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Galaxy Grand Prime

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Galaxy prime is the Adam’s apple of everyone’s eye. With good amount of specs in this budget phone. It’s quite stunner in its class. The phone has all the qualities you need like QHD display (5’), Quad core processor (1.2 GHz), great built, great front and back cameras but it lacks in one thing that is in battery department. The 2600 mAh batter do not last long for a whole day, which ruins the experience of the owner. Here are the tips and tricks you can use to increase your Galaxy Grand prime’s battery life.
SWITCH OFF VIBRATION– To maximize the battery , switch off vibration of the phone for applications that you do not check upon often. Vibration causes the more draining of battery than making or receiving a call.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Increase Battery Life oF Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

KEEP THE RAM CLEAR by Avoiding Too many Background Running Apps

Make sure if you don’t want to use a function or app anymore clear it from RAM. If you don’t clear it from RAM it will continue to operate in background and will drain your phones battery faster. Don’t use the unnecessary function like smart gestures (air gesture, hand gesture), Wi-Fi until you really need them, these functions restriction will also helps to increase battery.

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Using your phone on full brightness will drain its battery in 5 hours, plus full brightness works well only in very dim light conditions. Keep your phone brightness to moderate to maximize battery life. Also turn off the auto brightness as it also drains the battery by keeping the sensors awake.


There is myth that you should recharge your phone only when its battery is almost fully drained (leaving with 10% or less) and charge it to the fullest 100%. But in reality it’s not good for your phone, charge your phone any time you want and charge it to the minimum 80%. This will maximize battery output.

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There are various apps on play store which prevents the drainage of battery to a extent. These apps tell you which apps are running in back ground, which are consuming more energy and also tells you about the increase and decrease of your battery’s temperature.


Animated wallpapers keep your screen awake which leads to more drainage of the battery. So don’t use the live wallpapers to maximize you battery. Try to use wallpaper with more black tint.
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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is one of the latest installments to the Grand series from Samsung. Unlike other siblings, this Smartphone is LTE compatible, thus being a budget LTE compatible Smartphone from Samsung. It flaunts a 5.0 inches TFT display with resolution of 540*960pixels. This Smartphone comes pre-installed with Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat OS operating on a Snapdragon 410 Quad core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz accompanied by 1GB RAM. It houses an 8MP primary camera and 5MP front shooter which is a good combination at this standard. Its 2600mAh batter provides 17h on 3G. Overall configuration makes it a good low budget Smartphone with decent specifications. The gaming capability just like other Smartphone’s in this range will be good enough to make you happy. Its hot core can run a wide range of games without lag. Thus, as per the configuration, we have summed up some fresh gaming stuff from Galaxy Grand Prime. From shooting to adventures, you will definitely enjoy these. So, let’s give them a try and have fun time.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Top Games for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

1. Sky Gamblers – Storm Raiders: Get yourself clasped into this air combat straight from WWI. Get engaged into fights, protect fleets and friendly cities, the game has been visualized in real life pattern featuring real sites like Pearl Harbor, Mid way, France, etc. The graphics quality is excellent and the gaming mode is detailed and in-depth with real life screening of weather, atmosphere, mapping, etc. A large number of online modes are present for this game which includes Free Flight, Survival, Last Man Standing, Free for All and many more.

2. Gunbrick: This is an ultimate rampage game, hold fast your gun an shield, kill the mutants, tough guys, get intertwined with law forces, and do all the action in 3 unique locations, with different types of fights, unlock achievements and get going. The controls are optimized for better Smartphone experience and this game is all free with no in app purchases at all. You will be listening to music from famous Eirik Suhrke.

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3. Gunslugs 2: The aliens are back to destroy our whole galaxy with their improved technology, the black duck army is ready to take over galaxy as well as earth from the hands of humanity. So, get yourself ready to go all through the alien forces destruction, travel to 7 different worlds with 8 levels present in each world, and get engaged with rocket launchers, guns, tanks and all the heavy assault weapons. Let’s get in the action and be the hero of your own world.

4. Shipwrecked: Volcano Island: During an adventure trip, your get left stranded on an island which boards a volcano on its chest, now you and your mates have to be brave enough to build your own civilization, explore the quests, treasures and pirates. To navigate to the secret treasure unlock the stranded cargo on beach; protect your colony from volcano. Prove successful to every challenge thrown at you every weekend, compete with your other friends and grab rewards.

5. Punch boxing 3D: Ever dreamed of being the boxing champion and the greatest of all times? Well, this is the place where you can live your dream. The 3D graphics of this game makes it realistic with fights against above 30 players from Las Vegas, Washington and other places. Go advanced and learn powerful combos to be the champion. You are provided with 120 above uniforms and other materials to use.
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