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In this technology age there is always a need for faster processing speeds. A hardware becomes slow after few months when compared with new release of faster once. One way to overcome this is by overclocking the device. Overclocking is the process of basically running the device processor at a frequency above the manufacturer specified rating for the device.
For overclocking the phone settings should be monitored along with the battery life. Overclocking speeds up CPU frequency in order to receive better performance. Overclock operation applied for smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S5 is similar with the one performed on PC or notebook as both will increase CPU frequency.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Overclocking the CPU frequency is an operation that has nothing to do with Android, Google or the phone company. Therefore, before completing this method you have to prepare your device. Overclocking can be done by gaining the root access of Samsung galaxy S5 , installing the custom ROM, run rooted app and overclock the processor.

Overclocking the Samsung galaxy S5 phone requires root access; the user has to add permission to the OS that allow heavy modification and the installation of the custom ROMs which provides root access to the phone, allowing hardware tweaks. Bumping the CPU performance can be performed only if custom kernel is flashed, and for doing such thing you first need to unchain the system of Samsung galaxy phone. Gaining the root access also helps to gain the internal system access of handset where the factory restrictions will be removed and the warranty will get void. Custom ROMs comes with custom kernel that supports overclocking. Power the Samsung galaxy S5 with a custom firmware and overclocking would be enabled. Once overclocking is enabled download one of these apps: SetCPU, No-frills CPU Control install the tool on the phone and run the same. Follow the instructions in order to increase the CPU frequency, reboot . It is important to take the backup of the data saved on the internal storage of the phone before doing overclocking because of the wiping operations done and also to take the backup of the current ROM which can be restored after overclocking.

Overclocking the CPU does ensure higher clock speed and even speedier performance from the Galaxy, but please do ensure that you do not do to the extent that it burns away the CPU, unlike the PC CPU, mobile processors are not build keeping overclocking in mind. Do be weary of trying such hacks as some of the damages cannot be undone if done without proper materials and void your warranty.

Kudos!! Good luck with speed

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Samsung Galaxy s5 is the most up to date Smartphone from the Samsung s series so far. Besides its basic functions like 2G and 3G compatibility it also supports 4G LTE that is unbelievable. It has got many other amazing features like real fingerprint scanner which is PayPal certified, it has got the most latest Gorilla Glass 3 protection and a high quality 16 MP camera which is amazing. It has got loads of filters to apply on your photos and lot of additional camera features like smile detection, image stabilization, etc.

Despite all these features are common in high end Smartphone’s Samsung has made possible to make it water and dust resistant without even increasing an inch of dimension. It has been certified IP67 rating by IEC (International Electro technical Commission).You might be wondering what does IP67 mean, let me make it clear to you. I means Ingress, P means Protection, 6 means that Galaxy s5 is dust resistant and 7 means your Samsung Galaxy can stand for 30 minutes into water depth of 1 metre. Below 1 metre it will get surely damaged due to increased water pressure.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Keeping water proof display isn’t a big deal but designing waterproof ports is very much challenging. At the bottom end there is a plastic gasket covering USB ports which protects your Smartphone from water. Whenever you remove USB cable your Galaxy s5 always notifies you to put on the water proof gasket tightly.
Talking about the back of your Samsung Galaxy s% it is removable and might risk your Smartphone if kept loose. But if placed properly Samsung has brilliantly embedded a plastic gasket which keeps your sim card, battery and other essential parts safely surrounded.

You don’t need to feel too much relaxed about the waterproof feature of your Smartphone. IP67 rating doesn’t mean you can keep your Galaxy s5 in swim suit and start swimming or use it while bathing. You still need to take care of you Smartphone and keep it in dry place because it has been proven very risky if your Smartphone went deeper than 1 metre. Unfortunately your Samsung Galaxy s5 is not 100% water proof, it has got many risks with it. You might know what bad harm does a Smartphone get if it falls in water.

If you don’t know let me tell you if your Samsung Galaxy s5 fell in a swimming pool consequences can be very bad. It will rust your Smartphone’s circuit board and eventually cause death of it or disable your slots or charging ports, etc. So it’s very essential to keep your Galaxy s5 safe despite of its waterproofing feature.

