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Last weekend was quite eventful as the readers saw quite a number of news regarding the Smartphone MI 5S from Xiaomi. The worth noting fact being that the launch date was to be 27th September, Most of these news were quite spectacular. One of the leaks showed the image of the device, probably shot from the manufacturing unit of the phone, as the phone is in the hands of displayer wearing white gloves. The photo display MI 5S Phone with a round fingerprint scanner. There is a beautiful white image giving very clear front view of the device, with the feature of ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under the glass. Another source has also shown the black version with same design.

xiaomi mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5s more leaks

It is also mentioned that this smartphone looks like that of iPhone 7 but it has the technology like Apple Inc. The device is capable of working even when the user’s fingers are wet or greasy or dirty. The popular tipster @kjuma is yet another source who has flashed a photo of white ceramic version in black color on its website, probably an advertisement from the online shop, which clearly display the dual cameras tilted to the extreme left corner of the device instead of the middle of the screen. As per the usual trend at present with the black variants sporting the dual cameras I the middle. This only highlights a good thing about this device that the Smartphone is likely to have dual cameras and also a high storage capacity of 256 GB of internal memory.

CEO of the company has posts first camera picture of the new device last week. Tuesday 27 September being the official launch date of the new phone Xiaomi Mi 5s and plausibly Mi 5s Plus also. The new Smartphone will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 chip and under-glass fingerprint scanner, and the pricing for Xiaomi Mi 5s at 300$.

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Last year we heard about the Source code, suggesting Google and Motorola to include a fingerprint scanner in their Nexus 6, though the idea was scrapped from the final product. While, recently the news revealed that Android M will support fingerprint scanning feature. With all manufactures are running to include the demanding fingerprint scanning feature, how come Google will miss this opportunity to try their hands on! According to the news, Google too has included the feature on its radar. Then what about Motorola? Yes, you guess it right. Motorola too will be planning to add a fingerprint reader in its Next-Generations Moto X.

motorola logo

Recently, two photos of Moto X chassis were leaked. The leaked photo with right size and shape convinced us that the image are of Moto X, which probably will include a fingerprint scanner with needful hardware elements in it, this means that if the leak are accurate, then Moto X too will offer fingerprint scanning feature.

It’s too early to say or assume whether the Moto X will come with fingerprint scanner or not? Until we get a confirmation about the device, whether it will have the respective feature or not, Android M will offer the feature.

Motorola has upgraded it from KitKat to modified version of Android Lollipop, has it’s built in fingerprint scanner, we are also hoping that the device works flawless with Android Pay and other features of Android M.

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It was already in news by rumors that Samsung new flagship will come with a fingerprint scanner and Samsung did the same. Fingerprint scanner on phone has added additional security to their smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S5’s home button has given additional functionality other than unlocking phone. It works as a fingerprint scanner and after verifying fingerprint, it will unlock your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Now third party apps can also use Samsung’s Fingerprint scanner as Samsung is also giving their fingerprint scanner information so that it can be used to build third party application. It is possible to do with the help of Pass API. It is released as part of Galaxy S5 development kit. Open API will be used by PayPal first and it will lead to confirm payments via fingerprint on Galaxy S5.

Apple is also using fingerprint scanning technology but they want to keep it secret as it is locked and key within A7 chip. They want their data to be accessed only by their own services like iTunes, iBooks, etc. Samsung’s move to allow third-party apps to use Samsung’s fingerprint scanner will open world of possibility and enhanced usability. More number of users will be able to use this service. We want to hear it from our readers that what they thing about Samsung’s new fingerprint scanner. Please comment with the same below.