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Jailbreak lovers will love this post! If you are one of the Jailbreak lovers who is still waiting to get a jailbreak tool that stands out of box from Apple’s prison and can try downloading different types of apps, wallpapers, theme and not just limited with App Store or iTunes Zone. Well, if you are waiting for such jailbreak tools, then you need to wait, as such tool is yet to land I believe! But Cydia is a great jailbreak tool!


Cydia is here

The Cydia is compatible with iPhones, iPod Touches, iPad. It is not an app not available on website for download. It is a jailbreak tool just like TaiG and Pangu. It is been said that Cydia is great of all jailbreaks till now! With this you can download everything and anything, if you are planning to get the tool install on your device, then here are a few steps you need to follow:

  • Open Safari Browser and search for ‘Cydia’
  • Then check for ‘‘ url under several displayed options.
  • Tap on the option and add to Home screen.
  • Then name the icon Cydia and tap on add.
  • Then after closing the browser, the Cydia icon must be visible on home screen.
  • Hope these few steps are useful on installing Cydia.

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Now the third party app store Cydia can run on iOS 7. Somehow the developers made this possible to run the app store on the latest iOS 7. There are some screen shots shared by Redmond Pie. With the help of this, users will be able to download and install any third party application software on their devices running iOS and you will not have to go to Apple’s App Store. Cjori, the iOS developer told that currently this is only working on iPhone 4 and making use of the jailbroken version of this software. As the software is jailbroken, so it is also facing some stability issues.




There are some of the key features added with this and these key features are like quick settings menus, multitasking, and updates to the general look and feel. These new features are only available with the iOS 7. Other than this, developers get more access to the system hardware as well as features. Jail breaking opens the devices and it leads the users to install and use new software which are not from the Apple store. These apps can be from android or other mobile plat-forms. As we all know that the number of useful application support turns a smartphone into a perfect smartphone and with this support, there is no doubt that number of Apple users will be increased.