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After a disappointing opening of HTC One A9 and HTC Desire 530, a lot of expectations are tied with HTC 10. HTC 10 is a fantastic device which is probably best crafter blend of a strong set of software with best Android experience. With HTC 10, the HTC flagship takes the brand to new design and direction. The metal body handset was launched with a price tag of 52,990INR and is ready for pre-order sale. It comes with 5.2-inch QHD with 1440 X 2560 pixel resolution and super LCD 5 display 564ppi. It offers Corning Gorilla Glass with protected curved edge glass. Its camera features too are exciting, for those who are unaware, the Smartphone offers 12MP Ultrapixel 2 camera with a size of 1.55um. This feature means, the camera can capture quality of images, even in dim area or low light scene. While, the front facing camera of 5MP has an autofocus feature with BSI sensor. It is powered with Quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM and 530 Adreno GPU.

htc 10

HTC 10 PC Suite Download

A Smartphone with such high-end features needs PC Suite. PC Suite helps user to restore, backup or transfer the content without losing a single file. Sharing internet between other devices or PC can also be done easily. Updating firmware, applications are all possible with PC Suite. PC Suite a windows based client application is one solution to several problems! It is recommended to download and install PC Suite to gain great benefits of the device.

Download HTC 10 PC Suite
Download HTC 10 USB drivers

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The tremendous rise in the technological level all over the world have seen most of the technological companies really going a notch higher in unveiling top phones that are still trending up to the moment. For instance the Samsung Corp unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. This is one of the powerful phones in the telecommunication industry that has really elevated the performance of the Samsung Company in the telecommunication industry.Samsung Galaxy S7 Active accessories are a must have to accompany this fantastic phone. That is why we came up with an awesome piece of the top 5 must have Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Accessories that you won’t miss out on.

samsung s7 active

Samsung Galaxy S7 active chargers

There are various chargers on the online stores that are compatible with this phone. At first we have got the original adaptive charger which charges the Samsung Galaxy s7 active in the fastest way possible. The wireless fast charging pad which allows you to charge your smart-phone in the fastest way possible and also on the wireless mode. The universal in car charger which allows you to charge your phone inside a car.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases and covers

Covers and Cases for your phone are very vital. They actually protect your phone from damages due to falling down and also damage due spillage on your phone. The covers and cases also protects the screen of your phone device from scratches. Here are the top cases and covers that are found on the online store for you to acquire. FlexiShield Case, Premium cover officially from Samsung, LED Flip wallet cover, Gostek Cloak cover case, Obliq Slim Meta Cover case etc.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protectors

If you really want your phone to last for a long time then you really need to have a perfect screen protector or screen guard. The screen guards protects your phone from spillage and damage due to physical causes. Here are the top screen protectors for you to own: Rearth Invisible Defender screen guard, Otterbox Alpha Screen Protector, Olixar Samsung Screen Protector, Invincible shield screen Protector.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Bluetooth Headsets

Having a compatible Bluetooth for your Samsung Galaxy s7 is one of the coolest stuffs to own. Most of the Bluetooth headsets are of a high quality and they render a high quality music sound. Here are the top Bluetooth headsets that you should not miss out on acquiring for your Samsung Galaxy s7 smartphone: Ghostek soDrop Premium wireless Bluetooth headphones, Tiny Talk Nano Bluetooth headset, Olixar X1 Bluetooth stereo headset, SuperTooth Talk N Go Bluetooth Mono Headset.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Accessories Cables

This is one of the must have accessories that your phone can’t function in the normal way if you don’t have them. There are various types of the Cables for to own. This include the 3x Universal Power Data and Sync Cable, Olixar Non-Tangle Micro USB, Universal Qualcomm quick Charge 2.0 cable that allows you to charge your phone in the fastest way possible and the Samsung Micro USB Sync and Charge cable.