This waterproofing feature will be surely helpful to you if your Smartphone falls in water trouble but you don’t have to risk your Smartphone for playing with this feature. It’s very risky and we are sure that you value your money more than us because it’s your money. We don’t want you to spend on repairing. Prevention is always the best option.

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Getting your Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked is a very easy task but only if your follow the correct instructions and procedure. Moreover you need to make sure that right way is adopted so that no harm is caused to the smart phone. Though there are many online tutorials on the internet which are available but not all of them are effective. Hence you need to make sure that information from trusted and reliable sources is picked. Here are those important instructions and procedure to carrier unlock Samsung Galaxy S5.

Get your unlock code from the internet

There are many websites on the internet which helps in providing the unlocking code for Samsung Galaxy S5. You can get unlock code from those websites. In order to search for such websites all you need to do is to seek help from your favorite search engine and loads of website options will be presented in front of you.

Get the IMEI code of your smart phone

Samsung Galaxy S5

The next step is to get IMEI code of your Samsung Galaxy smart phone and for that you need to dial *#06# from your smart phone and the IMEI code will come on your screen. You need to note down this IMEI code somewhere. If you are not able to find IMEI code through this method then there is another way and that is to look at the sticker on the battery. There are complete chances that the IMEI code will be there and you can save it on a piece of paper.

In the meantime the unlocking code will be delivered at your email address

After getting the IMEI code you need to check your email address for unlocking code because by this time it will be delivered at your email address. You need to save this unlocking code somewhere so that you can utilize it later when the need arises.

How to enter the unlocking code and IMEI code?

The unlocking procedure is very simple as you need to switch ON your Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phone and make sure that a non-accepted SIM card is entered into it. Now you must be wondering what exactly a non-accepted SIM card is. Well it is a SIM card which bought from a network provider which is other than the network from where you have bought your Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phone.

After the phone is turned ON you will see an option coming “Enter unlock/subsidy code” or “SIM Network Unlock PIN”.

At this point of time you need to enter the unlocking code that you received on your email address. After few second you will see a prompt saying that your phone is unlocked. You might be asked about IMEI code and you need to enter your IMEI code also so that the automatic registration process can be completed.

The main benefit if carrier unlocking your smart phone is that you can use it anywhere you want which means there is no carrier or network barrier and you can use it with any SIM card.

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The recently launched Samsung S5 smart phone is one of the best smart phones launched till date. It has many advanced features and you will really love to have this smart phone with you. But the only problem that people are facing is the overheating and battery over heat problem. This type of problem occurs mainly due to over use and here are some useful steps that can be followed to solve this problem.

Avoid charging your smart phone in an area which is hot

Sometimes we keep on charging the smart phone in a room which is already hot. It should be avoided and you must charge your phone in a room which is cool or on normal room temperature. Though a slight rise in the temperature while charging is absolutely normal but overheating can result into bursting of the battery. There have been many instances in the past that happened and hence you must take proper care of the battery while charging as well as room temperature.

Always buy original spare parts such as original batteries

There are many people who buy inferior quality batteries so that they can save some money. But in actual they are doing harm to their smart phones as these inferior qualities cheap batteries can damage the phone. Always buy high quality original batteries as well as spare parts from authorized phone dealers.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Don’t use your smart phone when it is getting charged

People can be seen using their smart phone when it is getting charged. It should be avoided and only use your smart phone when it is fully charged. Moreover only charge your smart phone when the battery is about to finish as this will help in increasing the life of the battery for a longer period of time.

Set the screen brightness level at a optimum level

Apart from all the steps that have been mentioned above you can also decrease the screen brightness of your smart phone. There are many times excessive screen brightness results into overuse of the battery and it get heated. Hence always keep the screen brightness at an optimum level.

You can also activate the battery saver mode

The best part about Samsung S5 is that it comes with a battery saver mode. You can activate this mode and save considerable amount of battery. As a result less battery gets used and the overheating does not happen. This is also a great way to use your smart phone for a longer period of time. Moreover avoid playing high graphic based games when the phone is getting charged. First let the phone completely charged and then start playing games.

All of these above mentioned steps are quite effective in stopping your smart phone’s battery from getting over heated and moreover it helps you to get complete performance out of your phone. In the end always make sure that only original parts are used and hence buy genuine and high quality spare parts from reputed and recognized suppliers.

