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This is one of the longest holidays of the year that is accompanied very many festive occasions. As the holiday go by you actually need to update your smart phone with the latest top and addictive games for you to play. Make your December holiday more enjoyable by playing the top most engaging games. If you are a hardcore gamer then the games in the 2nd week of December are the ones that you won’t wish to miss playing them. Here are the top 5 games in the 2nd week of December to play.

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Top 5 Android Games for 2nd week December 2015

Honey Comb.
This is one of the top puzzle game with a very simple game play though it has got the difficult levels. All you have to do is to drag the blocks in the honey to form a desired shape especially a line. As you accomplish one level to another the more the game becomes difficult. This game is equipped with awesome graphics that are attractive making the game more addicting than ever. This is one of the top rated games that is downloaded for free in the Google Play store.

Die in 100 ways.
This is an action adventure game that is more equipped with a horror story line. In this game all you have to do is to protect the charming characters from death. You will have to perform very many mini games for you to be able to protect this characters in the game. Having over 24 Minigame for you to play will absolutely create fun for you to play. This game is downloaded for free in the Google play store. Whenever you lose a game then death gives you one of the 100 ways to kill the characters.

Zombie Frontier 3.
If you love playing the zombie frontier series game then here is the 3rd chapter game for you to play. You are the only survivor after a virus attack and you are therefore required to put down all the zombies so as to continue surviving. This game is equipped with a lot of epic actions and new weapons to fight against the zombies with making it amazing for you to play. This is one of the top rated games for you to play in this 2nd week of December.

Last Horizon.
In this game you are actually a pilot of a space ship and you are required to explore new planet and discover a habitable planet. You have to be keen and be a skilled pilot to enable you in landing of the space ships on the various planets. Having the 4 game modes i.e. First 3, Flight X etc. it absolutely makes it very engaging to play.

Shiver: Lily’s Requiem.
This is one of the highly rated games that is purchased for only $ 5.00 in the Google play store. This is an epic adventure game where you are required to cure and even unveil the mysteries pertaining a certain cures since you are the main doctor of the town.

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It’s quite unbelievable and really sounds funny that you can play games in your android smart wear. The display size of an android wear is very small and also its processor has low specifications making it very low to support any game. Despite all this limitations the game developers have gone ahead and developed games that are very enticing for your android smart wear. This games range from action, adventure and even arcade games .That’s is why if you are owning a smart watch then here are the best games for you to play in this week of November.

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1. Rubik’s Cube.
This is one of the brain teasing games for you. It is a mathematical puzzle game where you are required to use the Rubik’s cube to solve various mathematical puzzles .This amazing game has got excellent graphics and an amazing background sound track for your smartwatch. Having a high average rating with over 500 reviews makes it top our list of the best apps for the 1st week of November. This game is downloaded and played for free in the Google Play Store.

2. Repulsion
This is the latest action android wear game meant to test your sense of timing and reflexes .This is one of the superb games for your android wear .It is equipped with amazing tricky challenges with perfect graphics .This makes it more addictive .It has got very easy touch controls to master .This app is downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.

3. Zigzag.
This is one of the most addictive games for your watch in this month of November. It is equipped with superb graphics and tough challenges .In this game you are required to control the ball along a zigzag path and avoid hitting the wall. This game tests your ability to tap on something with a high speed .This is on one of the top game in the Google Play Store that is downloaded and played for free.

4. Dragons vs Bats.
Here is another action game for your smart wear in this month of November. This game has got an enticing story line where you are required to release your dragon in the space and control it to avoid the bats .If the bats touch the dragon you actually lose the game since their main aim is killing the dragon. This is one of the addictive games for you to play in this month of November. This game is also downloaded and played for free in the Google Play Store.

5. Math Shooter.
This is a bubble shooter game that is very addictive for your smart wear. This is one of the easiest games to play but a little bit cumbersome to play. In this game you have to shoot at the bubbles and the more bubbles you shoot the more score you earn .This game has got high rating and reviews. This game is also downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.

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Call of duty®: Strike team, is a game developed by Activision® publishing Inc. Activision Blizzard® has headquarter situated in Santa Monica, California. Activision Blizzard® has developed best-selling video games such as Call of Duty®, Spider Man™, X-Men™, James Bond™ & TRANSFORMERS ™. Call of Duty®: Strike Team gets launched for Android users on Google Play on 8 November 2013. The game costs for Rs.428 for Indian users. The game size is 1.9GB & requires Android 4.0 or later versions to run on the device. The game is available for Apple users as well. The game can be downloaded for iPhone ; iPad both. The game is just of 932MB, costs $6.99 & requires iOS 6.0 or later iOS versions.

Call of Duty: Strike Team

Call of Duty (R) Strike team delivers an all new experience for mobile; tablet devices. The game features the revolutionary ability to dynamically switch from run-&-gun first person view to coordinating squad attacks in third-person view. The game takes the player in the year 2020 where tensions have built up on high levels between the world`s super-powers. In a surprise attack, the U.S. finds themselves in a war with an unknown enemy. The player`s mission is to lead a Joint Special Operations Team in a global effort to hunt down the people who are responsible. The player can switch between first-person view to third-person view & vice-versa at almost any time. The player can customize the members of the squad with weapons & body armor for strategic attack on enemy.

The player can experience a single player ‘Campaign mode’ which is full of epic; cinematic moments in diverse locations around the world. The player has to give his best to survive the increasing difficulty of the game in ‘Survival mode’. Overall the game is very nice & it can be said that it is the start of GOOD quality mobile gaming. As the mobiles are getting better; better with time, the games getting launched in the near future would be really amazing, filled with rich visual content. The game does not come with multi-player option right now but we can expect this feature to arrive in the near future.
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