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Android N App Drawer will be optional

Every smartphone device has a number of built in apps. The operating system makes a difference in handling them. While iOS have all the apps laid on the screen right in front, and the user has the option to put a few of them in folders and hide from sight. Android on the other hand, allows the users to display on the screen only those which are to be shown, with an option of all other apps being accessed via app drawer.

android 2

Android N App Drawer can be turned off

Both these systems have become popular in their own segment of users. Google has released a new video through Google Maps that show off various Google apps and the services offered for Android, like search, Chrome, Hangouts, Photos and Maps. This video has given speculation that the new Android N will give the users the option of disabling the app drawer. However, many of the viewers think that this is not the app drawer, but it could well be showing how Android N will be like.

However it should well be also known that Samsung and LG, have already done the same thing for their smartphones, as they have already offered an option as to whether or not the user wish to enable app drawer. Thus Google is not the only player in this field it is quite possible that Google removed this feature as it was not necessary, so it was omitted as the video is just a Mockup as compared to the actual smartphone.It would be of interest to know what the general consensus, removing the app drawer is a good idea or bad?

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Sony Xperia Z3+ has heaps of incredible components and great battery life to boot, however like any cell phone in the event that you utilize it parts and parcels the battery can begin to deplete rather rapidly. Our Xperia Z3 battery tips will offer you some assistance with squeezing each and every piece of force from your Xperia’s battery without keeping your telephone in Airplane Mode throughout the day.

Sony Xperia Z3+Increase Battery Performance of Xperia Z3+

Xperia Z3+ battery tip: choose your apps carefully

It’s an undeniable point, however the measure of time your Xperia keeps running for relies on upon what you do with it: full-screen, quick paced gaming is clearly going to be more requesting than perusing the web or listening discreetly to MP3 music, so it’s not an extraordinary thought to stack up a diversion when you’re coming up short on force. Keep an eye out for applications that continually overhaul out of sight, as well: in the event that you needn’t bother with them always checking for new information, your battery will inhale a moan of help in the event that you slaughter them briefly or incapacitate foundation upgrading through and through.

Display Tips

The brighter your screen, the more battery force it’ll use. To get all the more blast from your battery, turn the screen brilliance down and cripple versatile shine, which consequently conforms the splendor in view of the lighting conditions. While you’re busy, pop into Settings > Display and decrease the measure of time before your screen goes to rest.

Limit Access to Location Service

You most likely realize that GPS highlights bigly affect battery life, however you won’t not realize that it isn’t simply mapping applications that utilization them: climate applications, news applications, informal organizations and notwithstanding managing an account applications like to know your area so they can tailor their substance or in light of the fact that they’re simply meddlesome. It’s a smart thought to visit Settings > Location to see what’s been getting to your area information. This additionally lets you know the amount of an impact those applications are having on your battery life. Look out for applications that have their own area settings as well: for instance, Twitter applications frequently give you the choice to impart your area information to every tweet you post.

Don’t Stream If You Don’t Have To

Numerous applications, for example, Spotify Premium and YouTube empower you to download content for logged off survey. That is helpful, as a result obviously seeing or listening to that substance once you’ve downloaded it won’t utilize your portable information association. That lessens battery channel, wipes out buffering and has the glad symptom of not including towards your versatile information stipend on the off chance that you do the downloading on Wi-Fi before you go out.

Turn Off Features You Don’t Need

Killing elements, for example, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth doesn’t have a colossal effect to battery life exclusively, yet in the event that you turn heaps of such elements off it can have an exceptionally perceptible effect. Killing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and Location Mode will squeeze more power from your remaining charge. Applications, for example, Wireless Minder can kill the remote radios when you needn’t bother with them, and you can utilize Tasker to set up profiles so that specific components are handicapped in specific areas or at specific times.

Sony has its own particular battery sponsor, called Stamina Mode. You’ll see it under Power Management, and it can debilitate certain elements to get more life from your battery without making you miss anything vital.

