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One of the best things you can do with your Android smartphone, is simply play games to pass the time. The Google Play Store is awash with games of all types, genres and sensibilities. Let us delve in to some of the most playable games on a mid-range phone, the Samsung Galaxy J5. The Galaxy J5 features a Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor with 1.5 GB RAM, and an Adreno 306 GPU. The specs will not let all the games fly at the best speed or FPS (frames per second), but are decent for some casual and light 3D gaming.

Samsung Galaxy J5

In this article we look at some the most playable games from different genres.

1.     Drag Racing

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Strap on your seat belts with this ultimate speed fest, featuring some the most popular and exotic cars from around the globe. You compete in Drag Races with cars, where every victory earns points and cash, allowing you to buy better cars, as well as engine and transmission upgrades. Unlike most racing games, Drag Racing has a side-scrolling perspective, with focus on proper gear shifts and acceleration timing. The game features a unique social aspect where you race with other players in order to increase points. It also has a career mode which is necessary to get XP points to upgrade to better cars. All in all, the game is a nice twist to racing on your Samsung Galaxy J5

2.     Hitman: Sniper

Cost: Free

Take on the role of the famous Agent 47 and get him straight to your Samsung Galaxy J5 with this rendition of the famous game franchise by Square Enix. The game features moderate 3D graphics, with focus on accurate and fast sniping. The game, while featuring on sniping, also focuses on setting traps for the enemies, luring them in to their grisly deaths.

3.     Angry Birds 2

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Rovio comes up with the much anticipated sequel to Angry Birds. Featuring better graphics and gameplay, Angry Birds 2 is a worthy candidate to be installed on your Samsung Galaxy J5. The game features procedural stage generation, where every stage is randomly generated, letting you play it on for hours. In addition, the in-game app purchases let you upgrade your birds while you fling them to the dastardly pigs for hours of cartoonish fun.

4.     Shadow Fight 2

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

One of the best fighting games on the system, Shadow Fight 2 is far from the eponymous button smashers that characterized fighting games. Rich detailed artwork, dark shadow-like sprites and a stylish Chinese-inspired soundtrack are some of the key points of the game. It features accurately detailed fighting moves, with perfect sound effects, letting you feel the action when metal meets metal and flesh meets the bone. A compelling Campaign mode lets you play for hours, while simultaneously letting you play with friends and strangers online to enhance your fighting skills. A mix of RPG elements and straight up action, this one is an apt pick for all action lovers.

5.     Doodle Jump

Cost: Free

While a game about jumping might not sound interesting, this one is one of the top-most played games on the Google Play Store. The game has no controls. You control your character by tilting your phone as you jump higher, avoid enemies and traps and move higher. A simple arcade-style game, this one is completely old-school – with the sole objective being to score higher points. For fun, the developers release holiday and seasonal themes to spice up the gameplay. A leaderboard tracks your score and lets you compare where you stand with all other gamers. This one is perfect for those who love to game on the go on their Samsung Galaxy J5.

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Amazon Underground is a fantastic way to get Free Apps and Games worth 10,000$ (dollars) for free via Amazon Inc. Even in App purchases are free for customers, Amazon has managed to achieve this by typing up with developers and passing on the benefits to the customers. Here are the easy steps via which you can get this amazing app and tons of free stuff

Amazon Underground Free Apps and Games
  1. Open your favourite browser on your Android phone
  2. Go to the Link
  3. An Alternative way is to register your email id and Amazon will send a link to download the app via email. Thats all folks

Enjoy the free Apps and Games.

