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Losing weight, especially, losing belly fat is one of the problems many people face. After all, it is something hard to deal with and many people require help in this field. What if you can reduce you belly fat with the help of you own smartphone? Here are 5 iPhone and Android apps to help people reduce belly fat.

Your Smartphone Can Help You to Reduce Your Belly Fat

Use your smartphone to reduce your belly fat

5. Belly Fat Workout FREE – 10 Minute Ab Exercises

Belly Fat Workout FREE - 10 Minute Ab Exercises
Belly Fat Workout is an app that serves as your personal trainer at the end of your fingertips. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce belly fat.  Featuring free beginner exercises, preset workouts with different difficulties, Personal Coach with voice instructions and high quality videos developed by a certified personal trainer.

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4. Belly Fat Exercises

Belly Fat Exercises

Does belly fat gives you nightmares and hard to cope problems? Then this app is for you. Belly Fat Exercises offers you 17 simple exercises to reduce fat along with other information such as why do you get belly fat, measuring your belly fat and food necessary to reduce it.

The exercises include stomach and weight loss exercises, cardio and it also include other tips to reduce the weight you are carrying.

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3. Dance Workout

Dance Workout

Like dancing? Then this is the app to reduce belly fat for you. Dance Workout by Marineapps allows users to view selection of videos and fitness regime that uses dance routines. Dancing does not only reduce your fat but also lets you have fun as you reduce your weight.

Dance Workout had divided 9 dance workout categories like Zumba, Yoga, Aerobics and 6 more categories that will let you easily choose the genre you are interested with and keep losing weight and belly fat as you have fun.

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2. Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Tired of trying to lose weight just to gain them back? Then why not try Weight Loss Hypnosis. Learn to enjoy healthy food and exercise.

As the best weight loss hypnosis app available, it helps you lose weight and fat just by giving yourself a 22 minute session a day for just 1 – 3 weeks. Listen to its hypnosis audio carefully red with soothing voice of a certified hypnotherapist that helps you relax as the session goes. Its hypnotic booster with binaural beats helps induce your brainwave frequency into an optimal state for better reception of hypnotic suggestions.

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1. Diet Assistance

Diet Assistant - Weight Loss


Weight and Belly Fat loss won’t be complete without any nutritional influence to balance and maintain your body.  This app features a range of diet plans across the nutritional categories, shopping list for each plan, options to amend diets and meals to user’s taste.

Got questions or things to share? You can log into the forum community and start conversing with over 4 million users in over 200 countries.

Belly Fat is not a nightmare and can be dealt with, proper exercise and diet, healthy living and maintain your body fit. Being fit also means losing belly fat alright? Now start the fight with that unwanted weight of yours.

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When a person hears the word “Fit” or “Fitness”, the first thing that comes to mind are either a person with good physical structure and posture or maybe a Gym where physical fitness is exercised. Attaining good body posture and healthy lifestyle, it is something many people aspire to have but what if your own Smartphone can help you attain these?

5 apps keeps your body fit (Android and iPhone)

Here 5 apps to help you with your fitness and healthy lifestyle.

1. Fooducate Weight Loss Coach

Fooducate Weight Loss Coach

Let’s start with managing your diet. Nutritional input is essential to become and maintain being fit.
Fooducate is a weight loss coach for people who want healthy diet. With this app, you can track food intake and exercise, not only the quantity but also the quality of calories and track other things that will help you improve your healthy lifestyle.
If you have questions, why not ask and get feedback from the community and then share you success and motivate other people.
It also analyzes information found on nutritional panes and ingredient list. Stay fit and healthy with your diet!

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2. Walk with Map My Walk

Walk with Map My Walk

Love walking? Do you prefer walking as a form of exercise? Then why not liven it up with Map My Walk, a GPS walk and step pedometer for calories and weight loss.
Map My Walk is a simple GPS-based pedometer that can calculate and record activities and view your detailed stats. Map My Walk features a 24 / 7 Graph which allows connecting devices to view steps, sleep, workout and other things essential for your daily walkout. A Gear Tracker to track your mileage. Log and Record your workouts with the largest selection of activities.

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3. Strava


Do you like running or biking? Then why not fire it up with some competition? If you are tired of breaking your own records, they why not try to surpass others? That is where Strava comes in.
Strava is an app that allows you to record your activities such as running and biking and compare them with other runners and cyclists around the world. Track your progress, distance, pace, speed and many more as well as an interactive map of your activity. Monitor your training and track your improvements. Discover new routes and challenge yourself with them. Connect with Friends and other athletes. That’s a lot of things in the tip of your fingers.

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4. AmWell


Fitness isn’t just about workout and training but about your overall bodily state. This includes being free of sickness and that is when you are called “fit.”
Made by Doctors, AmWell is an app that allows you to have health consultations anytime on your mobile device. The providers of AmWell are doctors with 10 – 15 years of practice and they are available with no appointment needed.

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5. Charity Miles

Charity Miles

If you love to run, walk or ride a bicycle, then how about helping people are you do so?
Charity Miles is made for that purpose. Together with corporate sponsors, Charity Miles allows you to make you achievements help people. As you walk, run or ride a bicycle, the app with the aid of GPS will measure the distance you travelled and you will help earn money for your charity. Just choose a charity and run like the wind.

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There are many apps out there that can assists people maintaining a healthy lifestyle and become fit and here are just 5 of them. So, why not check them out?