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After launching last year’s Axon, which had been their attempt to create an affordable flagship at the smartphone industry. Even though it was a good attempt, issues had existed especially with small storage it had. Now, ZTE announced their new handset following Axon, the ZTE Axon 7. Even though they released another phone, why should we try to buy it?

ZTE Axon 7
Now, here are our 10 Reasons to buy ZTE Axon 7

1. World’s Smallest Concert
Being called as World’s Smallest Concert, ZTE Axon 7 is America’s first Smartphone to have HiFi Audio. Along with having dual speakers both with HiFi Audio output, Dual Microphones along HiFi Recording. Together with Dolby Atmos with Dolby Digital Surround, it really is kept up to its title.

2. Camera
Would you believe that it has 20MP Camera? Well, it does have one, capable of Optical Image Stabilization, capturing 4K Videos in 60FPS and 1080 Resolution. Also it is able to capture 240 FPS of HD Slow motion capture.

3. Touch to Unlock
Say goodbye to screen sliding to unlock your phone as Axon 7 has an intuitively placed finger scanner.

4. The Body
No worries about fragile plastic cases as Axon 7 is enveloped full aluminum metal unibody.

5. Dual Sim
ZTE Axon 7 had two slots for Micro Sim Cards while having the second slot can be interchanged with a Micro SD depending on your need.

6. Battery
Ensure a long, long life for your battery as you can experience 16 hours of talk time or leave at standby for 360 hours. And the battery can be fully charged in just 100 minutes!

7. Protection
No worries about unforeseen accidents on your phone as they give you Passport 2.0. A very comprehensive insurance for your phone! The insurance include 30-day risk-free trial, a full two years of product warranty, free premium protection that covers repairs out of warranty and more!

8. Performance
Equipped with 2.2 GHz Quad-Core Quallcomm Snapdragon which grant you fast processing speed right at your fingertips along with Integrated Qualcomm Adreno 530 as GPU, it won’t be any better.

9. Memory
Well, as you know, most android phone in the market might have low internal storage but also support up to 64GB of expandable memory or even lower. As for Axon 7, you won’t worry with space as it support up to 128GB of expandable memory!

10. Price
Well, with these heavy duty specs, it sure is expensive right? Well that is where it is wrong. In contrast to this high resolution camera, high class audio and full metal casing that made it look expensive, it actual price is just $450! Just look at that, a $450 alternative against more expensive android phones in the market which some specs of Axon 7 are even higher.

Now, here are our 10 reasons to buy ZTE Axon 7. It is truly an android flagship at a low price. These might be the chance the ZTE succeeded in their challenge. And this may become the start of inexpensive high-end android phones being released into the market.

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Reasons to buy Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 Edge makes a Style statement unlike any-other. Galaxy S7 Edge introduction brought a new line of smartphone under the ever expanding Galaxy series. After its intial introduction Samsung has continued to further strengthen the legacy by introducing Galaxy S7 Edge. Getting quick short notification on it side is unique to Samsung Galaxy S7. With similar specification to its elder sibling Galaxy S7. We have tried to offer  10 reasons why you may wanna buy this product:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

10 Reasons Why to Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

1. It has got fine touch body and sleek glass designed in aluminum. Which makes this device mind-blowing and heart touching. Everyone mind gets distract while using this phone. Its sexy curves and shiny metallic finishes make it a lot better. It you hold this phone into your hands you will feel great and want to have it. You will feel comfortable also while this device is in your jeans pocket.

2. Its camera is rear and perfect like DSLR. It offers a camera that will really satisfy the users even for those who are considering themselves among the photography enthusiasts. Its front camera is also good you can take full HD selfies in groups. You will experience the real camera in that device.

3. This phone is water resistant that is its best quality and we can say big advantage. Most of the phone gets destroy while going in water accidentally. In that case when it occurs this device will not get destroy because it has quality to resist water.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Water resistance

4. Full HD screen and super AMOLED display. It has best smart phone screen ever. Watch Full HD movies on you device and feel the quality and accuracy. Its screen gives this device a different look with respect to other phones.

