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Is your Samsung Galaxy Prime screen is dead due to fall off, Excessive charging etc? Here are the solutions for it, to turn it on again.
REPLACE BATTERY– Sometimes the phone is not charging or is not turning on due to faulty battery. Replace your battery and turn it on again.
FAULTY CHARGING PORT– The reason of not charging up can also be the reason of not turning on. Check the charging port of your phone by charging your phone with other working charger. If your charger is not charging then your battery port is at fault.
FREEZING OF PHONE– The freezing of the phone is the main problem which occurs with a lot of people. In such a condition you have to cut the power of your phone and then reinstate it by removing the battery from the phone let it out for 3 min and then put it back and power on the phone. This will clear the energy block and start on your phone again.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime screen issues Solved

BOOT PROBLEM– This problem also occur due to freezing. In it, the phone powers on, shows a black screen and turns off again. In this case the problem lies in software. To get over this problem you have to manually boot your phone, doing this will erase all the data of you phone. To boot it manually go through these steps

  • Hold power key for 15 sec.
  • Then press volume up key, power key and home key at a same time.
  • Press it until recovery mode is displayed.
  • Press the power button and your phone will reboot into recovery mode.
  • Navigate to factory setting by volume up and down key.
  • Press power to factory setting.

And the phone will be reset and restart as normal.

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THE INTERNAL ISSUE– In this case your phone is not starting up due to internal issue which lies in hardware like corrupt circuits, loose wiring in the phone. This problem can be only handled by the mobile repair centers

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LOW ON BATTERY– This is the most common reason of not turning on of your Galaxy prime. Try to connect it with charger and then turn it on. If it is low on charging, it will start charging and will turn on.

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FAULTY CHARGER– Due to Charger malfunctioning, your device may be dead. Try to plug your phone with computer or laptop via USB. It will charge up your phone and start it.

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In last few months there have been many Samsung Galaxy note 3 users who have complained about black screen and Note 3 going completely dead. Though Samsung haven’t released any official confirmation on this issue but there are many tech experts who are raising this issue and are trying to find the exact solution to this issue. Let us try find more about this issue and what all can be done on order to rectify this issue.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

It might be a manufacturing issue that Samsung is not accepting

There is a possibility that it might be a manufacturing defect which Samsung is not accepting. However there is a strong possibility of some malfunction with the power circuit inside the smart phone. Such issues need to be addressed on priority and one of the best ways to solve such issues is to change the charger. Chances are that the problem will be resolved.

There are certain apps that might be causing this issue

If the problem is not getting rectified by using a separate charger then there might be chances that some kind of app is causing this problem. In such case you need to uninstall all the unwanted apps. In order to uninstall apps you need to move to setting and then apps manager. You can uninstall apps one by one in a simple and easy manner. Normally such problem is caused due to installation of Unrecognized apps.

Get the firmware re-checked and reinstalled

One of the best ways to do things is to get the firmware re-checked and then if required get it reinstalled. If you are confident of doing this step by yourself then go ahead otherwise it is good to contact the nearest smart phone vendor who will assist you in checking the firmware.

Apart from all of these above mentioned steps you can also opt for hard reboot. In order to perform this step all you need to do is to press the volume, menu and green calling button at the same time. Keep pressing these buttons for 5 to 10 seconds. Your phone will restart and there are chances that the problem will be solved.

However if any of the above mentioned steps does not work then you need to contact the nearest Samsung authorized service center and send your smart phone to the company for in-depth check up and repairs. There is one more thing that you need to keep into your mind and that is to make sure that all of the important data and files are backed up so that they can be retrieved later.