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The new age Google based Android Smartphones are being shouted out as the onset of renovation in Android platform. You have already invested your chunk of cash in either one of these Smartphones and now lets take a look at the first party accessories that Google has to offer besides some third party accessories for these Smartphones.


1. Daydream View:

Google along with eve release of these two Smartphone also made it clear that Google Pixel and Pixel XL both are Daydream ready Smartphone which means you can conveniently connect your Smartphone with Daydream via NFC connectivity. Google here is trying to achieve excellence in VR alongside making it compatible with NFC universally with NFC compatible devices.

2. Google Live Cases:

Although Google is selling the traditional silicone cases for the Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphones but they also selling some extra sweet candies along with the regular ones. i.e. Live cases. These cases are also made of silicone but they have the power of customizability which means you can use photos of your own choice via an app present in play store.

3. Anker Power line USB-C cable:

Unlike most of the USB type-C port Smartphones, Google Pixel and Pixel XL need USB-C To USB-C cable. Its only boxed in with these Smartphones and apart from that one here you got the another one of its kind if needed on case of emergency or travel.

4. Google 18W Pixel Charger:

It is the only compatible charger that can charge your Google Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphone at its best. This charger also comes bundled in with the Smartphone and will soon be available for standalone sale. It ships with 1.8 meter USB-C to USB-C cable alongside with the brick.

5. Chromecast :

It’s a small dongle type gadget from Google which lets you watch content up to 1080p. Its been out there for a year and now supports loads of popular streaming apps. It can be plugged in to an HDMI TV for streaming and can also mirror the chrome browser tabs of your Smartphone.

6. Anker USB-C to Micro-USB adapters:

Anker has also released a small adapter which lets you use your older USB cables with the new Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphones. It is a Micro-USB to USB-C converting adapter which is convenient for travelling too. Besides you can also put the older cables to use.

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Google has recently announced their financial results for forth quarter and according to result they got 99% revenue hike in non-advertising business. Their non-advertising business includes hardware and Play Store rest of their Revenues reaches to $1.65 billion in Q4 2013. This figure was $829 million in last quarter of 2012. There are other sources from where Google get its revenue like showing advertisements on their search engines and partner sites. Revenue made from such advertisement is outside Google’s core business. Such revenues have got very small contribution in Google’s total revenue. According to Google’s report, there is only 10 percent contribution in overall revenue but still Google said that they are satisfied with their business performance.

Google Lpgo

Nikesh Arora, Google’s senior VP and chief business officer took a brief look on contribution of google’s hardware products and said that Chromecast and Nexus 5 performed well in holidays that took their revenue high. Other than google’s hardware products, Arora also commented on Play Store performance. There are many users who signed up with company’s new payment system “Wallet” and it leads to increased interest in downloading applications and media from Google’s digital store.

You might be thinking that Nest will aid in the Nexus hardware lineups but that is not true. Patrick Pichette, Google CFO said that aim of acquisition is to assist nest to boost their market worldwide. So we cannot expect some Nest-ified slates or phones anytime soon.