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If you want buy a decent device that looks and works a bit differently from other phones available in the market then you can choose Nextbit Robin without any doubt or hesitation. Nextbit Robin is aiming to remove data space constraints that most phones have by offering huge free cloud storage options as they main stay. Some people always seeking unique object that makes them feel different and Nextbit Robin would be their unique choice. Now some great features of this phone are shown below-

Nextbit Robin

NextBit Robin pre-order at Flipkart

Display – Great style and design offer vivid colours and solid viewing angles. It has a 5.2-inch 1080P eye-catching display that’s pretty sharp and crystal clear.

Camera on this phone greatly offers the colour variations that makes the phone quite different from other mid-level phone. The Robin uses a 13-megapixel Samsung ISOCELL sensor which produced good shots in daylight and reasonable ones at night with a still enough hand. Auto mode and manual are available in this phone deals with some option to get the best photo in different environment.

Storage problem resolved. 32 GB of local storage and 100 GB of free cloud storage remove your storage problem so that you do not run out of space.

Reasonably priced Android phone at 19,900 Rupees or 399 Dollars which ensure your budget safety.

Automated system done uploading your files to cloud storage so you cannot lose any moment you captured. It reduce your pain and maximize your time to do anything at that time. It also automatically backed up your application when you connect to a Wi-Fi. If you do not use an app since long time no problem it can delete that app using automatic process.

App Restore If you want to restore an app to the Robin, you have to just tap on the ghost icon on your phone and the app will be downloaded from the cloud (where you backed up your app) and reinstalled on the phone. If you wish to keep an application on your phone long time then there is an option available on this phone. Your Apps can be pinned to the phone so they will never be removed and remain in your phone long time.

Great combo mid-level combination. It has 13 megapixel rear-facing, 5 megapixel front-facing camera, 5.2-inch, 1080×1920 pixels display, 3 GB Ram, Six-core Snapdragon 808 processor.

Multiprocessing are quite impressive. It does not have any performance issues, and it handles everything from multi-tab browsing to online gaming. So online gaming brings another experience in your mind. You can smoothly run gaming option while you chatting with your dearest.

Performance as well as the other mid-level smart Android phone. Its Six-core Snapdragon 808 processor handle much more than you expect. Its power not bad at all.

The creator build this with a different view and I think it will be better when its software combination support the maximum hardware link. Many parts of this phone are now under development and it will perform great when all the effort goes to its own. The most tech viewer says that the Robin cute as it is, but far from perfection. Hope to see its perfection relatively strong.

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If you are worried about losing your phone and its important data here is the application that comes to your rescue. G Cloud Backup by Genie9 is the cloud-based application to store your data. This application can be accessed on your Android phones as well as on the web. Now a days buying a new phone or losing one is not a rare visual,  you require an application that helps you to backup & restoring of your important data like contacts, message, files, images, videos, etc. this application lets you store your important information on their cloud server with free 1Gb storage.

G Cloud Backup can also manage itself, i.e. backups intelligently when the device has enough battery and Wi-Fi/3G connected. This process is repeated daily so that you do not lose a single bit of data. The application provides you with 1 GB space, but can be increased by buying 10 GB or unlimited storage plans. The application also provides you to increase it space free by promoting G Cloud Backup on Facebook, twitter, and various other listed services.

G Cloud Backup


  •  Helps you Backup & restore all important info like (Messages (SMS), contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos, videos and music).
  •  Access your data on web:
  •  Multiple devices can be protected.
  •  Secure data transfer and storing
  •  It can automatically back-up in the presence of healthy battery & Wi-Fi
  •  Easy to restore data on any phones.
  •  No special configuration required.
  •  Backup External memory.
  •  Easy to restore to a new device with a click.
  •  Compatible with every version of all files.
  •  Customizable G CLOUD settings like daily schedule time, backup over 3G, and more.

