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Recently it was declared by the representatives of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd on the social media posts, that Apple Pay mobile payment system from Apple Inc. shall be available for the Bank’s customers from 18th of Feb. Earlier, Ms Apple Ins had also announced that the system will be made available in China in early 2016. This makes China the fifth nation in the world to have this. The ICBC ban is China’s biggest lender by assets, and this system is expected to enhance the development of a new revenue system.

apple pay

Spokeswoman of Apple has refused to comment on the post of the launch, the company’s China website list 19 lenders as official partners. Greater China is the second largest market for Apple. In other markets, including the home market, the beginning of Apple Pay has not been quite auspicious. In China Apple Pay will have strong competition from the existing dominant players. As here the shoppers are thoroughly used to pay for their products or services through handsets.

China being the largest market in the world for smartphones with almost 358 million customers, which is more than the entire population of U.S.A. There are two biggest firms in China, Tencent Holdings and Ant Financial services group are the internet companies in this market.

Earlier the State radio of China had reported on website that two other banks China Construction Bank Corp and China Guangfa Bank Co.Ltd would also launch, Apple pay on February 18, however the spokesmen from both the banks have not confirmed this so far.

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Here comes one of the greatest and amazing offers for you this month on the 5 big powerful smartphones from china. If you have ever dreamt of owning a perfect smartphone then your dream can come true with this perfect offer. The 5 big and powerful china phones on offer this month are: OnePlus 2, Xiaomi RedMi note, xiaomi mi4 and Doogee Y100 pro. This are among the powerful smartphones you can ever encounter and they are also trending in the technological market. This phone have got amazing quality and specs. Currently they are going at the cheapest price ever.

OnePlus 2 Back Side

The best and most popular smartphones in China at discount rates

The Xiaomi RedMi Note 2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

This is an amazing phone going at the cheapest price ever this month .It has got two color variety for you to choose i.e. Black and white. It has amazing features and specs. It’s equipped with an advanced MTK Helio X10 64BIT Octa core processor which runs at 2.2 GHz. This ensures that the apps are launched and closed in the fastest way possible. Its OS is an Android of version 5.0 allowing you to download and install any latest app and game in the market. It’s also fitted with a 5.5 inch FHD Screen giving a strong sense of touch when operating it. It has got amazing storage capacities of 2GB RAM and 32 GB ROM .If you are a selfie lover then this is the phone to own since it has a 5.0 MP front camera and a 13 MP rear camera. This cameras give a sharp and clear image. You can also capture high quality videos. Heres the best part. Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 is available at amazing rates by using the coupons mentioned below

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The Xiaomi MI4 Overseas

Xiaomi Mi4
This is also another powerful phone currently on offer for this week. It also gas amazing specs and features .It has got snapdragon 801 quad core 2.5 GHz processor for launching and closing of various apps. Its storage capacities of 3GB RAM and 16 GB ROM are awesome.Xiaomi MI4 Overseas is available on lower price than normal by using the following coupon

  1. Coupon Code: GBMI4, Price: $227.89. Click here to buy.

The Oneplus 2 Phablet.
OnePlus 2
This is one of the powerful phones having an android OS of 5.1 with a snapdragon 810 QUALCOMM processor. Its storage capacities of 4GB RAM and 64 GB ROM are awesome. It’s also fitted with a corning 3 Gorilla glass. If you are a selfie lover then this is the phone to own since it’s fitted with a 5.0 MP front camera and 13.0MP rear camera.Use these coupons to get amazing prices on Oneplus 2 Tablet

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The Doogee Y100 PRO
This is also another amazing phone going for an offer this month. This is a powerful phone equipped with a MTK6735 64BIT Quad Core Processor. It has an android OS of 5.1.It has a large screen display of 5.0 inch giving you a wonderful sense of touch. Its storage capacity of 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.This phone is currently available at a discount price by using the following

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This is one of the amazing months for you where you can save a lot. If you have ever dreamt of acquiring any technological gadget then this is actually the time. Make your dream come true by grabbing this wonderful opportunity this month of September. Volumebest promotion campaign has got gift packs worth $ 1000 to give away and you are the right person eligible to grab this chance. All you need is just to sign up and enjoy this amazing gift hamper. This promotion runs from September 4th to 18th of September there is still more time and opportunity for you to grab this chance.

volume best

Promotional Details
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There are many who do market research on the popularity of various smartphone devices. The market research and the analysts constantly jot down estimates about the popularity of the different devices and the devices and brands liked by the people. China has a great potential for the fake and imitative devices and there is a sprawling industry to accomplish this.
There is an ideal developer in China, namely the AnTuTu which has great coverage in the market, regularly thousands of smartphone devices log in to the server to submit the data. There are plenty of devices which log in and there are genuine as well as the phones that are imitated version of the famous brands.

Android Virus Antivirus

The most popular brands are often victims of the imitation. Xiaomi and Samsung are the most popular brands all over and China is not an exception. AnTuTu has found in their survey that Xiaomi and Samsung are the two brands which are most widely copied and most faked smartphones in the market. Xiaomi which enjoys a market share of 37.3 % whereas the market share of Samsung phones are whopping 30.96 %. Together a market share above 68%, obviously they are the most faked brands.
Samsung had assumed the number one position in the smartphone devices market in the world and was dominating the market share for a considerable time, however now Xiaomi has proved to be a strong competitor and is mainly responsible for the declining market share. Even in the field of imitation Xiomi seems to have overtaken Samsung.
In China therefore Xiaomi and Samsung are the two most popular brands that are faked in the Android phones market.

