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Google keeps on introducing new apps or update on previous app. This time Google has announced new updates on the Android wear platform. Emoji drawing, which is a quiet easier app to access, but an update on this is still awaited, a confirmed news of release is yet to receive. The new version of Android wear dubbed as companion app will soon land for user benefits. The new interface introduced this time has drastically improved with good material design and new features.

Google Watch

The settings have also improved. A click on setting will give a list of other general settings, then on tapping on ‘Device Setting’, you get directed to new screen. The new screen offer list of other options like ambient screen, tilt to wake and other options settings. More aesthetic settings have also added on list.The biggest beneficial change to note is cloud sync addition, which allows you to watch through Wi-Fi, this might not need strong range of phone’s network as long as the Wi-Fi strength is strong enough. Last point to note but not least one, updates allow easy pairing with multiple Android Wear and quick switching between them without going back to repairing process.

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The latest iOS Beta version 8.2 is set to reveal that will work on Apple Watch. We not only have the information about the rolling date, but also a brief of this application. The application is named as Companion app which will work on iPhone. With the new alteration introduced, setting of applications on Apple Watch can be managed from your Smartphone.

Apple Watch

Companion App on Apple Watch iPhone

Companion application is set to release with novel functions and quiet advance that will surprise user!

Home Screen: Through virtual view, you can organize or manage applications on your Apple Smart-watch.

Clock Functions: Monogram is new function introduced. This works similar to real Monogram, this allows to embed stamps of 1-4 letters. With this you can also track your needful stock, either checking with its point change, market cap or current price.

Maps: Taptic Engine can be enabled or disabled. This change can be done just by tapping on user’s wrist, user can also switch to direction guide.

Password: User can also set Passcode on the Apple watch. But to enable this Passcode service, you need to use Apple Pay by making payments. If you enter the passcode by wearing the watch on your wrist, and if you remove the smart-watch, you need to re-enter the details.

These are few advance changes introduced on Apple watch, which was publicised in September. According to sources, these are set to roll by early 2015. A lot of expectations are set by Companion app along with Apple watch with iOS 8.2 version.