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Micromax, the largest Indian mobile manufacturer, released another smartphone to watch out for.MICROMAX CANVAS EVOK that comes with a 5.50-inch touchscreen display with 720 pixels by 1280 pixels resolution having a PPI of 267 pixels per inch. Powered with 1.4 GHz octa-core Quallcomm Snapdragon 415 processor and comes with a 3GB RAM. A smartphone packed with potentials for mobile gaming. Now, that is had just been released, why don’t we list some of the top games you can play with. Here are our top 5 games for Micromax Canvas Evok.

Top 5 Games for Micromax Canvas Evok

Download Games for Micromax Canvas Evok

1. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Genre: Simulation, Multiplayer (Bluetooth), Online

Let’s start with one of the most popular game nowadays, Minecraft. Just who does play games and not know Minecraft at this point in time?

Create, Build and Survive. Minecraft special and unique styles making many gamers enjoy its vast world. Start your own adventure, gather resources, fight the enemies of the night and survive your days. Use your imagination and build a structure only you can think of. That is what it has in store for you.

2. Plants War 2

Plants War 2

Genre: RPG, Strategy RPG

Why not try some Leafy RPG? Save Dryad Forest from animal invasion with Leafy and Plant minions. Go and command your army of plants as you equip your heroes with your best equipment and lead them to the battlefield and save their home. It have a very simplistic RTS and MOBA action gameplay but truly entertaining.

3. Nitro Nation Racing

Nitro Nation Racing

Genre: Racing

Love speed? Then why not try Nitro Nation Racing? It is one of the best racing games for smartphones out there. Nitro Nation Racing gives you action packed drag racing experience. With a large variety of cars to select, pump your favorite car up and race up to your heart’s content.

Race with players all over the world, customize your own car and with its most realistic physics engine, everything works the way it does in real life. Everything is within your grasp. Moreover, play fair as it offers no premium upgrades and give you a game where a driver skill is all that matters.

4. Dream Machine

Dream Machine

Genre: Puzzle

Now let’s head to puzzle games. Dream Machine lets you manipulate fantastical machines and solve puzzles containing many mysterious optical illusions. Unravel their mysteries as you try to survive through various levels, fight boss and escape the cold, inhumane factory and be free into the amazing fantasy world.

5. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom

Genre: Arcade, Runner

Now, how could a list be complete without one of our beloved franchises since the start of gaming history? Sonic the Hedgehog comes back with another speed runner game. Play as Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Tails and many more. Run as fast as you can and in new and amazing 3D worlds. Traverse brain chilling obstacle and find badniks in this fast paced game.

Now there are our top 5 games for Micromax Canvas Evok. There is nothing to lose and fun to gain to try them.

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There are too many games out there made for smartphones. Now, for Asus ZenFone Max, we a picking few of the best games we can find. What are categories for judging?  One is to take advantage of the processing speed and graphics capability of the phone but that all as we also consider the plot and game play. So here are our top 5 games for Asus ZenFone Max.

Top 5 games download for Asus Zenfone Max

1. This War of Mine

This War of Mine

Let’s start with a thrilling survival game. This War of Mine is an android game based on the same award winning game on PC. Play as a group of survivors living in a war driven country. Rebuild your base that was destroyed before as you manage your supplies and the physical and mental state of your group. Lead one survivor to scavenge at night as the others stay home to rest and guard it from looters. Gather food, water and materials and avoid getting detected by enemies and get home safely before dawn.

2. Unkilled


Now, let’s go with a zombie shooter. Also from MADFINGER Games which is the developers of the well-known Dead Trigger 1 and 2 comes the latest and best zombie shooter right now on android. Fight off hordes of zombies in over 300 missions in the game. Fight terrifying bosses as you unlock various weapons.  Also get into online PVP mode and compete with other players worldwide.

3. Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures

Next is console-level platforming. Play as Barbara or Rayman in the quest to save all the tweenies in various difficult levels of speed running and jumping. Find secrets with your pets and fight enemies that block your way. Jump over platforms and try not to fall to the unseen depths and lava pools. Run over walls and solve various puzzles. It is a truly fun game to play.

4. Prune


Jumping into puzzle games, Prune makes it to our list. This award-winning puzzle game described as “Love Letter to trees” in the Play Store is about tree cultivation. Grow a tree and to let it grow to its full height, you need to trim the branches out. Let the tree received as much sunlight and let flowers grow on them. After reaching a certain number of flowers, that is where you defeat the level. Various obstacles get in your way as you progress in this meditative puzzle game.

5. Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed No Limits

Let’s head to racing.  Show your hunger for speed in this world wide known game franchise. Race across the city and beat your opponents while shaking the police off your tail. Forge your driving and drifting skills. Trash you opponents and emerge as the winner. Speed? There are no limits.

Now that is our list of Games for Asus ZenFone Max . They might or might not be to your liking but who knows? After all, they are all fun to play so why not try them out yourself?

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Android technology along with other features is also one of the biggest source of entertainment for its users. Android games are very common and there are millions of people playing Android games regularly. The 5 latest Android games of this week are:

Top 5 games download for Android May 4th week 2016

1. Angry Bird Action
Angry bird action is the thirteenth game of angry bird series. This game is made integrated with angry bird movies released this week and available on theaters. The angry bird action game has one of the special level called “Piggy Island” which can be unlocked by watching angry bird movie because the movie(Company) said that the film contain about two dozens of secrets codes which can be used to unlock the level and once the level is unlocked then you will be able to play as much game as you want because there are also a lot of other mini-games in this level and these mini-games can be unlocked with the help of secret bird codes.

Angry Bird Action

Download Here

2. The LEGO Movie Video Game
Lego name inspires creativity and reminds one of good old times. With launch of Lego Movie video Game the beauty of Lego comes to smartphones. One can play with several famous characters like Batman, Superman, Gandalf more than 90 characters to play around. Even the environment has a various mix of places and offers over 45 exciting levels to keep you engaged for long Game builder have done a great job making sure the animation is as real as LEGO toy sets.

The LEGO Movie Video Game

Download Here

3. Vector 2
Vector 2 is another amazing game released by Nekki. Vector 2 is the second part of the Nekki game vector which has excellent graphics, perfect control and many different levels. In this game, you are still running from clutches who are trying to catch you and take control of you and you are allowed to run over a well-designed 2D world that is full of traps, lasers and places to use your parkour skills.

Vector 2

Download Here

4. Cattch
A new colourful and amazing puzzle game Cattch is available in Google play store. The game is produced in collaboration with infected Pixels studio and MildMania. MildMania is the well-known developers placed in Ankara, Turkey. They have produced different games like Rope, a well-known and amazing game in which you have to cut the elastic rope to fit in the different configuration. Cattch is a puzzle game in which a cool and stylish cat rescue its friend through running, jumping, clamping, sliding and punching its way through different environments. The main character will meet plenty of rivals and puzzles.


Download Here

5. Sparkwave
Another game that is released in last few days is Sparkwave from Crescent Moon games. In this game, the hexagon world is rapidly changing and you have directed a line with detailed end point through treacherous territories. The goal of the game is to get as long as you can go without meeting to an untimely end. The environment of the game is filled with different obstacles and power-ups. You can move left or right by tapping left or right. In order to stay alive for a long time in the game, you have to take rapid decisions.


Download Here

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One of the best things you can do with your Android smartphone, is simply play games to pass the time. The Google Play Store is awash with games of all types, genres and sensibilities. Let us delve in to some of the most playable games on a mid-range phone, the Samsung Galaxy J5. The Galaxy J5 features a Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor with 1.5 GB RAM, and an Adreno 306 GPU. The specs will not let all the games fly at the best speed or FPS (frames per second), but are decent for some casual and light 3D gaming.

Samsung Galaxy J5

In this article we look at some the most playable games from different genres.

1.     Drag Racing

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Strap on your seat belts with this ultimate speed fest, featuring some the most popular and exotic cars from around the globe. You compete in Drag Races with cars, where every victory earns points and cash, allowing you to buy better cars, as well as engine and transmission upgrades. Unlike most racing games, Drag Racing has a side-scrolling perspective, with focus on proper gear shifts and acceleration timing. The game features a unique social aspect where you race with other players in order to increase points. It also has a career mode which is necessary to get XP points to upgrade to better cars. All in all, the game is a nice twist to racing on your Samsung Galaxy J5

2.     Hitman: Sniper

Cost: Free

Take on the role of the famous Agent 47 and get him straight to your Samsung Galaxy J5 with this rendition of the famous game franchise by Square Enix. The game features moderate 3D graphics, with focus on accurate and fast sniping. The game, while featuring on sniping, also focuses on setting traps for the enemies, luring them in to their grisly deaths.