Keep It Out Of The Sunshine, But Don’t Freeze It Either.

We’re not being amusing: heat has any kind of effect to battery execution and life span, and run of the mill batteries’ lifespans drop by 20% on the off chance that they’re working in 30 degrees centigrade (86 degrees Fahrenheit) rather than 20 degrees (68 degrees Fahrenheit), so don’t leave your Xperia sitting in direct daylight. On the other hand, batteries perform preferred in the warm over they do wide open to the harsh elements, so a room temperature battery continues going long after a chilly one has come up short on charge.

See What’s Doing The Draining And Update Your App

Android’s battery status page is a mine of helpful data, letting you know which specific operations are doing the most depleting. At times you may find that more established applications are bringing about the issue, in which case upgrading them can comprehend your battery issues.

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The latest iteration of Google’s Android is here – called after the famous confectionery Marshmallow. First unveiled at the Google I/O under the codename Android M; the sixth version of Android features a lot of security and bug fixes under the hood, while providing next-gen APIs for wearable devices as well as Google Now. With the latest update, everyone wants to know the handsets that will receive the latest Google OS. Let us take a look at some of the major brands that have announced the Android update this season. We are excluding the Nexus range of devices, since they are the first in line to receive the latest updates.

Android marshmallow update

Android Marshmallow Updates


Most handsets in the Motorola portfolio will be receiving Marshmallow update. However, notable absentees include the low-end Motorola E series 2nd Generation models which were launched in 2015. The full list is given below:


  • Motorola Moto X Pure Edition (3rd Gen)
  • Motorola Moto X Style (3rd Gen)
  • Motorola Moto X Play
  • Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen)


  • Motorola Moto X Pure edition (2nd Gen)
  • Motorola DROID Turbo
  • Motorola Moto MAXX
  • Motorola Moto Turbo


LG has announced a few handsets receiving Android 6.0 updates. The list includes:


  • LG G4
  • LG Flex2


  • LG G3


While the Taiwanese electronics giant has not announced any roll-out plans, the company has stated on its support site that the current crop of Zenfone 2 models will receive the Marshmallow update sometime in early 2016. In addition, the new crop of Zenfone handsets are also expected to receive Android 6.0 updates.


  • Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe
  • Asus Zenfone 2 Laser
  • Asus Zenfone Selfie
  • Asus Zenfone Go
  • Asus Zenfone 2 Series


The Chinese handset manufacturer will upgrade its 2015 line-up, as well as a few models from 2014. However, the Xiaomi Mi3 will be left out, according to a recent leak. Here is a list of handsets with Marshmallow updates:


  • Xiaomi Mi Note 2
  • Xiaomi Redmi 2
  • Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime
  • Xiaomi Mi 4i


  • Xiaomi Mi 4
  • Xiaomi Mi Note
  • Xiaomi Mi Note Pro


Samsung has not yet released its official list of handsets to be upgraded to Android 6.0. However, partners have stated that the following handsets are likely to be upgraded in the near future.


  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  • Samsung Galaxy A8
  • Samsung Galaxy A7


HTC announced that it will upgrade a large number of handsets to Marshmallow, including most of the company’s flagship One line-up.


  • HTC One M9 Plus
  • HTC One E9 Plus
  • HTC One M9
  • HTC One E9


  • HTC One (M8)
  • HTC One (E8)


Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony has unveiled that it will upgrade over 13 handsets to Android 6.0, including one released way back in 2013, thereby becoming the second-largest provider to upgrade a large number of handsets to the latest operating system.


  • Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
  • Sony Xperia Z5
  • Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
  • Sony Xperia Z3+ / Z4
  • Sony Xperia C5 Ultra
  • Sony Xperia C4
  • Sony Xperia M5
  • Sony Xperia M4 Aqua


  • Sony Xperia Z3 / Z3v
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
  • Sony Xperia Z2
  • Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet


  • Sony Xperia Z Ultra GPE


Huawei tops the chart with over 15 devices being upgraded to Marshmallow, including the MediaPad X2 tablet. Given below are the list of devices:


  • Huawei Ascend P8
  • Huawei Ascend P8max
  • Huawei Honor 6 Plus
  • Huawei Honor 7i
  • Huawei Honor 7
  • Huawei Mate S
  • Huawei MediaPad X2


  • Huawei Mate 7
  • Huawei Honor 6
  • Huawei Mate 7
  • Huawei Honor 4X
  • Huawei Honor 4C
  • Huawei Ascend G7


OnePlus, the latest entrant in to the smartphone bandwagon, has only 2 phones in its kitty, both of them will get Android Marshmallow Update.


  • OnePlus 2


  • OnePlus One

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Have you wondered about taking your Apple iTunes Music music library out and put it in your Android Smartphone or tablet. Your imagination becomes true it is now possible to do this now it is not going to be the big deal or tough for us. Many apps and services are going to help it includes Apple’s first Android app. You can go on this and in this you will choose many options and see which is best for you. A beta application is still Apple music for Android. An offer is waiting for you grab it. It is only $10 a month you can use it only in $10 official Apple app. If you have purchased through Apple iTunes Music on Android device the way of purchasing music is simple no confusions. At first we run only Apple app to get music we run many problems but in ios devices we may have easy downloading and gives us a imported mp3’s.

Apple iTunes musicSync Apple iTunes Music to Android Devices

When you go to you’re to your computer there is an option which you can import local files from your computer on edit menu before this you have to choose your Apple iTunes Music folder and all tracks in it. It will available in your mobile apps including Android. If you want to use your mobile app you have to go for the premium subscription as i have told you $10 a month. An extra tool is also available for you to import your Apple iTunes Music tracks. Suppose you have your Apple iTunes Music library at default place , choose option that is File next import ,next tracks and last one Apple iTunes Music from desktop.

If you are not interested in giving $10 a month for premium subscription you don’t have to worry someone will do this job for you his name is Google play Music (if you dont pay for-limited streaming part of the service). A little change you cant move playlists directly,but tracks will transfer easily even if you have purchased direct to Apple iTunes Music.

For doing this you have to choose setting and add folder inside the web apps under the circumstances of Music from this very computer heading. It is like a question to you about pointing Google play music to your Apple iTunes Music folder . You can store upto 50 thousand tracks for free and when you requires you can Synced to your Android devices. Have you realized that when you highlight a playlist of tracks Apple iTunes Music and then you click Edit option and copy you know you can paste the actual files whatever their location is you got this. In short you can copy past directly no difficult will face you it is simple as you thought i know you got all this this is just simple copy paste you have to select and copy from Apple iTunes Music to an Android device without doing this jumpy through many hoops.

You can play individual songs from apps as the likes of Dropbox and Google drive this will help you to sync file from your Apple iTunes Music folder . it is not easy for getting your files into music folder so it will not work may or maybe not work for many handful of songs . Have you being thinking that the music player on my Android phone is the Google’s own play Music you are wrong that isn’t you have to keep in mind this one. The better option is BitTorrent sync in this tracks are Synced straight (no problems)from you pc or laptop to device without involvement of cloud you can also save them directly and simply on your Androids device. The BitTorrent gives us the simplest way .

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As the Christmas festive approaches you really need to keep yourself engaged by playing the most addictive games. That is why the game developers have really thrived in designing new games that are fantastic to play. This is actually a long holiday that you really need to relax after a heavy year of working and the games developed in this last month of the year are actually top most and are really intrinsic. Here are the top 5 games that you won’t miss out in this festive holiday for your Android phone

android 4

Top 5 Android Games for 3rd week December 2015

1. Ultimate Dragon simulator.
If you are a hardcore gamer then this is the game for you to play. This is an action adventure game that renders realistic simulation during the game play. In this game you have to customize your dragon so as to join man in fighting against his enemies such as the Orcs and other deadly monsters. This game has got a simple control thus making it be interesting to play and master the controls. This is one of the highly rated games in the Google play store that is downloaded for free.

