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Tablets and Phablets are trend setter of these days. Tablet have earned substantial amount of popularity. Tablets will be next best friend need to say. Tablets are lightweight, compact and great companions. Tablets and Phablets come in various sizes from 5.3 inch to 10.1 inch of screen size. A reader will love to read e-book on such display screen that too turning page with just one touch. You will be glad to know fame of E-book apps is rising day-by-day. There are several E-books apps in Android market.

Let’s discover few E-book reading apps that have topped in Android market.


Kindle ebook app

Amazon Kindle is whole and sole reason for popularity and success of ‘Kindle’ Android app. This app allows user to read thousands of book that too for free.
Surely , A perfect E-book app that provide a great combination of browsing fashion magazine, online newspapers or so. Other features like dictionary, Wikipedia add bonus for reading pleasure.

Kobo E-books

Kobo ebook reader

Kobo E-book App gives a treat for users. It offers massive database of free E-books to download. Kobo Apps promises to make reading more exciting, interesting and entertaining. With this App user can share quotes, notes, dialogues and many more with integrated Facebook feature.

Google Books

Google play books

Well, how can Google stay far from this race? Yes sure, Google Books provide wide 3 million titles for user to browse and download. User can choose any book from wide range of vast library sorted into different categories for free as public domain materials that could rarely be found.

There are other E-book apps in race too. What’s your take on this? What’s your favorite app as E-book reader?