For developer who think its not something they want to indulge in. Give it a second thought cause Amazon Underground has thought about every aspects
You can register on the following link The concept should make an interesting alternative to Google App Store. Since most of the Apps currently have in-App purchases which make it annoying to many smartphone users. Have a look at what developers have to say about it

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If you remember playing space impact on your cool Nokia phone, then you will be exhilarated to know that the scope and fun of war games for the mobile device and especially the android platform has vastly increased. Using just your handheld device you can virtually enter any battlefield of the past, or can even interfere in futuristic battle scenarios, choose any side and get yourself the essential adrenaline rush. The top five free war games to deliver you this experience are

android 4

Call of Duty: Heroes

Activision brings its world famous FPS to the mobile lovers in the form of an RTS but without decreasing the fun even a single bit. In this variant you not only control your own character but have total command over an entire ARMY! You can also customize your army to lay havoc on your enemies. You can start small from a small outpost but quickly advance into a ballista equipped modern command center. The levelling up RPG system just adds to the table. It provides three unique modes PvP, Campaign, and Survival to satiate your different needs and also supports multi-player for the time when you need some team killing done.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

Through this epic adventure RPG relive the Greek mythological story where Prometheus steals the fire of knowledge from Gods. You get to slay gruesome monsters and all powerful titans, you explore an ancient Greece through the eyes of the game’s Oscar nominated animation team who have done an excellent job. The sword combat is satisfying, its boss battles are unique and the intelligent puzzles keep the monotonicity of killing hordes of enemies away. If you like gore and feeling larger than life then Prometheus’s sword is for you to hold in your virtual hands.

N.O.V.A 3: Freedom edition

A futuristic sci-fi by game developers Gameloft, delivers the story of a man named Kal Wardin, a space marine who returns to Earth to save mankind from an eminent dangers. It’s on foot and vehicular combat are both engaging and enticing throughout the game. And the futuristic powers of Kal’s suit keep a single dull moment miles away in this top ties shooter. The twelve player multi-player has seven different modes to keep you entertained even after the main single player story mode.

Dead Trigger 2

This zombie annihilating sequel considerably improves upon all the aspects of its predecessor. In it even the zombies carry guns as if they weren’t lethal enough without them. The weapons are fully customizable to fulfill your carnage and explosive requirements. It’s multi-player and online leader-board are a fun enticement to keep on killing zombies. Its developer madfingergames also organizes tournaments to determine the best zombie hunter from its vast online community.

Frontline Commando: D-Day

This game takes you back to World War 2 where you perform various military operations. It has a large single player campaign covering over 145 separate missions based on actual events that occurred during the war, the shooters employs time authentic weapons and military techniques which give it a real forties era fell and only increase the enjoyment this army shooter provides. If FPS is your cup of tea then grab a historic rifle or a classic pistol and win the war for your country.

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There are times in a gamer’s life when an uncomplicated mindless match 3 puzzles are a necessity for whiling away the time. This list is not about those times. This list is where we explore what happens game developers decide ‘go big or go home’. This is our pick for the best, most entertaining and high graphics games. During our search we ran into several games which had somewhat compromised gameplay for graphics, resulting in a blurry mess during high-action situations. The games mentioned below have overcome that flaw spectacularly and we get to enjoy the fruits of that labour.

android 4

Badland from Frogmind

The first pick for this list will be surprising to some, because at first glance the eerily beautiful art design of the game is deceptively simple. The character design is the epitome of creepy cute and the nuanced background take some serious rendering. The game is basically a side-scroller with a hefty side of strategy. The little fluffy birdlike creatures need to be guided from portal to portal in a world which seems to have reclaimed by nature after the civilisation which had formed there had destroyed itself leaving behind its fantastic technology. The creatures collide with bizarre silhouettes and glowing mysterious objects cause the creatures to change its size or its weight. The player has to be constantly on alert to change his own reactions to compensate.

The Walking Dead: Season 2

This game is not just a shoot em’ up zombie action RPG, although players can do that too and with relish. This is an exploration of the darker paths a human psyche may have to walk to for survival. The story line of the first episode which is free to play, explores the beginning of the end of the world from the perspective of Lee Everett, a convict who was saved from prison because of the zombie infestation and now he protects Clementine, a little girl who’s lost her parents. The gameplay requires a lot of unexpected player participation in case of very dialogs and the graphics are extra-ordinary – from the detailed depiction of all the objects and the seriously scary zombies. The game voice acting and the music is also amazing and the story has a number of endings so one player’s experience may not be the same as others. With its amazing game experience and high replayability this is definitely one of the best HD games on the Android market.

