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This month comes with awesome offers from the Doogee product. If you have ever desired to own one of the best smartphones ever then the Chinese Doogee company provides you with the best opportunity to own one of the best smartphones at the cheapest price ever. This promotion begins from 8th September 2015.Dont be left out on this amazing offer and save more. These are very powerful products that you won’t wait to hold them in your hands. The products on offer are:

1. Doogee Y100 Pro



This one of the amazing phone with ecstatic features for you this month.


It’s fitted with a MTK6735 64 bit Quad Core which allows it to launch app and even boot the phone in the fastest way possible. This keeps its performance at par enabling be one of the amazing phones for you this month.


It has a storage capacity 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM to enable you to store any files in it without any worry. This storage capacity also enables it to have a better performance.


It is fitted with a 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass. Its display is also large giving a wonderful sense of touch.


With only $99.99 you can acquire yourself this wonderful phone. This is an amazing discount just for do not waste this opportunity.

2. Doogee X5


This is also another Chinese company phone on offer this month. This is one of the powerful phones in the market.


Having equipped with an android OS of 5.1 and a MT6580 Quad Core processor its absolutely the best phone for you on offer this month.


It has got a storage capacity of 1GB RAM and 8gb ROM. This does not only enable you to store your files but also enables the phone have an improved performance.

This is a dual SIM Dual Standby that has got a long battery life.


Having $56.99 is enough to enable you acquire yourself this powerful phone .Its original price is $64.45.Harry up to grab this offer opportunity

3. Doogee Nova Y100


This moth comes with another amazing offer on Doogee Nova Y100.This is another powerful smartphone on offer for you this month that you won’t wait to hold in your hands.


It’s equipped with an Android OS of 5.0 and MTK6582 Quad Core of 1.3 Ghz making it more powerful in launching of apps and even phone booting.


It’s equipped with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM for storage purposes.

Its display is also wonderful and amazing with smart gesture


Its original price is $84.89, but it’s now going on an amazing offer of $71.99.

In addition to this offers we have got also the arrival of new products such as:

Doogee F5

This an amazing phone of android 5.1 with a large screen display of 5.5 inch. It’s a powerful phone equipped with an Octa Core 4 G phablet processor. This phone only goes for $139.99

Doogee F3 Pro

This is also another powerful phone equipped with a MTK6753 64 bit Octa Core 4G processor. It has got a wonderful display of 5.0 inch. It only foes for $159.99

Doogee X5 Pro

It’s equipped with an Android OS of 5.1 and Quad Core 4G processor. It only goes for $79.99

To get all these exciting offers please check here

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The technological market is flooded with various types of smartphones with different prices, but China yet unveils to you one of the gorgeous smartphone which is affordable. This is one of the powerful and beautiful smartphones   that you can’t wait for it to land in your hands due to its eye catching design and features. It also comes with spectrum of beautiful and charming colors for you to choose depending on your taste and preference. As penned down by Langston Hughes “Hold fast to your dreams. For if dreams die life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly”, this phone will enable you archive your dream feeling of owning a perfect and wonderful phone regardless of your financial levels.

DooGEE Nova Y100X


It’s one of the powerful phones. Its equipped with a 1.3 GHz MTK6582 Quad core processor that gives it super-fast boot up and app lunching processes. Having this processor also enables it to run apps in the right way and giving you that feeling of using more and more again. It runs on an android OS of the 5.0 version and this allows you to install and run any application. It’s also fitted with dual camera that is the   5.0 MP front camera and 8.0 MP rear camera .If you are a selfie lover this is the best phone to own. This camera gives out clear images that you have captured. Therefore never miss on any wonderful moment of your life with this phone. The 5.0 screen display merged with various tantalizing colors gives you a wonder and powerful display. The 5.0 inch display is also fitted with the 2.5 D Corning Gorilla Glass Screen to improve on its display and give you an impeccably sharp display.

Battery Life

If you have had troubles on the battery charging and battery life of you smartphone here is a permanent solution to your problems by purchasing Doogee Y100X.Its equipped with a polymer type of battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh. This will enable your phone when on standby to last for 3-4 days with no need of recharging. No more worries again with this Phone.

DOOGEE Y100X front


If indeed you are a selfie lover then this is the phone to own .Its equipped with a duo camera. These are the 5.0 MP front camera and the 8.0MP rear camera. The cameras are very powerful and can not only take image s but also can record videos in high definition of up to 1080 px. This camera gives out clear and sharp images that you have captured. Therefore never miss on any wonderful moments of your life with this phone.

DOOGEE Y100X  camera


The main purpose of the phone is to connect you from on region to another, but the Chinese company have gone ahead to provide more than just connecting you. The Doogee Y100X is equipped with better connectivity measures .The Bluetooth 4.0 allows you to connect to other devices and share files .Also it provides strong network connections with the 2G:gsm 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and the 3G network :WCDMA 850/1900/2100 MHz The phones are also unlocked hence there is no restriction from using a certain network especially when you are travelling to other countries. It also has dual sim card slot to enable you to connect from two networks using different sim cards.

DOOGEE Y100X connectivity


It has got various ways of protecting your file from unauthorized person .Some of it are the pattern lock security locker and the password lock.

Some of its additional features that will tantalize your mind are: The amazing back volume control key. The poly carbonate back cover and the 3 finger fast screenshots. This is actually the best phone to own.

Price and Availability

Buy Doogee Y100X at $84.99 + RITECH Super Cool Virtual Reality 3D Glasses worth $10.99 is absolutely free for limited period of time.