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This is a complete tutorial for installing CyanogenMod 11 on your Nokia X Series of Smartphone’s presented to you by PhoneLane. Nokia X being the most predominant and the lone series of Smartphone’s with forked version of Android installed on them, so they have got their Software under inviligation by the developers for developing different kinds of updated ROM’s. Likewise this CyanogenMod 11 has been made compatible for porting on nokia X family and is originated from Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat. This update brings a new look to your Smartphone along with many other improvements. Yet the improvements are not complete because developers are still working on it and they have just released whatever they are done with.

Nokia X

Before going through the installation of CyanogenMod11, your Nokia X should be rooted which can be easily performed via a variety of applications like Z4Root, etc. Your Smartphone should be charged above 80% so that your Smartphone won’t get bricked in the middle of the installation process. This will completely void the warranty of your Smartphone and we are not taking any responsibility of any kind of damage causing to your Smartphone.

Download Requirements:

  1. CM11
  2. Gapps
  3. Nokia X USB Drivers.

Follow each step with extra attention for the successful implantantion of CyanogonMod 11 on your Smartphone.

  1. Enable USB debugging by going via following path, System > Developer options > Enable USB debugging.
  2. In the meantime keep all the Nokia X drivers installed on your PC.
  3. Plug in your USB cable in your PC and your Smartphone and transfer CM11 and Gapps files in your Smartphone’s root storage.
  4. Disconnect it from your PC and turn off your Smartphone and boot it into recovery mode by pressing Power and volume up button simultaneously.
  5. Now out of different options available in recovery mode tap on Data Wipe out or Factory reset and perform this operation. After wise tap on Wipe cache and Dalvik cache in Advance option section.
  6. Finally click on “GO Back” first and then on “Reboot System Now”

This is it, you have installed the latest CyanogenMod 11 on your Nokia X / X+/ XL, etc successfully. You can now enjoy the new looks and features of CyanogenMod to the fullest.

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Yes, Chinese premium phone manufacturer Oppo officially announced in their Press release, that a limited CyanogenMod edition of N1 phablet will be made available globally. The bliss of this product will be available Internationally with brilliant feature. This Oppo N1 which has been customized to support maximum unique features and will also consist of extra CyanogenMod accessories.The Oppo recently unveiled Oppo N1, an innovative device with 5.9 inch large display screen. The N1 phablet will also have rotating Camera with rear touch panel. To achieve perfection with this model, Oppo partnered with CynogenMod. The CynogenMod is world’s most popular manufacturer with Android operating system. They will be shipping a limited supply of Oppo N1 devices.

Oppo n1

This limited edition will consist of regular accessories with extra CyanogenMod stickers, unique packaging, also with specially design box consisting CyanogenMod and OPPO mascots, Cid and Ollie. The N1 will have unique hardware like none other device. This will have a complete flappable back/front-facing camera. To get into more details of its specification, it will have 1080 pixel display on its 5.9 inch screen as stated. It will sport 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor with 2GB of Ram. The 13-megapixel shooter camera will have dual-LED flash.

With these extreme features the cost will be expected to rise beyond expectation. The device will priced around $570. The release is predicted in coming month of this year. Hope this device gets good reviews on its launch. As OPPO is globally registered brand of technology serving customer for long years.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 is an awesome device with great specs and literally ruled the smartphone market since it was launched. Samsung unveiled so many new features in the phone that the complete package as a phone minus the hardware specs was still the best ever available in the market and even today there is no device matching or bettering it except maybe the Galaxy Note 3 which was recently launched. Samsung though has released this device in many model numbers which include carrier dependent ones and also a global variant. The problem is that Samsung does not offer an official boot-loader unlock system, hence to do that there is a need to root the device.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Step by step guide to root Samsung galaxy S4

Now since some carriers install additional boot-loader security measures, certain software is needed to do that to get around those measures for rooting the device. So here too we are going to be using a software tool called Odin which allows for easy rooting for Samsung devices via a PC.

1. First of all you need to install Odin on your system. When that is done, run it and in the opening menu you will see a button called “PDA”, just click on it.

2. Now Odin will ask you to select a root file.

3. Then power off your phone and when it is completely shut down, and then press the power and volume up button to enter the download mode.

4. Connect the Galaxy S4 to the PC and then click the Start button on Odin.

5. Odin will keep processing for a moment and check if your phone is capable of automatic root. If it is found, then it will push the file over to the phone. And later when you see the Super-user Android logo, it means you have successfully installed root.

6. Now all you need to do is reboot your phone and then you are done. (It should most probably work)

Note: None of this replaced the recovery or unlocked the boot-loader. The device is still more restricted than other rooted Android phones. A different method that replaces the recovery will give you more control and helps get around some of the roadblocks that stop ODIN from running the process automatically.

Now that you have rooted your device you can do whatever you want with it and enjoy loads of features on Android on your phone. You can even install some custom Android versions like CyanogenMOD and many more. So now you are not at all bounded to anything and can soar free with your Galaxy S4 and enjoy your smartphone to the fullest.