3.     Angry Birds 2

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Rovio comes up with the much anticipated sequel to Angry Birds. Featuring better graphics and gameplay, Angry Birds 2 is a worthy candidate to be installed on your Samsung Galaxy J5. The game features procedural stage generation, where every stage is randomly generated, letting you play it on for hours. In addition, the in-game app purchases let you upgrade your birds while you fling them to the dastardly pigs for hours of cartoonish fun.

4.     Shadow Fight 2

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

One of the best fighting games on the system, Shadow Fight 2 is far from the eponymous button smashers that characterized fighting games. Rich detailed artwork, dark shadow-like sprites and a stylish Chinese-inspired soundtrack are some of the key points of the game. It features accurately detailed fighting moves, with perfect sound effects, letting you feel the action when metal meets metal and flesh meets the bone. A compelling Campaign mode lets you play for hours, while simultaneously letting you play with friends and strangers online to enhance your fighting skills. A mix of RPG elements and straight up action, this one is an apt pick for all action lovers.

5.     Doodle Jump

Cost: Free

While a game about jumping might not sound interesting, this one is one of the top-most played games on the Google Play Store. The game has no controls. You control your character by tilting your phone as you jump higher, avoid enemies and traps and move higher. A simple arcade-style game, this one is completely old-school – with the sole objective being to score higher points. For fun, the developers release holiday and seasonal themes to spice up the gameplay. A leaderboard tracks your score and lets you compare where you stand with all other gamers. This one is perfect for those who love to game on the go on their Samsung Galaxy J5.

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This phone is characterized by a high compatibility rate with large number of games. These games can be accessed from a variety of sites. The games include free to downloading and games which require purchasing. This phone has the ability to run high quality graphics and this has played a great part in designing of games which can play in this phone. The following are some of the highly rated games for this phone.

5 Best games download for Lenovo k3 Note

5 Best games download for Lenovo k3 Note

5. Brickies

This is a very top game which features you controlling the paddles on the bottom and top of your screen and they are tasked a bouncing ball against object which have been centered. This is with the aim of destroying them. This game involves a number of levels which have a 3 star rating just like in the case of angry bird and candy crush. This game is characterized by a very addictive element. Though this game has been designed in a very simple manner, it incorporates a very unique experience. This game has enjoyed over 50,000 downloads and using your Lenovo K3 Note, you are in a position to enjoy this game.

4. Mine craft-Pocket edition

Mine crafting in this game generally involves a number of cubist which you can mine, craft and later construct you heart’s content. This game has a desktop version which is quite addictive. Using your Lenovo K3 Note, you are in a position to enjoy this game with very high quality graphics and quite appealing sound quality. This game though requires payment of an initial fee to be in a position to download and play it.

3. Frozen Synapse

This game was initially designed for PC use before demand for it on android was developed. This game is based on tactical shooters who are involved in taking down a big enemy team. This game will give the player a small squad which he/she has to protect and use in taking down the enemy. This game brings along a turn based strategy which has both turns occurring simultaneously. This leads to plenty of encounters with enemy coupled with fast decision making and second guessing.

Frozen Synapse

2. Driver Speedboat Paradise

This game involves a speed racing using your speed boat. This is a very unique type of racing. The speed boats you as the racer will use will include only speed boats used by mafias. This game features very vibrant graphics that are quite fascinating on your Lenovo K3.This game has a very high aspect of fun particularly when you win different races. Winning these races gives you the chance to customize your boats and improving its speed. You even have the ability to unlock new cloths and house for the person you have chosen as your rider. You should note that some of these things come in when you purchase the appropriate version of the game.

1. Marvel Contest of Champions

This game is quite appropriate for fans of the comic book or even the movie superhero. You will enjoy the marvel contest for the champions. The fighting might be simple but you have to be fast in through different punches, kicks and others. Using your Lenovo K3 Note you will enjoy incredible graphics.

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With the high number of purchases of Yu Yuphoria mobile devices a great number of games have been developed to run in this phone in a very smooth manner. This games will vary from free apk downloads to games which require payment of a particular fee for download. Most of these games can be played in a 3D platform while enjoying high quality sound. The following are some of the highly rated games for Yu Yuphoria.

