in your android Smartphone. Due to the current trends and development in the technological levels it’s therefore essential for you to own it in your phone.This software application is very easy to install in your smart phone. All you have to do is to follow the below steps keenly. At first you must have a package installer after which you will select the XBMC App file to be installed.

xmbc app

Download and Use Xmbc App on Android Smartphone

After this you will get a confirmation on the screen onto which you will have to select install. Just be patient for some time to wait for the installation to complete .This might take 2 to 3 minute then it will be done. The installation will therefore be complete. As you can see this steps are easy to follow. There are no complications when it comes to the installation of this software. You can therefore run your XBMC, but this may take quite longer to launch because you are running it for the fast time. After this the XBMC menu will show up.
The main advantages of using the XBMC include:

1. Eye Catching Themes
This app has got amazing and stunning graphics incorporated in the theme making it very appealing to the eye. The themes can be changed and tweaked to depending on your desire. These custom themes are also being installed in the XBMC.

2. Plug-in
This app has got tons of fantastic plug-in to be used in contents lie music videos and movies and even watch your favorite TV shows. All the plug-in are always compatible with your device. This plug-in are the one essentials for it to run other inbuilt apps like you tube, Pandora, Hulu etc

3. Social Fun
This app will tremendously give you a lot of fun .It has got various plug-in that work and are compatible with Hulu,Pandora and even You tube .It therefore creates an amazing centered media player for your phone.

4. Amazing Features
This app has got other amazing features such as voice recognition, launching other apps and location awareness..This make it be one of the amazing apps with amazing skins and graphics to download and use in this century.

Xmbc App uns in Android OS without any caveats .It is a highly recommended app for your android phone downloaded free of charge in the Google play. This app makes your phone be of great value because of it amazing functionality. Make your phone be more live and fantastic with XBMC app. This app is compatible with any android device that is android Smart phones and tablets.
Download Xmbc App

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Amazon Underground is a fantastic way to get Free Apps and Games worth 10,000$ (dollars) for free via Amazon Inc. Even in App purchases are free for customers, Amazon has managed to achieve this by typing up with developers and passing on the benefits to the customers. Here are the easy steps via which you can get this amazing app and tons of free stuff

Amazon Underground Free Apps and Games
  1. Open your favourite browser on your Android phone
  2. Go to the Link
  3. An Alternative way is to register your email id and Amazon will send a link to download the app via email. Thats all folks

Enjoy the free Apps and Games.

For developer who think its not something they want to indulge in. Give it a second thought cause Amazon Underground has thought about every aspects
You can register on the following link The concept should make an interesting alternative to Google App Store. Since most of the Apps currently have in-App purchases which make it annoying to many smartphone users. Have a look at what developers have to say about it

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Android Watchface might be a bit old with Android Wear platform, but it got into the spotlight after the official Android Wear Watchface was launched. AW Watchface too stepped in the market with its part of exciting options, FORM too is coming from this list as a new Watchface. The FORM Watchface is created by none other than Roman Nurik, who is known for its best creation of Muzei Live wallpaper. Muzei support Android Wear, which provides a new FORM WatchFace. At the beginning, the interface might be simple with Meizu integration, which can mash together with five different APK creating customizable watchface experience.

romannurik android watch

With all information about FORM rolling above, you might be wondering what FORM is about? Let’s decode the code behind FORM. FORM show whatever wallpaper is currently rolling on the phone, while custom watch face will be placed on top of the wallpaper. Here are a few points one must know about the FORM Watch face app:

  • The FORM watch face app will offer latest Muzei artwork, which need to be installed on Watch.
  • It does not have an icon in app launcher, but once you press setting cog, inside Android Wear on phone you can make changes in theme or phone.
  • It is available on Google Play store, it also offers HD Landscape art source.

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Google has recently announced their financial results for forth quarter and according to result they got 99% revenue hike in non-advertising business. Their non-advertising business includes hardware and Play Store rest of their Revenues reaches to $1.65 billion in Q4 2013. This figure was $829 million in last quarter of 2012. There are other sources from where Google get its revenue like showing advertisements on their search engines and partner sites. Revenue made from such advertisement is outside Google’s core business. Such revenues have got very small contribution in Google’s total revenue. According to Google’s report, there is only 10 percent contribution in overall revenue but still Google said that they are satisfied with their business performance.

Google Lpgo

Nikesh Arora, Google’s senior VP and chief business officer took a brief look on contribution of google’s hardware products and said that Chromecast and Nexus 5 performed well in holidays that took their revenue high. Other than google’s hardware products, Arora also commented on Play Store performance. There are many users who signed up with company’s new payment system “Wallet” and it leads to increased interest in downloading applications and media from Google’s digital store.

You might be thinking that Nest will aid in the Nexus hardware lineups but that is not true. Patrick Pichette, Google CFO said that aim of acquisition is to assist nest to boost their market worldwide. So we cannot expect some Nest-ified slates or phones anytime soon.