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A number, mobile phones of some brands are dominating the market these days. The mobile phones are coming off almost the same features with slight differences among the brands. These may at times confuse the consumers. It becomes necessary to compare the phones before purchasing as because different consumers may have different tastes and demands. Having approximately the same price rate of Rs. 20000/- the mobile phones are slightly different from each other as per the features.

Nokia Lumia 1320 vs LG G Pro Lite

Screen Size: Nokia Lumia 1320, has a screen size of 6 inches while the G LG Pro Lite is comparatively smaller in size with a screen of 5.5 inches. This makes Nokia Lumia a preferable phone for people who are in favor of browsing internet and enjoying movies on a big screen.

Camera Resolution: Nokia and LG both are known for their picture quality. Though Nokia Lumia 1320 satisfies the consumers with a camera resolution of 5 MP, G LG Pro Lite has come up with a higher camera resolution of 8 MP.

Screen Resolution: In case of the sharpness and crispness of the screen, Nokia Lumia 1320 is better than the G LG Pro Lite. Nokia Lumia 1320 enjoys a better screen resolution of around 720 x 1280 px that is almost 77% more than G LG Pro Lite that has a screen resolution of 540 x 960 px.

Removable battery: G LG Pro Lite has a removable battery. While the phone freezes or the performance of the battery of the phone gets degraded, then the battery can be replaced. But in case of Nokia Lumia 1320 the facility of the removable battery is not there.

Download Speed: Nokia Lumia 1320 has a better download speed than G LG Pro Lite. Nokia Lumia 1320 has a download speed of 42.2 mbps, while the download speed of G LG Pro Lite has a download speed of 7.2 mbps.

DLNA: G LG Pro Lite has DLNA for sharing files via Wi Fi. The phone can also allow the user to browse internet on other devices through Wi Fi. On the other hand, Nokia Lumia 1320 does not support DLNA.

CPU: Nokia Lumia 1320 has a CPU speed of 1.7 GHz. This speed is almost 70% faster than the 1 GHz speed of G LG Pro Lite. This makes Nokia Lumia 1320 a better phone is case of smoother usage experience.

Weight: Nokia Lumia 1320 has a weight of 220 grams. On the other hand G LG Pro Lite comes with a weight of 161 grams. Thus LG is much lighter than Nokia making it more handy and easy to carry.

Memory: Both the phones have an internal memory capacity of 8 GB. The difference lies in the external memory slot. Nokia Lumia 1320 has an external memory card slot up to 64 GB. While G LG Pro Lite has an external memory card slot up to 32 GB.