CarX Drift Racing

The nice thing about this game is that it’s a serious drift racing game without any pretensions of car chases or street-racing. The object of this high definition game is to complete stages of drift racing and unlocking new cars and tracks with the reward. Players can score more depending of the style and complexity of their drift or drift combos, but points are taken off for encroaching on the grass. The cars are beautifully rendered and the physics of the drift is pretty near perfect. The competition is always against the players’ own best lap times, and its always challenging to find ways of making the drift combos last longer and longer. What sets this apart from other similar games is the pure simplicity of purpose to just better yourself, which comes the closest to emulate the philosophy of many great drivers in reality.


FIFA 15 ultimate team

No list about HD games would be complete without mentioning FIFA, the soccer game to end all soccer games. Its latest Android version is free to play but with in-app purchases. The graphics are everything we have come to expect from the FIFA franchisee, realistic and detailed to the finest degree. The gameplay movement are smooth and the visual and sound effects and music are all top of the line. This game is all about creating the eponymous ultimate team trading or buying new players and allows casual control and precision control depending on the preferences of the player. It offers long gameplay as well as a quick simulation mode.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

One of the best fighting games for mobiles ever made, this one has recently been made available on the Android platform to enthusiastic response from players. They get to take on DC villains as teams of three and the graphics are varied with custom animation for each hero and villain. The location of the fights are places like the Batcave or the Watchtower, or other locations that make DC fans squeal with glee. The only real problem with the game – its gigantic with 1.3 GB to download. But if the space and internet connection is there, this is a great game.

There are great games on the market which utilizes low graphics and is still tons of fun and of course great graphics don’t always mean great content. But these games have guarantees for both.

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Are you lost in the Play store? Too many games to choose from? Too broke to buy at the end of the month? Well, just for you we have scoured the world of Android of for the best games it has to offer among its current crop. For free. Before we go further, you should know that this is an entirely subjective list and maybe many of you won’t agree with it. In fact, it’s a pretty sure bet that no two reader will share the exact same opinion on the list, from the chosen games to the categories. But hey, if you’re bored sometime and looking for entertainment, then try them out. Who knows, you might like some enough to include them in your Top 5.

Android 5 Lollipop

The Best Fighting Game: Shadow Fight 2 from NEKKI

With simple grass-roots beginning in Facebook, it didn’t take this uber-popular game franchisee to grow into its potential. Sharp clear graphics and art make this a joy to look at, while the whole concept of battling silhouettes leave us tantalized at the possibilities. The game-play is exciting to say the least, while old-school gamers appreciate the touch of nostalgia about the Mortal Combat like arena, the realism in the movement of is absolutely a product of today. It forces players to face challenge of mastering a new weapon for every level. The in-app offers do keep coming in but need must as they say.

The Best Side- Scrolled game : Badland from Frogmind

This unique little gem has every pigeon-holing critic confused, myself included. It is a mix of strategy, adaptability, and some of the most eerily beautiful artwork seen in android games. The backgrounds are mesmerising, and the actual play is exciting. The idea is to guide a flock of these tiny, soft fluffy creatures in the dangerous world, where you can only herd them with controlled taps. It’s better to inure yourself to shocks fast because unlike other games there are no real indications for helpful or harmful items. The poor birds and the players must experience the Badland for themselves.

The Best World-building Game : Tiny Tower from Mobage

Ah, Tiny Tower. The game that will eventually take over your life. Even though it has been around a while, its only recently been available at the Android platform. The basic premise unsurprisingly is to build a tiny tower and manage the lives of the ‘bitizens’ that move into it. The artwork is in a commodore 64 style pixel format, it still manages to convey a shocking degree of detail to the minutiae of the daily lives of your bitizens. They even have the “Bitbook” which of course is where they socialise and share their selfies.

