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With the enhancements in every field of mobile technology, gaming sector is also shifting towards the 3D frame where things are getting more realistic and the adrenaline rush in the action packed games are attracting more noise towards action and adventurous games. Whether it’s RPG, fighting combat or adventure trip, nothing works out in this era without the realistic 3D touch. This advancement is definitely gaining more attraction of people but what about the puzzle games? No matter how much 3D is introduced, the realistic scenes aren’t possible to be generated in common puzzle games that world plays today. Thus, straight forward puzzle games are undergoing decline in their popularity. Now the world wants some special Midas touch in puzzle games too. A huge bunch of 3D puzzle games are also available but the main thing that is unique creativity is yet to be found.

plumber 2

Plumber 2 is a classy Puzzle Game

However, we have got this Plumber 2 game which is a good food for adults as well as children’s. Let’s take a detailed glimpse on this game to see what it has got for us. Plumber 2 is a classic puzzle game developed by Spider Team, available for free with no in app purchases. The graphics of this game are highly creative and user-friendly. The method of playing this game is to touch the pipes and swipe them in such orientation that water keeps flowing up to the overflow pipe. But you have to make all the swipes right in given time otherwise you will fail. Plumber 2 is the compilation of more than 50 levels available for free. Although the gaming method is simple to proceed but mastering this game is very tough in reality. This game besides being free of cost comes with free update for newer levels to be unlocked.

Download Plumber 2 Game for Android

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Befitting to its trend of including innovation in every gadget, the technology giant Apple is looking to stir the smart watch market with its all new ‘Apple Watch’, which is expected to hit the market by the end of March 2015! With the latest smart watch, Apple has planned to take their wearable gadget beyond just being a device that tracks notifications and other activities.The new smart watch will come with a game called ‘Letterpad’ that can be played using its touch-sensitive screen. The game ‘Letterpad’ consists of a 3 X 3 grid of 9 letters that requires the player to form meaningful words from those letters related to a certain topic.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch to feature new Game Letterpad

The game is expected to come with pre-loaded 200 word puzzles at the time of launch and it is also expected to host a feature that will allow the players to create & share their own puzzles among the player community! This excellent compact game has been developed by NimbleBit and it is expected to come pre-loaded with the Apple Watch. Reports also mention that the ‘Letterpad’ will be available for other Apple gadgets such as iPhone and iPads. Considering the first look of the ‘Leterpad’, the game looks to be an ideal for the tiny screens of wearable gadgets! Now it will be interesting to see whether or not, the ‘Letterpad’ opens a whole new stream of the digital games designed exclusively for the wearable gadgets!


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Dhoom is making all Dhoom with its game which is now available on Android, Symbian, iOS, and Blackberry. The well known Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan had recently launched this Dhoom 3 game few days ago. At the very initial stage this game was only available for Windows platform only, but not its compatibility is made with other platforms too. The game itself has created a record, more than million download has been recorded with this game. This exclusive game has been developed by Rohit Bhat , who is CEO of 99games. The ‘99Games’ official has signed a deal with Yash raj, the deal comprises of multi-titles on multi-year.While for user of Samsung Galaxy Core, this is serious good news.

Experience the magic of Dhoom 3 game on Samsung Galaxy Core


Now the game, Dhoom 3 is available for download on their, very own Samsung Galaxy handset. It’s amazing action packed game, bikers or race lovers will surely like to try their hands on this game. The game Dhoom: 3 are now also available on Google Play Store for download. The Dhoom lovers, will like this action packed game.
Some of its brilliant features are as follows:

  • Awesome graphics on Android Smartphone’s
  • Great tap control with responsive Accelerometer
  • Speed with extreme wonders with Nitro boosts.
  • Collecting coins is great fun with cool bikes and racing to gain victory.
  • The shield concept introduced in game also gives you protection in game.

This bike game is super fun, to try your hands on. The speedy paced action game tests your reflex at each moment. After its availability on Google Play store, now the game is available for free download. 99Games have created a great game, need to say the game is bit more interesting than the movie, controlling your moves and gaming is more fun. Installing on Samsung Galaxy Core is same as downloading other games.
Download Dhoom3 game for Samsung galaxy core

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Download Anomaly 2:11 Bit studio will be showing its creativity again, but this time with a unique way. The 11 Bit studio creator of Anomaly has announced a secret game. This secret game will have lots of special deals and money involved in it to win.This game will be well crafted with great graphics and elegant effects. The creator 11 Bit studio, has come with a total sequel to its previous popular ‘tower offense’, series.The game is all about a battle between towers Offense Vs Tower Defense.Anomaly 2 is a sequel,this new game has lots of advanced features stuffed in it. The game can be played as a single player campaign;total concentration is needed to keep an eye on enemies attacking at any moment.

Anomaly 2 for Android,iOS

In Anomaly 2, the roles have been reversed, the species will be on the machine control planet.Building new strategies each time to give a tough fight is a rule to stay up in this game. The game becomes exciting as you move ahead in the game as a tower, destroying humans is breathtaking.

The game is all about fighting on the planet, by creating new a different tactic to stay up in this battle. Making your own path to achieve victory and keep giving your best on each level. The experience of playing this game will not be matched with any other game.

There are several sites through which you can download this game, to defeat your enemies and stay on achieving victory. This new release of the game is optimized for Smartphone’s and tablets.The popular Google Play store also offers you a link the download this game.
Download Anomaly 2 for Android
Download Anomaly 2 for iOS

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Sport category games are probably not going to boost up your adrenaline and thrill you to the apex as shooting games do. It also won’t provide any mind freaking story line to follow throughout. However, with originally non rational game-play and steadily increasing difficulty level, the experience you’ll get might be the same as excitement and fun. One of the best sport games at the store that fits those needs is a Virtua Tennis Challenge. Developers of America, by SEGA, Virtua Tennis Challenge APK is made from the old Virtua Tennis used to play in that bulky console game-play of yours. Featuring 18 stadiums of vivid environments – namely clay, grass, indoor and hard courts – there is little a bit of learning thought you have to tailor before you can get the master of your shot.


For single player, there are 3 different modes to choose from: Exhibition, Quick Match and SPT World Tour. Quick Match is demanded if you want to spend your waiting time at the station with fun and excitement. It’s very interesting enough to catch your attention and not long enough to spend a lot time forever. In Exhibition, you’re given to pick the courts you want to play in, also the ones you have just unlocked. You can also choose whether you want to play with Double challenges or have unshared fun in single challenge. In SPT World Tour, you’re going to excel your way to the apex of the competition, going through a complete season of extremely competitive tennis matches with a customizable player. Plus there are also training mode meant for amateur and multi-player in which you’re going to challenge your partner or friend in a one on one match through Bluetooth.
Slice, lob and hit your best top spin as you play and have fun with the Virtua Tennis Challenge.