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Game for many people is defined as a passtime,for some as a part their character building,take its name as one will find a legion of gamers who swear by it.Final Fantasy IV comes to Android,rejoice fans. It will work for Android 2.2 and above but the developers have posted on the store stating that it wont work with Android 4.4 ART enabled, turn around is to choose the default runtime before starting the game.With such a vast support across the Android versions it makes a must have. The games is visually spectaular as always and will only add more followers to this game

Final Fantasy 4 for android official video


The game is gonna be a handful with the installation alone requiring 445 MB of space but it is Orginal remake of the Game making it worth a while for Users.The best part is users will get to play Ten Tales from the Orginal Game. It also supports Google game acheivement and challenges making it interesting to share and outscore your friends. The Game is available as a paid app for 15$,but given the followers, we are sure that its a small price to pay for Fantasy

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