The Best Endless Run Game : Smash hit from Mediocre

The thing about Smash Hit is that it is set in a bizarre surreal pocket dimension which organic matter has not yet been able to penetrate. Every level is completely and beautifully imagined with unique obstacles arising at each new level. The other thing about it is fully able to convey the gratification of smashing beautiful glass formation with a satisfying crash and no consequence whatsoever. It will appeal to the child in all of us. The adult will be suitably entertained with the graphics and the physics of the game-play while the child will get on with the important job of smashing everything in its path.

The Best Strategy Game : The Simpsons Tapped Out from EA, Inc.

Have you ever looked at Springfield and wanted to build it in your own image? This game gives you a chance to participate in the world of the Simpson’s in a way that just watching 25+ seasons have not. Its fun and exciting to be interacting with such well-loved characters and gives new unseen glimpses of a well-known world. The best thing about this game – it preserves the humour of the show entirely and manages to add a new aspect to enjoying Springfield, USA.

Whether you are looking to fill time while commuting, or a long, exciting game-play session, for stimulation or relaxation, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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The ace game developer ‘The Blast Furnace’ is back with the next version of their popular action game series, ‘Call of Duty’. The action-packed new version  of ‘Call of Duty: Strike Team’ features some excellent add-ons than its ancestors & comes up with fresh ideas as well as an interesting game play. Switching anytime from first-person view to the third-person view is the most startling feature of this pacy game. The player can switch from the first-person view to the aerial-drone perspective in a jiffy & can direct the entire squad to move ahead with a planned strategy. This mode is far more appealing than any other combat game as it provides an opportunity to employ the brainy tactics & the skillful use of maps as well as available resources to prevail in the battle. Since you are in-charge of your squad, you can order your men to strike your enemies with intense firing, bomb enemy sites, set up covering fire, protect the objectives & much more!  On top of that, the small arrow provided on the bottom of the screen assists in the quick aim & also helps in switching the target.

Call of duty strike team

The game plot revolves around the year 2020 when the tension between the world superpowers surges to the apex. US falls prey to the surprise ambush from an unknown enemy. Now it is the mission of yours to smack down this ferocious enemy by leading a ‘Joint special Operations Team’. The campaign consists of straightforward objective-based missions wherein, players can control teams deployed for accomplishing specific missions including gathering the intel, protecting a stronghold or even launching attacks to battle-out the enemies!

The game is quiet pacy & leveling up occurs frequently. Upgrading weapons & gears in between the mission is possible through in-game currency earned by accomplishing missions or by in-app purchase. Constant progress through the game keeps the player interested in the proceedings. The ‘Call of Duty: Strike Team’ is exclusively available for all the touchscreen devices based on Android platforms. This fun yet challenging game can be best enjoyed when played with the third-person overhead drone’s perspective.

Call Of Duty Strike Team apk  download

Licence : Free
Category : Action
Size : 29.1 MB apk download and 971 MB Data download
Required: Android 2.1 or Up (2)

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LG Electronics Company we all aware off is reputed well-known company into many electronic gadgets. They have also made their mark in to smartphone industry with many well featured smartphones. Similar too many smartphone developers, LG has made now a mini version of its own flagship smartphone. Recently LG has launched quite well featured impressive smartphone LG G2 and now LG is following trend to launch a compact smaller and cheaper version of LG G2 named LG G2 Mini and it is launched in April, 2014. The price of the phone is not fixed but LG has claimed that it would be cheaper then LG G2 and would even have better features.

