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Coming with new Emoji’s seem to be in trend! After Whatsapp, Facebook too have introduced new Smiley’s. Now, users will not only have ‘Like’ option but also cry, love, laugh, fume or gasp. And best of all, these Smiley’s will be working on Android and also on the desktop. Facebook has added new reactions other than ‘Like’. For instance, if your friend posts something serious, hitting ‘Like’ will put you in loads of problem, and since you don’t want to push a comment and at the end you do nothing. But with recent Facebook’s update, new reaction will be landing on your Android. Yes, beside like new shades of emotions with bright colour smiley’s which will help you to express a bit of emotion.


Facebooks new Emojis

The 6-type of reactions added are:

  • Like: A thumbs-up which we are using from ages.
  • Love: A white heart inside red circle, for something more than just like.
  • Ha-ha: An alternative for typing Ha Ha or Lol.
  • Sad: Expressing sympathy or grief.
  • Wow: Expressing good or bad ,but with a surprise expression!
  • Angry: Expressing fuming expression or distaste where no words can express your anger.

How to get Facebook reactions on Android?

Tap and hold ‘Like’ button for needful post

Facebook reactions appear, select appropriate to express your reaction!

How to use Facebook reaction on the Web?

Move your cursor over ‘Like’ button, a pop-up of reaction will appear. Select appropriate reaction from options.

Using these newly added reaction from Android or from Web is no difficulty.



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The whole world knows that today Facebook is such an important part of social media and just as we love our cell phones to have a nice update or we love installing newly updated apps it’s the same with Facebook. This time, Facebook announces a very interesting feature that will replace a motionless profile picture to a short video on your timeline. Yes it’s all about presentation now a days, whether it’s your Instagram feed or your blog or anything. Along with short videos Facebook will support temporary profile pictures that will resume back to the default profile picture after a certain period of time.


This feature was made keeping in mind that users change their profile pictures on some special occasions like holidays, festivals, to just reflect your current mood, to support a sports group etc. This whole update will give a new look and feel to the users who are very accurate about their profile presentation, there will also be a customizable space on the top of the profile which will display your qualifications, location, work and also an addition of five favourite pictures of your choice.

Moving on to mobile layouts, it is designed in such a way that the profile photo or video will be in the center of the page a bit larger in size whereas the photos and friends will be moved to the top of the page. All of this is done so that getting to know each other will be a lot easier than before. For now this feature is only available for iPhone users residing in UK and California. We will have to wait for it to reach out to every Facebook users across the world.

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Your Android can become the world’s most complex Swiss Army knife with all the millions of applications to choose from today, but what is the use of having dozens of apps on your Android if you aren’t equip with the best? Whether you are searching for practical apps or fun apps, this list will be useful if you do not have the time to sort through hundreds of listings and prefer things short and sweet.

Android 5 Lollipop

5.) Whatsapp

If you need a versatile communication app and are fond of clever puns , Whatsapp is right up your alley. This app can quickly communicate through instant messaging and audio, and it expands on the capabilities of a regular phone by also sending video and photos. Even though you have to buy a subscription to use this app, that did not stop it from growing into one of the most popular communication apps in the world. Using this app is more practical and direct than having to use social networking sites, especially for business-related communication.

4.) Uber

This application is extremely useful to have, whether for everyday use or just in case of emergencies. Uber is used to immediately contact a taxi, and you don’t need to know your current address. This is very beneficial for people who dislike the slow speed and hassle of public transportation, or people who happen to be nowhere near a bus stop, or for whatever other reason to call a taxi quick. You won’t need cash either, if you have a credit card, Google Wallet or Paypal; the cost of your ride is transferred directly to the company. Considering this app’s sheer practicality, I would call that a fare price!

3.) Facebook

If you know what is, it should not be surprising that the mobile app version is so widely used, and was probably invented the first chance the programmers got. With the Facebook app, you can keep in constant touch with your family and friends, even if you don’t have access to a computer, and do all the things you could do on Facebook’s regular website. This is very practical when you are on vacation, can’t afford a computer, or prefer to keep things pocket-sized. The Facebook app has an undeniable effect in defining this age as the most closely-connected generation in history.

