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Applications have emerged in all fields of world one way or another. They find their use in business, entertainment, educational, official and a vast number of places. Their dominance in this world is because they provide good services with ease and reliability and keeps you away from going to crowded markets, stay in waiting for bill pay and other services like that. Thus, the development of applications is simply unstoppable and the process is going on at an enormous rate. So, we have added the top 5 best applications for this week of February 2015 which can make your living on this green planet easier and happier by bringing down your burdens of high prices and introducing dose of fun.

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1. Liftshare: Petrol is getting extinct and the prices are making it exotic. If you can’t bear the burden of daily overpriced petrol refilling, then this app is the only lifeline which can save you from this scenario. You can join the 400,000 members on Liftshare and make your daily travel cheaper by sharing each other’s ride for very low price. It lets you find a Liftshare member on the same root with spare seats who can take you to the destiny at low price. The profiles of the car drivers are completely visible from which you can choose the best possible option as well as review the driver for the experience you had.

2. Pushbullet: It’s simply the new revolution in developing integrity among your different devices and creating an environment where you no more have to dig up your files everywhere. It maintains a link between your devices allowing you to get notified about call or text while you are working on PC or other device, let’s you transfer files between PC and Smartphone on a single click, browse the important websites right from your Smart-phone by sending a link from PC, etc. Due to it’s awesome productiveness, it’s made available in 30+ languages.

3. VRSE: Last year Google’s cardboard app debut of creating virtual reality has been extended to the new heights with the help of this app and here you don’t even need cardboard or use can use cardboard too as an option. Launch this app and get yourself submerged in the three dimensional virtual reality where the sounds are also dynamic as well as binaural. Interesting lovers can know more about the cardboard at

4. Dubsmash: There’s no magic in here but just a big laugh it can give to your friends. It allows you to go for any quote, record a dubbed video on it and send happiness to your mates. It is been buzzing around due to its popularity and is available in different languages including Arabic, Chinese, Hungarian, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and much more. Anyone with Android Smartphone above v4.1 jelly-bean can enjoy this application on their devices.

5. 36pics: This application makes it easy to order printed pictures which you can keep for yourself or gift your loved one. With this app you just need to build a roll of film, take 36pics, choose your desired size and place the order. The printed pictures can be received by you at your place or someone you want to surprise with them. The pricing goes according to the size with the rate starting from 7.99 Euro’s while as shipping price is added to the price. The delivery time normally ranges from 2-3 business days.

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Since the whole mesh is freckled with numerous games coming out in bunches per day for iPhone’s, it has become a tough job to get hand on a perfect game whether it comes to RPS, action or puzzle genre. But we recognize that getting a good gaming food is very essential for eager gamers, so for tracking the best games which are out in this 1st week of February 2015, we have stirred the gaming points all over the web and extracted some epic games for you to play. The RPG’s released are the best ones updated from the older epic combat battle games. So, go set and go.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Top 5 iPhone Games 1st week of February 2015

Top 5 iPhone Games 1st week of February 2015

1. Game of war: Fire Age: Join this immensely strategic game ever, build and train your own troops, conquer the battles with your enemies. Join an alliance and chat with them to create your battle strategy. Chat with the people worldwide with multi language compatibility. Upgrade your buildings and walls to create a strong empire of your own. You can privately chat with single person or with the whole alliance at a time. Get stronger each day and be one among the best empires.

2. Lords and Knights: You will be provided with your own castle and knights but as the time passes on you will take control of the whole empire with your strategies. You can build and train your own knights and soldiers and wage war against other lords and conquer. Win wars, earn and upgrade your buildings and soldiers to become the mightiest. Join as an alliance with the other inmates and lead your group to victory. Get yourself transform into the medieval warfare atmosphere.

3. Electro Trains: As simple as addictive! All you need to do is be the guide to the approaching trains and lead them to the right path according to the colours. The blue red and green trains need to be run down the rails as far as possible without accident to win. Guide the trains through 6 different maps available. Get the honoured medals and top the leader boards. The controls are basic and simple, you just have to tap the screen to switch trains.

