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If you though that owning an iPhone was a costly affair, then think again. Reliance Communication has brought to us the latest releases from Apple, the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S on a 2 year contract now. Yes you heard it right; we have a contract phone available in India now. Isn’t that great?


If you go to the actual store to buy an iPhone 5C, it comes down to around INR 41,900 and the iPhone 5S comes down to INR 53,500/- Now that is a huge sum of money to pay at a time of even if we divide it into EMIs. So the iPhones stay limited only the elite class who can afford this amount of money upfront. But now this Diwali season, we all have a reason to cheer because they have got these phones for us now at a heavily subsidized rate.

The 16 GB variant of the iPhone 5C now will cost you INR 2,500/- per month for a 2 year contract on RCom network while the 16 GB iPhone 5S will cost INR 2,800/- per month for a 2 year contract. This is amazing news because that’s not all. This amount includes the phone cost for a brand new iPhone 5C or the iPhone 5S but you will also get unlimited free Voice Calls, SMS and 3G data as well in this contract. Now isn’t that amazing?

As for the higher capacity phones like 32/64 GB models, the consumer has to pay an upfront down payment of INR 10,000/- for the 32 GB model and INR 18,000/- for the 64 GB one. But still considering the overall package, it is not at all a bad deal.

The only downside maybe for this deal is that if you are not a fan of RCom network or if you are experiencing network issues with RCom then you really don’t have an option as you will be stuck with RCom for a minimum of 24 months before you can shift to another network. But leave that part out and you have got maybe the sweetest deal this Diwali has to offer.
RCom though have sure done their homework and have provided a failsafe here just in case. As a precaution so people do not misuse this offer and sell the phones off in the grey market, only those having either ICICI Bank or an HDFC Bank credit cards can get this phone.

So are you going to opt for this phone? Do comment down below and let us know what you think about this offer and if you are planning to buy the latest iPhones at these subsidized costs.