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Flipboard is one of the hit news reader apps on Android and iOS platforms. It has got too much popularity on the Android and its platform. Hence Windows cannot afford to develop some other application to compete with it, instead Windows developers created a version of Flipboard which can run on Windows platform, having its own unique features provided by the Windows Phone operating system. Developers have built the app on the Windows platform by keeping in mind that it matches with look & feel as well as it can take advantage of some of the Windows platform`s specific features. If user has already used Flipboard on iOS or Android platform then the user will experience same working of the application on Windows 8.1 platform as well.


A user can add Flipboard as a Live Tile to the start screen of their device. Like other apps, the tile surfaces stories & information from Flipboard dynamically, with the option to create additional Live Tiles for separate sections. Inside the app, the user will get a same Flipboard magazine like layout of stories from around the world that user chooses while building its own Flipboard. The user can search for various things & Flipboard users can add additional content to the app too. The developer has also provided facility to the user so that user can pin the favorite, Filpboard magazine & sections to start screen enabling a very fast access to user`s favorite content. The information is presented in a magazine format that a user can swipe to navigate between the pages. Microsoft`s new operating system offers a split-screen experience called as ‘Snap View’. Allowing users to read Flipboard article & doing some other work side by side.

A range of gestures offers plenty of functionality, the user can access multiple options by swiping up & down. By using Flipboard user can create its own digital magazine for sharing or private use. Another new feature enables users to utilize the magazine tool for the creation of e-commerce catalogues for wish lists or as a way of creating a shopping list of gifts. Few retail partners also provide a facility to build shopping catalogues for Flipboard which is a silent signal about the best chance of growth in the mobile commerce field.
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