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It’s amazing that, only a few months prior, we were uncertain how profound the HTC Vive’s amusement library would be at dispatch. While its dispatch diversion accumulation isn’t really more profound than the Oculus Rift’s, it’s apparently better – taking off to higher statures with the Vive’s room-scale enchantment. Subsequent to playing the damnation out of the Vive since a week ago, we have 5 picks for the best Vive recreations to download on Day One.

1. Vanishing Realms:

If you have a Vive, we suggest putting Vanishing Realms at the highest point of your purchase list. Envision The Legend of Zelda, just as opposed to controlling Link as a character on a screen, you assume his part inside a completely acknowledged 3D world, utilizing your own particular body to walk, get questions and duel with sword-employing skeletons. Being a room-scale amusement, you stroll around your physical space, but at the same time there’s more extensive world-scale development by means of transporting. Hold down a catch, point your controller and zap! – You’re there.

The fights in Vanishing Realms are a standout amongst the most invigorating encounters in VR today, as you physically swing the controller (sword) to repel assaults and counter with your own all around set hits. En route you’ll additionally open a bow and bolt, shield and a rebel enchantment wand that will make them channel your inward Gandalf. Vanishing Realms is in Early Access on Steam, so it’s a fragmented diversion. The part that is accessible now, however, gave us very nearly two hours of gameplay. We anticipate seeing this turn into a full-length epic, however what’s done now is definitely justified even despite the US$20 cost of confirmation.

2. Work Simulator:

One of the three recreations packaged with the Vive at dispatch, Alchemy Labs’ Job Simulator is an amusing re-enactment/sandbox diversion that is an incredible prologue to movement controller-based VR. Set later on, when people are minimal more than interests to our robot overlords, you gone through the robots’ built reenactments of what today’s human employments resembled. Just the robots don’t exactly get it, so you have things like duplicating machines that clone physical questions and microwaves that can turn a bit of bread with a tomato and triangle of cheddar on top into a flawless cut of pizza. It’s all extremely joking, with the mocking, dull comic drama serving as the ideal setting for the activity of the diversion. Like Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto arrangement, Job Simulator joins set errands with open-finished sandbox flexibility. The gameplay may sound ordinary, yet there’s something hugely fulfilling about getting an espresso mug and hurling it into the desk area by you. The amusement is both a showcase piece for followed controllers and a play area for your internal id.

These initial two amusements demonstrate the scope of encounters you can have with the Vive’s room-scale. Vanishing Realms gives you colossal universes to investigate through transporting, while Job Simulator makes hanging out in a settled room about as fun as could be allowed.

3. Float Junkers:

We’ve as of now run point by point pre-dispatch impressions of Hover Junkers, so we’ll welcome you to hit that up for additional on one of the best Vive amusements at dispatch. StressLevelZero’s multiplayer shooter utilizes a moving stage procedure to give you more extensive world-level headway, notwithstanding room-scale development – which, for this situation, implies strolling around the deck of your temporary, post-prophetically catastrophic air cushion vehicle.

4. The Gallery Episode 1: Call of the Starseed:

The Gallery takes the exemplary experience amusement class, and conveys it to room-scale VR. Along comparative lines as Vanishing Realms, you stroll around your physical space, as well as move around the bigger world by transporting.
The ubiquity of enterprise diversions failed out in the most recent decade or two, as capacities to focus abbreviated and the Internet made illuminating their riddles only a couple clicks away. In any case, the class could discover a resurgence in VR, as slower-paced, environmental and story-driven titles can hold advanced personalities’ advantage preferable here over they would on 2D screens.

5. The lab:

Valve’s exclusive independent amusement at the Vive’s dispatch, The Lab is a free arrangement of VR smaller than usual recreations for the Vive. This is one of the best applications to utilize while showcasing the Vive for loved ones, as it presents the fundamental ideas of room-scale VR, Chaperone limits, followed controllers and transporting. The lab game is free of cost.