2. The Lost Echo.
This is an amazing adventure game for you to play in this 3rd week of December. This game basically involves sci-fi and mysteries for you to unveil them. This game is equipped with unique and brain teasing puzzles for you to solve. This is one of the games designed using the latest technology making it have amazing graphics with a perfect interface. This game is downloaded for free in the Google play store.

3. Nemesis Hidden Objects.
If you are a top hardcore gamer in this universe then this is a game that you should not miss out on it. This is one of the top paid games with a price tag of $ 5.09. This is an amazing game where you are required to unveil the death mysteries that do occur in the city. This is one of the best games you can ever play due to its amazing adventures. This game has got eye catching graphics making it the most addictive game for you to play.

4. Dr. Panda Firefighters.
This is one of the most addictive adventure games where you are required to put out fire on various buildings in the city. It is one of the addictive games to play because it has got very many quest for you to complete. This is one of the best games in the Google play store no wonder you are required to purchase it before downloading it . Hence it has got a price tag of $ 5.85.

5. Snowboard Party 2.
This is one of the top most snowboarding game ever in the Google play store. It has got improved features such as: increase in the number of tracks for you to play and even an option of customizing your riders with amazing skins .This game has got amazing graphics with a perfect interface that is why you are required to purchase it before downloading it.

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Motorola Mobility a Smartphone manufacturer which got split into two Companies in the year 2011. A Motorola solution looking after one part of the enterprise segment. While acquired soon by Google, Motorola Mobility was then sold to Lenovo in the year 2014. After the spilt it came with Smartphone which earned a good amount of attention from users.

Motorola Moto X Play 3rd Gen 2015

Moto X Play PC Suite

Moto X play is latest Smartphone, introduced from Motorola. The Smartphone was launched in India with killing price tag of 18,499. The Moto X Play was launched in a unique way, with a few interesting offers. The offers includes holiday package at Bangkok and Goa and also other Lunch offers. The Moto X Play comes with 5.5-inch of display screen with 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution, the display screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It runs on Android Lollipop version 5.1.1 with Dual SIM functionality. It is powered with Qualcomm 615 Snapdragon 64-bit processor coupled with 2GB of RAM and 405 Adreno GPU.

Turning toward camera section, the Smartphone offers 21MP of rear camera and 5MP of a front facing camera. One can make better use of the Smartphone by downloading and installing USB driver and PC Suite.
PC Suite is a tool which helps to manage the content and take back or restore back to device or PC. By updating firmware to check for its better performance and security, sharing internet between different devices, syncing data and storing data on cloud can all be done with PC Suite.
Download Moto X Play PC Suite Windows | Mac

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Sony Xperia M5 a Smartphone with latest features and specification, is the latest handset by Sony Mobile. The Xperia range started with Windows Operating system and have finally turned and landed on Android OS. It was the first company to come with dust-proof and waterproof certification. Today, Sony has taken the market with its quality of features.

Sony Xperia M5

Sony Xperia M5 and PC Suite

In August 2015, Sony announced Xperia M5. The Smartphone offers 5.00-inch of touchscreen with 1080 X 1920 pixel resolution. It is powered by 2GHz of Octa-Core MediaTek Helio X10 processor. Turning toward its memory section, it offers 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory which can be further expanded to 200GB through MicroSD card. While, speaking of camera section, the Sony Xperia M5 offers 13MP of front camera with ace quality for selfies and 21.5-MP as rear camera. It runs on Android 5.0, with non-removable battery power 2600mAh. To sate the dimension of a Smartphone, it measures 145.00 X 72.00 X 7.60 and weighing around 142.50-gram.