2.) Paytm

This is an application that is starting to make even physical credit cards look slightly obsolete. It handles a variety of money transactions, including pay day deposits to your bank account, paying utility bills, and shopping online. The makers also stress how each transaction is completely secure. They also take advantage of the app’s versatility with its own online shopping system, which can be used to bargain, use discounts, and make quick refunds. It really pays to keep up with the newest technological ways to make money matters simpler!

1.) Instagram

Instagram is an insanely popular application that is used simply for taking photos in a square format, applying interesting filters and effects if desired, and instantly sharing them on any social networking site. There is no shortage of filters and editing tools either, and they are all far easier to use than complicated photo editing software. You can also take short videos, but the app is known mostly for its picture-taking function. The app does not cost anything, which may also be a contributing factor in its popularity (compared again to expensive photo editing software)!

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Recently in a media event in Mumbai, Facebook officials announced a piece of news. Like it’s every other news creating buzz and hitting top column of blogs, this news is also rising with high flame. Facebook announced that, the Company is teaming with biggie Reliance an Indian carrier to launch The is an initiative to make available the internet to more and more people and share their ideas and thoughts.


The plan aims to offer basic internet service on Smartphones or feature-phones. The project will primarily be launched in six-states of India. On launching the scheme in these states, then further they will be spreading its wings to get more and more states. Currently, the service will be available in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra-Pradesh. Facebook officials further stated that the project ‘’ will allow maximum user to connect to internet share their creativity and ideas.

To get benefits of this scheme, you need to be a Reliance subscribers. Being a Reliance subscriber you can access data, visit websites all you need to get is a data plan. At present, the allows to access bundle of free service like BBC News, local jobs, ESPN sports, travel, communication and so. Facebook Messenger and Facebook is also listed under free service. These services are also available in other languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati and Malayalam. Let’s wait and watch what reviews Reliance gets!

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Being used by over 700 million people globally, Whatsapp is the world most dominant, secure, simple and fast cross platform messaging service. Whatsapp has greatly enhanced the messaging service worldwide providing lag free delivery along with images, videos audio sending and receiving capability. It not only saves your money but also provides enhanced message sending capability. Whatsapp is available in all the major mobile platforms like iOS, android, windows, etc. However you will have to pay yearly subscription fee for the service, since Whatsapp is ad free thus more reliable and secure. Last year Whatsapp was sold over by the developer to Facebook at 19 billion USD.

WhatsApp Messenger

From then onwards, Facebook has started tweaking Whatsapp for new features, and recently the new update included the feature of letting user know that message has delivered by seeing the colour change mark on the delivery sign below the message signifying that message has been read.
According to the rumours, it was also been said that Facebook is testing Whatsapp for free voice calling facility but no such results have yet arrived. However the most remarkable and needy feature from Whatsapp has recently arrived being called at Whatsapp Web, this feature allows users to exchange messages from Whatsapp directly from the web browser of your PC. Thus you can chat easily on your PC through Whatsapp Web while browsing web at the sometime. This feature looks great and promising as far as the usability of the web browsers as well as Whatsapp is concerned. It will help us in working without switching between PC and Smartphone. According to Whatsapp, Whatsapp web its nothing but just simple Whatsapp client extension on your PC helping you to exchange messages directly from the PC.

For using Whatsapp Web on Pc you just need to run it on the web browser of your PC. However currently, only Google chrome is compatible with Whatsapp web. The rest of major web browsers are yet to attain Whatsapp running compatibility. Also the major platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows will be getting a newer version of Whatsapp compatible with Whatsapp web however rest of the platforms are out of luck.

For running Whatsapp on PC web browser, only few steps have to be performed.
1. Visit
2. On the Google Chrome browser, user will have to scan QR code of desktop via Whatsapp present in your phone for verification.
3. After complete confirmation, you can surf web as well as chat on Whatsapp side by side.

However, it’s necessary for Whatsapp to release it globally on all browsers without discrimination just like the native Whatsapp is running on all platforms.

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Facebook yes the Facebook that we are all aware of and a member of, it took over the social media world about six years ago and it has been the biggest thing on the internet, almost all of the online social was to be found on Facebook, people are a member of many groups on Facebook.  I was an active member of Facebook. Facebook is even the ground for advertising, as most of the people are on Facebook, so that they can stay connected all time with their friend’s family. Even various groups are there on Facebook tend you can join them as per your interest. There are about more than 1.5 Billion users on Facebook but lately it’s seen that the users are reducing or the existing users are becoming in-active. I have found that  most of my relatives have graduated from high school and have deleted their accounts and not much of their updates are found there. I hardly update my daily doings or even add new photographs on Facebook.