LG G2 Mini

When we buy a cell phone we all take into consideration of all the features the smartphone has but we also do take a look for the all games you can enjoy on your smart phone. LG G2 Mini has the latest features, runs on latest Android Operating System version 4.4 i.e. android kitKat and it has 1.2GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor with 1024MB RAM, inbuilt storage of 8 GB. Physical display screen size of LG G2 Mini is 4.7inches with resolution of 540×960 pixels and pixel density of 280ppi with capacitive type touchscreen multi-touch screen which would provide you with best gaming experience. If you are owner or looking to buy LG G2 Mini you should definitely complete reading this article as I would tell you all about the best top 5 games that you can enjoy with ultimate gaming experience. Following are the list of top 5 games I would like to recommend you to definitely try and enjoy on LG G2 Mini:

5 Games for LG G2 Mini

Riptide GP2: This game falls under category of arcade and action. This is an excellent racing game on jet-skis, where you can select various jet skis which are dynamic hydro jets, better graphics than version 1 ,with all new career mode with new improved stunt system with various new tricks with an intense driving experience and the game is fun and visually stunning giving you best racing experience. The game also has light hearted mix of amazing music in background.

Riptide GP 2

Riptde GP2 download for LG G2 Mini

Asphalt 8 Airborne: It is created by Gameloft and is the successor of impressive well known game racing game, Asphalt 7: Heat. This game is better and has some new twist compared to asphalt 7. It has 47 high performance fast cars, high-fidelity car motor sounds with amazing graphics with a long racing campaign with plenty of airtime to enjoy its new features.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne download for LG G2 Mini

FIFA 14: For all Football lovers this game is developed by EA sports and this most authentic football game on Google Play. In these you can enjoy and feel the excitement of every pass , strike, and tackle with new improved touch flow controls. This game has many features like 30 leagues and 500 licensed teams and over more than 15,000 players where here you can ear, but and even sell FIFA players so as to create your team as the way you want.


FIFA 14 download for LG G2 Mini

Temple Run 2: This is a very addictive game for fun infinite runner and one of the best in the genre all you have to do is run for your life as you flee from the Evil Demon Monkey in Temple Run 2.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 download for LG G2 Mini

Plants vs. Zombies 2: The zombie game is back with many new improved features. In this game the main feature is time here you have to meet, greet and defeat zombies from the dawn of time to the end of days this is done by powerful plants you have charge them with plan food and you have to protect your brain. The game is very fun and impressive to play.

Plants vs zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2 download for LG G2 Mini

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Windows Phone 8 is a comparatively new operating system introduced in the market and the best part is that slowly and steadily the number of apps and games are also coming up for it. Its been more than a year now that windows phone 8 is out and there have been many games that have come up for it, some individually, some through the xbox integration. But we are not complaining how they come until they come and fast. One disadvantage is that many cool games are paid ones, but still they are there. So we are doing the complete roundup of the best games for Windows Phone for the year of 2013.

Top 10 best games for Windows Phone devices 2013

Download Hill Climb Racing game for Windows Phone via Store

Hill Climb Racing

This physics based game has been a huge hit when it was introduced for iOS and Android and now with its introduction to Windows Phone 8, this game has received a lot of downloads and many positive reviews. The best part of it is that it is now completely updated with the android and iOS versions and so the windows users are not missing out on any fun and compromises in the game. Just make sure you are near the charger if you run out of juice.
Windows Phone StoreHill Climb Racing - Windows Phone

Download Temple Run Brave game for Windows Phone via Store

Temple Run Brave

Temple run’s Brave edition is out for windows phone and with a small disappointment that it is a paid one, but other than that it is an awesome game made. With new features and graphics and better routes, the game has now become much more interesting and engrossing and many new missions have been designed to make the phone more competitive. The developers at Disney have done a great job developing the game.
Windows Phone StoreTemple Run Brave - Windows Phone

