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android 2

Google Android N will make App drawer Optional

Every smartphone device has a number of built in apps. The operating system makes a difference in handling them. While iOS have all the...
Sony Xperia Z3+

Tips to increase the Battery Performance of Xperia Z3+

Sony Xperia Z3+ has heaps of incredible components and great battery life to boot, however like any cell phone in the event that you...
Android marshmallow

List of Phones with Android Marshmallow Update

The latest iteration of Google’s Android is here - called after the famous confectionery Marshmallow. First unveiled at the Google I/O under the codename...
Apple music

Sync Apple iTunes Music to your Android Device: Easy Steps

Have you wondered about taking your Apple iTunes Music music library out and put it in your Android Smartphone or tablet. Your imagination becomes...
android 4

Top 5 Android Games for 3rd week December 2015

As the Christmas festive approaches you really need to keep yourself engaged by playing the most addictive games. That is why the game developers...
Motorola Moto X Play 3rd Gen 2015

Moto X Play PC Suite Windows | Mac

Motorola Mobility a Smartphone manufacturer which got split into two Companies in the year 2011. A Motorola solution looking after one part of the...
Sony Xperia M5

Sony Xperia M5 and PC Suite

Sony Xperia M5 a Smartphone with latest features and specification, is the latest handset by Sony Mobile. The Xperia range started with Windows Operating...
lg nexus 5x

Tips for Increasing Battery Life of LG Nexus 5x

Nexus 5x has never been known for the quality of its battery, and it has seen its fair share of problems in the past....
android 4

Top 5 Android Apps for 1st week September 2015

The world of technology has really changed and advanced in terms of innovation, inventiveness and technological levels. Therefore you are not supposed to be...
Android Privacy Lock

Stagefright Explained: Android Exploit causing jitters

What is stagefright? "Stagefright" is the name given to a potential exploit that lives fairly deep inside the Android operating system itself. The gist...