G Cloud Backup is being supported with very user-friendly and simple GUI. The app helps you store all your data even browser data, system settings which are not provided by any other known service. All your multiple devices can be accessed by a single account, which makes you avoid confusion. A 1 GB provided is enough for a normal phone, but the space provided can be increased by either buying or promoting G CLOUD Backup. You can also check the storage space on web and the distribution of data, which is well provided by different colours. Daily backup makes up, carefree and the application also provide the pending list. G Cloud Backup application occupies 13Mb of your space and requires minimum 2.2 Android OS.

G Cloud Backup provides 1 GB storage, which is enough for old OS, supported device, but for now it somewhat less. Daily backups is good sometimes but gets somewhat irritating on a long run. Unfortunately, the application does not allow you to store your application and application data. For application-based backups, you need to root your device, which is hopeless on their part. Customizing settings are good addition but may need a few more options. The software lets you restore to various devices by just clicking which is fast and easy. There are various applications online and on the market which provide same purpose, but yet the software features are far ahead and saves you from the trouble of tedious processes to restore data that others provide. G Cloud Backup is a must download for those who like to switch phones regularly.

G Cloud Backup download

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CloudMagic is a free application provided by CloudMagic, Inc. for both iOS and Android platform. CloudMagic, Inc. is a company that has developed a cloud-based technique to ease and control all our email as well as cloud storage accounts.

The purpose of this app is to control your multiple accounts on various domains, i.e. (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). The software lets you login to five various accounts and collect all its data to your single cloud base database. It quickly finds any mail in your continuous Inbox. The application is being supported with a great and powerful search option to search mails from all your accounts from the first mail to the latest one. The application saves a lot of your important time by its advance search mechanism. The reminder settings provided to serve the important mail on time. The application allows you to compose emails and chose via which email account to be sent.



·        Quick & powerful email search
Searches all your mailboxes in one go. Use the good search suggestions provided to get to the required emails.

·        COMPATIBLE with all kinds of email
Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail,, iCloud, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, GMX, AOL and alternative IMAP accounts.

·         Integrated Inbox
Single Inbox for all of your accounts.

·        Supports Microsoft Exchange
Support for Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013 (ActiveSync, EWS, IMAP)

·        Set reminders
Set reminders to follow marked emails.

·      Push notifications
Stay on top of your Inbox with new mail notifications.

·      SERVES offline
Access your Inbox, search and preview your emails even if you are offline.

·      Password Protected
Secure your information additional by adding a passcode lock.

·      Additional
Move to folders/labels
Threaded chat view
Quick swipes actions from the Inbox


The application supports tablets as well as phones and fits well on the screen. The look provided is more over like windows 8 but yet simple. They have provided different colours to different email accounts for better recognition and easy understanding. They have fulfilled all the features and have provided a better access without lagging. The search results are fast and spot on. You can also compose emails and choose via which account to send it, although each message is prefixed with an unwanted footer.


The application is compatible with both iOS and android market. On iOS Market, the application comes free and it occupies ~9.5MB of your space. The application requires minimum 6.0 iOS and works well with iPad, iPhone, etc. For Android Market the application is free, occupies ~4.5MB, and is compatible with phones 4.0 and higher OS.


The application’s integrated Inbox works well and is useful at times of emergency. The colour schemes and reminders are good and attract to work with you. The search option is really, what they have promised, i.e. fast & spots on and searches even the oldest mail in instant time. During email composition a prefixed text is added “Sent using CloudMagic” which makes it annoying. The major problem is its limit of 5 accounts, but they are trying to increase it, hopefully we could also see Facebook, twitter, etc. notification in the near future. If I were to rate this application on the basis of its pros and cons I would give 8.5 out of 10 (for integrated Inbox, looks, fast & spot on searches).

CloudMagic Download

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Computing has now moved on from its usual form and gone are the days when carrying data in disk drives and floppy drives used to be the norm. Now we all like to carry our stuff wherever we go, whenever we go and for that it is really easy now to just store all our required data at a single remotely accessible place also known as the Cloud. From the cloud you can access all your data using a simple internet connection and carry your world wherever you go. Also this is helpful as you then don’t have to worry about filling up your local hard disk.