Download Need For Speed Hot Pursuit game for Windows Phone via Store

Need for speed hot pursuit
The hot pursuit version of the NFS portfolio has gained a lot of popularity on PC, consoles and on other smartphone eco-systems like Android and iOS. Now it has also been released for windows phone with the awesome xbox integration where you can connect with other xbox players and play against each other increasing the competitive spirit and providing the players with a new room for connectivity and multiplayer options. The graphics of the game have been awesomely made and if you have an phone with a HD display, then you will really enjoy playing this game a lot.
Windows Phone StoreNeed for speed Hot Pursuit - Windows Phone

Download Assasins Creed game for Windows Phone via Store

Assasins Creed Pirates
This very popular title for consoles and PC is now also available for Windows phone. The gameplay and storyline of this game is absolutely same as that on the consoles and on android and iOS, but the controls are a bit different due to the touchscreen interface which is a bit tricky. But nothing to worry about since they are provided with a good tutorial at the beginning that teaches you how to play the game and after about 3-4 missions you will be playing the game very fluently.
Windows Phone StoreAssassins Creed Altaïrs Chronicles HD - Windows Phone

Download Asphalt 8 Airborne game for Windows Phone via Store

Asphalt 8 Airborne
This very popular mobile racing title in its 8th edition was one of the first real high graphics game to come to Windows Phone and also the game has been optimized so awesomely that the game plays really well even on the dual core processors and 512 MB of RAM which is the minimum specs available on Windows Phone today. And even in that all the graphics and design of the game are really awesome with absolutely no lag at all. Now that it really superb and amazing if you are totting a windows phone.
Windows Phone StoreAsphalt 8 Airborne - Windows Phone

Download Where is my water game for Windows Phone via Store

wheres my water
This game from Disney studios is a really wonderful one with a very unique concept. Based on one of their cartoons telecasted on the channel, this game is actually more inclined towards small kids who play on their parents’ mobiles, but occasionally you will also find many elders totting this game because of its interesting and fun puzzles which capture your mind and is also a good mental exercise along with nice fun. Just make sure that you make the water reach its destination before it runs out.
Windows Phone StoreWheres My Water - Windows Phone

Download Six Guns game for Windows Phone via Store

Six Guns
This is an amazing and one of the top rated games on xbox for windows phone. The best part is that this game is available for free for windows phone. This is an exclusive game developed only for windows phone and hence this makes it much more fun. Also the xbox integration makes playing the much more fun due to the social connect and all. this game is very well made and it is really very addictive that will make you really put in a lot of hours on your phone playing this game.
Windows Phone StoreSix Guns - Windows Phone

Download Mafia City game for Windows Phone via Store

Mafia City
If you are a fan of thug and criminal games and wanting make your alter ego an underworld boss, then you will really enjoy this game. Most importantly this game has all the features of the basic GTA made for mobile and hence you will really enjoy playing this game where the laws do not apply to you. so pick up your windows phone and move up the ranks of the underworld to become the kingpin else just roam the streets as a thug, the choice is yours. The touchscreen interface will also gave you a difference pleasure to control your character in the game. Just make sure to differentiate which is the real life and the game life.
Windows Phone StoreMafia City - Windows Phone

Download Rail Rush game for Windows Phone via Store

Rail Rush
This is a bit of a spin off since subway surfers is not quite available for windows phone yet. The developers at Miniclip studios have done a great job making this game with some new story concept but it still has some shortcomings and will require some more updates until the game comes to some proper shape. A little more graphics can do good, but still if you give this game a try, it is a bit hard to play and master and that will keep making you play one more every time until someone snatches your phone from you.
Windows Phone StoreRail Rush - Windows Phone

Download Flow Free game for Windows Phone via Store

Flow Free
This is a very simple puzzle game where you have to connect all the like coloured dots while covering each and every square on the board and hence this game is very popular with puzzle lovers and also with those who are looking for a good past time.
Windows Phone StoreFlow Free - Windows Phone



Here is out list of the best 10 games for windows phone for the year of 2013. There were many other contenders in the list, but they did not make the cut. But overall the games are really awesome and we expecting a lot more from 2014 with many more and popular titles to come to Windows Phone.