Facebook Dislike

Is it just me, or Facebook really is fading? There are many reasons Facebook is fading away these days, People are nowadays claiming that Facebook is a distraction and people tend to login again and again many times in a day and it has become people’s addiction.  Because of these a lot of companies have banned using Facebook pages for employees during office working hours. So because of these many brand loose their interaction with their users. When Facebook was first launched, all the users were very much  excited a to reconnect with their old school friends, college friends, co-workers etc. it had become very easy for everyone to reconnect, but as time went by they just became another contact as many are not active on Facebook. Similarly, various brands are facing the same thing as they have many hundreds of users with them, but all most of them are these days’ not active users. It’s also been noticed that not only  business groups, users are also nowadays bit upset at Facebook have now overall control on your Newsfeed like hiding the posts from the friends whom I have not been in contact from long time is not right and it’s upsetting.  Every time we log on to Facebook something or the other has changed in some or the other way, to stay In touch with all these update’s and changes on Facebook is annoying. Even Facebook fading away  might explain in part the popularity of a various new services like his  Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest. They are becoming more and more famous now-a-days among youngsters. Even apps like WhatsApp that we all are aware of has become a huge success, even app called  Line is very popular in Japan, Snap chat, We Chat are very much popular China and  even app like KakaoTalk is the most popular service in Korea because of all these new services Facebook is losing its users to some extent.

CONCLUSION: It has become universal fact, Facebook might  have lost some of its edge  at least we can see that  least it does not feel like  original to any of many of its  users, thus losing its appeal this day and down the road its slowly losing its charm and may fade away.

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The Social Networking website Facebook is going to launch a news reader service to engage more people looking to catch up on news. This service is specially made for Mobile phones. According to Re/Code, This new service will be named as ‘Paper’. ‘Paper’ is a Flipboard-like reader app. there was many cancellation and redesign done for Paper and finally the service is all ready to launch. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of social networking site Facebook himself involved in Paper development.

There will be many similarities between Paper and Flipboard. There is no information that if Paper will come as standalone mobile application or a web experience for mobile devices. They have not said anything about the release date for this new service but according to re/code it is expected to be out by the end of January.

Flipboard similar app to be launched by Facebook


As we said that Paper and Flipboard are going to have many common features like Paper will also act like aggregator of content. You will also be able to see the articles from many websites like the New York Times and the Washington Post. There will also be a feature of status messages and this is a very obvious feature as the app comes from Facebook. All these things will come with in a format of newspaper and so you will get the feel of reading a newspaper. Facebook has not made it clear that whether app will be a standalone app or it will be integrated with current platform but it is expected that Paper will be available by the end of January.

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Social networking, an interesting area everyone likes to visit,many of us are more addicted to social networking. Some people constantly update their post to let their friends known about their status either they are visiting somewhere or what’s cool happening in their mind? Each one of these Social networking addicts, think of getting their status updated ,some find this interesting while others find this boring. Anyways, social networking is a zone where each one of us likes to get connected to long distance friends, school buddies just to stay connected or have a chat instantly. The idea of social network allows to send or receive messages, images not only to a single person , but to create a social corner through which one can create explorer too many things under one roof.

Hootsuite is a part of social networking site. Now-a-days, every one of use likes to stay active on account to be the first to get news or post news. Hootsuite allows you to get this just on your finger tips. There are several people who have started using this app to get the benefits of this. Through this particular Social Media Management you can stay connected on multiple accounts. Hootsuite an application supports a number of other social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, foursquare and many other social networking sites.

This Hootsuite is an elegant app, which allows you to stay connected on several accounts at one time. You can send messages on Facebook, tweet on twitter, check your account on Foursquare or manage related things in LinkedIn. Getting notification, updating status or images can be done just on a single click. Sharing numerous things just on one click, Isn’t a great idea? This application also has security features to keep your data secure. There are several advance features through which you can also access Instagram, YouTube and many more. You should seriously give a try for this app. This app is totally worth to go for. There are several links that will help you to get this app on your Smartphone.
Download For Android
Download for IOS

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Windows Phone 8 is a growing operating system and is has captured quite some market share in its short duration of presence. And most of the credit for it goes to the budget smartphone running on Windows Phone 8 and that is the Nokia Lumia 520. Available at a very cheap cost and some good enough specs, the 520 has become an international hit and many people own it. Its app base is still growing and is currently the fastest growing app store ever. Being a new eco system, not many people are aware of it yet and so the current users don’t really have an idea as to which apps to install in their phone. Hence we are compiling a list of 10 apps that you must install on your Lumia 520 so that you can have a wonderful smartphone experience and also not miss Android much.