A phone with such great features and specifications, runs into a need of having PC Suite. PC Suite is an application which forms a bridge between PC and device. One can smoothly transfer all content from PC to the device or vice versa. Taking backup, restoring content, updating firmware can all be done on one click. A glimpse of the Sony Xperia M5 might tempt you to get your hand on this device, surely this device worth a take! With off-course, downloading and installing PC Suite.
Download Sony Xperia M5 PC Suite

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Nexus 5x has never been known for the quality of its battery, and it has seen its fair share of problems in the past. We’ve already brought you some great tips to extend your Nexus 5x battery life
Factory Reset your Nexus 5x
The first thing that I advise to anyone who complains about battery life (or has performance issues in general) is to reset their phone. This is especially applicable if you have a phone that has had a big software update recently. Perform a factory reset (backup your data beforehand as a factory reset will delete everything), and set your phone up once again from scratch.

lg nexus 5x

Identify power hoggers
Some apps consume an absurd amount of battery for no good reason at all. It is important that you identify which apps are eating up more battery and if that does not work out for you, uninstall them and report them to the developers. Download and install a free third party app called Greenify. It is a very good app that prevents other rogue apps from running in the background all the time consuming essential resources and battery.

Turn off “adaptive brightness”
It should come as no surprise that the display is the biggest source of battery drain on the Nexus 5x – a quick look in Settings > Battery should tell you this. You might think that a solution is to have your battery constantly adjust for optimal brightness, but the reality is that the Nexus 5x’s light sensor is nowhere near sophisticated enough to adapt effectively. Instead, it is far better to use the lowest brightness setting that is comfortable for you. This will often be lower than what the Nexus 5x adjusts to automatically.

Set “sleep” to the lowest number possible
As your phone display is often the biggest battery drainer, switching your screen off will certainly improve battery life. Ideally your phone display would turn off whenever you aren’t looking at it, but this is yet to be a properly functioning reality. Instead of leaving your screen on for 5 minutes after you stop playing with your handset, make sure it’s awake for the shortest amount of time possible. Try setting it to 15 seconds for maximum benefit – your battery will thank you for it later.

Turn on Battery Saver
The Nexus 5x Battery Saver function is a one-stop-shop for saving juice. Unlike the battery-saving features on Samsung’s TouchWiz or Sony’s Xperia UI — the stock Android one-tap solution provides an instant improvement to battery life. The cost of this, however, is that a number of functions are limited, such as the ability for the Nexus 5x to vibrate, or sync your accounts effectively. Having to open your email manually to check your email might be a small price to pay for a longer-lasting handset.

Keep your Nexus up to date
With the exception of the odd battery-nerfing bug, Android updates usually mean better battery life. By just having Android 5.0 Lollipop on your device, Google says that you extend your device’s battery life by an additional 10 percent, so it’s worth checking regularly for the big L update if you haven’t got it yet. Go to Settings, ‘About phone’, and finally to ‘System updates’; if there’s an update available, your Nexus 5x will let you know.

Turn off Bluetooth and Location
All of the above features can have an adverse effect on your overall battery life. Bluetooth especially should never be kept running when you’re not directly using it. Location is a little trickier because it is used for a number of apps and services. Turn it off, and if you are rarely/never asked to switch it back on, you will know you have made the right choice.

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The world of technology has really changed and advanced in terms of innovation, inventiveness and technological levels. Therefore you are not supposed to be left out but embrace it by downloading the latest android apps for September during the 1st week. There are several apps being developed every moment therefore it might be hectic to determine which one is the best but with our amazing list you will really enjoy having this top apps for this week. The top 5 android apps are the one having the top rating and best reviews. Here is our best list of Android Apps for September 2015 during the 1st week.

android 4

Top 5 Android Apps, 1st week of September 2015

1. Gold and Black Keyboard Theme
This is one of the amazing Android apps with a rating of 4.5 with over 5000 reviews. One can’t just wait to download it in his /her smartphone. It has got wonderful color themes of over 10000 with emoticons and smiley faces that even makes it lovelier. You do not need to set up the keyboard background color and wallpaper because of it magnificent view. It uses the Go Keyboard. The keyboard is acquired for free in the Google play store.

