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Pushbullet team has released a new app that can make it possible to transfer various files between different mobile devices, this app is called as Portal append now developers have made this app capable of transferring the different files of all sizes from the computer to the Android mobile device. The Pushbullet app enables the users to transfer files between PC and Android phone. The users need to download this free app from the Google Play Store and then proceed to on the computer.This app can transfer even files bigger in size than 1 GB. The app needs to be launched on the phone as well, then it is easy for the user to transfer the files using the Wi-Fi network, the user has to only drag and drop any file into the web-page


Portal app is able to file the sent pics to the phone’s gallery app and the music files in the music folder of the phone, making it easier to find the files when needed. This has been construed as the most beneficial feature of the app by the users.For the users with the Android phones running on Android 5.0 Lollipop or even later operating system, this Portal app can save files to the SD card directly.

The users will have to turn to the app’s setting menu to install this feature. Portal app is a good option for all those who are interested to transfer files quickly to their mobile phone. This app is now available in Google Play Store and can be downloaded free.
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Installing the best Picture Gallery app for your Android phone after update is crucial. Crystal clear quality of the stylish pictures included in the gallery will cast a mesmerizing impact upon you in an exact manner that you anticipate. Choosing the best gallery too plays a huge role as there are several ones available of which some are pathetic. Perhaps, it is only after installation that you are able to know how the device has been working. The inclusion of creative features in an ultimate manner will let you organize your preferences in an exact manner that you anticipate the most. Also, it is necessary that you focus upon multiple apps available in the same category so that you prefer the best.

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Camera JB+ is one of the most sought after Picture Gallery apps considered for any Android phone model laced with Jellybean OS or higher. Choosing the right application will ensure that the performance levels are enhanced to a further extent offering optimum benefits to you in an ideal manner that you expect. Several application features such as 3 models of camera functioning such as Camera, Video Recorder and Panorama are included for your exclusive needs offering you the best results. Picture perfect features included accordingly on an additional basis will let you explore numerous other features in an advanced manner offering the best results as per the given situation.

Paper Camera is another innovative app available exclusively for Android phone users that functions in an innovative manner offering the desired benefits with ease. The app has been developed by JFDP Labs focuses upon minute aspects with the inclusion of numerous options without foregoing upon the actual quality standards in any manner. Captivating lens included with the consideration of stylish aspects will let you organize your preferences in an ideal fashion that you anticipate the most. Perhaps, you need to get along with the inclusion of several features allowing you to explore several preferences without any compromise made in this context.

Several other innovative Android Picture Gallery apps are offered for the benefit of users so that they could along with the situations in an ideal manner as desired. Pro HDR Camera is another useful application meant to manage your camera related tasks without going through any complex issues. Perhaps, it is necessary that you establish the much needed compatibility with the application so that you could make optimum use as per your situational needs. Apart from the above apps, there are several others included as well such as Gallery KK and Camera ICS+ that you need to prefer according to your sophistication.