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Presently, during the weekend HTC has published an official page for the new E9+, the new Smartphone E9+ seems to be in-between the models from One M # series and the Desire devices. The device comes into plastic body, in three distinctive colours like Meteor Grey, Classic Rose Gold and Gold Sepia.As per the official page of HTC the One E 9+ has 5.5 inch LCD display, for a change HTC has changed to Quad HD display with 2560 X 1440 pixels with a pixel density of 534 ppi. There will be Octa core chip from MediaTek, a 64-bit chip with 4-A53 and 4-A57 cores from Cortex. The device has 3GB RAM. The internal memory storage is 16 GB with the capacity for expansion of memory through the insertion of micro SD card. The E 9+ from HTC varies with it 2800mAh battery for better performance. The latest operating system Lollipop with Sense 7 is installed in this new Smartphone E9+.

HTC one e9 plus

HTC One E9 plus exclusive to Asian markets

However, there is still confusion looming over certain specifications, while some believe that the rear camera is of 20 MP calibre along with the front camera of 4MP strength, the sheet highlighting the specifications of the Smartphone E 9+ speaks other story.

The sheet lists lower configuration, while it is yet to be confirmed that One E9 would have 16 MP camera, and screen resolution at lower 1080 p and with 2 GB RAM. Though there is no clarification on the price tag for the new devices, it is quite sure that both these phones E9 and the E9+ will target the East Asian market.

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ZTE will soon be unveiling ZTE Blade S6. ZTE promises to stay on its words and will deliver expected output for its users. The Blade S6 will be very much under budget with a tag of affordable price range. The Smartphone will be made available through AliExpress for cost of $250 on online retailers like Amazon and eBay. But ZTE seems to be very selective to release this Smartphone on selected online retailers only.
The story does not ends here. The company has put a new twist in the tale, the Chinese manufacturer will be announcing two devices. The Smartphone will come with Blade S6 Lux and ZTE Blade S6. The S6 Smartphone will be lower version but is intended to target in local market.


ZTE Blade S6 Lux will come with 410 Snapdragon and smaller battery which is set to release in local market. While, In International market the Snapdragon 400 is replaced with Snapdragon 615 and slight high power of battery. While, the other specification seems to be unchanged.
Turning toward the ZTE Blade S6 Lux, there are hardware improvements introduced in this Smartphone. The S6 Lux comes with 5.0-inch of HD screen. To speak about battery part, it offers 3000mAh battery power which is quiet sufficient. The ZTE Blade S6 Lux shares much of its similarity of looks with S6.

Both the Smartphone comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory. The 13-Megapixel of rear camera and 5-Megapixel of front camera also promise to deliver superior quality image. Interestingly, the devices will have latest Android 5.0 Lollipop version with 3.0MiFavor UI.


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Smartphone battle seem to be racing high and high. New manufactures are stepping with new unique technology. While well-established biggies are also finding new ways to impress consumers with sparkling technology. The competition is not only with resolution but also with inches of screen. The competition doesn’t end over here, it goes from camera pixel to camera modes. After looking at the innumerable excellent features offered by few manufacturer, resisting yourself without purchasing that Smartphone is damn hard! Vivo too have introduced similar sort of excellent model called X5S in China. It sports 6.3mm of sleek body with sparkling edges and cool set of internals.

vivo x5s

The Vivo X5S comes with MediaTek MT6752 Octa-core A53-Cortex CPU. Also it has 2GB of RAM storage and 16GB of internal memory storage. But a disappointing point in this Vivo X5S is it does not have microSD card slot to expand memory. The good qualities of this Smartphone does not end here, it is powered by 13-Megapixel of rear camera, 5-Megapixel of front facing camera. It is powered by 2250mAh battery power. 4G LTE connectivity might be amazing connectivity option to try your hands on!

The sales of Vivo X5S will start from tomorrow, to state its price, the Smartphone will be sold for CNY 2,998. Will another model named Vivo X5Max can also be good choice to go for! The Vivo X5Max will cost for $525 and will also be available for purchase.


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Recently, Nokia N1 Tablet went on sale in country China. The Finnish Company sold off its first batch of 20,000 units of tablet in few minutes which created a record in technology market. To be quite precise the tablets took 4-minutes and 2-seconds to complete its stock of inventory. Nokia has created a history again! Nokia seems to be following the track of Xiaomi. Last year, it was Xiaomi which created magnificent record of selling 25,000 units online making site crash, and this year Nokia seems to be in action.

Nokia N1 Android Tablet

Nokia N1 Tablet sold in China Fastest Ever

People in China, who are waiting to grab this Nokia N1 tablet, can wait till January 15th. If you find hard to wait by January 15th, you have got no option as Nokia Tablet N1 is not available anywhere around the globe.
The N1 Nokia tablet has got some brilliant features which are making the sales rise more and more. Also the great sales are busy crushing the benchmarks set by other Smartphone manufacturer. It recently, destroyed the sales mark set by iPad Mini 3.

According to GFXBench Manhattan, the N1 Nokia Tablet scores 589 compared to 553 frame –iPad Mini 3. The T-Rex off-screen test also declared N1 as winner which scored 1,691 frames as compared to iPad Mini 3 which scored 1,598.
The Nokia N1 tablet offers latest Lollipop Android version, with 7.9-inch of screen with 2,048 X 1,536 pixel resolution. The camera features too are interesting, with 8-Megapixel of rear camera and 5-Megapixel of front camera. The 2GB of RAM is sufficient with 32GB of internal memory supported by 5,300mAh battery life.