4. Space Warp: Sharpen your mind to play this game because it’s about saving the whole Earth from deadly universal threats. In this 2D arcade game you will have to switch Earth to any safer place but in the way you will have to face black holes, force fields, etc. Besides having fun, this game will enhance your planetary knowledge through its 60 levels, in 8 different zones, you can also compete against your friends through leader boards.

5. Vikings Journey: The road to Valhalla: It’s an adventurous RPG game where you have to play the role of Ragnar. Your role is to help Ragnar reach the heavens but it won’t be easy since the way is jammed by zombies. You will have to slaughter zombies in your way and get the loot. The more you loot, the more powerful you will become. With the loot, you will be able to upgrade your power as well as skill to get your mission done.

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Although the year 2014 has passed, the application fever is still peaking with the release of frequent application for this busy world. The need of application is felt because of their easy to use UI and most essentially time saving quality. So, this week of February has also provided us with highly beneficial applications adding a remark in essential fields like photography, business, health and Smartphone optimization. These fields are definitely in scarcity of what is being provided in this installment of ours. So, hope you enjoy our hard work of this week and stay tuned in for weekly updates.

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Top 5 Android Apps 1st week for February 2015

1. Adobe Photoshop Express: The Photoshop family have finally released the Android version of their ever famed Photoshop. This app lets users to tune up their photos for looking much better by using unique automatic filters and fixes. Besides the common editing tools which include crop, auto fix, color-fixing by varying shadows, temperature, etc. It lets you apply more than 20 cool filters, 15 different borders. It can easily handle your huge sized panoramas and supports RAM format also. It social network connecting features lets you share your photos with the crowd around you. You can also choose for paying some money to get much more exclusive Photoshop features.

2. Asana: If you are fed up with the scattered data like emails of your project running in-between your team, then you definitely need Asana as your buddy organizer. It lets you and your team to quickly organise and perform the tasks and keep track of reminders and the things you need to do. You can directly comment on the task where you want your mate to perform their act and get updates. Besides being a team organizer it can also help you as a day organizer and manage your all day tasks. The 15 of your team mates can act on the project for free whether on the web or application.

3. Camu: Let’s do some unique stuff with photos and videos which other editing apps are not able to perform. This application unlike others lets you apply the live filters on your photos and videos, a wide variety of text effects are present which can make you write beautiful text on the photos. The best part about this editor is the auto selfie mode which takes selfie when you seize the movement of your camera permanently.

4. System Tuner Pro: It’s obviously known that majority of people are fed up with these system tuners promising to make your Smartphone better but instead making your Smartphone as an Amazon of bugs. However this new tuner has recently came under our spotlights; capable of performing a wide range of vital activities definitely required for a Smartphone. Its few of the features include back up, verification of apk, ability to uninstall system stocked applications, capable of moving any app from internal storage to SD card, a comprehensive task killer, cleaner, system monitoring and much more in single package.

5. Calories! Basic – Cal Counter: Let’s take some concern towards health attitude. This essential application can prove to be your perfect match if you are willing to burn some calories and take a step towards fitness. Besides your daily workout, you should also be conscious about the food you are taking and there this application comes into play with its huge database of 6500 European foods and 9800 non European foods along with the capability of defining serving sized in the hands of user. Besides it, it provides access to 350 health improving sports, calculates BMI, and it’s exercise dairy and nutrition dairy is much more vast applicable than it can be explained so giving try to it is must.

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This is the last instalment of bouncy and incredible games for the month of February 2015 from Phone Lane, after the thorough surfing all over the web; we have summed up these best newbie games you would love to play on your Smartphone and tablets. These games are combination of power, skill and brain, so you better fasten your seat belts before riding these nitro boosted fast paced games as well as strategic ones. This is definitely the most heated installment of games for this month. So, better try them out instead of missing the mysterious and joyful ride.

Android 5 Lollipop

Top 5 Android Games 1st week of February

1. The Great Fusion: Discover yourself living in the world where laws have no value. The rich people are getting wealthier and poor people are getting more torn off. In this game you have to lives a poor guy namely Max, grown up poor but an intelligent programmer so you have to strive and struggle for your existence. You will fall into many surprising awkward situations and you have to face them. The graphics is neat and the game also features nice sound track.

