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Recently on 11 April 2014 Samsung added a new member Samsung galaxy gear fit to their Samsung smart watch ancestry. This brand new gear features 1.84 inch curved AMOLED display. Unlike all other Samsung gears it works on totally different os which does’nt allows third party applications to be run on it. Samsung claimed it to give the taste of both smart watch and fitness band.

Looking at its poor operating system and its limitedness it does look that Samsung has failed in providing the hybrid clone of the two gears together. It does feature a heart rate monitor, pedometer, running and waking modes but according to latest tests conducted on gear fit it was seen to give inaccurate recordings of heart rate monitor and pedometer which is disappointing.

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Moreover when you are out door almost nothing is visible on the tiny display because of low brightness and you have to manually activate outdoor mode to improve brightness but that also turns off automatically after 5 minutes. This is because there is no ambient light sensor and auto brightness feature present on the band which could have made it much easier for outdoor use. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer and gyroscope but GPS is not present. GPS could have been a great asset in perfecting the time tracking exercises.

The IP67 certified waterproofing feature of Samsung galaxy s5 has also been mimicked in Gear fit. That means you can take a shower and wash dishes and don’t need to remove it every time. Talking about its sleep timer, you manually need to set starting time of when you fall asleep and it cannot do it automatically for unlike rest of the smart bands have go the feature of automatically detecting when you fall asleep.

On the main screen you can launch 10 different themes and smart watch widgets like clock, local weather, different health monitors, etc. But do to little screen you can hardly put 3 different widgets on screen and become small and poorly visual. Ten app menus are present on the main screen along with main screen which gives an alert when a compatible app is launched on your gear.

Hardware wise Samsung has given a perfectly crafted 200k model of Gear hybrid but technically and software performance wise it isn’t that good. It makes messy syncing problems and calculating wrong in pedometer and running and walking modes. But still it’s a great try to combine watch and fitness band together which is quite appreciable.

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If you are a BMW i3 owner then there is a good news for you. Recently in CES Samsung has introduced their new Galaxy Gear app. With this, you will be able to control a few functions of your car. Now it is possible to get the information about your car directly from your smart watch with the help of new BMW i Remote app. to avail this, you should have the app installed on your paired smartphone. There are a few very important information shown by the smart watch like remaining driving range and the status of windows and doors.

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Apart from this, you can also adjust the in car temperature from this app. You will also be able to set the navigation for destination before you actually get into your car. User interface of this app is made so simple and so there will be no problem in using any of the app features. Just input the destination and it will set the navigation automatically. Controlling the car temperature is very important and specially in these cold weather so that you have desired temperature before you enter in car.

BMW i3 Remote app is available but there is no integration with Galaxy gear till now. They have just shown the features at CES. As we all know that the BMW i3 is very expensive car and most of the users cannot use this application. But this new idea is making space for future enhancement. Android technology will be introduced in cars soon and then it will be easy to enhance the communication between your car and various devices.

We would like to know that what other features that you want to seen in such applications made for your cars. So please do comment with the same.