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google play music

Google Play Music Available in India: Waits Over

Google recently announced few products in India yesterday, but launch of the Music service was not available among them. For the people who were...
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Top 5 Games for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

With Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s wide display, just who wouldn't want to try and play games with it. Not to mention that many enjoy...
Google Play Store

Google Play Store Carrier billing comes to India

Day-by-day, as the competition is increasing and several Smartphone manufacturers and service providers are coming with new concepts and ideas. With this competitive surrounding,...
swing copters 2

Swing copters 2 like Flappy Bird is Punishing but Fun

Have you realize the pain of failure, if not then prepare yourself for it. You know why because Flappy bird creator has a new...
android 2

Top 5 Android Apps for 3rd week of December 2015

As we are preparing for the festive mood it is a high time that you really need to customize your phone with the latest...
android 4

Top 5 Android Apps for 2nd week of December 2015

In this festive month you need to create a festive mood in your phone by updating your smart phone with the latest app in...
android games

Top 5 Android Games for 1st week December 2015

It’s a high time for you to remove the boredom and exhaustion caused by the hectic programs and chores during the month. The best...
android smartwatch

Top 5 Apps for Android Wear in 1st of December 2015

Android smart watches are equipped with a powerful processor that can launch and run games excellently .This has made the game developers to come...
Save Money Android

Top 5 Android Apps for 1st week of December 2015

As the month comes to an end it is a high time you need to keep your phone updates with the latest apps. We...
android games

Top 5 Android Games for 3rd week November 2015

Games are very essential for our minds ,they are actually the best tool to make our mind relax .In thus 3rd week of November...