2. Warhammer 40,000 – Carnage: Get yourself engaged in some full on run and gun action, kill your screaming and growling enemies in this fast paced game. You will love to go crazy on your enemy and destroy the stuff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe where you can play 5 different chapters which include ultra marine, dark angel, blood angel, space wolf and salamander. The graphics of this game is most likely going to give your Smartphone hiccups so play it on v4.1 and above Android OS.

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3. Toy Defence 3: Fantasy-TD: Take charge as a commander of the fast and furious archers, elves and goblins, battle with your friends and the other 15million players all over the world. Fight against the mysterious dragons and crafty goblins in the all new magical world. Build your own strategic tower defence against the 9 different types of evil enemies, complete achievements and be the best. Be the boss of medieval world with the realistic graphics of this game.

4. WWE immortals: If you are a diehard fan of WWE, then this game will definitely bring a lot of joy and energy into your gaming life. Bring your favourite contenders into the magical immortal world and unleash the mysterious powers. Choose your favourite ones and upgrade their powers. Play online against different players worldwide and perfect your moves and combos. The graphics of this game is excellent with great animations, you are definitely going to love this.
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5. Dragon Knights: The whole Midros Continent is under the devils hunt and you are the only hope to save it from the devil. Fight against the monsters, power up the equipment of your Hero, use more than 400 weapons and assault on the devils. You can also take part in the World Boss Battle along with the players worldwide. Sharpen and use your skills in the tower of heroes and take part in different events to get rewarded.

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The universe of apps has ever since been expanding as proved by the Big Bang theory of universe. The ocean of applications is getting crammed at a tremendous speed leaving majority of users confused for what to choose and use. For eliminating that confusion, just like every week, we have analyzed the World Wide Web and bagged the best applications for you. These application are the latest releases for the 1st week of February 2015 and comprises of awesome productive as well as entertaining applications. So, let’s explore these best masterpiece applications and have fun.

Apple iPhone 6

Top 5 iPhone Apps for 1st week of February

1. Gismeteo: Finding a good weather app for your iPhone is like finding a diamond in coal mine. However we are pretty sure that here comes your diamond, this application provides comprehensive weather updates per day and the results are updated on hourly basis to keep your updates precise. It gives the accurate timings for sunrise and sunset. With this application you can track whether of your desired location as well as whole global village. The designing of this application is specially made for iOS to camouflage as a native application with realistic weather background.

2. Libon: Being a new comer to the international calling and messaging service, Libon is offering 15 minutes free calling on joining with connectivity to 100+ countries. You can enjoy free messages as well as free calling with other Libon users so start inviting your circle and go all free. Its voice-mail service is highly upgraded and you can customize it in a time saving manner as well as beautifully. The calling rates are also very decent so it’s the new age calling app you must try.

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3. VHX: It’s the best application for addicted movies and video lovers all over the world. With this application, you can easily stream all your favourite videos on the go just by logging in. Being precise this app acts as your video library keeps your favourite videos ready to be streamed anytime virtually. It is compatible with AirPlay, video syncing option is also available if you want to watch offline, and it has go wide social network connectivity which includes Twitter, Facebook, any emails as well as texts.

4. ARPhoto: This application is simply the stand out from the sea of photo editing apps over internet. It lets you add content to your photos which is directly generated by computer and that too in a realistic sense. That means you can put any 3D object in your photos and make them awesome. This app can make your photos really 3D to the human eyes, you can just ride the mighty lion; add the favourite stuff you wanted to be yours. Besides all this you can use this app to research on computer graphics and put it in great use thereafter.

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5. ProCam 2: When it comes to photo and video editing apps, no one seems pretty perfect on Smartphone and we have to move towards computer for completing the task. But with the release of this new app, the difference looks completely faded as it have got awesome comprehensive features to flaunt which includes its ability to zoom and pause videos to take perfect stills, compatibility to record 4K videos, introducing slow motion video capturing in the arena, also capable of introduction sound clip in the video. In case of photo editing, it flaunts features such as HDR, ability to set time over night mode option, option to change image quality in burst mode and much more features are waiting to be explored.