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Samsung recently launched its much awaited smart phone Samsung S5. This new smart phone from Samsung comes with loads of new features and is one of the most advanced smart phones launched till date. When it comes to finding strong reasons for buying this smart phone there are plenty of reasons that are available. Here are some of those strong reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S5.

It has some amazing body and display features

One of the strong reasons why do you need to buy Samsung S5 is that it is compatible on 2G, 3G and 4G networks. It is based on a micro-SIM and comes with an amazing and highly smooth Fingerprint Sensor. The best part about this sensor is that it is PayPal certified. This smart phone is water as well as dust resistant can stay into 1 meter deep water for continuous 30 minutes. The screen is based on Super AMOLED technology and it is basically a capacitive touch screen that has got 16M colors. The 5.1 inch screen with 432 ppi density is enough to hold your breath and comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Enjoy optimum memory options and fast data speeds with this smart phone

Another most strong reason to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 is that you can connect an external memory card as strong as 128GB. The internal RAM is 2GB and internal memory is available in two options that are 16GB or 32GB. This smart phone can be connected with GPRS as well as EDGE technologies and you can expect amazingly high data speeds with S5.

It has advanced operating system.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with Android v4.4.2 that is Kitkat mobile operating system. There are many sensors also that are attached with this smart phone such as accelerometer sensor, gyro sensor, proximity sensor, and compass and barometer sensor.

A good battery life

It has also got a gesture sensor that allows you to control the screen with the help of gestures made by the hand. If we talk about the battery life of this smart phone then we can say that it is a 2800 mAh Li-Ion battery that give stand-by time up to 390h and talk time up to 21h.

It has good very good Camera features and pre-loaded apps

Another strong reason to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 is that it has got a very good camera option. The camera which is made available is a 16MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. The processor which is attached with this smart phone is Quad-Core 2.5Ghz processor and this smart phone supports HTML5 based browser. S5 is available in 4 color options and those are Black, White, Gold and Blue. Another amazing part is that there are many pre-loaded apps that are available such as Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, Picasa,

Hence from all the above mentioned reasons you can very well judge that Samsung S5 is a worth buy item and you must buy this smart phone so that you can enjoy its latest features.

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This time Samsung has made a small change for unlocking their Galaxy S5. Sticker on Samsung Galaxy S5 package shows this change very clearly. We have already seen region lock with Note 3 but this time it is a bit different. Earlier Samsung put a region-lock on the Galaxy Note 3 in a bid to control the activity of grey market importers. Let us take a brief tour of region locking to you. If your device is region locked and you want to use it somewhere else in world then first you will have to use it in region from where you purchased your device. For example, if you purchase a phone in North America and you want to use it in India then you will first have to activate it with North American SIM card. If you want to unlock any region locked device then the best way to do this is to take your device to Samsung and they will unlock it or else you can directly go for specialized online service by paying a small fee.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Earlier, to unlock a region-locked device, you will just have to insert a SIM card into it and activate your device. After that you will have it unlocked. Samsung Galaxy S5 is also region-locked but now if you want to unlock it then you will have to make at least 5 minutes of phone call. This step is taken from Samsung to make it more secure.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has following message on its sticker, “European Model: This product should be activated with a SIM card issued from a mobile operator within Europe (as defined EU/EEA, Switzerland and the following Non-EEA countries Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M), Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia and Vatican City.) To use SIM cards from other regions, a cumulative call over five minutes must first be made with the SIM card from European operators.”

If you have a region-locked device then you should visit Samsung support and get your device unlocked without any cost. There are also some websites from where you can get your phone unlocked but they will charge you about $25


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Samsung Galaxy S III mini is already in market and now Samsung has launched an updated version of Galaxy S III mini with name Samsung Galaxy S III mini Value Edition. As Samsung Galaxy S III mini Value Edition is updated version of Galaxy S3 mini, is it has some advanced features as compared to Galaxy S3 mini. Samsung Galaxy S III mini Value Edition is on sale in Netherlands. It is not a very highly configured device but you will surely have better experience as compared to Samsung Galaxy S III mini.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Value Edition

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Value editions come with dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 processor which is faster than 1 GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 in Galaxy S3 mini. It runs on newer Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version which is not latest one but still better as compared to Android 4.1 jelly bean in Galaxy S3 mini. Rest of the specifications is similar to Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.