5 best games download for Yu Yuphoria

5. Boxing Street Fighter 2015

This is one of the top boxing games in the market. You will enjoy street fights, timbale on asphalt and throwing punches on your opponent. This game is all about fighting for glory as you scroll for different scenarios in the game. Continuous progress in the game will enable you to win the championship boxing. This is the highest level of boxing in this game. Using your Yu Yuphoria, you will enjoy great 3D graphics, physical realistic, fast championship fight mode and quality sound. This game is totally free in a variety of platforms and this makes it more convenient for most of the Yu Yuphoria owners.


This game is a loved car game by great numbers of people. All you have to do is to join the revolution and start drifting. This games championship combines a good number of challenges and opponent and also cars which require unlocking. Drifting; maneuvering a car through corners at high speeds, is quite necessary in this game. You will enjoy stunning 3D graphics with multi-touch capabilities on your device. Also there is an online Global leadership board which gives you the opportunity of submitting your highest scores in each circuit to different players. Playing often will enable your overall career score to rise and will expose your achievement to different players of the game. This game features: unique race tracks, vehicles with unique specs, cutting edge control, and camera configuration among other great features.

3. Night Moto Race 2015

This game in 2015 has received over 1,000,000 downloads and enjoys a massive 250,000 users on a daily basis. This game is a motorcycle racing game featured with: riding your bike through different challenges and also missions, ability to shot your opponent using the missile technology on your bile ,XP points system to level up and when you reach xp level you have the ability to unlock a new world of locations. This game has been designed for those people with the notion that motorcycle games are easy. With only very great seeks you will have a chances of finishing in the top positions.

Night Moto Race 2015

2. Shadow Fight 2

This game is a mix of classical fighting and RPG. This game will allow you to equip you chosen character with a great number of lethal weapons and different sets of armor. You will enjoy like-animated martial art techniques as you crush your enemies and strive to close the gate of shadow. In this game, you will plunge into an epic combat sequence, devastate your enemies using intuitive controls and journey through six different world which are full of menacing demons. With your Yu Yuphoria you can enjoy 4 localized languages which include (French, Germany, Chinese, and Russian).

1. Avengers Initiative

Just like the avenge movie enjoy intensive battling experience. The characters in the Avenger series are the same characters here. You have to battle with a dozen of enemies as you make your way up. With your Yu Yuphoria mobile device, you will enjoy stunning HD visuals, great sound quality and an overall a great experience.

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Samsung has recently unveiled the new mid ranger Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy E5 with some remarkable upgrades. This Smartphone flaunts a 1080p 5.0inches super AMOLED display, 8Mp primary camera along with 5Mp front shooter for selfies. This Smartphone is stocked with Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat running on Quad core processor clocked at 1.2GHz and accompanied by 1.5GB RAM. It provides 16GB onboard storage along with SD card compatibility up to 64GB. Its hybrid dual SIM technology allows us to use SD card in SIM slot when necessary. This Smartphone is powered by 2400mAh battery seeming enough to give an all day performance. Thus overall this Smartphone is a great mid ranger with exceptionally better RAM which will be a benefit for gamers. So, you can enjoy a great variety of heavy games on this Smartphone. We have grabbed some hottest games present in market for you to enjoy your new Smartphone’s gaming power.

Samsung Galaxy E5

1. Cut the Rope-Time Travel: You might have already enjoyed the brainy and puzzle cut the rope but for this time travel mode you will need upgraded brain play because the things are differently weird. Travel with Om Nom to the ancestral world to eliminate the hunger of his ancestors by feeding candies. It has got great upgraded physics, where you have to feed two at a time making it double adventurous than the classic one. You can visit different historical ages like stone age etc and enjoy the candy crushing and feeding.

2. Modern Combat 5 – Blackout: An epic 3D shooting game from Gameloft where you can play an individual role or play as a squad in multiplayer battles. There are 4 styles of playing this game according to the roughness and type of bad guys taking you down which are Recon, Sniper, Assault and heavy. Latten on you can free more skills by spending your earned skill points. The real thrill and action is visualised in squad battles where you also win stuff for winning the gun fight. Leader board for individual as well as squad is available along with global and squad chat.

3. Whale Trail Frenzy: It is an adventurous game where you have to suit up in the character of Willow, a whale more precisely an endless flyer whom you have fly and collect bubbles, upgrade different fighting skills, pick up cool gadgets in the way and smash your enemies. In your way you will meet the friends of willow and you can transform into them by unlocking them. It is a one touch, very addictive game, simple to use but very challenging too because you can contend with your friend in it via Google +.