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Although it seems irrelevant to play games on such tiny sized Apple watch with one handed control method, still a huge Apple iwatch fan base is eager to play games on Apple iwatch therefore developers have burned their midnight oils in order to procure some exciting games for Apple iwatch 2.. Here is a list of top 5 of Apple iwatch 2 games you will love to play.

apple-iwatch-2Apple iWatch 2 Games Download

1. Best Fiends

fiends iwatch 2

It is a free to play candy crush styled IAP dependent puzzle game in which you have to explore the lands of Minutia, save yourself from dangers and find treasures.. In its r to keep your powers, characters updated and to defeat the slugs, you will need to keep the game connected with its iPhone app.
2. Cosmos Rings

cosmos-rings iwatch 2

This game is developed by Square Enix which are the developers of famous ROB games like Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana. It is being regarded as the first of its kind role playing game where you can make brutal attacks on enemy’s by single tapping on the screen. You will need to play the game essentially during the last 3 minutes of the boss fights.
3. Lifeline…:

lifeline-2 iwatch 2

It is an interesting real time game on Apple watch where you will met with Taylor, the only alive member of the crew who landed on the moon. You will need to guide Taylor in taking different decisions in order to make him survive.. By real time we mean that if Taylor says it will take him an hour to do any activities, it is a real life hour for you too which is very exciting about it.
4. Nuggetz

nuggets iwatch 2

It is a funny yet challenging reaction based game based on the A troop effect.. Here you are challenged to name the color of a word while the word itself reads the name of any other color. E. G you are asked to name the color of a word reading yellow while the word itself is blue color. Don’t take it lightly because it is highly challenging.
5. Rules!

rules iwatch 2

It is an artistic yet cute brain stretching game where you get to complete 10 stages daily.. It is not the type to bust your brain but it can actually acts as a brain sharpener. It lets you record daily progress on the iOS app. Infact it is nothing like anything.

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Nowadays everything from kitchen recipe’s to high dynamics gaming is available online but it isn’t always pleasant to be necessarily connected with internet in order to play a good game. A mindset has started to overcome our views related to gaming that every good came demands us to stay online. Therefore we have collected a bunch of cool offline games which you can play offline on your Android Smartphone.

offline-android-gamesAndroid Offline Games: Free Download

1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition:

This awesome game title doesn’t need any special advertisement because it is the biggest selling video game franchises so far and its pocket edition for Android Smartphone has been slimmed and trimmed by proper ways in order to keep it as enjoyable as the PC edition and they have been very successful until now. A huge load of weapons, potions and other item are inside for you to explore and defend yourself against enemy mobs. You can also craft some interesting structures and mechanisms making yourself as strong as possible.

2. Alto’s Adventure:
Although this game was released only a month or two back, it has been able to successfully top the charts as far as offline Android games are concerned. You, the tricky snowboarder Alto have to run down a treacherous snowy mountain, it will be running down automatically but you have to control the balance and make Alto achieve the goals. You will find some interesting and seriously crafted graphically awesome scenes in this game like Grinding along a rope, with a windmill in the background, etc.

3. Townsmen:

Most of the RTS games which were once very popular on PC failed to show their magic on Android platform but Townsmen is the exceptional one making it possible to maintain its slot on the Android platform as well. Here you will have to maintain some serious economy and make the Townsmen flourish. The only downside to this game we feel is the annoying ads that it makes you watch however spend some capital and you are good to go ad free.

4. Shadow Fight 2:

It is personally our favorite one in the list, you are a shadow fighter and you will have to fight your way through the divine to achieve your goal. You will get to fight one on one with the legends in tournaments, challenges and with the ultimate bosses in each act. The online underworld of this game is also addictive like the rest of this game.

5. Angry Birds Star Wars 2:

Its true that there are quite a few Angry Birds games available in the play store but Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is the finest one. The designs, abilities and gameplay scenarios are awesome indeed. If you are looking for an easy to play, fun and friendly mood cheering game, you should go for it.