5. Heavy phone with heavy battery backup with 3000mAh. Its battery lasts long about whole day while continue using. When not too much use batter will be low after few days. No need of battery saver apps and other stuff.

6. It has got physically home button. Its finger print scanner is accurate and fast that you can’t imagine and you will access Google play store in seconds and you can launch camera in second’s fast and furious working.

7. It has a long lasting storage capacity and expandable storage is much larger. You can store large amount of data in your device. Like photos, videos and movies. It supports large storage card (microSD card).

8. With wireless charging feature you can charge this phone any where even in trip or on weekend. This is also a big advantage and smart technology. This technology will experience you in technical world. Day by day ever work will be done through signals.

9. It has got virtually reality feature. You know with this you will experience a new feature world which actually is not real but you will enjoy it. It’s too fascinating. Try this you will really like it. Enjoy and show your friends and family the real feature I am sure they also like it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Storage

10. You have seen the Samsung pay services in other devices but this device has most advanced pay services. You can use all baking stuff while using this device. Every word is done at home no need to go to bank or any other place to pay your bills and other stuff.

Everyone wants better Android Smart phones, everyone will go for better. Don’t waste times looking here and there go for Galaxy S7 see the real future technology. It’s a better phone ever seen and smooth body design with many new features like water resistant, wireless charging, virtual reality and super AMOLED display.

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Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 follows the cyclic launch cycle that Samsung has maintained for its Galaxy Series of smart-phones.As always Samsung has ensured top notch specifications and best hardware made available for it.Smartphone arena has always been competitive with brands trying to outdo each other, but Samsung Galaxy Series are the benchmark against which other phones are compared to.Samsung Galaxy S7 is available in all over the world. There are plethora of reasons to opt for a Samsung Galaxy S7. Here are 10 reasons for you to buy this Samsung Galaxy S7 Device.

Samsung Galaxy S7

10 Reasons Why to Buy Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Its sleek glass and aluminum design gives this device the ultra look. This device has smooth curves and shiny metallic finishes that looks very beauty and shines like a diamond. When you wipe it free from all your fingers it looks fabulous in your hand and feels great. It looks great and comfortable fitting into your front jeans pocket.

2. It has best camera as considered to other smart phones. Today cameras are better on Android smart phones but considering Galaxy S7 no one can beat it. Its focusing is fast and captures excellent photos in various ranges. It can replace a point and shoot camera. It supports multitude of modes.

3. It is water resistant. A great advantage to make you buy this device. It is also very useful because you can swim with it and can play in rain showers. You will not worry enjoying rain or scaring of water. When dirt comes into it you can clean it with water.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Water resistance

4. It has got brilliant super AMOLED Display Screen. After testing this device they have revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has the best display ever. If you love bright colorful displays then you will like to have this device. It supports something like apple night shift which will be in future when its upgrade come you will know.

5. Long lasting battery backup. The Galaxy S7 has 3000mAh battery it’s quite large. You can easily spent whole day with heavy usage on Internet, listening songs, watching videos and calling. It’s a great you don’t to focus on battery status on your device.

6. It has physical home button. Its fingerprint scanner is quiet fast, sensible and accurate. In this device you will launch the camera app quickly in seconds and you will get access to Google now quickly and easily to access.

7. Last year Samsung took a hiatus from microSD cards but being thankful to Samsung that this support returned on this device. You cannot use it as adoptable storage. With this device you will be able to store photos, Music, Videos and Movies in large amount of memory. It gives you large quantity of storage to store your data.

8. New feature wireless fast charging. You have no need of charger bringing with you while travel. it has got quick charge 2.0 technology. This one is advanced feature of this device.

9. Have you read the concept of virtual reality we will know while using this device. It has got this feature. you will be familiar with the virtual world while watching the reality which is not real.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Storage

10. It supports Samsung pay which means you can easily access to banks in your homes and pay bills and other stuff like transaction or any other activity related to bank and Samsung services. It has got a magnetic security technology you can use it in any place.

