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LG New Fingerprint Sensor

Apple as first to come with Fingerprint sensor with iPhone 5S. After which several Smartphone manufacturing companies introduced fingerprint sensors on their respective Smartphones. Now, its LG who is touting its brand new concept of fingerprint sensor which rests under the display. The new fingerprint sensor offers new technology, when a user places their finger on cover glass it automatically identifies the fingerprint. According to the Innotek CEO Jongseok Park, the fingerprint sensor will not just eliminate the buttons and other elements but will also make the new Smartphone water resistant, as it will also reduce number of openings and buttons. The elimination of certain buttons and reduced in opening might head toward slimmer device in future!

lg fingerprint sensor

LG Introduces New Fingerprint Sensor

According to the officials, they have reduced 0.01-inch slot and have installed the new sensor. The device will be blend of supreme technology with great precision. The fingerprint module will come with FAS 0.002 – False acceptance rate. to get on measurements, both the sides of the glass with fingerprint sensor ir approx 0.0098-inch thick, weighing around 130 grams.

Changhwan Kim – the head of Research Development Center also stated that, ‘we are concentrating on different resource with development based on customer values’. LG officials, are yet to reveal the eact date, when they will be introducing this technology.

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The time Fingerprint sensor stepped in Smartphone world, everyone were quite interested to know more on this technology. Some manufacturer also implemented Fingerprint sensor, some were lucky with smooth operation. While few tried to implement but were no quite lucky.Fingerprint sensor have gained quality of fame over days. Not all companies use this technology! Samsung the use swipe sensor for security. Samsung user all had to do was swipe your finger over Home button to unlock the screen. This method of unlocking was not easy on higher than 5-inch of Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Sources have revealed a different angle on this unlocking security issue. The Company is planning to move on other kind of unlocking sensor, like the one which accept fixed digits. All the user must do is hold your finger on particular angle for few seconds and bingo! This is how it will unlock.
Samsung has landed with new sensor. It has made Home Key on Samsung Galaxy S6 a bit bigger. But a proper working is yet to be revealed. The sensor will working when the screen is off like the one in Ascend Mate 7 or like iPhone is yet to be confirmed. But working of TouchWiz functionality is confirmed like Paying with PayPal, signing on Samsung Account and so.
The TouchWiz comes in two version regular and Edge. The regular will have QHD screen, and the Edge will have dual sided. Many related leaks and information landing might be confusing, but a confirmed news will land when the long awaited Smartphone will hit the tech market!


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It was already in news by rumors that Samsung new flagship will come with a fingerprint scanner and Samsung did the same. Fingerprint scanner on phone has added additional security to their smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S5’s home button has given additional functionality other than unlocking phone. It works as a fingerprint scanner and after verifying fingerprint, it will unlock your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Now third party apps can also use Samsung’s Fingerprint scanner as Samsung is also giving their fingerprint scanner information so that it can be used to build third party application. It is possible to do with the help of Pass API. It is released as part of Galaxy S5 development kit. Open API will be used by PayPal first and it will lead to confirm payments via fingerprint on Galaxy S5.

Apple is also using fingerprint scanning technology but they want to keep it secret as it is locked and key within A7 chip. They want their data to be accessed only by their own services like iTunes, iBooks, etc. Samsung’s move to allow third-party apps to use Samsung’s fingerprint scanner will open world of possibility and enhanced usability. More number of users will be able to use this service. We want to hear it from our readers that what they thing about Samsung’s new fingerprint scanner. Please comment with the same below.