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How fun it was to read comic books? Now the comic books are replaced by digital comic strips or just animation series. Animation have roused to great height? Ever imagined you can make a cartoon sketch of your own image just for fun. Technology had developed to great extend to the way we had dreamed off, but few people dreamed a bit too much from technology. Any way’s let not get into these things, let’s focus on main plot of this post! Warner Bros Interactive are all set to come with 5-games, which are on development phase. The games which are set to make debut in 2015 will be under franchise of DC Comics, Batman, Mortal Kombat , Game of Thrones and so.

Warner bros games

Warner Bros Games Are very popular

The mobile business is expected to grow more in coming days. The five games which are under development are as follows:

  • Games of Thrones:The game is yet to be titled which will allow you to conquer Westeros as epic combat strategy game. User must prove their wit create tactics and battle across Seven Kingdoms.
  • DC Comic Legends: The collection of Legendary DC Comics have given a different look from super-hero’s to evil villain, the super team have got customized.
  • Lego Batman:The Caped Crusader have joined the DC Comic super hero in race of premium games. Batman moving outer space to finish off the evil work and stop destroying earth.
  • Batman: Arkham Underworld: User can built their team and train them to an army. The Game include super villain Batman: Arkham, also with Killer Croc, Harley Quinn and so. To grab some early game insights,  players can sign in for beta at
  • Mortal Kombat X: This game will be introduced with classic fighters in new avatar. New cinematic effect have added, players who wish to buy the upcoming game for their PC or console can unlock the mobile game and so.

These newbie games will join the WWE which was launched on 15th January 2015 and received thundering millions of response. Warner Bros has launched 25-games on their work graph in last four years, with 150-million or more installation.

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Games are the most dominant form of entertainment ever created on Earth; they have been started ages before and have reached this development. The current game play is highly advanced and most of the popular games are currently in HD format. The real gaming experience comes from the good visual and processing experiment and becomes amazing with the curved display offering much more than clarity. LG G Flex 2 houses a 5.5inches curved display with full HD display providing best ever visual experience. Its super-fast Quad core Snapdragon 810 processor clocked at 1.5GHz along with 2GB RAM and Adreno 430 GPU making it able to run every game with ease and efficiency. The Smart-phone of this standard can provide much more than another can do. Thus we have provided you a list of high definition and adventurous games which will definitely enjoy playing with your LG G Flex 2

lg g flex 2

1. Call of Mini: zombies: The #1 raging action zombie smashing game is here. You are the hero, the hope of the town which has got infected by the virus making people crave for each other’s brains. You are equipped with guns and rockets to charge on zombies and save the rest of mankind from getting infected. This game has got excellent 3D visuals, sound and loads of weapons to be unloaded upon the zombies. Just go out there in the time and start your run and gun action.

2. Island Castaway: Lost World: It is a highly adventurous game full of mysteries and built from an interesting storyline. Due to the accident, your ship is totally demolished and you are stuck on an island. Now your main goal is to survive on this Island and finally get out of it. For that you have to be the leader of castaway and keep them in unity and build stuff on the island like fish farm for food, go on quests. There are 850 quests waiting for you to be exploring along with 35 resources needed to build, 32 characters and 28 dishes to eat. There is much more stuff to be unlocked like magic spells for protection, etc.

3. Kitty Jump: It’s a very adventurous game where you have to keep kitty making jump higher and higher to collect sausage. You will find rockets, balloons, for flying them. Be aware of landing because the ground is made of different materials like earth, stones, ice, etc. The more you will make your kitten climb higher, the tougher situations will arrive. Stay away from the obstacles and the monsters around you.

4. El Chavo: The carnival is about to start, it’s just waiting for you to join. Enter this fun carnival in mansion of Mr Beliarge. You will have to join Chavo and other companions and enjoy playing different mini games. Play knockdown with Mr Raymond, shooting with Mr Beliarge in his shooting range, ghosts and skulls with Miss Pinster in her horror house. If you won the games, you will earn the tickets to be used in buying cool gadgets at Mrs. Worthmore’s shop.