Now with smartphones, we can even have a backup or store your data on cloud services so that your device can always have space for more. And since Android is the dominant of all, it is only fair to check out the 10 best cloud storage apps for Android.

This is the most popular cloud storage app on Android. Many a times this app comes pre-loaded and users receive 2 GB of free storage with an option of more storage available in required. In this you can store everything and also send email attachments of heavy files through drop box which you cannot normally send via usual email attachments. Also this is compatible with your personal computers; hence you can even access files which you have worked on your computer on your Android devices.

Google Drive:
Google Drive
This is Google’s own cloud storage where you can store all your files from your PCs, Laptops, Android devices or any other devices from that matter. It works similar to Dropbox like you can also share files and folders with other Drive users and multiple accounts can access the same file at a single time and work on it with ease. It also has an inbuilt editor where you can work upon office suite files on the cloud and hence no need to download them or anything similar. The best part is that it gives 15 GB of free cloud storage which is amazing.

This is Microsoft’s own personal cloud service where it allows users 7 GB of free cloud storage. This is specially designed for optimum usage on their own Windows Phones but there are apps for this also available on other platforms, Android being one of them. So you can also use it on cross-platform. Other than that it has a complete office web app built in where you can work directly on the cloud as if you are working on your system with a full-fledged MS Office. Other than that you can always keep your usual videos, images, music, etc. for whenever you might need it.

This app is actually made for business owners but can also be used for personal uses by signing up for a personal account. You receive 5 GB of free cloud storage and then can choose from many attractive offers available for more storage options. The main added advantage of this app is that in this you can share files and folders with other Box users and else share links for external usage purposes as well. And most of all, you can also get to know who had viewed and downloaded your files on their system.

This is a cloud storage service by Mega Limited. The biggest advantage of this service is that they offer 8 GB of storage for backup and another 50 GB for storage of files. The best part is that all the data that is stored in Mega servers is encrypted, so you can be sure that your data is going to pretty safe and secure here.

This is the place to store all your important documents and files and also your movies and music so that you won’t be restricted to your content on any single device and can access is everywhere wherever you go. It allows you 5 GB of free storage which you carry wherever you go.

Ubuntu One:
Ubuntu One
This is one amazing cloud app where it also auto saves images directly from apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and you can directly send links of this app to share your images. It provides you 5 GB of cloud storage and best of all you can also use this on your Ubuntu OS and sync your files from there to access on your Android devices.

This is a very amazing app where you get 5 GB of storage and you can keep all your data on the cloud and then send out links to people via emails, Facebook, Twitter and also SMS for public views or personal views. Best of all is that you can also stream your music directly from the cloud to your device which is awesome.

Zip Cloud:
This app is the best of all for the only reason that it gives you unlimited storage option. You can store on the cloud as much data as you want and how much ever you want without even worrying about running out of space. The best of all is that it is absolutely free, so you can now share your data with friends and family and best of all also keep a complete backup of everything.

Amazon Cloud Drive:
Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon cloud storage is fairly new and for now provides only 5 GB of storage and also supports only storage of image files. But it has great scope ahead in future. Also all the eBooks that you buy can now be stored on the cloud for easy reference later on. And also the mp3 files that you buy on Amazon do not count so again that is some extra storage that you get.

We checked out the 10 best cloud storage apps for Android and overall all of them offer the same similar services and some offer more space for storage than others free of cost. So it is upto you which one you think is the best and also how much you actually use cloud storage. So comment down below which cloud storage you use the most and which one according to you is the best and why.

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If you are using any Smartphone then it is very necessary to keep your phone safe, secure and fully managed. It is very difficult to keep your phone completely managed, if your phone stolen or lost then you should able to retrieve your important data like messages, contacts call logs and file and folders, I know it’s very difficult but I will give you some tips which helps you to make these tasks a little bit easier.