Nokia Lumia 520

1. 6tag: Instagram for windows has still not arrived and we all need Instagram to share images. So what if there is no Instagram, we have a similar app completely loaded with all the features and functions of Instagram and works seamlessly as an Instagram app. So even with a Windows Phone, you sure won’t be missing out on your Instagram action. Yay!

2. Facebook: Though Windows Phone 8 has a built in people’s hub where you can link in your social networking, still to check out on photos and videos and some more Facebook applications, you will need to actually access Facebook manually. So for that a Facebook app is now available which is exactly similar to the Android and iOS app. So now no more missing out on your favourite updates from your friends and family as well as the game requests. Happy Candy Crushing!

3. Twitter: Even though Twitter is integrated in the people’s hub, still you do need to actually access it to get the feel and experience of using Twitter. So for that the official Twitter app is something that you need for the full Twitter experience on your phone. Follow or unfollow anyone or search for your favourite pals, check their tweets, reply to them or retweet, or share your own tweets, whatever you want. Enjoy the fun of social networking wherever you go.

4. Whatsapp: This is the most used instant messenger service in the entire world with recently it was even released by Whatsapp that they have recorded over 1 billion messages exchanged in a day. This is because it is absolutely free and you can send unlimited messages, images, videos, songs, etc. though it is free for only one year and later you have to pay 55 INR per year, still considering how useful it is, you will happily accept to pay it. The best advantage of this is that, it works on the basis of your phone number and is a cross-platform app. So that means it works on almost every phone so all your friends use it and also it works seamlessly internationally as well. So using this you can also contact your friends out of the country as well for free. Hence it is being pegged as SMS killer.

5. Accuweather: This is a renowned weather app that tells you the current weather and also the forecasts pretty accurately. You can easily reply on it to provide the current temperature of your area and also how the weather forecast is going to be on an hourly basis. So you can check the app out and then plan if you need to carry an umbrella or a coat depending on the weather conditions.

6. Smartshoot: This is an amazing camera app by Nokia. It is a Nokia exclusive app; in this the app takes 5 images at a time. Then you can choose to remove the elements you want or change faces of people among the 5 images that are captured and then by that you can have the perfect group shot every single time. This is a very amazing app considering how Nokia phones have some really amazing camera.

7. Skype: This is a great app for free video calls and voice calls over the internet. Though for the Lumia 520 it won’t be of much use since it does not have a front facing camera, but voice calls are very much possible. This is pretty useful when you have a fast internet connection over Wi-Fi or 3G and do not want to spend your main account balance. So it is another great app considering Skype’s tried and tested quality levels.

8. Netflix: If you love to watch some great movies on the move then you will love this app. In this app you can select any movie that you want to watch for free from a huge selection available in their database. All you need is an internet connection and you can stream high definition movies right onto your device. There are some other movies too which are paid, but surely the free movies can too work just fine for you. You also get the option of subtitles and many more features as well.

9. Transfer My Data: This app is actually more useful than people give it credit for. For instance when you buy a new Lumia, then with this app you can connect to your previous device via Bluetooth and get all your precious data like contacts and messages into your new phone easily in no time. Also you can use this app to transfer your content into your phone from SD cards as well.

10. Zomato: This app is like your local scout who tells you everything about that is in and around your area. So if you happen to be in an unknown location and suddenly your stomach starts rumbling, then you can use this app and search for places to eat and also check out which is the best, what it offers, what are its rating, the cost and also the menu as well. You can also share your review on experience of the place on the app for others to refer to.
We checked out 10 apps that you must install on your Lumia 520. Do note that Lumia 520 is the most basic Windows phone with the smallest specs being an entry level device. Hence all the apps mentioned above will also run on all the other midrange and top range Lumia devices as well and also other Windows phones. Being a new OS, Windows Phone 8 is developing gradually and let us hope that it does soon so that we can have another great option to Android to have a versatile smartphone experience.