5. Stellar Salvation: Play the role of a captain of a crew appointed to fight back against the pirates and newly evolved aliens. But for the you will have to play as a fair captain in training your crew, go on missions and get your ship upgraded enough to fight back against the evils. Fight with the mighty power and eliminate the alien threat completely once forever. You can earn the credits from the missions you succeed which will be used for upgrades.

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Mobile games are a crowd favorite, there are plenty of different types of mobile games. Angry Birds series of games are extremely popular, these games are biggest craze in the mobile users. Though recently there are other games becoming more popular, amongst them are the Candy Crush Saga and the puzzles and dragons. As these games are simpler compared to Angry Birds in slinging and shooting.
Rovio has well accepted and understood the fact and has changed the game-play and now Rovio has launched two new games namely- Angry Birds Stella POP and Angry Birds Fight. These two games are launched in Canada and Thailand.

Angry Birds

Rovio release a new series of Angry Bird

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The new game Angry Birds fight is about matching birds to battle enemies quite similar to Puzzle and dragons, while the other new game from Rovio Angry Birds Stella POP is all about players popping bubbles to defeat the Pigs that are villains in this game. This game is similar to that of Bubble Witch Saga and Bust-a move. The Finnish company Rovio has made an impressive attempt to scoop into the market share of mobile game, through these two games the company has successfully devised the games that matches the game-play in most of the recently popular mobile games. The company has also expanded into non-gaming segments such as clothing and toys. Let’s see how Rovio move with upcoming plans?


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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is one of the latest installments to the Grand series from Samsung. Unlike other siblings, this Smartphone is LTE compatible, thus being a budget LTE compatible Smartphone from Samsung. It flaunts a 5.0 inches TFT display with resolution of 540*960pixels. This Smartphone comes pre-installed with Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat OS operating on a Snapdragon 410 Quad core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz accompanied by 1GB RAM. It houses an 8MP primary camera and 5MP front shooter which is a good combination at this standard. Its 2600mAh batter provides 17h on 3G. Overall configuration makes it a good low budget Smartphone with decent specifications. The gaming capability just like other Smartphone’s in this range will be good enough to make you happy. Its hot core can run a wide range of games without lag. Thus, as per the configuration, we have summed up some fresh gaming stuff from Galaxy Grand Prime. From shooting to adventures, you will definitely enjoy these. So, let’s give them a try and have fun time.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Top Games for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

1. Sky Gamblers – Storm Raiders: Get yourself clasped into this air combat straight from WWI. Get engaged into fights, protect fleets and friendly cities, the game has been visualized in real life pattern featuring real sites like Pearl Harbor, Mid way, France, etc. The graphics quality is excellent and the gaming mode is detailed and in-depth with real life screening of weather, atmosphere, mapping, etc. A large number of online modes are present for this game which includes Free Flight, Survival, Last Man Standing, Free for All and many more.

2. Gunbrick: This is an ultimate rampage game, hold fast your gun an shield, kill the mutants, tough guys, get intertwined with law forces, and do all the action in 3 unique locations, with different types of fights, unlock achievements and get going. The controls are optimized for better Smartphone experience and this game is all free with no in app purchases at all. You will be listening to music from famous Eirik Suhrke.

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3. Gunslugs 2: The aliens are back to destroy our whole galaxy with their improved technology, the black duck army is ready to take over galaxy as well as earth from the hands of humanity. So, get yourself ready to go all through the alien forces destruction, travel to 7 different worlds with 8 levels present in each world, and get engaged with rocket launchers, guns, tanks and all the heavy assault weapons. Let’s get in the action and be the hero of your own world.

4. Shipwrecked: Volcano Island: During an adventure trip, your get left stranded on an island which boards a volcano on its chest, now you and your mates have to be brave enough to build your own civilization, explore the quests, treasures and pirates. To navigate to the secret treasure unlock the stranded cargo on beach; protect your colony from volcano. Prove successful to every challenge thrown at you every weekend, compete with your other friends and grab rewards.

