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The Samsung S4 Galaxy is the most blazing cell phone of 2013. Thus with such an apparatus comes a huge group sponsorship. For the people of North America Samsung S4 I337 Galaxy variant, there are lots of custom ROMs accessible to browse and at times this may make it challenging to choose that you particularly like.

In this article we will be heading over the top 5 best custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S4 I337, which is the model utilized by At&t and Canadian variants. These are simply our presumptions.

Samsung Galaxy S4

List of customized ROMs for Galaxy S4

  1. CarbonROM – This custom ROM is truly in a class of its own regarding the matter of clean, vanilla Android as well as some awesome characteristics that make this ROM exclusive. Each characteristic is quite fantastically combined into the client interface, something that can’t be said for additional characteristic filled ROMs. The greater part of the characteristics in this custom ROM are imperative and add to the experience, not at all like different ROMs where a portion of the purpose covers and gets excess.
  2. Task650 AOKP – Task650 has ended up being an exceptionally famous go-to decision for the At&t variants of Samsung’s Galaxy lead units. Manufactured from AOKP source code, Task650 carries a great deal of cool characteristics specifically from AOKP to make a remarkable custom ROM experience. In view of the most recent and best form of Android, 4.3 Jelly Bean, this firmware has an instinctive interface that will make certain to fulfil your longing for Android.
  3. Paranoid Android 3.99rc2 – This is far and away the most inventive and forward deduction custom ROM in the game. Paranoid Android has demonstrated itself over the long run through its one of a kind characteristics that set it separated from the rivalry. With the most recent overhaul, you get Halo 2.0 which is an enhanced form in the course of the last emphasis with a cleaner and simpler to work with interface. As well as that, you get the typical host of Paranoid Android characteristics incorporating PIE Controls, Hybrid Properties, and additionally PA Colours.
  4. Pacman ROM – Pacman is a truly famous custom ROM accessible for a horde of diverse apparatuses incorporating the S4 I337. With Pacman ROM, you truly get each conceivable features/tweak/mod that has been constructed. This is essentially why it got the name PAC, in light of the fact that it has the most recent and best characteristics from Paranoid Android, AOKP, and Cyanogenmod.
  5. Cyanogenmod 10.2 – This is the most recent rendition of the planet’s most prevalent custom ROM for Android units. Furthermore obviously there is motivation to that. It carries straightforward and viable AOSP joining to various apparatuses incorporating the Samsung Galaxy S4 I337. With huge amounts of help and some extraordinary characteristics, this is a fabulous ROM for those searching for a clean and lucid Android experience on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Android 4.3 JellyBean is up and running now on the Nexus devices but the problem with it is that cell companies don’t quite provide it immediately to its all models as soon as they have to work on a new overlay which they provide on their phones above the original Android. But in this case we need to thank the Cyanogen team for their hard work which has provided us with a working version of Android 4.3 optimized for the Sony Xperia Z1. This is not the officially released version, so please make a note of that. So if you wish to install this version on the Xperia Z1, then follow all the steps mentioned below and it will be done very easily.

Some Warnings to be noted:

First of all you need to remember that when you do this, you will be voiding the warranty of the phone. So you won’t be viable for any free service from Sony. Secondly you need to make sure that you have a rooted device with unlocked bootloader and CWM Recovery or TWRP recovery installed on it. To avoid data clashes, backups are needed to be taken before continuing with the procedure.

cyanogenmod 10.2


First perform a NanDroid backup of your current ROM/Firmware. This can be done by selecting the backup/restore option on your recovery. This is highly recommended as you can restore your current ROM or firmware if anything goes wrong. Apart from this you also need to back up your messages, call logs, contacts and your apps. After all this do make sure that you note down your APN settings somewhere. These will come in handy later.


Make sure that USB debugging option on your phone has been turned on. If not then you can do this by following this path; Settings > About Phone > Developer options > USB Debugging. Make sure that all the drivers of the Z1 are installed on your computer and if not, then do install them before beginning. And finally always use original or good quality USB cables as you do not want them to falter in between. Also make sure your phone has a minimum of 90% charge so that it does not shut down in between the process.

Now before you start your process you will need to install the required files, so you get them from here.

Click on this link to download Fastboot and install on your computer. (

Download the Xperia Z1 Cyanogen Mod 10.2 version zip file from here. ( Finally the Google Apps package, you can get it from here. (

NOTE: Do not unzip the Cyanogen MOD and Google Apps package.


1. After downloading the above zip files, open the ROM zip file and extract the boot.img file to your desktop. Now connect your Xperia Z1 to the computer and move both the zip files from your computer to the device’s SD card storage. Make sure that the files are kept in the open and not in any folder.

2. Now disconnect your device and boot it into Fastboot mode by first turning your phone off and then on again by pressing “Volume Up”. While pressing volume up, connect your device to the computer via the USB cable.

3. Now launch Fastboot on your computer and select the Fastboot flash boot option and choose the boot.img file that you extracted earlier to the desktop.

4. After flashing the boot.img file, disconnect your Xperia Z1 and boot into your custom recovery mode by pressing Volume up + Home button + Power button. Now select clear cache, then dalvik cache under the advanced option. Go back to the recovery menu and select the data wipe-out option.

5. After the data wipe-out is complete, choose the Install option and select the Jelly Bean 4.3 CM 10.2 ROM file that you moved to your SD card storage earlier. After that’s done, do the same for the Google Apps package by going to install option again.

6. Now go back to the recovery menu and hit the reboot option and you are done.

7. After you have selected to reboot, you’re just a few minutes of reboot away from tasting the CyanogenMod ROM based on Jelly Bean 4.3 on your Sony Xperia Z1.

Do have some patience because the first boot usually takes quite some time. So do not panic if your phone does not start up for quite some time, but that should not be more than 15 minutes. If it is greater, means something has gone wrong and you might have to repeat the process to rectify it. Also this is an optimized version for the Sony Xperia Z1 and hence please do not use this on any other device as this will end up hampering the device. So enjoy the new Android 4.3 JellyBean experience and do let us know what you feel about it in the comments below.