4. Radiant Defence: SLAUGHTER THE ALIENS! It is a tower defence game, aliens are hovering all over the universe and you have to destroy them and save the humanity. You can build your castle in any way you want, get a good count of heavy armoury, choose your own path for the alien waves and kill them. It’s a package of 15 missions comprising of 400 alien waves. Nine different types of weapons are available which can be upgraded for massive alien destruction.

5. Tiny Thief: A cute and adorable game is here!!! Just like Robin Hood used to steal stuff from the bad guys, Tiny Thief also stands against bad guys who in the game include pirates, stingy bakers, sheriff, etc. This classy point pint and click game is very adventurous; you have to get the stuff from the enemies by using different mind tricks. You can control the tiny thief to climb a ladder, door etc. The levels get difficult with time and at some stage stealth mode gets activated in which guard sees the thief and the level will be abandoned and restarted. So, enjoy the game and be cautious through different levels.

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Samsung Galaxy A3 is the latest Smartphone which got unveiled by Samsung recently creating a hug buzz all over the market. This Smartphone features a compact 4.5 inches super AMOLED display with resolution of 540*960pixels and pixel density of 245ppi which is pretty good being a mid ranger. Looking from the gaming point of view, this Smartphone is stocked with Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat OS that clearly indicates that every game so far released will be compatible with this device. It operates on a Snapdragon 410 Quad core processor which along with 1.5GB RAM and Adreno 306GPU can almost run every popular game with ease. Thanks to Samsung for providing extra bit of RAM, because you know day to day gaming technology is innovating and so is the size of games increasing. So, looking at the interior architect of this Smartphone, we have enlisted these top class latest games compatible with it for you to enjoy. Let’s live the rush of games, have races, solve puzzles, join epic battles and explore the world.

Samsung Galaxy A3

1. Drift Zone: The smell of burning tires is back; this drift racing game is the most addictive one on android if you are a drift fan. You can run different types of cars on 40 racing tracks with great graphics and sound effects. Each level you finish, each tire set will burn, drifting your car in sideways will give you great score, a countless number of upgrade are present for your car to burn down the track with the unbeatable speed. You will have to go through 30 levels and much more are yet to come, latest upgrade includes bullet mode providing perfection to your drift skills.

2. Grid infect: It is an interesting puzzle game where you have to arrange the circuit as the infection keeps flowing. You will have to start from beginner level and you will get advanced with time but stay cautious of tripping infection repelling switches and board resting tiles which might lead you to losing end. Play these 100 levels and earn achievements, beat your own scores in free play as well as challenge friends.

3. Monster Squad: Join the army of monster squad and explore different island around the world, which are full of dangers, mysteries and monsters to be unlocked. The monster you will unlock on the way will join your league. Go and collect all the 500 monsters waiting for you to get unlocked. Different monsters have different powers which include fire, water, earth, etc. Get ready your perfectly combined team by choosing them among the unlocked monsters.

4. Gunship Battle – Helicopter 3D: Ever dreamed of being a helicopter ranger pilot and engage in hardship battles? If yes then here is the chance for you to experience the delight of gunship battle with world’s most powerful helicopters. You will enjoy its high definition 3D graphics with easily managed controls; you can choose your helicopter among a variety of these and implant huge variety of assaulting rifle for battle.

5. Horrible House 3D: This is complete storyline based horror game in which you have to play the role of a young man returning to home from work and finding the lights off and girl friend disappeared. You need to find her in the house which goes through ghosts and monster all over it. You will have to find the door keys and a flashlight will be showing you the path. The graphics is great and the sound is very dreadful.

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Samsung has introduced two new series of Smartphone’s to welcome 2015 namely A series and E series. Samsung Galaxy A5 is the top variant of a series being equipped with some superior features unlike its lower variant Galaxy A3. This Smartphone houses a 5.0inch super AMOLED display with resolution of 720*1280 pixels are pixel density of 294. It runs on latest version of Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat operating on 1.2GHz Quad core Snapdragon 410 processor accompanied by 2GB RAM and Adreno 306 GPU. This Smartphone’s HD display, latest version of OS and god hardware configuration especially 2GB RAM, makes it the best mid ranger in case of features and it can flawlessly operate your favourite games with ease. The start of 2015 has brought us the fresh wave of games to be unleashed before you. These games are best suited for your Smartphone as well as very interesting and adventurous to play.