5. Punch boxing 3D: Ever dreamed of being the boxing champion and the greatest of all times? Well, this is the place where you can live your dream. The 3D graphics of this game makes it realistic with fights against above 30 players from Las Vegas, Washington and other places. Go advanced and learn powerful combos to be the champion. You are provided with 120 above uniforms and other materials to use.
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With the buzz of latest iPhone games all over the world, the developers are burning their midnight oils to produce some great games for your iPhone but due to increased competition they need to make a difference in their games for getting famous. The huge count of games was recently released but only the few of them could make it into our list. The main reason behind it being poor storyline or poor graphics or either it can be due to high price. So, after hovering over the web, we have enlisted here the latest and hottest games for the 3rd week of January 2015. So, let’s hustle, fight, and have fun all over again with this new stuff.

Apple iPhone 6

Top 5 iPhone Games for 3rd Week January 2015

1. SoulCraft: It’s an action role playing game where you have to play the role of an angel and you are the one who will decide the winning side. The dungeons and demons have come together to destroy the humanist circle of life, so it’s your responsibility to save the humanity of humans. It’s up to you to decide whether humans or Gods in heaven or evil will won this fight. You can play this game in five modes which are Hell Gate, time run, arena, crystal defense and boss fights. A high standard weapon system including loads of weapons is present for the fights.

2. Swing Shot: Its an easy and fun to play game which everyone can enjoy. The controls are simple, just tap and drag to throw the sling at monkeys on the trees and sloths. It’s not just this simple, it is provided with different modes which get highly competitive in sniper mode and crazy mode. You will have to build your own different skills while playing in 4 different worlds across 48 stages. You will find enemies hiding, flying and attacking, so be cautions. Lots of upgrades for you and your animal friends are available.
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3. Zombie Gunship: These classic zombie killing games have gained a huge popularity since then and are still leading the gaming arena. This is 1st person zombie shooting game where you have to kill waves of zombies by using different weapons which include Gatling gun, Bofors auto cannon, and howitzer cannon. The game is playable with 3D night vision glasses till the end. You have to kill the zombies are save humans from getting overrun by them. In the meantime you will be earning scores, ranks and coins used for upgrades.

4. Magic Wingdom: It’s an intermixed puzzle cum action game which is more likely to give you a dose of addiction. Manage your Magic bird farm, enlarge it up to 4 yards, and unlock up to 20 amazing birds and loads of decorating items like toys, plants, etc. You can get all this by performing well in the game, which will make you earn coins, gaming points and emeralds. Quests are also available for unlocking to get achievements

5. Autorobot: Being a tower defense game, you will have to take charge as battlefield commander and defend your tower against the enemies. This game can be played in arcade mode as well as endless mode. Arcade mode is composed of few levels while as endless mode is literally endless till defeat. Loads of weapons are available with cool up gradations onwards, overall 100 levels are present. Leader board is also incorporated to track your success with respect to others.

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The gaming performance and compatibility of a Smartphone essentially depends upon its processing power, operating system and amount of RAM provided. However, great gaming experience depends upon the display configuration of the Smartphone. Redmi 2 expected to be released in this month is a decent configuration Smartphone with exceptionally low price rate. This Smartphone will be running on Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS operating on Quad core Snapdragon 410 chipset clocked at 1.2GHz along with 1GB RAM. It will be housing a 4.7inches display with pixel resolution of 1280*720pixels. Moreover it’s alleged to be flaunting 8MP primary camera and 2MP front shooter and 8GB internal storage. It’s hopefully expected to provide a good battery back with its 2200mAh battery.

Top 5 games for Xiaomi Redmi 2

Taking a look at its configurations, This Smartphone houses a great hardware configuration at this standard; display being full HD will provide a great graphical experience. This Smartphone can run a wide range of popular games with its quad core processor and good amount of RAM. The compatibility is also at the crown with its latest version of Android v4.4 Kit Kat stocked. Thus overall this Smartphone is a best mid-range with exceptional price in the market. Here we have enlisted some of the top games you would like to enjoy on your Redmi 2 Smartphone. Let’s get started for unlimited fun.