Samsung has launched their Galaxy S III mini Value Edition last week with the price tag of €180 (about $250). We expect that Samsung will release it in other markets as well. Till now they have not mentioned anything officially about plans to release in other markets. We are monitoring every news for Samsung Galaxy S III mini Value Edition and that will be updated here.


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It was already in news by rumors that Samsung new flagship will come with a fingerprint scanner and Samsung did the same. Fingerprint scanner on phone has added additional security to their smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S5’s home button has given additional functionality other than unlocking phone. It works as a fingerprint scanner and after verifying fingerprint, it will unlock your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Now third party apps can also use Samsung’s Fingerprint scanner as Samsung is also giving their fingerprint scanner information so that it can be used to build third party application. It is possible to do with the help of Pass API. It is released as part of Galaxy S5 development kit. Open API will be used by PayPal first and it will lead to confirm payments via fingerprint on Galaxy S5.

Apple is also using fingerprint scanning technology but they want to keep it secret as it is locked and key within A7 chip. They want their data to be accessed only by their own services like iTunes, iBooks, etc. Samsung’s move to allow third-party apps to use Samsung’s fingerprint scanner will open world of possibility and enhanced usability. More number of users will be able to use this service. We want to hear it from our readers that what they thing about Samsung’s new fingerprint scanner. Please comment with the same below.


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Rumours about Samsung Galaxy S5 making its first appearance in Mobile World Congress. We have also seen a few leaked photos for Galaxy S5. Now an alleged photo of the box for Samsung Galaxy S5 appeared on internet. Normally we get to see Samsung device features on back side of its box and its the same case with Samsung Galaxy S5. If we compare key specifications given on box with specifications leaked previously then, both the specifications matches exactly.

Chipset in Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a quad-core CPU at 2.5GHz and LTE Cat. 4 with 150Mbps downlink. Earlier models from Samsung has Snapdragon chipset but this time users are expecting Snapdragon 800 8974AC variety that has Krait 400 at 2.46GHz. Galaxy 5 will come with 3 GB of RAM support. If we compare it with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 then it also come with the same RAM memory. There is a 5.25″ QHD with resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 which is same as what was rumored previously. It has 560ppi pixel density and a PenTile Super AMOLED display. So there is no doubt that you will get to see visual improvement over the current 5″ 440ppi screen.


At rear side, there is a 20 megapixel camera but video capture is just 1080p. It was expected that S5 will come with UHD that we get in Galaxy Note 3. There is no doubt that Galaxy S5 will run Android 4.4 KitKat and has 3000 mAh battery. We cannot be 100% sure about these specifications because it has got no official confirmation. If you have anything to share regarding Galaxy S5 then please do comment with the same below.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the next smartphone from Samsung and it has got many rumors as well. It was in news that Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with Iris scanner but one Korean publication made it clear that S5 will have fingerprint scanner only. According to Korea Herald cites industry sources, Iris scanning technology is not grown up to the level so that it can be deployed. Currently Samsung is testing many kind of biometric sensors which can be used with Samsung Galaxy S5 but there are more chances that Samsung will go with Fingerprint sensor. Iris recognition will be very new for users and there will be risk included in that. Users may not like the new Iris recognition technology.

Samsung device

From a few market sources, it is found that if Samsung choose to use Iris sensor then that will also require a different camera and this camera will be of totally different design. It is simply not possible to implement Iris scan technology with normal phone camera. It will take at least 2 years for the Iris scan technology to be implemented in our devices. According to Korea Herald reports, Korean biometric tech companies have confirmed that they were not supplying Iris scanner to Samsung

It looks like Samsung is working with the fingerprint scanner but if we see the report then it still seems doubtful that Samsung will use this sensor. Fingerprint Cards AB is a Swedish company which develops biometric technology. They have stated that it is combining with global players including some from South Korea. Fingerprint Cards AB makes swipe based sensors which are used in HTC One MAx and also touch based sensors which are used in iPhone 5S. Please comment with your views about this technology.