Samsung Galaxy A5

1. Deadly target: Zombie Attack: Ebola virus has spread all over West Africa turning every one into Zombies. It turned the whole continent into Zombies, now you are the only commando left to eliminate Zombie threat and surviving by killing unlimited waves of horrible zombies. Three types of weapons will be given to you which are AK47, shot gun and sniper rifle. Just prevent yourself from getting infected and keep killing like a killer machine. This game features realistic 3D graphics, with realistic audio interaction. The more you kill, the more you earn and the more you can upgrade your weapons.

2. Escape Stargate: Being an adventurous guy, you wet to explore the universe but on the way back, you lost the way back to our planet and get trapped in the interstellar universe. To reach back home, you would have to solve 80 different complex puzzles themed greatly with awesome graphics and sound. You can enjoy this game just like other 40million people are doing. You will keep getting upgrades and new puzzles from Google.

3. Slots – Riches of Olympus: It’s the only one free slots game available right now which gives you Godly huge payouts, spins and mega wilds. Just enjoy the exploration of the power of Greek Gods and their big winning mysterious slots. You can sync this game on any of your device via facebook, play offline or online. You can try your luck on roulette wheel which can give you big earnings for free.

4. Stunt Rush – 3D Buggy Racing: This all new arcade racing game gives you the feel of survivor along with exploration of this buggy racing world. You can get your favourite buggy from the garage, go rough on the road with the boost, use your steering in air and rewind the time. No messy ads are present; a multiple number of buggies are available to choose from, along with a great soundtrack.

5. Lego Bionicle: The island of Tokyo is getting imperialised by the evils; our six heroes must come forth to fight and get back the masks of power and stop the evil from spreading. You can play as all the six heroes after building them, they have got different mysterious powers. Tahu-Master of fire, Kopaka Master of ice, Onua Master of Earth, Gali Master of water, Pohatu-Master of stone, Lewa- Master of jungle. According to their powers, they have got the special moves to be used; on your way you will find 100 pieces of the masks of power. The power of heroes can be upgraded and you can take pictures of their epic moments.

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Nokia Lumia 930 is the latest high end Smartphone from Nokia unveiled officially in July 2014. This Smartphone is definitely worth buying with its configuration being the best. It flaunts a 5.0 inches AMOLED display with resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and pixel density of 441 ppi. This amazingly high definition display comes sheltered by corning gorilla glass 3. It is housed with a 20 MP primary camera with highly extended features and 1.2 MP front shooter for video calling. This Smartphone launched with windows 8.1 operates on Quad core Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.2 GHz speed and this super fast processor is coupled with 2 GB RAM. There’s 32 GB internal storage available however expandability is not the option available here. This highly fast processing configuration makes this Smartphone a gaming beast. This Smartphone gives 11h 30m of talk time on 2G with its 2420 mAh Li –ion battery. This Smartphone is overall a nice masterpiece of art from Nokia. So, here are the best 5 games you would love to play on this Smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 930

1. Asphalt 7 Heat: Just like all the older versions of this game, this variant has also got that fantastic addictive racing environment. You will discover a variety of cars waiting to be driven by you, you can play both multiplayer as well as single player via different game modes. The graphics quality of this game is awesome and this is the best racing game you will currently find in windows store.

2. The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running: This is a unique runner game from windows. This game is actually originated from The Gunstringer which was developed by Dead Pixels. This endless runner game has a beautiful story mode. You will find this game too addictive to play with its long story and great graphics quality. Its latest upgrade features many power ups, etc.

3. The Harvest: This is a full on action game from Windows with great graphics and sound quality. This game is specially designed to be enjoyed on Windows platform. This is the best RPG game in Windows store.

4. Hydro thunder Hurricane: It is a highly addictive speed boat game finding its origin from Hydro Thunder Play Station game. This game is highly addictive with increasing tower ups in the way. It’s also sad that Windows store is currently a little under developed for legendary games but the work is on and it will keep getting better.

5. Halo: Spartan Assault: Halo has proven a very popular game in many platforms and here also this game has shown some great energetic performance. Here are loads of weapons ready to be fired and the graphic quality is obviously halotic. You will find many great challenges to be completed in this game.