2. True Messenger
This is one of the best apps to keep your inbox safe from spams and messages from strangers. This is an upgrade from the earlier version of the true caller. This apps blocks the spam messages and even tells you the identity of the sender of the message and even the calls. It also protects your inbox by cleaning the spams and even separating the spam messages. It’s one of the best apps with a rating of over 4.3 and 20000 reviews. Keep your mind calm from unnecessary curiosity of strange calls and messages with this app.

3. AppLock Theme Deep Forest
This is one of the best android protection tools in the market. This app will help you to keep you phone away from snoopers who might want to see you private photos and even messages by password protecting of your apps. These app also manages your other apps. This app has got an amazing new design that propels it to having a higher rating of over 4.2 and over 3200 ratings.

4. Fingerprint Locker
You want to keep you phone off from snoopers this month then this is the best android app to acquire. Having a rating of over 4.1 and reviews of over 5000 it’s absolutely the best to stop snoopers. This app is customized and simulated to scan your fingers in order to unlock the phone for around 2 seconds. This is to provide maximum protection to your phone because without your finger you cannot unlock your phone. This app is just acquired for free in the Google app play store

5. Straight Outta Meme Maker
This is a meme generator that allows you to generate memes in any place of the world not only Atlanta London or Compton. This is also one of the best apps with a rating of over 4.0 and over 1000 reviews. This makes it one of the best apps for you this month.

See Also – Top 5 Android Games for 1st week September 2015

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What is stagefright?

“Stagefright” is the name given to a potential exploit that lives fairly deep inside the Android operating system itself. The gist is that a video sent via text message could be theoretically used as an avenue of attack through the libStageFright mechanism which helps Android process video files. Many text messaging apps like Google’s Hangouts app was specifically mentioned — automatically process that video so it’s ready for viewing as soon as you open the message, and so the attack theoretically could happen without you even knowing it. The libstagefright engine is used to execute code which is received in the form of a malicious video via MMS, thus requiring only the mobile number of the victim to carry out a successful attack.

Android Privacy Lock Stagefright

How serious is stagefright?

Zimperium Research Laboratories conducted a research and found out that stagefright exploit exposes 95% of android devices to this vulnerability since it affect devices running Android 2.2 and up especially devices prior to Jelly Bean 4.3. Again, the number of devices with the flaw in the libStageFright library itself is pretty huge, because it’s in the OS itself. But as noted by Google a number of times, there are other methods in place that should protect your device. Think of it as security in layers.

What makes stagefright different from other massive vulnerabilities

Other exploits were a bit manageable because it needs user interaction. While they are still “exploits” in the fact that a lot of harm can originate if used maliciously, the fact remains that Stagefright theoretically needs only a victim’s mobile number to turn their phone into a trojan and hence is being given so much attention in recent days. It has become the heartbleed of mobile since it is widespread and it is in the OS itself. The good news is that the researcher who discovered this flaw in Stagefright does not believe that hackers out in the wild are exploiting it.

The update dilemma

In addition to the planned OS and platform updates, Google has promised monthly security updates for most of its Nexus devices. Samsung also announced that it will work with carriers and partners to implement monthly security updates.OEM’s joining the pack include LG,Motorola which will fix the devices the company has made since 2013 and Sony which stated that its devices will soon receive the patches too.

Android, post-stagefright

The harsh truth which we can not denie is the effect stagefright has impacted on the world of android but this has been nothing but a wake up call towards Android and its problem of fragmentation and updates.It has shown its weakest points especially in fixing a problem in multiple million devices at a given time limit.While OEM’s are trying to roll out the numerous problems the truth is it will be limited to the recent devices much worse to the smaller OEM’s.


From what we have seen there is no elegant way to fix this problem, there will always be some shortcoming in the reach of fixes.Keeping track on the status of each device’s security would be a very gigantic task.At the end of the day everyone will be on the know. Click here to download stagefright checker