1. Thor: TDW – The official game: You are pretty likely to be already familiar with this blockbuster movie from Marvel, this game has got the same characters also to play with, being Thor, you would enjoy hammering a great number of rebels . You can wear Odin and Beta Ray Bill costumes too. As in the movie you will have to save the world from being destroyed by the Maleketh’s dark evils. You will enjoy being Thor as you did in movie.

2. Skylanders Battlegrounds: This is a total fighting game where you can choose to be any one among the several available characters. You will need to upraise the war torn battlefield and bring Skylanders to life. Being the fully action and adventurous game you would get to unlock many new weapons and magical powers to fight against Kaos and save the Skylanders.

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3. Star Arena: It’s somewhat a tower defence game with innovative ideas. Here you can control a base and deploy into units and be a guide to them. You can also enjoy it in multiplayer mode and this game is ad free and no purchases are required at all. Just get ready, and save the humanity from alien invasion. This game has got excellent 3D graphics and strong wars; you should definitely try to get this one.

4. Sketchman: It’s an endless runner game with a simple concept and two button plays. Run forever and shoot as many enemies as you can. It’s not just this simple, you can use six different types of weapons with many more yet to arrive. The gameplay is very fast paced and tons of missions are to be completed and coins to be earned. However in-app purchases are available in this game for upgrades, etc.

5. Roman from Mars: In this exciting shooter game, you are a roman soldier provided with great mysterious power of ice, fire, lightning and Earth by Jupiter for fighting against the Martian army. You must keep the Martian army away from your fences otherwise Earth will get overrun by Martians. The upgrade for your crossbow weapon is also available. You can also fight against 10 other types of enemies and save Earth.
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Games have taken over!! Yeah… Been avid gamers we have always supported gaming community. We enjoy the challenges and the satisfaction that games offer. Sometimes we need to ask the guys here to get on with the work. That been said we went through loads of games in the last seven months and we know its early to decide which are the best so far since holidays are time that most game companies look forward to come out with their best work. We decided to have a look at the last 8 months of games, what have they offered, which ones are popular.In 2014, several games are already launched and some have gained huge popularity. Let’s have a look at some of the best android games of 2014.

Android Logo

Asphalt 8: Airborne the best racing game

Asphalt 8 is the next series of the asphalt racing game launched in 2014. This new game has better graphics, new modes, new rides, etc. Millions of users have already installed this racing game on their Smart phones. This game can be downloaded from Google play store and that too for free of cost. To install this game on your Smart phone, your device must have sufficient storage as its size varies from device to device.

Dumb Ways to Die: enjoy gauntlet of mini games

In dumb ways to die user needs to go through 15 mini games. After crossing 1 mini game the user is promoted to the second game, and it continues until the user has completed the last mini game. As the user proceeds the level of difficulty also gets increased. To download this game on your Smart phone you must have Android version 2.2 or more.

XON episode Two: explore a unique world

XON episode Two is the best puzzle and adventure game of 2014. In this game user explores a unique world and reveal its mysteries. This game has beautiful graphics and challenging puzzles. To download this game your device must have Android version 2.3 or up and 45 MB sufficient storage. You have to pay INR 68.50 to install this game on your device.

Dungeon Hunter 4: fast action game

Dungeon Hunter 4 is a fast action game where the user starts a single player campaign; gather loot by attacking multi player opponents. This game is liked by millions of users and it can be downloaded for free. Only users with android 2.3 or more can play this action game.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: protect your lawn from Zombies

In plants vs. Zombies 2 user needs to protect his lawn from an attack of zombies. Users have to think a lot about protecting his lawn as zombies are smarter and have new strategies for destroying your lawn. This game is available for free of cost at Google play store and users with android version 2.3 or more can install this game.

These are only few games which have sought user attention in 2014. You can look for all the new releases in Google play store. You can also search over the internet for new android games in 2014.