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One of the more popular Windows 8 OS phones out on the market right now, the Nokia Lumia 520 with its 1 GHz dual core processor and 5 MP camera sees plenty of downloads from the Windows Marketplace for Applications or the Windows Phone Market.There are plenty of genres of apps available on the Windows Marketplace store for the Windows 8 Operating System phone, however, here are some of the top productivity Apps that one can download for the Nokia Lumia 520 from the Windows Phone Apps Store:

Windows Phone 8

1. Financial Diary: This INR 55 expense tracker app from Publisher Windows8PhoneApps is a simple to use app that allows you to record income/ expenses create reports, charts and graphs and has full SkyDrive integration.

Financial Diary Windows Phone

Financial Diary Download

2. DropBox: With the dropbox app for windows 8 you can easily browse all your files, view all your pictures, watch your videos with a tap and best of all this 1.6 MB download allows you to upload , download browse, rename, move or preview all your files and folders through the cloud. Also share any file, photo, or folder with Share Charm.

Dropbox Windows Phone

DropBox Download

3. Toolbox: This 13.2 MB free App from App Publisher Vectorform LLC includes 15 tools at once including a web browser, a calculator, a unit converter, Facebook, Weather, Notifier, Voice Notes, Doodle, Stopwatch, Notes, Twitter, RSS, Tasks, Calendar and World Clock. View and interact with up to six tools at once, in a single workspace, and even dock toolbox into Snap View.

Toolbox Windows Phone

Toolbox Download

4. Yahoo! Mail: This 0.8 MB free App from Sanya Raheja. allows you to send and receive messages from people , share photos and videos and documents, quickly scan messages in your inbox with continuous scroll. With and Easy to use interface, you have pinch to zoom to get a closer look at a message, ability to group messages by subject line to unclutter your inbox and Multiple Yahoo account support.

Yahoo Mail Windows Phone

Yahoo Mail Download

5. CamScanner: This free App by Publisher IntSig International Holding Ltd. lets you convert any Nokia Lumia 520 camera phone into a virtual scanner. With this app, you can AutoDetect and crop scanned images and also email and upload to Sky Drive. Also convert to PDF format easily.

CamScanner Windows Phone

CamScanner Download

I hope some of these apps meet or exceed your expectations be sure to check them out on your Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Marketplace or head over to more. Sources: Windows Phone Store

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Computing has now moved on from its usual form and gone are the days when carrying data in disk drives and floppy drives used to be the norm. Now we all like to carry our stuff wherever we go, whenever we go and for that it is really easy now to just store all our required data at a single remotely accessible place also known as the Cloud. From the cloud you can access all your data using a simple internet connection and carry your world wherever you go. Also this is helpful as you then don’t have to worry about filling up your local hard disk.

Now with smartphones, we can even have a backup or store your data on cloud services so that your device can always have space for more. And since Android is the dominant of all, it is only fair to check out the 10 best cloud storage apps for Android.

This is the most popular cloud storage app on Android. Many a times this app comes pre-loaded and users receive 2 GB of free storage with an option of more storage available in required. In this you can store everything and also send email attachments of heavy files through drop box which you cannot normally send via usual email attachments. Also this is compatible with your personal computers; hence you can even access files which you have worked on your computer on your Android devices.

Google Drive:
Google Drive
This is Google’s own cloud storage where you can store all your files from your PCs, Laptops, Android devices or any other devices from that matter. It works similar to Dropbox like you can also share files and folders with other Drive users and multiple accounts can access the same file at a single time and work on it with ease. It also has an inbuilt editor where you can work upon office suite files on the cloud and hence no need to download them or anything similar. The best part is that it gives 15 GB of free cloud storage which is amazing.

This is Microsoft’s own personal cloud service where it allows users 7 GB of free cloud storage. This is specially designed for optimum usage on their own Windows Phones but there are apps for this also available on other platforms, Android being one of them. So you can also use it on cross-platform. Other than that it has a complete office web app built in where you can work directly on the cloud as if you are working on your system with a full-fledged MS Office. Other than that you can always keep your usual videos, images, music, etc. for whenever you might need it.

This app is actually made for business owners but can also be used for personal uses by signing up for a personal account. You receive 5 GB of free cloud storage and then can choose from many attractive offers available for more storage options. The main added advantage of this app is that in this you can share files and folders with other Box users and else share links for external usage purposes as well. And most of all, you can also get to know who had viewed and downloaded your files on their system.

This is a cloud storage service by Mega Limited. The biggest advantage of this service is that they offer 8 GB of storage for backup and another 50 GB for storage of files. The best part is that all the data that is stored in Mega servers is encrypted, so you can be sure that your data is going to pretty safe and secure here.

This is the place to store all your important documents and files and also your movies and music so that you won’t be restricted to your content on any single device and can access is everywhere wherever you go. It allows you 5 GB of free storage which you carry wherever you go.

Ubuntu One:
Ubuntu One
This is one amazing cloud app where it also auto saves images directly from apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and you can directly send links of this app to share your images. It provides you 5 GB of cloud storage and best of all you can also use this on your Ubuntu OS and sync your files from there to access on your Android devices.

This is a very amazing app where you get 5 GB of storage and you can keep all your data on the cloud and then send out links to people via emails, Facebook, Twitter and also SMS for public views or personal views. Best of all is that you can also stream your music directly from the cloud to your device which is awesome.

Zip Cloud:
This app is the best of all for the only reason that it gives you unlimited storage option. You can store on the cloud as much data as you want and how much ever you want without even worrying about running out of space. The best of all is that it is absolutely free, so you can now share your data with friends and family and best of all also keep a complete backup of everything.

Amazon Cloud Drive:
Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon cloud storage is fairly new and for now provides only 5 GB of storage and also supports only storage of image files. But it has great scope ahead in future. Also all the eBooks that you buy can now be stored on the cloud for easy reference later on. And also the mp3 files that you buy on Amazon do not count so again that is some extra storage that you get.

We checked out the 10 best cloud storage apps for Android and overall all of them offer the same similar services and some offer more space for storage than others free of cost. So it is upto you which one you think is the best and also how much you actually use cloud storage. So comment down below which cloud storage you use the most and which one according to you is the best and why.