According to everyone’s opinion we all have different need when you are ready to buy some android phones. Which is common to us but if you want really a great phone go with Galaxy S7 totally bomb and smooth surface.

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The surprise release of HTC One M9 was recently announced by HTC in the month of March 2015. According to the reports, this LTE enabled premium Smartphone will be getting released much sooner than expected. Being a monstrously priced Smartphone, it essential to check that whether this Smartphone is worth the price or not? You don’t need to worry about it because it’s our duty. We have gone underneath the skin of this esteeming Smartphone and the results are categorized in detailed fashion below.

HTC One M9

1. Design: From the available data, it can be deduced that this Smartphone aka HTC One M9 will be sporting Aluminum Silicon Carbide body which is expected to be water proof, however it’s not confirmed yet. On the front side of the Smartphone, HTC One M9 will be flaunting two stereos speakers above besides front shooter and other one at the lower brim. The body on backside will be brushed horizontally with shinier and attractive finish. The overall designing is typical HTC one and HTC fans would definitely love to see it.

2. Display: HTC One M9 will be housing a 5.0 inches LCD3 HD display with resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and pixel density of 441 ppi. This awesomely configured display will be protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 technology. This size of this screen is quite compact and perfectly fitting in the shell, thus will provide firm grip and the durability of this Smartphone is also good.

3. Performance: Being a premium configured Smartphone, its Android v5.0.x OS skinned with HTC Sense UI 7.0 operates on a Quad core Snapdragon 810 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz while as 2.0 GHz variant is also present, both accompanied by 3 GB RAM and Adreno 430 GPU. The processor configuration is good, vast amount of RAM being the best ingredient. The blend is pretty awesome but the core could have been much better touching 2.3 GHz or 2.5 GHz, for the price we are providing.

4. Camera: HTC One M9 is provided with a 20.7 MP rear camera with some exciting features and amazing capturing quality. Its front shooter is 4 MP which is also good for video calling and selfie’s. However, here it can be said that camera lovers have got a chance to grab their companion and enjoy HD photography.

5. Storage: Often most of the Smartphone’s even premium ones are lacking SD card compatibility which becomes a big bang reason of disappointment for buyer in the end. HTC has not performed this mistaken act and made this Smartphone with 32 GB internal storage as well as 128 GB SD card compatibility. It’s a nice move from HTC and deserves to be appreciated.

6. Battery: This Smartphone comes packed with a non removable Li-Po 2840 mAh battery providing 25h 20m on 2G network and 21h 50m on 3G. What else could we get from a premium Smartphone will this good battery endurance? As far as numbers speak, battery backup is up to the mark.

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Last year was brilliant year for OnePlus One. Yes, it’s not we are just speaking with the fame it gained in short span of time. But in just couple of months or so, it revealed its statistics report of its sales. The OnePlus One sold around 500-units of Smartphone, while it also aimed to double the figure by end of year.
Good News! Is that the company, not only aimed but also achieved to double the figure of sales by end of year 2014? According to the Co-founder ‘Carl Pei’, the Smartphone world with its first high-end Smartphone, the OnePlus One team was able to track down the expected sales figure. They sold around 1-million of OnePlus One unit last year.

OnePlus One

Over A Million Units of OnePlus One are sold

With whopping figure of 1-million, company is set to come with another product that will create double buzz then OnePlus One. The Company is set to focus and improve its operations in 2015. The upcoming model will be named as ‘OnePlus Two’, which will be double your expectation. The awaited Smartphone is expected to arrive by six-months or so. The Company is tight lipped to share any of related information about the model. Other than the dubbed version OnePlus Two, the Company is working on another Smartphone. The separate Handset will be different and will attract different type of audience.

The OnePlus One has earned good reviews, as the handset is available with two storage capacity 16GB and 64GB.