Android Protected

1. File Manage
Manage files and folder on your mobile phone which keeps you easy to access and all data like musics, videos, images, applications etc. To manage all data on your inbuilt and external memory you have to use one good file manager. There are lots of file manager are available in the market but I would like to personally suggest you Astro file manager, ES File Explorer and File manager. First 2 file manager and the best file manager you can also connect your Facebook, Google drive, sky drive, drop box to manage your cloud files. But 3rd only manages files in a simple manner and very easy to use.

2. Safety and Security
Everyone wants their phone secured and protected from misuse. You should install a good antivirus application on your phone and this will keep you protected and secured with viruses, malware, spyware, online exploitation etc. Which can be dangerous. I would like to suggest antivirus like AVG mobile antivirus security Pro, Kaspersky mobile security and these android antivirus software is paid, Avast mobile security and antivirus is free. All these antivirus software is very good and you can any of them to secure your mobile phone, paid antivirus includes some more great features and helps you to track your phone if your phone is lost or stolen. Else you can only phone tracker application if you don’t want to install full antivirus applications like where’s my Dorid and Plan B. These two android phone trackers applications are totally free. Please note that no above application will work if phone restored to factory setting with the help of flashing tool and all locks has been removed.

The most important data in your phone is contacts, messages, call logs, personal photos and videos etc. To protect your contacts you have to sync your contacts on google contacts, do not use phone memory or SIM card to save your contact, always use google account to display and save contacts. So you can easily anytime retrieve your contact in your new phone. To backup your messages, logs, apps and file you can use My Backup which free and trial and My Backup Pro which is paid. There are lots of backup apps are available in google play store but I will suggest you to buy My Backup Pro version which can create and upload a backup automatically as you scheduled. Make new backup daily and upload online.

Keep your phone always lock protected by google lock security like pattern, password or lock code. This lock is much secured if user enters wrong lock code more than 15 times then phone automatically lock and it asks for gmail password, this lock is nearly impossible to hack or break, else you have to restore your phone to factory settings and phone data has will be erased.

Before setting up for new android phone it asks for keeping backup and restore your phone with google account then tick right to check a box. It will automatically restore your all applications which are installed on the previous Android phone.

3. Cloud storage
There’s lots of applications are available on google play which offers you cloud storage but the best are Google Drive, Sky Drive and Drop Box which is allows you to store data 5 GB, 7 GB, and 2 GB respectively for free of cost further you have to pay for more space. This is the best idea you can store all your important file and folder which is you will need it anytime anywhere. You can stream videos, listen music, view photos etc. Once the data are uploaded to any cloud storage then you can easily access and modify your data from anywhere and from any device even your phone is switched off or not working by just entering username and password. And it’s also useful in case if you phone is stolen or lost.

You can also use Picasa to store your photo online which saves your phone memory and you can access all your phone after sync because it stores images in cache of your phone. To listen music you use Google Play Music, it has thousands of songs so you can create playlists of your favorite numbers. This service is free for some time then you have to little amount for taking all its advantages.

Finally, if you are using cloud storage for all your data in your phone then you retrieve almost all data in a few minutes if your phone has been stolen or lost.

4. Music and video
For music you can use Real Player totally free and Power Amp paid version, these are the best application for playing music but not so good for video. For video you can use MX Player and it is one the best application for playing videos on a phone because it has lots of gesture control options to control your video while playing. It can play almost all video formats.

You can use your Android phone as a remote control with VLC Remote app. You can control your VLC Media Player video on the computer, it offers you nearly all options to control video with your phone like play, pause, stop, forward, back, aspect ratio, subtitle, browse videos, etc.

5. Language, Keyboard and Typing
Android stock keyboard is one the best keyboard ever I get but I few more keyboard which may be better as compared to stock keyboard. Swiftkey and Swype keyboard offers you very different typing experience by sliding your finger on keyboard. These two apps are paid but in the play store you will find many slide keyboard for free which is not as good as these two. Many language support, precise word prediction, faster typing, etc